tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Long Weekend Ch. 45

The Long Weekend Ch. 45


"The bottom of the driveway is fine Darryl. Just drop me there and I'll walk up to the house." Annie offered as she leaned forward from the backseat placed a hand on Jenny' shoulder. "Thanks for the coffee and sharing your business idea with me. If it's ok with you I'll talk to the boys about your idea and try think of some others."

"You've got our phone number. I gave you my card to you after you sucked my cock this morning." Darryl offered as he brought the car to a stop at the edge of the gravel drive while dodging the glaring look of his wife.

"Thanks Annie, you are beautiful and smart. If you have friends who look like you, are sexy like you and who want to make some extra spending money, have them contact me - not Darryl and I'll make the determination. But do call. I want us to keep in touch." Jenny stated in very manner of fact tone.

Getting out of the car, Annie closed the door and stepped up to the passenger side as Jenny lowered the window. Putting both hands on the chrome window trim she leaned down to speak to the seated paraplegic. As she did, she felt the loose bodice of her dress fall away displaying her large proud breasts and crinkled areolas to the couple seated in the car. She balanced the pointed nipples of her vast firm golden globes on the backs of her hands and leaning forward created a deep cleavage between the swollen mounds. "Something to remember me by." she whispered into Jenny's ear as she felt two pair of eyes burn through the thin fabric.

"It's not too late to audition for me. We've got a few minutes don't we Jenny?" Darryl called out as, under the steering wheel, his long fingers stroked the bulge forming in the front of his slacks.

"Darryl! She doesn't need to audition. You said she sucked your cock this morning and you just auditioned Fern an hour or so ago. You are not as young as you used to be. Any more today your Willy will fall off, you'll tire yourself out and be asleep before you get us home." Jenny chastised him with a salacious wink to Annie.

Pulling back from the car widow, Annie stood up and tapped on the roof the car as Darryl regained his senses while Jenny smiled and mouthed a silent "thank you" before being lost in the dust cloud as the car pulled away noisily.

Walking slowly up the short drive to the house, Annie thoughts were flooded with the licentiousness of the week-end. It seemed to her that everything and everyone she had recently been involved with came with a hefty dose of sex. Giving, receiving, watching, being watched, it was all the same. A moment of panic set in as she tried to suppress another unintended release of endorphins. Reaching the house she called out to the boys who were just calling it long day, a job well done and putting away the tools.

"Perfect timing, but you two look exhausted. I've got my bag packed and have already tidied up the house. Do we have time for a quick wash up before we head out?" Annie asked wondering if the rapid arrival of nightfall would affect their travel plans. "I'm pretty sticky and could use a shower and by the looks of it you both could as well."

"That's not a bad idea Mrs. Sullivan and, if we stop for pizza on the way, dad says it will let most of the traffic heading into the city clear out and give us easy sailing. What to you think, is 15 minutes back at the truck enough time?" Jake suggests.

"Works for me, but remember the heater in the truck is broken and it might get chilly on the drive home. Dress accordingly." Jr. advised as he ran his hand over his sweaty forehead and through his short cropped hair. "I could really use a shower, but you first Jake."

"Nonsense, if I use the one outside, there is a shower for each of us. No worries."

"Great, but lets make it 20 minutes." Annie cried out as she hurried off up the stairs with only one thought in mind – a last chance to check out Barbara's toy closet.

Quickly up the stairs and into the secret area behind the master bedroom closet, Annie was again awed by the vast array of sex toys when her sights fell on an enormously large fat shiny black dildo. Picking it up her mind flashed back to her days in the convent school.

"Anabell McGrath, step forward please!" Sister Mary Elisabeth commanded as the girl next to Anabell stepped back into line. Anabell, blushing like all the girls when requested to do so, quickly stepped forward with trepidation, her arms rigid at her sides.

"Your shoes are tied sloppily, your socks disheveled, and your blouse needs ironing." Sister Mary Elizabeth noted as she impatiently tapped her flowing black tunic with the long wooden pointer. Lifting the pointer, she placed the white rubber tip just under the front of Anabell's heavy dark blue plaid skirt and lifted the hem. She continued to gently raise the front hem, something she did to all the girls, supposedly to check that their white socks were over their knees.

