tagLesbian SexThe Long Weekend Ch. 33

The Long Weekend Ch. 33


"Danny must be here already. Come on in and I will introduce you to everybody. I'm sure they would love to meet you." Jake states as he jumps out of the car to run around and open her door.

As she turns to get out she finds she is staring at the bulge in his jeans finding that is still full from his attention to it on the drive over. Tearing her eyes away from his crotch she sees that he has extended his hand to help out.

"Merci Monsieur." I learned that from a missionary term I served in the Ivory Coast." Claire offered wondering why she was flirting with this boy just a few years younger than herself.

Jake and Claire entered through the lower level and he points out the features of the house as they go up the stairs where they find Danny stirring oatmeal and Jr. making more coffee.

"Guys, slow down, you are way too eager for me this morning." Jake chides as he ushers Claire forward. "This is Mrs. Greene, she gave me a drive over this morning."

"Jr. and Danny. Jr's mom, Mrs. Sullivan, is somewhere around." Jake proffers with a sweep of his hand pointing to Jr. who gives a small wave and to Danny who nods.

'Hi. How ya' doin' Mrs. Greene?" came a polite rhetorical chorus as they look up at the large boned gangly woman with Jake.

"Jr. and I are on the college swim team and Danny we met just yesterday is the son of a friend of my mom and dads." Jake explains as they all stand around the kitchen only to hear Annie call out cheerily as she descended the stairs.

"Good Morning everyone!"

The group turned to see Mrs. Sullivan take the final stair in a flourish and walk toward them. Danny saw she had the same thin robe on but his time had something on underneath. In addition, she had some wooly leggings on. Jr. saw that she had indeed put the yellow micro-kini on over the red flush of her almost naked body. Jake saw only that she was a total vision of sexuality while Claire was simply agog.

Claire in her modest, if not dowdy, print blouse, cardigan and worsted skirt was left speechless by the charismatic entry. Annie, as the adult defacto in charge, had assumed an air of confidence, hereto for unseen.

"Hi, I heard Jake say you were Mrs. Greene. Welcome, I'm Annie Sullivan, Jr.'s mother." Annie said noticing how the new guest towered over Danny and appeared as large as the two athletic boys.

"Yes, Claire Greene. Nice to meet you." Claire responded.

"How is the oatmeal coming Danny?" Annie asked as she put her hand on his arm and peered in the pot on the stove. As she did her loosely bound breast pressed into his bicep and she squeezed her fingers around this arm. "Thanks."

"Jr. Good morning. Is the coffee ready?" She asked as she turned to her son and gave him a big hug from behind pressing herself against him. "You're the best."

"Jake, can you set the table for all us." Annie directed as she gave him a playful but lingering pat on the behind.

"You'll stay for coffee won't you? They'll all be out to work soon and I'll be all alone." Annie implored as she turned to look at Claire.

"I just dropped Jake off on my way shopping but I guess I could stay for a minute or two." Claire offered.

"Great, boys let's go. You dad wanted me to impress upon you, that you needed to finish the work before we head back tonight.

"Tea or coffee?" Annie offers to Claire as a flurry of activity was taking place.

"So Brice and Jake had dinner at your place. Did you have a good evening?" Annie asked innocently.

'Well no actually, they had dinner at an elderly neighbors place and when I looked in on her this morning, she was sound asleep and Jake needed a ride. So I volunteered. My husband is the local minister and I do a lot of volunteering it seems." Claire clarified with a smile.

Annie and Claire spoke amongst themselves, while the older boys ate with gusto and Danny picked at his oatmeal, listened to the conversation.

"Bus the dishes boys and scoot. I'll let you know when the delivery van arrives." Annie almost scolded.

Jake and Jr. looked at each and shrugged. They had never seen her quite so upbeat and bossy. Something had happened.

The boys left to go down to the lake while Annie moved to wash and dry the bowls. Claire offered to help but was told so sit and enjoy her coffee.

"They are the nicest boys and they have been working quite hard the last couple of days." Annie offered as she returned to the table to sit with Claire. Noticing Claire's reserved manner, she pulled her robe together to reduce the amount of skin that was showing.

"I'm sorry about my attire, but Jr. and I are up from the city and this has been like a holiday for me. I think I am the beach and forget myself sometimes." Annie apologized.

