The Long Weekend

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Sean and Billy find X-Change pills while house-sitting.
  • April 2022 monthly contest
20.5k words
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The Long Weekend

"Sean, wait up," Billy shouted as he dodged through the crowd. The last bell had just rung and a couple hundred kids were all shuffling through narrow halls toward the parking lot. Billy wove past kids effortlessly, using the agility he'd honed on the varsity basketball team. He wasn't the tallest player on the team at 6' 1", but having spent years in the weight room, he was probably the strongest. And he moved better than anyone else on the team. I, on the other hand, was 5' 10" and just a bit soft around the middle. We didn't look like we'd get along. Billy looked like a Greek statue and I looked more like a geek statue, but we'd been friends for years. Probably because under the muscle, Billy was just as much of a geek as I was.

"Hey Billy," I said as he caught up with me and tossed an arm around my shoulders while his other hand messed up my mop of red hair.

"What are you doing this weekend, ginger-bitch," he asked, using the nickname he'd given me back in middle school. He was the only one that used it. One time Tommy McGrady had called me that name at recess and Billy had whipped his ass from the slide to the monkey bars and back again. Nobody tried to bully me again after that.

I thought about his question for a moment. Today was the Thursday before a long weekend. Now that school had wrapped up, I was facing three days with no plans.

"I dunno. Probably playing Dark Souls and hoping my folks don't make me do too much shit around the house."

Billy laughed. "Dude, don't be a ginger-bitch. My cousin Chris is going to be out of town for the weekend. He's paying me $500 to house sit for him. His house is dope. There's a pool and booze and shit. Would be perfect for a party but I promised Chris I wouldn't mess up the place. He wouldn't care if you came though. We can chill all weekend. Better than cleaning the basement, right?"

I thought for maybe a second before agreeing. It sounded way better than playing games by myself and working for my dad. "I'll run home and grab some stuff and meet you there."

Billy texted me the address and headed for his Jeep. I walked over to my beat-to-shit Camry. It started on the second try. I drove home, changed into swim trunks and a tank top, and quickly packed a bag. Mom was working from home so I peeked my head into her office to tell her my plans. She was cool with it. She trusted Billy and figured we wouldn't find much trouble.

"Have fun, Sean," she shouted as I left.

I'd never met Chris, and Billy hadn't ever said much about him. The address was a few towns over in a swanky neighborhood. I had to double check that I had the right place when I pulled up the drive. Holy shit. Chris must be loaded. The house had high white brick walls around it, giving privacy from the neighbors, and a little courtyard in front to park in. My car looked out of place when I pulled up next to Billy's Wrangler. The house itself was modern, white walls with high windows and lots of open space everywhere. The front door was locked but I heard music coming from the back. I grabbed my bag and followed the sound around the house. The back yard was amazing. A wide stone patio stretched from the all-glass sliding back doors past an outdoor kitchen, a hot tub and a lagoon-shaped swimming pool with sparkling clear water. Billy was reclined on a lounger, in sunglasses and swim trunks, catching some sun and sipping what looked like a margarita. He'd gone all-in on the drink; it had a salted rim and a little umbrella. He didn't notice me at first as I stood taking in the scene. Sweat glistened on his muscular chest and abs. He had one arm tucked behind his head which showed off his toned bicep. Jesus Christ, I thought. Then I clarified for myself, looking up at the yard: This place is gorgeous.

"Hey bud," Billy said as he noticed me. I didn't think he'd seen me staring. "Toss your stuff in the house and grab a glass." He nodded to the table next to him. It had a couple of glasses, a pitcher of water and a nearly full pitcher of margaritas. I did as I was told, tossing my bag through the open sliding door and pouring a drink. Billy mixed a strong margarita. I pulled off my tank top and kicked back on a lounge chair. We shot the shit for a while, as we worked through about half the pitcher. Talking about girls in our class and a few of the cute juniors we thought were old enough to chase. Our birthdays were a week apart and we had both turned eighteen early in the year. As a result, we figured freshman and sophomore girls were a little too young for us, so we would only pursue older juniors and seniors. It was easy for me to say -- I'd had dated a few girls, even fucked a couple, but most of the girls in school weren't interested in me. Billy, though, was basically a man-whore. Somehow, he even managed to stay friends with most of them afterwards. As you'd expect for someone who looks like that and is also funny and a nice guy.