"Your stocking seems to have fallen." the severe nun stated categorically as she continued to lift the hem. Of all the sisters of the order, Sister Mary Elizabeth was always the most interested in maintaining decorum. Her frequent snap inspections often caught intended and unintended lapses in the dress code. Corrections by the tall stern nun included public reprimands, detentions, sometimes a modest caning either over the knuckles, the palm of the hand and in the case of serve lapses a bare behind. Sister Mary Elizabeth continued raising the hem to ensure Anabell was wearing the proper large white bloomers.

Anabell silently prayed the pointer would not continue its upward arc but her prayers were not answered. She watched helplessly as the front of her skirt continued to be lifted higher by the pointer. She felt more of her young naked thighs exposed and knew that within seconds she would be in big trouble. It didn't take even that long. She felt the hem of the heavy skirt drop and saw the aghast look on the face of Sister Mary Elizabeth when she realized the young girl was not wearing bloomers.

"Anabell McGrath, you bold, brazen girl, go to my office immediately." the stunned nun commanded.

Ashamed, embarrassed and with her face a deep crimson red, Anabell fled the room towards the nun's private study. She was mortified. She had given her soiled panties to Sister Rita as had been her custom for the last year and for the first time had been caught without her bloomers. What would Sister Mary Elizabeth think? What would Mother Superior say? What would her parents do? What kind of punishment and public humiliation was she in for if anyone or everyone found out?

Standing on trembling legs outside the nun's study she couldn't help but think dire thoughts about her predicament. Her arms were quivering and her lips twitching uncontrollably as she heard the clumping sound of the nun's heavy black leather soled shoes on the hard polished wooden floor. The nun imperiously passed the young waif, opened the door and commanded.

"Inside Miss McGrath. This instant!"

Anabell nearly wet herself with fear as she shuffled inside. Sister Mary Elizabeth followed, then closed and locked the door behind her.

Anabell stood in front of the solid wood desk and the Sister silently took a seat in her tall rigid wooden straight backed chair. The nun slowly, carefully, ominously stood her wooden pointer in the corner alongside a shorter one with a larger black tip and the infamous sinister cane. Sister Mary Elizabeth saw the look of fear in the girl's face. She was satisfied Anabell knew the gravity of the situation and adjusted both her wimple and her disposition.

"Anabell, lift your skirt so I can see what you are wearing!" Sister Mary Elizabeth said severely.

"Please Sister, do I have to, let me explain...." Anabell stammered but was quickly cut off by the nun.

"Let me understand the gravitas of the situation first then I will hear whatever excuse or explanation you have concocted. Now, please lift up your skirt." the nun said, leaving no room for further questions.

Anabell arms felt unconnected to her brain or her body as she gathered the hem of the plaid skirt with a hand on either side and began to raise up slowly hoping to hear the words "That's high enough." All she heard was an ominous silence while she continued to lift her skirt and began to feel the cool breeze on her knees from the corner floor fan. She continued upwards until she felt the breeze on her quivering thighs. She did not stop until she held the hem of the skirt high above her waist and felt the cool air on her naked backside.

"Halleluiah, Amen, thank you Father, Ave Maria" Sister Mary Elizabeth said silently to herself as she saw first the pale white skin, then the protruding hairless mound with its delicious glistening pink edged slit. The first she had seen since being removed from teaching girls' physical education five years ago.

"Anabell, I am almost 70 years old. Few things shock me, but you have done so today. Keep your arms up and your skirt lifted while I try to comprehend what you have done" The nun stated as she reached to the wall for the pointer with the bulbous black tip.

Never taking her eyes off the nubile prize in front her, Sister Mary Elizabeth absently mindedly held the stout pointer in her left hand and slowly caressed the fat black end with her small right palm. Her frail fingers created a small circle and she felt the tip of the pointer forced them apart as she subconsciously slid it back and forth though the tight opening formed by her fingers. Her brain wondered if the tight hole cupped by the young girl's tumescent nether lips was large enough to accept the ersatz penis on the end of her pointer.

"Step forward Miss McGrath. A little closer please. Yes, right about there." the nun said as she eyeballed the length of the pointer and distance to the satin sheen of the pudenda in front of her.

