tagLoving WivesThe Long Weekend Ch. 42

The Long Weekend Ch. 42


Trying to keep her balance on listing boat was difficult and with Tom preoccupied playing with Fern, Annie realized she could get up so she decided to join Ted in the cockpit. When she stood up she looked down and saw that the bobbing of the boat combined with her bending over had loosened her breasts from her bra. Instead of being contained by the bra they had spilled out and the shelf bra was now propping them up and out. It was not altogether uncomfortable and not wanting or really being able to put them back in harness with out making the act obvious, she left them that way. Keeping low so as not to fall or cause the boat to tip, she turned around and climbed back toward the main cockpit.

Ted looked away from his wife and saw that as Annie crouched to walk slowly toward him, her bodice fell away and her wonderfully full tits seem to have freed themselves because they swung and swayed as she came closer. "It seems that Tom took me up on my suggestion and is giving Fern some of the loving that I can't. I haven't been able to get my pecker up since I lost my job." Ted said as he held his hand out to steady Annie's last steps.

"You put Tom up to this?" Annie asked over the whine of the powerful engine.

"Yes, we've been having problems lately and since she took this job, she knows that at some time she will likely have to do something like this. When she interviewed for the job with Darryl, he said the way to make the extras was to be available. Ivy told her that it was a euphemism for letting the clients, mostly men I guess, touch you, giving them a blow job or maybe even having sex with the clients. Fern has never done that before and I thought that if she needed to get used to the idea that it should be with a friend rather than a stranger.

They stood next to each other and as Ted steered, they both watched Tom standing between the thighs of the willing wife. Tom moved to the side and they were treated to the sight of wide white ass whose panties were now half way down the supporting thighs. Tom knelt into the seat well and reached up to pull the panties down further. He stroked Fern's thighs as a signal to raise her knee allowing the panties to be removed. Pulling them off one ankle, Tom slid his hands between his partner's legs and urged her to open them wide. Fern spread her knees along the leatherette cushion and fully displayed what appeared to be freshly shaven extremely pudgy vulva. Ted had seen it many times, Tom had wanted to see it ever since he had met the couple and Annie could not believe what she saw.

All three enjoyed the wanton display and each noticed that Fern had lowered her head to rest it on her forearms she had extended to hold onto the front rail on the bow of the boat. This raised her butt in something akin to a modest downward dog position. Her extended labia had begun to glisten from the excitement of her first public exposure. Fern looked back over her shoulder and smiled at the husband who with a wave acknowledged his support for her.

Tom on his knees crawled closer and peered at the meaty honey pot in front of him. He held one fat cheek in one hand as he swept his other hand from her knees to her crotch. He gently but anxiously touched her protruding lips that were becoming soppy with arousal. His fingers felt the slippery lubrication running from her and smeared it around the wide opening. He slid a finger in to gauge the depth and tightness. When fully inserted he pulled it back out before plunging it in again and again. When he felt her begin to actively respond he rose up unsteadily on the rocking boat. He was has hard and erect as he had ever been and he stepped boldly into the breach and let his trapped throbbing cock press against her sex. He felt her craving as she pushed back onto his hardening member in his pants.

Wanting to please the man who offered him his wife he leaned forward and reached under the woman to fondle the teats on her ushi-pai. Ted and Annie watched with rapt attention as Tom appeared to say something to Fern. They saw her nod her head as he stepped back. With the separation, Fern was able to turn around and sit down facing the cockpit. Her blouse was largely undone and the fat full breasts hung out to the sides. She lewdly, but with only slight hesitation, raised her legs and let her husband, Tom and Annie look directly at the pink and red crotch. Fern, raised the hem of the short skirt and let all three gaze at the blossoming lips, which were opening and closing permitting them to see the beginning of the deep pink interior.

Tom, sensing that Fern had moved from acceptance to willingness, turned to look at Ted to make sure all was okay. Ted had noticed the same increase in his wife's actions and rewarded Tom with a nod signaling his accord with what was about to happen.

