tagLesbian SexThe Long Weekend Ch. 23

The Long Weekend Ch. 23


Late Sunday Afternoon

"That was truly amazing." whispered to Annie.

Yes, it was, and sucking Bull's cock wasn't bad either, thought Kathy as she pressed her wet pussy in Brice's face before standing up.

"See, I knew I could do it. It's almost impossible though. My jaw is sore."

Moving over to her chair Kathy pulls her blouse together before taking her wine glass and offering a toast to Annie. "Now, where are my shorts?" she asks herself as she sees Annie coming toward her with them in her hand.

"Here they are. Gosh, you are lovely." Annie says looking over her body as she hands over the recently removed clothing. Taking in the sight of Kathy's curvaceous body, she sighs, thinking about her body at that age.

Looking up from his horizontal position on the bench Brice feels that the women have already forgotten about him and are talking amongst themselves. It was true. Kathy had demonstrated her oral skills, Annie had reciprocated Kathy's pleasures from the play room and they had begun to solidify what appears is going to be a strong bond.

Meanwhile on the lake the boys and speeding up, going slow, slewing the boat all around in a playful way. Nothing dangerous just like a skier on a hill, they slalom along the perimeter. "Anyone know what that big place is over there?" Jr. asks pointing at a secluded estate with a big sign warning of a PRIVATE DOCK.

"That's the clothing optional club where my mom and your mom were this afternoon for ladies day." offered Danny as if it were common knowledge.

"You're kidding me!" yelped Jr.

"No, I met your mom last night and then when I went to pick up my mom today, they were together." replied Danny naively.

"I thought she was with Jake's dad's friends' last night." stated Jr. with incredulity in his voice.

"Yeah, that's what I thought too." confirmed Jake.

"Could be, but if that were the case, they were at the club. There was a party there and my mom and dad took me to celebrate my eighteenth birthday. Your dad was there." he stated looking at Jake, "and your mom too." he said turning his eyes to Jr.

Brice got up slowly from the bench and throwing both towels over his shoulder, drinks recuperatively from his beer. "I think I will head up stairs to finish cleaning up while you too relax." His voice fell on the deaf ears the two women were deeply engrossed in conversation. They did however watch his large limp cock and balls sway between his legs as he walked away.

Kathy, still beaming from her ability to deep-throat the Bull, looks at Annie with a proud smile, "Are you bi- sexual?"

Not surprised at the question because of what had just transpired, Annie shrugs her shoulder, "No, I had a few girlfriends at boarding school. That's what got me started. Once day, after most of the girls had gone home for the summer, my friend Carol and I were practicing kissing. It was a hot night in the dorm and I had my blouse open and my white school girl bra was showing. Carol had her uniform open too, but she had almost no breasts and was quite fascinated with mine which had developed very quickly. Sister Mary doing her rounds came in and caught us, we were mortified. She stood there in her habit with a disappointed look on her face and waited till we done ourselves up and tucked our white blouses into our tartan skirts.

She closed the door and asked us what we were doing. We stuttered some kind of lame excuse about getting ready to meet boys, but she knew. I said that I was seeing changes in my body that were new to me."

"What kind of changes do you mean Annie" Sister Mary asked insisting on an answer.

"I don't really know Sister." I said shyly, not wanting to reveal my personal details or the changes to my body I was having.

"You need to tell me before I can help you." Sister Mary replied and then looking at my friend, "Doesn't she Carol?"

"Yes, Sister. Go ahead and tell her Annie, we have no one else to help us." Carol urged

"Well, I feel agitated a lot, restless. My bosom is growing larger everyday and Carol's isn't. I seem to be getting some kind of fur on my body, down there and Carol isn't." I said sheepishly.

"Annie I think what you are feeling is quite natural. It's a stage that all girls go through as they mature into women. Your mother went through, I went through it. I had help to deal with it, but with being raised by your dad, I can see I should perhaps to step in here." Sister Mary said with a soft confidence in her voice. It was exactly what I had wanted to hear.

"Carol, so I can gauge where she is with her development, why don't you help her off with her blouse? Just take it off and put in on the back of the chair. -- over there." directed Sister Mary. Carol seemed hesitant at first but could see that Sister Mary meant business.

