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The Longing


Mike and Kathy had been together for a little over a year. Having met just after college, the phase when people gather the knowledge of life thus far and forge it into what life will become. She was an adventurous woman who had lived and learned much of her sexuality since high school ended. He was the man who seemed to fit in with her new idea of life. He wasn’t the crazy party boy she had grown tired of, yet not the white collar stiff that seemed to be in abundance at her consulting firm. They shared a healthy sex life, which meant that after a year, things weren’t so exciting and no longer unexplored. Kathy was getting not bored, but apprehensive that her life may soon find it’s way into a sexual rut.

As a rising star at her firm, Kathy knew when to seize opportunity. Such was the way that she realized her fantasy of being taking more control for a twist of novelty in the bedroom. Kathy had had a friend at Providence College, well…one of those friends who you could hang out with, check out and tease boys with, and occasionally have suck on your clit while the luckiest of those cute undergrads did his best to make her cum with his young and eager cock. She had discovered that she missed Lindsey, as she still had one more year to complete her degree. It would be a stretch to say that they had grown apart, regular E-Mails and phone conversations saw to that, but the nature of these conversations brought back searing memories of the adventures shared. Kathy felt a pang of jealousy when these stories reminded her that she was growing into a professional, and such people were not supposed to be living the life of debauchery that had been college. The idea of reliving some old times seemed to far away, until Kathy received an E-Mail from Lindsey requesting a room for the upcoming long weekend. Columbus day was here and Lindsey, “…just needed a break.” The prospect of having Lindsey come and stay with her and Mikey gave her the energy that she had wane over the past few months. The planning began immediately. It was already Thursday. Getting through a day at work tomorrow might be too much to handle.

At 4 O’clock on Friday, Kathy found her way out of the office, it was a light day, and she amused herself with startling new fantasies, and memories of experience past.

Mike had been great about the whole ‘unexpected guest’ thing for the weekend. He was after-all, a great guy, and Kathy loved his easygoing attitude. Things were moving quickly now. Lindsey would be arriving in an hour, and Kathy still had one very important errand to run.

The clerk at the adult store had not seen Kathy in there before, but decided quickly that she obviously knew what she wanted by the way she scooped up her selections, paid her $218.46, and made for the door. “Someone will have a better night than me”, he muttered as the door reported shut and he resumed watching the middle-aged men browse through whatever film tickled their fancy tonight.

Kathy pulled into the driveway to find that Lindsey was already here and waiting in her car. Mike wouldn’t be home for at least an hour yet. Greetings and salutations exchanged, Kathy led her old friend into the house. The neighbor across the street heard the girls giggling as the door closed behind them.

Exactly what happened behind closed doors is of no concern here. All we need to know is that 20-minutes later, both girls were in Bikini’s and enjoying the warm soothing miracle given to man by god…the hot tub. While in the tub, Kathy sipped her Beaujolais, and explained her plan for the evening to Lindsey. Mike would be in for one hell of a weekend…

Kathy, wearing only her soft terrycloth robe, greeted Mike. She took his hand and led him to the couch inside. A glass of wine was waiting for him and he sipped, then gulped it down, ready for another. The warm rush flooded to his extremities. He ought to sip the next one, he thought. He began to ask Kathy how things went today, but was cut off by her kiss. She tasted of delicious wine and soft flesh. “What a woman I have found here”, he thought as her kiss washed his mind clean of all but one thing.

At this point, Lindsey strolled into the room, clad only in her youthful smile. Her firm 36b breasts shone in the soft lighting. Her neatly trim slit was on full display. See, Mike was one of those easy going fellows alright, but it came at a price, he was also rather absent minded, and had forgotten that Lindsey would be joining them this weekend until he saw her walking towards the entwined couple. Simple, but not stupid, Mike realized that he may be living man’s most popular fantasy right here and now. Kathy kept his attention, holding his tongue in her mouth, sucking his lip, and working her way down to his growing bulge. He, being so caught up in the moment, did not realize that Lindsey had arrived behind the couch and was taking his hands, and slowly raising them up her abdomen. Her breasts felt warm under his caress. Lindsey continued to manipulate herself with his hands; slowly sliding his left arm down her back, extending it out, and securing it to the handcuffs that had been locked to the pillar of the couch. He played along, as the motion was repeated with the right arm. His legs were left free.

The girls had discussed that they would remain silent throughout the coming adventure; this would make the event almost ritualistic for the three of them. The girls went to work quickly, removing his slacks and shorts, and opening his shirt up. Kathy gave his exposed fully rigid member a little pat as she withdrew and slid out of her robe. Kathy, not to be outdone by Lindsey, had full handfuls of succulent flesh on her chest. Her nipples hardened in the cooler air and pointed right at her man in the passenger seat, there was no question as to who was driving now.