Tom, slid across the seat well and buried his face in the crotch of Fern, who gave herself with trepidation to his relentless tongue and lips. Fern never once looked at Tom, but instead made and kept eye contact with her husband. She lifted and held her large milky tits in the air, showing them off to Annie and Ted. They saw the excitement had reddened the areola which had firmed up and gotten very bumpy from their exposure.

Fern thought she and Ted knew what she was embarking upon going to work for Darryl and she knew that he only wanted her to do it if she was completely comfortable with it. This afternoon at the Mayor's office had been easy, even exciting as people, men especially, tried to hide their glances at her. The tourist operator was more overt and stared blatantly at her ass and tits. It was only leering, something she had experience many times in her life. It was nothing really, but sooner or later she knew would have to put out. Her husband wanted only the best for here but knew that there was little else the two of them could do to make money. She felt she had to do it and so far, it felt good. Tom's tongue was good, his fingers were good, her husband watching and accepting were good. It was all good. More sex would be good too, she thought as she allowed herself to really enjoy Tom's ministrations. She had not felt tingles and shiggles like she was feeling now in ages. She abandoned herself to her own wanton personal needs and recklessly urged Tom's attention deeper by holding his head and encouraging his mouth.

'EEEEEEEEEEiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' soon echoed from her lipstick red lips across the still lake, signaling her release.

Both Ted and Annie were mesmerized by the sight and as they stood together Annie held onto both Ted and the windshield pillar for balance. Ted had slowed the boat down so as to do less navigating and more watching. Annie thought a better word was staring.

"I'm glad she seems to be enjoying it. She has been very supportive during this crisis, not been a nag, but I know she has been down. Her libido needs to be lifted especially if she is going to be successful in this job. As far as I know, during the nineteen years of our marriage she has never had an affair or cheated on me, so I don't know if she can really do it. But, regardless, I know she had needs some attention." Ted stated rather sadly.

Fern's needs seem to be being met as she shuddered and rocked as her long awaited orgasm from her new lover rippled through her body. She held Tom tight with her strong thighs then gradually lowered her legs. Tom moved to sit on the seat next to her, both facing Ted and Annie in the bridge. Fern flushed red, breathing deeply and had a satisfied look on her face while Tom looked expectant. They watched as Fern reached her hand out to touch Tom's thigh and with smile to Ted, she began to work her way up to his crotch. She rolled slightly on her side for better access. One of her large tits fell out toward Tom while her hand sought his belt buckle and zipper. Tom toyed with the exposed breast while Fern, continued to work open his pants. She peeled back the front panels and as he raised his hips off the seat cushion she pulled his pants down. This white briefs came into view and Fern felt guilty about what she was about to do. It had been a long time since she had done something like this and she had never done it to someone other than her husband. She struggled with her emotions but when Tom gently took her hand and pushed it toward the straining bulge she crossed that imaginary line in the sand. Fern gripped his hidden package and with Tom's help moved her hand to his waist band for her to reach inside. She slid her chubby hand under the straining elastic and felt the phallus that had just been rubbing against her. She felt how different it was from her husbands and when she pulled it out to expose it to the sun and the wind, she saw how different it was. The cock of her neighbor was heavily veined that rose up angrily from the surface and the dark red pulsating pattern was mesmerizing. Fern stared it for some moments while Annie and Ted watch and then with some encouraging assistance from Tom, she got this underwear and his pants down past his knees.

It was quite a sight that Ted and Annie were treated to. Fern in a three-quarter pose, her leg over Tom's, her hand on his cock and her tits hanging out. They all knew what was coming, as Tom put his hand on the back of Fern's head indicating that she was to go down on him. Tom knew that he should not make eye contact with Ted so instead sought out Annie. Annie caught his stare and returned it without admonition before letting her eyes travel down to where Fern was about to suck his rampant cock. She watched Fern take put her mouth close to his average sized but heavily textured cock before turning her head to look at her husband. Her eyes said 'Are you sure you are okay with this?'

Annie turned and looked at Ted who could only smile and nod his encouragement.

