tagLesbian SexThe Long Weekend Ch. 19

The Long Weekend Ch. 19


Dear Readers, I have had few of you say I have strayed from my original premise. Perhaps, but I had and still have no real plan. In reality, I simply sit down for a couple of hours every now and then and write another chapter. I know not where I go until I sit down and let my fingers lead me. The chapters and story just evolves. I rarely edit and never rewrite. They are just my memories and my musings of being married at an early age to a woman that is twenty-two years older than I am. I have taken to heart what some of you have said and will try not to stray. I am already working on chapter 38, so you can see that it may take a while. As I submit each chapter I do a quick final scan before I save it in 'plain text' for submittal purposes. In doing so in the future, I may tweak the stories some, but not a lot. I welcome comments and requests and promise to listen with open ears. Thanks for reading and enjoying the series.


Start of Ladies Day - Sunday Afternoon

"Well you've met Stella. She is quite a character, I also met her at her mother's store and we became friends when we began to meet here frequently. Let's get some nibblies and a glass of wine in one of the plastic glasses and then come back, stretch out and talk before the entertainment begins." suggested Nancy.

As a newbie, Annie went along with the idea, stood up and followed Nancy to the shaded drinks area. With food and drink in hand they returned poolside where Annie, feeling she was over dressed, took off her sheer top and sat down. With a look of anxiety for she was about to be completely naked for the first time in front of so many people, she slipped her thong down her legs and stepped out it.

With only women around, it was non-threatening. It felt like boarding school and it felt good. It felt very good.

Annie sat on the edge of the chaise and swung her legs around and up. Nancy, stepped over her own chaise and in doing so, spread her legs wide. She stood this way for a moment or two to ensure that Annie saw her vulva hidden by deep think bush of brown pubic hair from which two large fleshy lips hung out.

"I see you shave yourself. My sister and I don't. We like the way it captures and holds our smells. We find it very sexy. It's how our dad likes us." Nancy said with out a second thought. "You might meet my sister today. She and my dad are on a bus trip and the group is going to the trail head to have tour with the ranger and she might let him go alone so she and I could meet and catch up."

"I love to be smooth and its how my husband likes me. My son seems to like it also because when he has seen it, I've noticed he gets an erection." Annie replied without feeling it at all odd to be talking about such taboo matters with almost a total stranger sitting naked across from her.

"To family!" toasted Nancy, as they clinked glasses.

Although they had met last night and then only superficially, they talked like old friends. Time went by and then Annie felt she needed to move onto to stomach to keep the sun off her front. Nancy was understanding and offered to put some cream on her back. Annie agreed and surrendered herself to the soothing aloe cream on Nancy's small soft hands.

Nancy sat on the upper part of Annie's bum and used long strokes to smooth the cream on her back, shoulders and arms. It felt wonderful. Nancy then turned around and, with long strokes, put cream on her captive's calves. As she worked her back up her thumbs reached between Annie's thighs to ensure full coverage of the cream's SPF rating. Although Annie helped by unconsciously parting her legs and trying to raise her hips, Nancy did not stray too deep into the space that was created. She did however, pull her butt cheeks apart and apply a liberal coating to the furrow of her ass. Nancy's long second finger, momentarily touched the enticing lower lips of Annie's vagina. As Nancy slowly stroked the insides her partner's leg Annie raised her bottom up higher as a signal for more. Finally Nancy let her fingers tips touch Annie's aching lips. Annie waited for more and felt Nancy's slick thumb draw creamy little circles before pressing gently on the entry hole into her slick exposed puckered rosebud.

Feeling they were putting on too overt a public display, "You can never be too careful." Nancy sang out as she slapped Annie playfully on the shapely bum before standing up and reclining on her own chaise.

"Oh Nancy, that was wonderful" purred Annie with more than a hint of disappointment.

Annie in a contented and relaxed state listened as Nancy continued a one-sided conversation. Apparently her husband Rick is an airline pilot who commutes long distances from their nearby home to a hub that is the basis for his trans-atlantic flights.

"He's gone a lot so what's a girl going to do?" Nancy said rhetorically.

At noon, she heard the chime ringing before seeing Beth walk through the hushed groups announcing the draw for the white elephant raffle. "Gather round all, I'll be back in 5 minutes with the prize and explain the rules to the new comers." she cried out.