Sister Mary took my blouse off and I was so embarrassed I covered my chest with my arms and hands.

"Drop your arms girl, we are all women here." commanded Sister Mary. Meanwhile, Carol looked longingly at the large fleshy mounds being held in by my bra as Sister Mary slipped her fingers under the top edge of my bra that was cutting across my nascent breasts.

"That is too tight. They do seem to be growing rapidly. Carol, take your top off so we can compare."

Carol turned away and undid her blouse and hung it over the chair with Annie's. Turning back to Sister Mary and Annie, she stood with her rigid arms straight down her sides. Sister Mary put her hands on the waists of the two girls and drew them toward her.

"Turn and look at each other, then feel your rib cages and hips and then feel each others." Sister Mary instructed as she watched the tiny hands of the two girls touch the bare flesh under below their bra's before sliding their hands down over their undeveloped hips. When they completed exploring themselves they reached tentatively across to touch each other openly in front of Sister Mary.

"Carol, see how much more fine boned you are than Annie. Annie did you notice that while you are delicate you are not as small boned or slim as Carol? Especially in this area here." said Sister Mary, as she lightly caressed Annie's midsection. Annie will always be bigger than you, so don't worry about trying to catch up."

"It would be hard for me to comment on your breast development without getting a closer look at them." Sister Mary offered. "Would you mind taking off your bras'. That's good girls, just put them on top of your blouses.' then come back here.

We took our blouses off and Carol's little budding puffy's looked very small on her chest while mine which had grown so much stood out proudly. There was an indented line across each on where the bra and left its mark, so Sister Mary rubbed it with her fingers to make it feel better. In doing so, her other fingers dragged over my nipples which felt real good.

"So, Carol. You are both eighteen and both late developers but Annie has started. She how her breasts are firm and proud and how the nipples and areola are being to enlarge. Feel hers, then compare it with yours." Sister Mary directed to Carol. "That's it. Rub your hands over them, lift them up and squeeze it gently to feel their texture and their response." We were each holding one of our own breasts and reaching across the space between us, we began to feel each others. It was very enjoyable.

"It's natural. Over time they grow from your size Carol, to what Annie has and then on to what I have. Breasts eventually produce milk that your babies will suckle on when they are born. All women have that ability." Sister Mary instructed. "It's nothing to get alarmed about."

"If you promise to keep it a secret, I'll show you mine so you won't be so embarrassed. Plus you will see we are all the same but unique. Do you want me to do that?" Sister Mary asked knowing full well what the answer would be. As I continued to fondle Carol while at the same time caressing my own breast, I was beginning to feel twitchy and I could see that Carol was blushing.

"Yes Sister." Carol answered quickly for both us. Sister Mary began to undo her wimple to open her habit. Her large white bra, hidden below the black fabric came into view. Then reaching behind her, she undid the clasp and lowered the cups off her breasts. I remember them being medium sized pear shapes with small nipples and areola.

"There see, the same as yours but over time, gravity has set in. She told us she was forty-one and then she held her breasts up for us to see. "They were once small like yours Carol, before they grew to be firm and stick out like Annie's then as we mature they tend to sag. See how I have to hold mine up like this to get the shape that Annie's have."

"I want you touch them, so you understand that they also grow softer as they lose their tone. Go ahead, touch them now." So we touched them. Sister Mary seemed to like that and encouraged us to hold one each.

"These are what a baby would suckle on. Let me show you. Both of you come closer, one on each side. That's it. Hold each one and put the teat in your mouth. That's what your baby will feel." Sister Mary shared with us, as she held our heads to her breasts.

"Carol, let's let Annie feel what it is like. Annie, come here. I will do the right one and Carol you suck on her left nipple." It seemed so natural that they both sucked on me. It seemed that Sister Mary nuzzled more and pushed at the teat more but who knows, it was a long time ago. Then we did the same for Carol and it was so different sucking on the small hard buds she had versus the soft extended nipples that Sister Mary had.

"Is that enough of a lesson for today girls or do you want more? Sister Mary asked. There would be many more private and group lessons after that day, but then we did not want that day to end. It was so exciting, so both Carol and I insisted we continue.