They both watched as Fern lowered her head and tentatively mouthed the cockhead. They saw her tongue extend and swirl around the inflamed glans before she opened wide and went down. Hesitation and anxiety left her as she accepted the taste and the feel of his hard cock into the mouth. She bobbed up and down tasting the tangy sweaty scrotum. She explored the full veined cock with her tongue and surprisingly grew aroused sensations in her tongue and at the fullness in her mouth.

Wanting more but not wanting her husband to see how much she has begun to enjoy the wanton acts, she mounted Tom cowgirl style. She knew Tom likely wanted to fuck her, but Fern thought that this was about her getting comfortable not necessarily about Tom getting off. With her face away toward the front of the boat her breasts spilled out of her top and fell over Tom's face. With her knees as wide apart as she can stretch, she lowers her puffy wet vulva over the length of Tom's member. She felt the hot poker like rod sear the furrow of her inflamed sex. She relished and enjoyed the long lost arousal and ground herself down on it. Tom began to suck on one of her nipples and as she raised herself up to slide her wet swollen lips long the length of his rod. She couldn't wait any longer and with a tilt to her pelvis she permitted the cockhead to find the entrance to her cunt. Fern took a deep breath and then plunged herself down on the ivory phallus.

There. She had done it. She had taken another man into her for the first time in 25 years. It felt good. If felt delicious. It felt right but it felt so wrong. Fern's emotions and thoughts were chaotic as she trembled with the fullness that she had been missing. She back to rock. She began to raise and lower herself along his length. She had crossed the threshold from being passive and accepting, to being a willing participant, to being the one on top. She indulged herself in a glow that had been missing for months.

Tom continued to nurse her one nipple with his mouth as his fingers kneaded and milked the long extended teat on the other. Fern felt the missing sensations had returned and had passed through a dull yearning and was quickly becoming a demanding fire. Her inner desires were becoming hotter than a fever patients forehead.

Ted and Annie saw her naked ass and rosebud bounce up and down and watched as Tom's cock slid in and out of Fern's tightly clenched vagina. They saw her fat lips grip the sides of the pistoning shaft and coat it with her juices for additional lubrication. As Fern lifted herself they saw, the stiff sinew along the underside of the Tom's cock some into view before splitting her pussy and disappearing deep inside.

Ted had slowed the boat down and was concentrating fully on the lusty scene in front of him. He turned to Annie, "Would mind moving forward and steering? It's easy, just head for our dock - that one over there." he pointed to his left as he stepped back.

Annie was nervous about the request, but the boat was making minimal knots and it looked fairly straight forward. She stepped forward and took the helm from Ted as he retreated to lean against the high captains seat behind her.

Fern had abandoned discretion and was working hard toward her second orgasm. She had developed a rhythm of riding Tom that made wet slapping sounds. It was either the water lapping on the hull of the boat or it was her wet cunt slamming down onto Tom. It was a beautiful sound. Her deep arousal spread to the core of her being. The arousal erased her inhibitions and lessened her apprehension about having sex. Having sex outside in public. Having sex with another man. Having sex with another man in front of her husband.

Ted watched as Fern rose up on Tom and guided his cockhead onto her huge protruding clit. She rubbed his cock across her pleasure button a few times before again raising up and angling the steel like bar of flesh into her waiting cunt. Fern felt the fleshy sides of her vagina yielding to the intruder as settled herself as far down as she could. Ted watched his wife intently as she drove her inflamed pink slit, at the bottom of the white untanned triangle that used to be her big pubic bush, down onto his friend's willing cock. Annie felt a hand begin to caress her ass turned to her left to see Ted unconsciously touching her as he appears hypnotized by his wife's actions. Annie watched Ted take in the whole obscene scene and leaned backward to keep her balance which inadvertently pushed her ass back into his hand. Startled, Ted withdrew his hand and stepped in closer to balance himself and also to push the front of this thigh into the back of her leg and bottom. He was trembling with both angst and desire and needed to stop himself from collapsing. Annie noticed that his hand was shaking and that his whole body seems overcome. She planted her feet and gripped the helm while Ted lowered his hand onto the cockpit to balance himself while putting his other hand on her hip.