Annie still not sure what was going on, rolled over, put her hat on to shield her eyes from the sun. Looking up, her mouth dropped in amazement, as she saw Beth leading a blind folded Brice onto the pool side patio. With only an open Hawaiian shirt and flip flops, Brice walked carefully beside Beth holding her arm. He walked with enough swagger to flaunt his monstrous package causing it to sway back and forth enticingly in front of him. He was firm but not full, he was engorged but not hard, he was very desireable.

"Remember, the money all goes to the Ladies Auxiliary fund and we only use for goods and services for the ladies at the club. The food and wine you are enjoying today are courtesy of this fund. The rules are that if we draw your ticket you win an hour in cabin seven with the White Elephant. Congratulations. If win and don't want the item (pointing at Brice's pulsing package), it will be resold and half of the resell money will come to you. If you want the goods, just nod.

There were a lot of nods, both to show they understood, but also that they wanted the goods.

"Number 53." came the cry. An older woman yelps, looks surprised, puts up her hand expectantly, but her friend with a disapproving look, warns her off the idea. The woman slowly shakes her head to decline the present

Beth shakes her head in disbelief and continues, "We have a winner who wants to resell. Ok then, do we have an offer - $25?"

"Yes" came a chorus of voices


"Yes" a smaller still large number of voices rang out.

Before Beth can call out, Annie and Nancy both heard a voice from a woman about Beth's age call out "One Hundred Dollars"

A hush came over the group. People looked at each other and the prodigious size of the white BULL elephant in front of them, thinking well that's about $10 and inch. Not a bad price.

"Going once." came the cry.

Stella and Yoko look at each other and nodded, then spoke together "$200"

The crowd is quiet, the older woman disappointed.

"Going Once, .....Twice, ......Three times, ...........resold." said Beth. "That's $100 for the first winner and an extra hundred for the fund."

"Here's your $200." said Stella to Beth. With a wink to Annie, "We're going to share, so it's only $100 each."

With each taking one of Brice's hands, they walked off toward cabin seven.

"One final rule," "Beth announces, "if the cabin door is open you can watch, but you can't go in. And remember, the fashion show with great outfits from Monkey Business is under the lanai at 1:15 p.m."

With the excitement for the moment over, Annie says, her words gushing out, "Wow, I never thought of that kind of white elephant raffle. I can see why it is so successful. Did you ever win? I need another glass of wine. Can I get one for you Nancy?"

Nancy nods, "Yes, I won the raffle once and yes, to another glass of wine."

"Let me get the wine and then do tell me all about it?" said Annie with anticipation of juicy details. Completely naked except for her hat, she sets off to pick up two glasses of wine. In bringing them back to the chaise, her curiosity gets the better of her, and she walks over to the cabin where a couple of woman are standing. One of the women, the older one with the hundred dollar bid was at the front of the line, leaning into the semi dark room to see what she was missing. Beside her was the original winner, whose friend made her pass up the chance. Annie moved closer and all three of them peering into the dark interior strained to see both Stella and Yoko sucking the head of Bull's rampant cock. The two women's lips met at the end of the cock. They kissed each other, then swirled their tongues around each others' and then the bulbous end of the fat shaft that Stella was holding upright. Stella then slipped her spherical tongue stud into the end. She saw Bull's legs stiffen with the intrusion.

Yoko, holding onto to Bull's stocky thighs, rubbed her body along Bull's stout legs, and licked from the head of his cock down to the base of his uber scrotum. Her small tongue worked overtime to cover the large area. Stella, facing her, was sitting in a '69' position over Bull face. Stella saw that she had her chain belt on which meant that her vulva was probably clipped open and Brice was using his talented mouth on her clit and the inner most reaches of her vagina.

The two of them didn't notice the voyeurs as Yoko began to lick Bull's balls. Stella slipped her mouth over the end of Brice's cock. Her stretched cheeks and thin lips demonstrated, to the salivating women watching, just how big he really was.

With all the water and wine she had been drinking, a trip to the washroom before settling down might be good idea, so she left cabin seven for the pool deck.

"I'll be right back." said Annie placing the glasses on the table, being shared with Nancy, and heading off for the toilet area.