The day was starting to cool off, and I had the start of a pretty good buzz going when Billy sat up and looked at me. "Let me give you the tour. We can toss your stuff in your room and then we can maybe see if Chris has some weed."

We walked through the open glass doors and into the living room. There was a huge flatscreen on the wall and it looked like a full entertainment center. I saw a DVD player, a fancy stereo with surround sound, the newest Xbox and PlayStation. There was a big black leather sectional and a comfy looking chair. There was a full bar in an annex off of the kitchen, the bottle of tequila Billy had used was still sitting on the bar top. There was a glass staircase heading down to the basement and up to the second level. The basement, if you could call it that, was huge. It had a fireplace, a pool table, another bar, and a fully-equipped gym. We went up to the second floor where there was an office, three guest bedrooms, a bathroom, and Chris' master suite. Each room had full walls of glass facing the outside, making the whole house feel open and airy. The furniture was modern and looked expensive. Billy had already claimed one bedroom so I tossed my bag on the bed in one of the others. Each bedroom had its own bathroom. Each bathroom would have fit in at a luxury spa.

We were both pretty sweaty from sitting in the sun, so we decided to take showers before checking the master suite for weed. Chris must have a good water heater because the shower came to temperature immediately. After toweling off, I threw on a tank top, boxer-briefs, and a pair of gym shorts. The A/C was going strong in the house and it was cool. I always was a bit hot; I think it's the few extra pounds I was carrying, so the cool air felt nice. Billy had basically no bodyfat, so he was constantly cold. He was wearing a hoodie with the school mascot on it and a pair of loose grey sweatpants when we met in the hall.

"Dude what does your cousin do?" I asked as we walked into the master suite. It was the size of my living room at home. The king-sized bed barely made an impact on the room. There was a loveseat by one window and a dresser as well as a walk-in closet with mirrored doors. Billy shook his head.

"Not sure really, something with stocks, I guess. He travels a lot." He opened a few drawers in the dresser, looking for carefully so he didn't disturb the neatly folded clothes. "I know he smokes though, so I'm sure he's got a stash somewhere." He looked around and walked over toward the bed and started looking through the nightstand. "Check the closet. I'll look under the bed."

I opened the closet door and stepped into a long room lined with clothes. Working my way through I was about halfway into the room when I realized that I was no longer looking at suits, shirts, and slacks. The rows of men's clothing had been replaced by evening gowns, sundresses, bikinis, blouses, tank tops, skinny jeans, skirts and pantsuits. And lingerie. I noticed with shock that the shoe rack at the end of the room had an equal mix of men's and women's shoes. There was a row of drawers next to the shoe stand. Somehow, I was sure it contained women's underwear. I could almost picture the bras and panties, neatly folded, just waiting to be discovered. My hands were trembling a little.

"Dude, does Chris have a girlfriend?" I asked, holding up a hanger with a lacey blue negligee hanging from it.

" I don't think so." Billy didn't look up. He was busy dragging a large trunk out from under the bed. I hung the negligee back up, my fingers traced down the fabric as I walked over to Billy and the trunk. He looked up at me with a smile.

"Jackpot. Dude, this must be it," he said as he fiddled with the latch. We both looked down as the latch popped and Billy lifted the lid. What the fuuuu-

It wasn't Chris' stash. At least, not his stash of weed. Instead, we were looking at a carefully organized trunk filled with sex toys. Dildos and vibrators of assorted sizes and colors. Handcuffs. Paddles. Bundles of neatly coiled ropes. A dog collar and leash. A few bottles of what I assumed was lube. Something with straps that looked like it had a place to attach one of the dildos or vibrators. And more I couldn't begin to recognize. I'd never actually seen a sex toy in person before. I mean, I'd seen my sister's back massager and had a suspicion that didn't just use it to work out muscle tension, but I'd never seen anything like this trunk. Billy and I shared a shocked look.

"Dude, your cousin is into some kinky shit." I laughed. My eyes kept returning to the pile of toys. I saw a few very realistic rubber dicks that appeared to be waiting patiently for someone to pick them up. Billy shook his head and stood up.

"Wait, I think I might..." He trailed off as strode to the bathroom and started rummaging through the vanity. I looked back down at the penises piled in the trunk. My head was racing as I picked one up -- it was double-ended and floppier than I expected. I dropped it back into the trunk and wiped my hand on the bedspread as I heard Billy's triumphant shout.