Claire who had been stimulated all morning, almost took offense but accepted as a simple statement and nothing judgmental about herself. She did however feel a bit overwhelmed by the activities, the touching and the uninhibited sense of life that she was experiencing. With her husband, the meals were modest, the conversations subdued and regulated and the intimacy restrained.

'I'ts okay, its just that I have been serving my husband and his congregation and have little time to myself. It's actually a bit of a treat to be around so much energy. We lead a quiet life. I think it's because I feel a bit awkward. I have not had a lot of experiences and therefore listening is okay but offering advice is daunting." Claire admitted without remorse. "I'm not used to all the energy."

"Yes, that young male energy and all that testosterone is invigorating isn't it.?" Annie agreed.

"Tell me how you came to drive Jake again." Annie asked, without realizing the desire Claire had to recount her story to someone.

Claire recounted the story about including, with an embarrassed blush, that Jake had been naked.

"Beth had asked many a time if I wanted to try nudism but I was always too shy because of my height. I tend to wear plain clothes and at the beach a one piece bathing suit. My husband prefers me that way so I don't get too amorous and forget what our mission on earth is. I have secretly wanted to try it, and had to fight hard this morning not to give into temptation." Claire offered.

"Well you can see that is not my problem." Annie responded, opening her robe to show Claire the skimpiest outfit she had ever seen.

"I brought a few suits with me and finally worked up the courage to wear this one today, our last day here. It seemed to be a hit with everybody." Annie continued as she pulled the robe off her shoulders fully exposing the small triangles over her breasts and the skimpy gusset at her crotch.

"It's very daring but I could never wear anything like that, my husband just wouldn't like it."

"But you could try it on, just to see how it feels. Why not come upstairs with me and try on one of my less daring suits to start. I'll only take a minute and I know from personal experience it is very private on the third floor deck." Annie encouraged her visitor. "It'll be only us girls."

"Do you think I could? Would you mind?" Claire eagerly asked.

"Not at all. Bring your cup and let's go up stairs."

Annie had already placed her suitcase on the bed in preparation for packing so finding her more modest aqua suit was not a problem. For Claire to accept the suit being handed to her was a momentous step. She held thin fabric outfit in her hands and twisted it about looking at it in almost adoration. "There's no lining?" she said as she felt the thickness between her thumb and forefinger.

"No, I find they fit better with no lining. I'll go out on the balcony while you change. Call me when you are done." Annie said, feeling that modest Claire would like the privacy. Opening the door, Annie stepped to the exterior and walked to the balcony to take in the view and the fresh air.

Momentarily, she heard a quiet "Ready" come from the interior.

Entering the darker room, Annie squinted to see properly and when she did she yelped, "Wow."

"That looks so good on you. I am a little bigger on the top than you, but if we adjust the straps like this." Annie said as she stepped up to Claire and reaching up slid her fingers under the bra straps to adjust the tightness.

"There, that's the trick." Annie said stepping back to see the results of her handiwork. Claire stood stiffly with her hands at her side as her big tall milk white body was complimented by the cool aqua colors. The two piece suit fit Claire very well and revealed that she had a good body with perky breasts under her mousy clothes.

"You need just a touch up down below if you don't mind my saying so." Annie stated turning to her cosmetic bag in the suitcase. "Let me help you."

Annie took her small scissors out of the bag and knelt in front of Claire. Claire looked down to see that her jungle of pubic was very pronounced behind the thin fabric and more than a few stray strands of brunette public hair sticking out of the top and leg holes.

"Hold steady a second. I'll just give you a little trim." Annie said, taking command of the situation.

"Oh, okay, I guess" Claire said as the cool smooth scissors slid across her skin as Annie snipped away the offending hair. "Go in the bathroom, pretend it's a fitting room and have a look." Annie directed.

"Gracious sakes, this is so bold. I've never been so naked and dressed at the same time." Claire admitted as she looked in the mirror to see her breasts being cupped by the thin fabric and her crotch encased by the elastic material. She could see the outline of her enormous nipples as they responded to the new freedom under the translucent top as well as the thick mat of pubic hair behind the crotch of the suit. Looking further down, below the nest of pubic hair she could see the suit follow closely the contours of her genitals. The small bulge was something she had never seen before. 'It is very exciting." she admitted to herself.