Coming out of the washroom she runs into Kathy who unabashedly admits, "I saw you and followed you here. I was hoping we could spend some time across the hall in the play room. Would your new friend mind?"

"She might, I told I would just be minute and she was going to tell me about the time she won the white elephant. Earlier she told me that she is modeling in the fashion show, so we could meet back here in say, 1:30?" Annie countered as she felt Kathy run her hand between her damp legs.

"Do you mind? I've wanted to do that since last night." Kathy cooed into Annie's ear. "Danny was so excited about your smooth bald pussy I wanted to try it myself. You know he wrapped your wet thong around his wrist like a fetish bracelet and wore it all night. He loved your gift.

Kathy lifted her fingers to her nose while staring into Annie's eyes. "Yes, that is the wonderful tangy smell Danny and I enjoyed last night."

Nudging Annie back against the white porcelain sink, she reached down and lifted one of Annie's legs up over the sink. Stretched open like this Annie's vulva displayed her silky pink lips framing a pulsating moist red interior. Kathy stepped closer, in between her legs, and put her hand the back of Annie's neck. Gently yet boldly forcing her head forward and down, she drew Annie's lips to the raised breast she was offering.

"Please." was all she said but Annie understood completely and began to lick and suckle the ripe pert nipple. Delicately balancing on the sink, Annie groaned with pleasure as she sucked on another woman's breast for the first time in over twenty-five years and felt the magic that only one woman can deliver to another.

Being a little taller than Annie, Kathy held Annie to her breast and enjoyed Annie's soft lips enveloping her. Then, showing the skill that she had taught Danny with, she slid three magic fingers into Annie's velvet vagina. Once fully inside her fingers played like a world class musician.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, till later then." Kathy meowed as she withdrew her fingers, before putting all three into her own mouth and sucking on them.

Coming back to the chaise Annie, takes her glass of wine and begins to relax from the short intense sexual coupling with Kathy.

Turning to Nancy, she asks, "Now tell me everything?"


Only half way through her story about how she rode the Bull, Nancy was interrupted as Yoko and Stella came back, Annie looks up at Stella's still perspiring and flushed body to see red thighs and swollen lips. She beckons her toward her and sweeps her finger over her clit ring and flaring leaking vulva to catch a trail of creamy white cum that is beginning to escape. She puts her finger in her mouth to discover for the first time the sweet taste and slippery texture of Bull's cum combined with a strong hint of Stella.

Stella smiles with a sated look on her face. Nancy suggests, 'You and Yoko need quick showers before we model the clothes. You'd better scoot, we have only a few minutes 'til show time."

Annie, looking up intently at Yoko, sees that her face is flushed, her lipstick smeared, her hair a mess, her nipples swollen and her tiny labia a brilliant red, almost most purple. She looked liked she had been fucked beyond her wildest imagination and had enjoyed every minute of it.

'How was it?" Annie asked curiously of the two of them.

"Unimaginable!" were the short succinct weary replies from the two of them, as they held each other upright on their way to the showers.

"Sounds a lot like your experience with Bull, doesn't it Nancy." asked Annie.

"That is the best way to describe it. He is a fantastic lover, with huge equipment and tremendous stamina. Looking at how slim the hips are on those two girls, it must have been almost too much for them to handle." Nancy replied, with a far away look in her eyes. "I never thought of double teaming him, that is a clever idea. Maybe next time if you are around, we could consider it."

Stella returns and lies down in the chaise between Nancy and Annie. "I need five minutes." Stella purrs quietly as she closes her eyes with a very satisfied look on her face.

Beth walks by a few minutes later with limp Brice in tow. "Fashion show in five minutes everyone."

"You know she always get a few minutes alone with him after every raffle." Nancy confides to Annie as she nods toward Beth, "It looks like she really enjoys it, look how peppy she seems."