"I figured out what's up," he returned to the room carrying a small pink box, about the size of a cigarette pack. Printed across the front in big letters was:


Be the Person You Want to Be

(24-Hour Formula)

Billy opened the top and slid out a bubble pack containing several pink pills. Crumpled bubbles showed that a few were missing. "This explains the stuff we found."

"What is it?" I asked.

"I've heard of this," Billy said as replaced the bubble pack and he tossed the box to me. "You take one of these pills and it, like, changes your sex. Like, if you took it, you'd turn into a chick."

"What the fuck man," I said, holding the package by the corners so I wasn't touching too much of it.

"No, it's a temporary thing. It wears off in twenty-four hours and you turn back." He waived his hand signaling me to turn the box over. I did. On the back it said: FDA Approved. 24-Hour Formula. Do NOT exceed one pill per 24 hours. No pregnancy risk. Does not protect against STDs -- practice safer sex.

"Holy shit, Billy, is this for real?" I wasn't sure how I felt. There was a pit in my stomach as I slid the bubble pack of pills out of the box and looked at them. They were about the size of an aspirin, pink, and had XC24 etched into the surface.

"Yeah, I've seen ads for it on late night TV and online. I guess it's pretty popular underground but it hasn't really hit mainstream yet. I think there's a blue version that turns chicks into dudes."

"So, what? You just take one and..."

Billy nodded thoughtfully. "I guess that's why Chris has all those women's clothes. And that box of dicks." We both looked at the box and burst out laughing. My laugh felt a little nervous and my eyes lingered on the box a little too long.

"I also found this," Billy held up a baggie full of weed and some rolling papers. "Let's head downstairs."

We left the trunk open next to the bed and headed down the hall. I realized halfway down the stairs that I was still holding the pack of X-Change. I'm not sure why I hadn't left it on the bed. Billy had put the weed and papers on the coffee table. I dropped the pack next to the weed and started rolling a joint while Billy booted up the Xbox. Neither of us mentioned the pink box sitting there next to the baggie of weed. He handed me a controller and ducked into the kitchen to grab us some beers.

When he came back, he flopped onto and sat on the chair by the couch, while I put my feet on the table and went to work kicking Billy's ass. We played for a few hours, passing the joint back and forth and trash-talking. We stopped to grab fresh beers a few times. I won way more than I lost. I was always better at videogames than Billy. We were flying pretty high by the time Billy had enough. He tossed down his controller.

"Fuck this man. I'm sick of getting my ass spanked by a ginger-bitch. Let's do something else.

"Ok, sure. What do you have in mind?" I asked, smiling at the thought that I'd made him quit. Billy walked over to the entertainment center and dug out a DVD.

"Found this earlier," he said. The box cover had a picture of a gorgeous brunette in a black corset, garter belt and thigh high stockings. "What do you say?"

"Who the fuck still buys porn on DVD?" I asked.

"Who the fuck pays for porn at all?" Billy said.

I laughed. But I was feeling the weed and figured it might be fun. I'd never watched porn with anybody else before, least of all sitting in a living room where we could see each other. But I was pretty high and the chick on the box was fucking hot. I nodded. Billy put the DVD in the player and slumped back onto the couch with the remote.

The movie started right off with brunette from the cover, in a lacy black corset, matching panties, garter belt, thigh-highs, and heels, doing a sexy dance to a slow bass beat. The camera traced up her stocking-covered legs and lingered over her crotch. It moved up her toned stomach and before zooming out slightly. She was moving to the music shifting her hips and leaning forward to emphasize her tits, boosted by the corset. She pressed them together with a sultry look, then spun slowly, wiggling her hips to bend over. Her ass looked fantastic in the cheeky lace panties.

I glanced over at Billy without turning my head. His eyes were glued to the screen, the bulge in his sweatpants was a little more pronounced than it had been. I could feel my own chub starting. That chick was gorgeous. I loved the way the lace and stockings hugged her shape. I could imagine what the material felt like stretched across her hips, her ass, her crotch. My dick got a bit harder. The woman on the screen tossed her hair over her shoulder and threw a come-fuck-me look at the camera before slowly sucking on her finger. She winked. Then the scene faded out.