When we had suckled at Sister Mary's breast, she had kept her robe on and simply pulled it open and lowered her bra. Her habit exposed her legs so it seemed right that the lesson continued on the way that it did. She left her pear shaped breasts hanging over her bra as she swept the gown aside to show us her large white granny panties.

"Annie, you said you were getting some fur on your body. That too is natural. We will all get hair on our arms, under our arms, our legs and our private parts. The sister's here believe in being natural and what grows on you, stays on you. I have heard that some women trim their hair to be more appealing to men. We have no need for that here so we don't. Let me show you." With that she lowered her panties and stepped out of them. In front of us was the first naked woman we had ever seen and she had the hairiest patch of hair down there that anyone could have.

"How much do you have Annie?" she asked. When she asked, I was mortified. No one had seen me down there and here was Sister Mary asking to see that dirty part. I told her not that much, but she insisted that I show her. "Take off your panties but keep your skirt on." Sister Mary implored getting a little breathier in her speech. "You too, Carol"

We did as we were told.

"Lift up your skirts and show me." Sister Mary directed softly but firmly. We did. What can I say, we were feeling giddy with what was going on. On one hand it seem like a mother to daughter talk but on the other hand we were beginning to feel we could not stop ourselves.

"Lovely Carol, I can see you have not started yet. Let me get a closer look to be sure." Sister Mary said as she knelt in prayer before Carol. "Yes, I was right, no sign of any hair, very much the soft naked way you were born." Sister Mary lectured as she ran her fingers lightly over the unblemished baby soft skin that was beginning to take on a rosy pinkish hue. Applying her index finger to the furrow at what would eventually be a lady like mons, Sister Mary continued, "That small mound will soon fill out and you will begin to develop this baby like vulva into something more mature."

Then turning on her knees to me, she told me to hold my skirt higher, which I did. She looked closely at the light coating of hair and ran her fingers over the smooth texture before sliding them down a bit further to sense the swelling in my private area. She tweaked the immature lips that I had and ran her finger slowly from front to back.

"I think the best thing to do is to form a little circle so we can learn from each other. Take your skirts off and join me your knees girls." So we did. We keep on our knee length socks and shoes. It seemed logical. Who was to know? It would be our secret. Besides, the other girls likely did this with their mothers.

"Move close enough so we can touch each other. Now, I want you to close your eyes. Reach down and touch yourself. Start just above your breasts, lightly run your hands over your nipples then down below your belly button and then run your hands down to between your legs. Do it slowly and remember the feeling. Now, with your right hand, touch the person beside you the same way. Keep your eyes closed and do the same thing. Feel the difference. Now, use your left hand to touch the other person. That's it eyes closed and do it slowly.

"Now, come a bit closer and use one hand to the person on the left and the other on the person to the right."

We did that and the feeling was magical. We touched fingers with the other person as we explored their body. I could feel the Carol's slim body with its taut baby like skin and I could feel Sister Mary's softer body. Sister Mary began to rock her body as Carol and I touched her. We opened our eyes and peeked at each other and decided to stop touching each other and concentrated on Sister Mary. We used both our hands on her and when Carol saw me reach up to touch Sister Mary's breasts she did the same.

"Girls, don't stop. That is marvelous. One day I want you to feel this way but today, it's been so long for me that I need you to keep going." We did and soon she was lying on her back on the floor with us on either side of her. We were stroking her and she was reaching her arms out under us and was playing with our private parts.

"That's it girls keep going, suckle me know while you keep touching me down there. Use your fingers. We did that for awhile and then she reached down and took over. She rubbed herself real hard, grunted, thrust her hips and we got scared. She bucked and whimpered before crashing her hips back onto the floor.

She looked up at our frightened faces and with tears in her eyes, held us close.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so selfish. I had to do it. Don't be scared it is an exquisite feeling that soon I will help you achieve." she said gasping for air as she stood up shakily and began to get dressed.

I still remember her running out saying "Get dressed girls. I've got to go to the confessional. I need to confess. I've been so selfish coming first."