At the fashion show Maggie is flaunting a see through silk sarong that accentuates her BBW body. The sarong floats gently over her curves and hints at her treasures. The first model walks out in an outfit similar to the one that Annie bought and the assembled women ask to touch and pull at the stretch fabric. The next model has a large oversized top with an open cowel collar that comes down below her waist. As she struts her stuff, her breasts sway and roll and offer tantalizing glimpses of her nipples. The next model has a tight backless dress that is cut out dramatically at the sides. The elastic at the enclosure moves with the body and allows the sides of the model's breasts to attract the viewers' eye. The next model has a one piece mono-kini on that barely covers the breasts and comes to a narrow 'V' snugged into a obvious camel-toe and except for one string from back of neck, between the shoulder blades, trapped in the furrow of her ass to end at her crotch is backless.

Annie, seeing Kathy get up and quietly move away from the audience, also makes her exit from the fashion show. Meeting at the entrance to the play room, Kathy gives Annie a squeeze.

They slide the curtain back and having just come in from the bright outside find the interior opaque. Feeling their way in the darkness, they slide along the wall which is lit by the glow of the large LCD screen and a few red mood lights.

Kathy presses Annie back against the wall and like what she did to Danny, she presses and undulates her body against the surprised Annie. Annie feels the hard cool wall on her back and the soft warm body simulating her front and the difference in stimulation is exciting to her.

Kathy leans in and nibbles on Annie's neck while taking her wrists and stretching them up over Annie's head. This causes her breasts to rise up and allows Kathy to rub her nipples against Annie's red swelling areolas before bowing her head take a nipple in her mouth.

After a soft nip with her teeth of the distended rubbery nub, Kathy takes Annie by the hand in the red glow draws her toward the large mattress on the floor in the corner. Stopping at some wooded shelves she takes two large fluffy beach towels.

"Spread these out and lie down here on your stomach, I want to surprise you." instructs Kathy.

Kathy kneels over Annie's prone body and begins to gently caress her shoulders and runs her hands down her arms made slick by the sun cream. She begins to drag her fingers down the middle of Annie's back with long light strokes. As she reaches further down Annie's body, Kathy leans forward, dragging her enlarged nipples tantalizingly over her torso. Annie purrs with flushed glow that is beginning to take over her body. She knows this will not be rapid intense run a steep hill but instead a slow steady climb from the coast to the continental divide.

She feels Kathy lie lightly on top of her, with her breasts in the hollow of her lower back with a nipple in each dimple of venus and her face resting on her buttocks. Kathy sweeps here hands over the cheeks of Annie's bum before beginning a journey lower. Stretching out languidly she kneads Annie's thighs and massages her calves before coming back up toward her crotch.

As her hands sweep upward she places her firm controlling palms inside Annie's thighs and pulls them further apart with each upward stroke. Annie responds by raising her hips trying to get Kathy to touch her intimate center. Kathy sweeps up and around inflaming but not touching the vulva that is right in front of her face. She watches as the lips swell up and begin to open. She looks down to see a pool of moisture collecting on the towel. She knows that Annie is in need, but she also knows it's too soon.

Kathy watches Annie's pelvis begin to hump air as she uses her legs to pin Annie's arms down so she is completely captive. She feels Annie trying to move her ass higher by crawling her knees forward, so she leans forward pushing her down into the soft towel as she splays Annie's legs as far apart as possible. In this obscene position, Kathy begins to kiss and nipple at Annie's buttocks and for the first time begins to use her mouth on her upper thighs.

Kathy tastes the sweat, sun cream and sexual juices that coating Annie's thighs. She bathes them with the flat of her tongue. Being careful not to bring her tongue too close to Annie's vulva, she can see in the dim glow Annie's lips quivering and a flow of excitement leak from the red aching gash in front of her. She can hear Annie's desperate whimpering and can smell that she is close.

Straightening up, she slides her knees back from Annie's head and says, "This is all about you, its time to roll over on your back."

Annie after rolling over is looking up with heavy lustful eyelids directly into Kathy's cunt. "Soon, very soon." reassures Kathy as she bends over to lick Annie's nipples. Sucking the left then the right one, she inhales cool air around the stiff nipples to increase the excitement and their size. Kathy cups each breast then taking hold of each nipple, pulls upward to suspend them freely. Their full weight is be supported by two clamp like fingers on each nipple. Kathy moves her hands in little circles allowing the softness of Annie's breasts to wobble and dance.

Annie arches her back to reduce the strain but it does little to reduce the jolts of electricity running from the sweet pain center to her brain.

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