Fern has convinced her that she was doing what she needed to do and that her husband was okay with it. She needed to be sure, so she stopped her riding Tom's cock. Her sudden relaxation took Tom by surprise and he immediately felt that she was going to stop and leave him high and dry. He looked up at her with questioning eyes but was reassured when she looked down at him and leaned her mouth closer to his ear.

"I'm just going to turn around. You can't cum in me. You've got tell me when you are close. Understand?"

Tom nodded that he understood as Fern slipped off and turned to face her husband. Her blouse was wide open and her large fat tits were hanging apart with their nipples covered in Tom's saliva. They were long, red and abused. They were wonderful Ted thought. As she secured her footing in the seat-well Fern, sat back down on Tom, blocking his view of Annie. Fern felt Tom's hands grab her hips and guide her toward his shiny slippery erect cock. Fern squatted lightly over him and took his rampant member in his hand and drew it toward her gaping slit. She rubbed the straining mushroom head against her clit before she raised herself up an inch or two. She looked squarely at her husband as she placed her new lover's cock at the entrance to leaking vagina. She lowered herself slowly and felt its hard diameter pass her vulva and penetrate her. She continued until she felt the root of his cock and then began to rock back and forth pushing up inside and feeling it stimulating her g-spot. Fern watched her husband comprehend what was happening. She watched his eyes stare at the slick phallus burying itself in the cunt only he used to fuck. She saw them widen as Tom, reached around her and begin to maul and pull her tits that were swaying back and forth with the motion of the boat and the bouncing ride she was taking him on.

Ted and Annie looked at Tom underneath Ted's wife's legs. His balls were slapping hard against the seat cushion as he tries to match his thrusts to her tempo. Annie, standing ahead of Ted, was quiet as she watched the action before turning around to see the relief on Ted's face. He is pleased that his wife is being pleasured and that she seems to be enjoying it. Annie felt Ted place his other hand on her other hip as if to hold her steady as the boat motored slowly steadily across the lake. She saw that his shakes had subsided and been replaced with arousal as he absently mindedly pulls her back so that her ass is pressed against the bulge in his pants. He leaned forward to get a better view of his wife and Tom and in doing so pressed himself hard into Annie. Looking over her shoulder toward his wife he let his eyes and his hands drop. His eyes see the low bodice of Annie's sun dress billow out and reveal her unbound breasts. His hand raised the back of Annie's dress so that he feels her firm ass and hips without a trace of panties. He could only see the large expanse of her breasts and the top edge of one areola but he had to agree with Darryl, they were perfect.

Annie felt the back of her dress being lifted up and his soft hand fondling her bare ass. The hand soon stopped its caresses and gripped her ass when he pulled her tighter against the rough material of his jeans as he struggled to keep his balance. Annie turned to look at him.

"Sorry. I'm so sorry. Sorry." Ted offered apologetically and profusely as he let her go and stepped aside. "It's been so long since I have been aroused and watching Fern ride Tom I got carried away. Sorry"

"I understand. It has me hot as well." Annie offer as she looks down to see him obviously excited, and beginning to rub his crotch. He watched as his wife's intensity made her plunges down onto his friend's cock and his own urges build up to the point that he undid his zipper and fished out his semi-hard cock. He began to aggressively stroke the first erection he has had since he lost his job. Annie saw Ted grimace as he dealt with the arousal that was achieved from seeing his wife's response to some tender loving and fondling Annie's ass.

Fern and Ted locked eyes, and have only each other in their vision and in their mind, as they work together to toward a climax. Fern began to rub her protruding clit and then grasped the hard white male pole between her legs. When she saw Ted increase the stroke pace of his masturbation, she rose up and pulled Tom out of her. She began to fist his cock, matching her husband's strokes. The slippery cock in her hand started to spasm and as Tom's cum erupted out the gaping hole at the end of the cock, she aimed it at her cunt. The hot jism erupted on her naked skin and as the ejecta ebbed, it flowed down over the wide head, coating her soft hand before spilling on the fiberglass floor of the boat.

Fern locks her eyes onto her husbands as she did not hear Tom boom out "AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....." but she clearly heard her husband Ted's primal scream at his release. The boat lurched and Fern saw him shoot his shot his load onto the back of Annie's legs and her dress.

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