Carol and I were left to get dressed and we did not see Sister Mary again that night. The next morning we left for holidays and after we returned from the holidays Sister Mary sought us out and we had private and group lessons every week. After a few months of just the three of us, Sister Clarice joined us. She was much older and wore a dildo harness under her habit to hide it from the other sisters. She had a big black dildo that she kept hidden and when she joined us she brought it with her. She taught me to use her harness, how to insert the dildo and have sex with her. Sister Mary and Carol didn't want to but I did, so we had a regular trysts when I was supposed to have been being tutored.

But since I left school and until this weekend, I have not been with another woman. This weekend has been like a whirlwind for me. I feel like such a slut but I have absolutely thoroughly enjoyed it. The afternoon's exquisite orgasm you gave me brought back such strong memories. Going down on you was a joy that I had forgotten.

"What about you Kathy, are you bi-sexual?" Annie asked.

"Well yes, I am bi-sexual. My mother and her female friends all played together. Dad drove a semi-trailer and was on the road a lot. I joined my mom and her friends and really got to enjoy it. One of my mom's friends Mrs. Andrew's, had a son Bob, who I eventually met and married. He knows all about what me and that I go both ways. In fact I've have had threesomes with both his mother and my mother. He's not too into sex, and is happy that I like women. He says it takes the pressure off him. He knows that I show off a bit to Danny, but he has know idea we are having sex and that Danny has joined my girlfriends a few times and that he has gone with them individually as well. I don't know what he would think. I would love a MMF but, I am not sure he would be into it. He seems very hetero. I just need to find the right person." Kathy said almost without stopping for a breath.

"I was so glad that I met you last night and again today. It was a real treat for me both to give and receive. I also love the fact that you are open with Danny, what you two did the car was so outrageous. You seem game for anything." Kathy continued with a big smile. Then bringing her glass up from the table, "Here's to us." and clinked glasses.

"Are you two still at it? A voice called out from the house. 'You won't be fit to drive. Kathy you should let Danny drive you home." Brice continued as he walked toward them in khakis and a button down shirt. "Did I leave my beer here?" he said to no one particular as he sought his now warm half-finished tin.

"That sounds like the boys coming back. I hope they had a good time. I know that I did. Kathy you are simply unbelievable the way you do that with your throat." Brice complimented as he ran his hand over the long bulge in the front of his trousers.

"Next time I might need more of Annie's help. Did you get bigger since last time?" Kathy quipped but she had a big grin on her flushed face.

With that the boys rounded the corner. "What a super time that was. Jake is really good with the boat. I'd like to try water skiing sometime if I could." Jr. almost shouted still full of excitement.

"Me too mom!" Danny echoed, trying to be part of the macho boys group.

"Jake, grab a shower, we need to be heading over to Beth's. She likes to eat early and she's a stickler for being on time. Sorry, Annie. I didn't think to ask about you and Jr. but I am also worried that at her age she doesn't overdo it. Will you be all right?" Brice asked solicitously.

"I understand completely Brice, I would have likely done the same." replied Annie. "We'll be fine."

"IDEA, I have got an idea." Kathy bubbled with enthusiasm. Perhaps it was the wine, perhaps it was the opportunity. "Why don't the four of us go into the village? I know a good little restaurant that is clean, has good food and not too expensive. Because of all that it's often busy but we should be able to get a table."

"Jr. what to do you think, it's that or pasta like last night" Annie asked her weary sun-burnt son.

"I vote we go into town. It would be fun with Mrs. Andrew's and Danny, don't you think. I'll need to take a shower and clean up if we go out." Danny replied.

"Yes I do. We'll do it Kathy." Annie confirmed.

"Why don't you and Danny take my car and go in now to get a seat. I'll wait for Jr. and after he cleans up he can drive us in your car and we can meet you there. Sound like a plan?" Kathy said. "Besides as Brice said you and I have had too much wine to drive ourselves."

"That's good but I think I need to change first, I've had this dress on for two straight days. You could likely find something in my closet to fit you if you feel you need to change." Annie says to Kathy.

"I've got to confirm to Beth we are on our way." say Brice.

"That reminds me I need to call Nancy. She's invited me tomorrow to meet her sister and her dad over a late lunch. What are the plans for tomorrow?" Kathy asks to the assembled group.

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