The next scene was the hard-core stuff and it began without any introduction. A man was snugged between a different woman's legs licking away at her shaved pussy. Her hands were running through his hair as he tongued her clit. She arched her back, moaning as he worked on her. I was immediately hard as a rock. It looked like it felt so good to her. I wondered what it was like. I'd had a few blowjobs, and loved them, but chicks always seemed to react so much more intensely to oral. The man climbed up to kneel over her. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down her moist slit before sliding into her. She moaned deeply and I wondered what it was like to have someone ease a hard cock into you, what it felt like to be penetrated like that. She moaned again. It must feel pretty damn good, I thought as the man started to go to town on her.

My dick was pitching a tent in my gym shorts, and a sly glance over toward Billy showed me he was experiencing the same. He'd crossed his legs to hide it a bit but I could see the fabric peaking. I looked back at the screen.

The woman was gripping the sheets and moaning. I could tell she was going to cum hard. She reached up to grab the man by the sides of his head and locked eyes with him as she came. It was one of the hottest things I'd seen. I wondered again what it must feel like for her. It seemed so much more powerful than the orgasm I got from fucking. My eyes drifted to the pack of X-Change on the table.

Billy must have noticed where I was looking.

"Do you think they really work?" He asked.

I didn't answer. I just looked at him and then back down at the pack. Billy turned to face me. The porn continued on the screen for a moment -- the man had flipped the woman onto her hands and knees and was starting to give it to her from behind. Billy paused the movie and tossed the remote onto the couch.

"Do you want to see if they work?" Billy asked.

"Kind of curious," I admitted. I looked up at the clock. It was almost midnight. "Whoever takes it will change back in 24 hours?"

Sean did the math. "Yeah, tomorrow's Friday so it would wear off before Saturday morning. Why not give it a shot? It's a long weekend, right? We have time and nothing else to do this weekend. We don't even need to leave the house."

"Ok. So. Who takes it?" My mouth was dry and that pit was back in my stomach. I couldn't tell if it was fear or excitement. I kept my hands on my lap so Billy didn't see them trembling.

"Um, let's flip a coin," Billy said. He jogged into the kitchen to check the drawers for coins. I noticed from the bulge in his sweats that he was still sporting a semi. I could feel the same in my shorts. I wasn't fully hard anymore, but I was pretty close. Something about this had me pretty turned on. Got to be the weed and the porn. Probably. Billy came back with a quarter. "Heads you take the pill. Tails I take it."

I didn't trust myself to answer so I just nodded. Billy flipped the coin caught it in midair and slapped it onto his wrist, covering it with his hand. We both stared intently. He lifted his hand.



"Ok, best two out of three," I said weakly. Billy looked at me for a long moment before he flipped it again. He pulled his hand away. Tails. Neither of us spoke a word. We just locked eyes as Billy flipped the coin a third time. He caught it without looking and slapped it down. It seemed like hours before he pulled his hand away. I could feel my breath in my throat and my heart thumping. He moved his hand.


Fuck me, I thought. Though I wasn't really sure what I meant by that.

We stared at it for a minute before Billy giggled. He reached over and slid the pack of X-Change closer to me.

"It's all you dude," he smirked.

I nearly collapsed onto the couch before reaching for the pack with numb fingers. It took me a minute to work the pills out of the box and then longer to pop one out of the blister pack. I grabbed what was left of my beer to wash the pill down. My hand felt like it was moving in slow motion as I brought it to my mouth.

"Wait," said Billy as he slid back into the chair. "I want to see what it looks like when it happens."

I looked up at him. "What the fuck dude? I'm not gonna get naked in front of you."

"No, that's not what I mean," he protested waving his hands at me. "I just think you should stand up. It'll be amazing if this works. I want to see it go down."

Not really sure why I was doing it, I stood up and stepped away from the couch.

"Maybe take off those gym shorts," Billy said quietly, not quite meeting my eyes.

"Dude, you just want to see me in my underwear. Admit it." My voice trembled a bit as I said it.

"Nah, man. But if this thing works, it'd be cool to see it without those baggy-ass shorts."

Rolling my eyes, I considered it, I took a deep breath and slid the shorts down. I stepped out of one leg and flicked the shorts at him with the other. They whacked Billy solidly in the face. He peeled them off and tossed them aside laughing. "Fucker."