Annie, had taken off her short lightweight top and called out from the bedroom suggesting they take their coffee out onto the deck where the recliners were located.

"Somebody might see us." Claire said with a trace of fear in her voice.

"No, it's okay. It's very private and the boys are down at the lake." Annie reassured her before stepping out into the sunlight. "Come on Claire. Live dangerously. It's only you and me."

'If you are sure it's okay." Claire ventured as she cautiously took a step over the threshold. She looked down to watch the rise and fall of her breasts and the low angled sunlight fall across her abdomen and legs before looking up to see Annie in her micro-kini leaning against the handrail, balancing her coffee of the guard rail and watching her approach.

"Aren't you a daring one!" Claire envied

"That's it. You look marvelous. Doesn't it feel marvelous?" Annie opined enthusiastically.

"Wait, you need one more thing." Annie proposed as she walked back into the house to Barbara's secret closet. "Close your eyes."

Returning from the closet she carried two pair of five inch stiletto heels. One pair aqua and one pair yellow. She held them in front of her as a present.

"Open up." Annie sang out. "Try on a pair of these."

Claire, as tall and conscious of her height as she was, had been married in flats and had worn nothing else since. She gasped as she opened her eyes because in front of her were a pair of shoes she had seen in store windows in the big city but never imaged she would try a pair on – the aqua pair.

'Oh I couldn't I'd fall over. They're too much."

"Nonsense. Let me help you." Annie said convincingly as she knelt again in front of Claire. "Hold on to the rail and lift your right foot."

Claire did as she was told and was soon holding on to the guardrail and balancing precariously on the spindly heels. She was now fully more than a foot and one-half taller than Annie and felt terribly wicked.

"Look what they do for your calves. You have great legs." Annie said as she looked at Claire's crotch right in front of her before looking up into Claire's eyes. She noticed how the suit held the pubic hair in check but there was a definite bulge below the hair. While she stared she was lightly, innocently running her hand up and down her legs and caressing Claire's calf. "You were meant for those shoes. Try walking."

Claire found her balance and realized that she was leaning forward, thrusting out her chest while holding her shoulders back as she sought to keep vertical. Gradually, she weaned herself off holding the rail and was soon managing to walk quite steadily.

"Try a little more hip action as you walk." Annie suggested, 'More like this." said Annie as she stood up and put her shoes on and took a sexy walk down the deck. "Come to me the same way."

Claire took a deep breath and strutted down the deck, with her hips accentuating each step.

"Shoulders back more, more upright." Annie directed what might be considered a vanilla Grace Jones, in front of her.

"Great. You are awesome" Annie yipped as she clapped her hands and offered a high-five to the novice model. You look stunning. It's too bad your husband doesn't like this type of fashion. I think most men would. Don't you?" Annie encouraged Claire, hoping to draw her out of her shell. "Let me get my camera phone and take a picture to capture the moment. Do you have private email?"

"Yes, I do but are you sure." Claire questioned.

"This outfit has transformed you. You are so fabulous, you can't imagine how much. I want you to remember this moment and build on it." Annie reassured her, building up a sense of body confidence. With that, Annie tottered into the room and unplugged the phone from the charger. Returning to the deck she directed Claire how to pose and took a few innocent pictures. Pictures that many people would pay money for.

"If I rest it against the coffee mug, here I can use the self-timer. Let's stand over there and we'll do a picture of the two of us." Standing next to the now majestic Claire, Annie felt quite diminutive. They posed beside and behind each other and generally acted like two giggly school girls.

"Why don't you try this yellow suit on next? I am sure you would be fabulous in it." Annie suggested as she pointed at the micro suit she was wearing.

"Are you sure, it looks awfully revealing. I feel so dirty but at the same time alive, I would like to try." Claire agreed. "How will we do it?"

"Simple Claire, here it is." said Annie flatly as she peeled off the top and quick as a wink stepped out of the small crotch gusset.

Claire's face and chest turned a light shade of crimson seeing Annie standing there naked in front of her. She was speechless as she reached out to take the tiny two piece outfit noticing Annie's large soft but firm breasts and her flagrantly displayed sex.