Reaching out with the pointer she began to run it softly over the lower abdomen and upper thighs of the young girl standing rigidly in front of her.

"I am sure there is a reasonable explanation for all of this. Tell me what it is please." Sister Mary Elizabeth said in soft voice as the smooth ebony tip like a slow metronome traced languid patterns on the girl's exposed areas.

Anabell felt the cool tip running over her naked skin leaving a trail of goose bumps. Her fear level rose about what punishment lay in store if she told Sister what had been happening the last few months.

"Anabell, don't lie to me. I'll know if you are and HE will know if you are. Just tell me what prompted this nakedness." the words of the nun probing as gently but as persistently as was the wooden shaft with its menacing black tip.

"It is nothing new Sister, it is just that today it happened on my bike on the way to school and Sister Rita did not have a clean pair for me."

"What happened and what does Sister Rita got to do with this?" the old nun demanded.

"I give her my soiled panties like I always do when it happens. Today, she took them and put them in her pocket but she did not give me back a clean pair to put on. So she told me not to worry, that I would just to remain naked until I met her and the doctor right after lunch period." Anabell explained, words flowing out of her as fluidly as the juices collecting inside her vulva.

"You give Sister Rita your soiled panties?"

"Yes, for about a year now. Since last term actually since that when it all really started. She and the Doctor have been trying to help me but it is getting worse. I get this urge, this itch, and the only way to get rid of it is to rub myself, to touch myself. When I do, I soil my panties. They get so wet I can not wear them. When I confided in Sister Rita she said she understood, that it would be our secret and to give them to her and she would clean and return them. Eventually she took me to the infirmary to see the Doctor who examined me. He could not immediately find anything wrong but, he said for the record, he took some digital pictures. I think he said he wanted to record the condition so he could track any changes. He said a series of regular checkups would be necessary and that he might need a second opinion from another doctor. Sister Rita seemed glad he was so interested. He also said while it was a mild case, he would have to share the pictures and his notes in his monthly student health report to the new monsignor who would probably need them to understand what he was talking about. He has been doing that every week since then." the young student said spoke quickly without taking a breath.

Still humiliated and in fear of the extent and the pain of possible punishment she felt, but had not focused, on the smooth black tip on the flexible pointer that was tracing over her skin. However, with the gush of her words, she caught her breath and came to the realization that the slow burning sensation was beginning again.

She hesitantly continued, "When it first happened I was mortified but Sister Rita consoled me by explaining that I was maturing. Since I am eighteen, perhaps it was later than the other girls she said. She told me not to talk about with anybody because everybody does it differently and it is very personal. She explained that sharing with others might cause them to be embarrassed. She took me in her office and had me explain in detail the sensations I felt, how often I felt them, how I dealt with it. She offered to have look see and knelt in front of me while I held my skirt up for her, like I am doing now, for you. She saw how wet my panties were. She said they were so wet that they clung to me and formed a tight constricting cover to my private parts. Their wetness was forcing what she called my labia to swell and that the panties were slipping inside and forcing them apart. She said the deep wet crevasse she saw down there was unhealthy, that my skin could not breathe properly. I was to let her take off my bloomers, she would then clean me up and dry me off. I did not know what to do, but my bloomers were soaked, uncomfortably sticky and like she said probably unhealthy. I knew my mother would not want me to get sick so I let her remove them."

Annabel felt the cool touch of the black ebony tip as it moved slowly smoothly down the outside of her hips and legs to her ankle. The pointer made a soft erotic loop around her ankles before moving inside her legs to begin a determined upward sweep to her knees. She felt the flexible point travel along the rough wool of her stockings then stopping when finding the passage blocked. The black nub insistently forced itself upward urging her knees to part. The young girl shifted her weight from foot to foot as she slid her left foot away allowing a narrow gap to be created at the elastic tops of her stocking. The pointer slipped through the newly creating passage to settle on the bare skin in the recess just above her knees. She held her breath as the persistent movement of Sister Mary Elizabeth's hand meant that the flexible shaft bent as the point searched for a way to get up past the clenched bare thighs.

'Relax, Annabel, finish your story while I continue to think about what to do about you." The old nun said as she increased the upward pressure suggesting the legs needed to be further apart.