"I'll just go inside." Claire said trying to maintain some modicum of modesty. Claire entered the darkened bedroom and took off the small aqua suit and noticed that her abnormally large nipples, the one's she was always embarrassed about, had continued to grow from the stimulation of the thin fabric. Putting on the stretch top, she adjusted the small string under her breasts and pulled on the shoulder strings to get the small triangles to cover the rubbery teats. When she tried on the bottoms of the yellow micro-kini she found that almost all of her pubic bush was on display because the fabric was so small.

"This is not going to work Annie." Claire called out in distress prompting Annie to come to the door.

"Permission to enter Claire." And he called out as she put her hand on the door jam and looked in. She saw a tall statuesque Claire modeling the small suit that she herself just had on. Annie thought to herself that Claire looked even better it than she did. Claire's height added to the allure of the outfit and now that her posture with better she was absolutely stunning.

"Yes, please come in. I don't think I can wear this suit look at what is happening." Claire said with disappointment in her voice.

Annie saw that the small triangle tops over each breast were not large enough to cover Claire's huge areola and could barely contain some of the largest nipples she had ever seen. Letting her eyes sweep down Claire's white body, she saw that her thick brunette pubic hair was much too bushy and too vast to be contained by the small yellow gusset. In addition, she noticed the small pouch that was used to provide privacy for the clit was not doing its job.

"Oh my, I see what you mean, but I think we can fix most of it." Annie reassured her. She walked up to Claire and stood, mouth agape, in front of this newly minted amazon. "Claire, you have the most beautiful and some of the biggest areola than I've ever seen. They are beautiful, you must be so proud of them."

"Actually, I'd be embarrassed most of my life because of my height and the size of my nipples which are so much bigger than everybody else's. I felt like a mutant. I think my husband feels they are obscene and gross and maybe that's why he focuses on his church work so much." Claire confessed openly to her new friend.

"Claire, don't say that. He is the odd duck, and I think my son, my husband and most men would find them fascinating and desirable." Annie said in a soothing voice, trying to comfort her. And she reached up and adjusted the triangles she could not get them to cover completely her saucer-wide reddish brown areola. She did however, managed to adjust the thin almost transparent yellow fabric to cover the rampant nipples extending more than an inch out from each breast. In doing so, Annie ran her thumbs over them and found them to be spongy soft, like real teats.

"You're so kind to say that, no one else has, they have all looked shocked at what God had given me. All my life I've had to put up with knowing that I was different from everybody else." Claire confided.

"You're not different you've just been given more of God's gift than other women and they are jealous and envious. No need to be ashamed. I wish I had what you have." Annie admitted as she continued to stare at Claire's areola which were getting bumpier and excited with every passing minute they were on display. They were so used to being bundled up in opaque heavily padded bras that this new experience to them, and to Claire, was very sensual.

"That's about all we can do a top and as I said I wish I looked like you. We can however do more down below if you know what I mean. You can see that I am shaved. My husband likes it smooth and silky for his fingers and his tongue to explore. Not everybody likes it but I do. I know we can not do that to you even if you may want it right now because your husband would find out. We can however, take off a bit more than I had trimmed earlier and it would be good for you and maybe a teaser for him. Would that be okay, if I did that for you?" Annie asked, hoping for a positive response.

"I think I'd like that, but don't make it too obvious. You're right, I'm usually never naked in front of my husband and when we have sex it's in the dark, but he would know if you took too much off. I just know he would." Claire conspired with Annie. "How will we do it?"

"You just lie back on the bed and rest your feet on the floor and spread your legs. I can use my small scissors. If you trust me, just lie back. If you want to watch, just lean on your elbows." Annie directed and saw the Claire quickly followed her instructions before she lost her nerve and lay back on the bed. Annie picked up the small scissors, stepped between Claire's legs and began to trim the longest hair's first. She left her big coarse patch intact, but a bit like a crewcut, leveled it so it followed the contours of her mons. Loose hairs fell everywhere as Annie intently undertook her work. Claire watched the whole process and was intrigued by the amount of hair that was lost but also by the amount of hair that remained. If you look close you can see that she had been trimmed up, but Claire also knew, her husband would never get that close. He never had been that close but she wondered if she could change that.

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