"That's it, that is far enough, that should do." Sister Mary Elizabeth intoned in a quiet voice as the smooth hairless thighs peeled apart like the quiet efficient opening of a Swiss zipper.

"Sister Rita was right. Letting this part of your body breathe, keeping it aired is a good thing. It keeps you healthy. That is why we wear loose bloomers as opposed to what so many indecent modern girls wear. You know what I mean, those skinny shiny little v-shaped ones. "

Feeling a little shaky now, with excitement mixed in with her fear, she felt her legs begin a mild case of the quivers as she also felt the goose bumps spread over her naked legs. She stopped, caught her breath, and wished silently she could lower her aching arms before speaking. Her voice had become a little deeper, with a small quaver Sister Mary Elizabeth noted.

"In a minute child, in minute. This will all be over soon enough, please continue."

"I know Sister, my mom sometimes wears those kind. I have seen them in her drawer. I think my dad buys them for her as presents as they are always in nice box. Sister, I am beginning to have that same feeling. I think it is happening again.

"I think you are too but I want to try and concentrate on what you were saying about Sister Rita and the Doctor."

"Sorry Sister. Sister helped me take my panties off so I would not get the rest of my legs wet. She would continue to kneel and was very careful and did it very slowly. She was most professional. When I finally stepped out of them, she told me to give them to her. That was so kind of her. Then, like you are doing now, she had me widen my stance so she could take a close look. She got very close, ran her hands over all of my legs and bum to see how far the dampness had spread. She then folded the panties to look like a rag and wiped my legs and between my legs. Then she took her bare hand and placed it over my private parts to test for dryness. She did this a few times and I guess when she was satisfied she took her hand away. Then she did the kindest thing anyone has done for me. She smelled her fingers and my soiled panties. How awful it must have been for her. She said it was necessary to confirm what she thought was my condition. She said she would keep the panties, wash them out and keep them for me. If I ever had another episode I was to come and see her and she would take care of me. She has been so wonderful."

"Thank you Anabell. That must have been difficult. I am so glad that Sister Rita looked after you. You can drop your skirt now." the rather flushed nun offered.

Dropping her hands Anabell felt but no longer saw the long shaft reaching into her warm swollen loins but she did continue to feel the bulbous head now lying between her slick swelling lips. Hoping that was the end of it, Anabell was surprised to hear the next demand.

"Turn around please and rest your forearms on my desk. That's it. Turn a little more toward me and now, raise your skirt to above your waist."

Anabell did so silently and with trepidation. Thinking she was going to be caned across her bare bottom, she felt her knees going weak and her body sagging against the desk. She heard a deep intake of breath from the nun sitting only inches behind her. She felt the smooth flexible shaft lay across the dimples of her smooth round buttocks. She waited silently.

"Please now tell me what Sister Rita and the doctor are now doing to help you. But before you do, spread your legs wider." Sister Mary Elizabeth said as she sat fascinated by the virginal sight in front of her. Two young slim legs rising up to set of dimpled cheeks separated by a perfect pink circle over a perfect pink vertical slit. She felt her tongue subconsciously trace an imaginary circle of the genitalia in front her as her right hand sought access to her own nether regions under the confines of her long black skirt.

"Yes, Sister of course Sister. The doctor has me lay on my back on the exam table so my knees are at the edge. Sister kneels on the floor in front of me and dries me carefully, then pats me with her bare fingers to make sure I am dry and then smells them to be sure. The doctor steps up between my legs, and does the same thing. He used to put a finger into me to see how wet I was but now he puts three fingers in, then shows them to Sister Rita. Then he usually moves closer, so close I feel his pants on my thighs. He puts his two thumbs on my middle part, then, using his thumbs, he anoints me with a special oil making sure that what he calls my sweet rosebud is also is coated. After that Sister holds me open so the doctor can take the pictures. After he puts the camera away and they both kneel in front of me to pray for guidance. Sister Rita puts her forehead on my abdomen so that when she whispers hers prayers they are directed closer to the area in need. Her nose is tight against this small bump I seem to have, the one right where your pointer is now. I often feel her lips on my private area as she whispers her prayers. The doctor usually kneels close behind Sister and he holds her hips as she leans forward to help the invocation of the prayer." Anabell carefully recounts while thinking that if she tells everything maybe she will not get the cane.

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