Lindsey came to her friend, and kissed her gently. It had been a while and the taste of the only woman she had kissed came back to her fully. Their tongues flickered and danced in front of Mike, enjoying the show and feeling rather full of himself, after all, he had to do something right to deserve the treatment he would receive tonight. Right? Lindsey broke this kiss and made her way slowly to where he was spread out on the couch, sliding her warm hands up his legs and finding his full balls hanging under his 7-inch fat cock. She blew gently on the skin as her moth came closer. She gently kissed the head of his cock, sliding her tongue in circles over the head. The pleasure was intense as he watched her lips engulf him and slide all the way down to the base, his knob feeling the softness of her expertly relaxed throat. Lost in bliss, he didn’t notice Kathy sliding in under her, and probing Lindsey’s wet slit. Lindsey’s moan vibrated along his shaft, adding to the sensation of pure pleasure. Tilting his head back, he never saw Kathy strapping the newly purchased 9-inch strap-on to Lindsey’s waist. Only when his cock slid out of her mouth and he wanted to see what would happen next did he see her sporting more wood that he had seen since his college basketball showeroom days.

He soon realized that he had nothing to fear as the two women merely switch roles. Kathy began her familiar method of sucking cock, while Lindsey kneeled behind her. Lindsey reached for another new purchase, a nice tube of super slippery lube. Mike recognized that it was the same one that Kathy prefers when she has it in her heart to let him enter her ass from to time. Lindsey applied the fresh lube to the shaft of her monster of a rubber cock, and slowly entered Kathy from behind. The tip was barely in when Kathy’s moans brought back the familiar vibrations to Mike’s engorged phallus. Things seemed to be going just fine, but as we will see, they would not continue this way for long.

The first nibble felt exquisite. The second, albeit a bit harder, still felt pretty damn good. The third time, when Kathy used her teeth on the head of his cock as if it were a Jumbo hot dog, made him jump. It wasn’t enough to tear the skin, but briefly, Kathy’s dental records were on his pulsating cock. She continued to use her teeth, starting at the top and sliding them all the way down as far as she could. This sense of power, along with the dildo stimulating herpussy, brought her to the first orgasm of the young evening. After the tremors subsided, Kathy withdrew from her cocksucking activities, and gave Mike an unfamiliar look. He read it correctly however: ‘I am in control of you now. Sit back and enjoy the ride love…’ The girls smiled devilishly at each other. He winced when he thought of how even if he wanted to; he could not escape unless they let him.

He almost had time to finish the thought when he saw Kathy’s smooth and glistening slit come into view and find it’s home on his lips. He found solace in tasting her juices, mixed with berry flavor from the lube. She ground her slit up and down his face, letting him taste everything from her clit to her ass. Especially her ass. She loved feeling him tied and helpless, his only option to taste her tight hole. She leaned forward and almost lost her balance, before reaching back to steady herself. She reached for his legs, holding them just behind the knee; she pulled them up, giving her better balance. The purpose of this was twofold. While giving her a means to balance herself, it also allowed Lindsey a clear line of site and target for her tool.

She started by rubbing the rubber cock up and down his shaft. Fucking him in some odd sort of snake-dance. Then sliding lower over his balls…and lower to the opening of his virgin ass. Knowing what was impending, Mike had no choice but to trust that if he played his cards right, he could walk (or kind of walk) away from this experience as just being played as the bitch for a turn. He felt deeply that he would not experience any real trauma at the hands of his future wife. The current thought was once again pushed from his mind as he felt the coolness of fresh lube being applied to his ass. The tip of the dildo followed. Lindsey slowly pushed, then withdrew. She made small circles with the head of the big black dildo against Mike’s tight hole. Then pushed again. Mike felt the pressure turn to pain as he felt the ‘pop’ that he had experienced on the giving end with Kathy. He decided to focus on the clit coming into his mouth. He sucked it, twirled his tongue around it, and flicked it. Kathy, enjoying the combination of her wine, approaching second orgasm, and the feeling of complete control was reeling in the sensation that she had been missing. The control of having any guy around her eating out of the palm of her hand. She began to feel the stirring of her coming orgasm. Reaching for the back of Mike’s head, she pushed against his willing mouth with all that she had, flooding him with her flowing juice and convulsing like a woman possessed.

Lindsey was now pushing into him deeply. Watching as the shaft disappeared into him, them slid out as the flesh of his ass appeared to hold it all in. Kathy slide off of his face and moved her slippery wet pussy down his body, leaving a trail of fresh cunny-juice all the way down to his cock. She slowly lowered herself down onto him while Lindsey picked up the pace from behind. She felt his cock slide all the way in without resistance and the juice displaced by his cock leaked down onto his balls. She slowly moved up and down, looking into his eyes. She began to ride him as she had done many times before, but never with such lust filled abandon. He was feeling the pressure of Lindsey’s cock in his ass and the expert manipulations of his cock as Kathy milked him with her dripping pussy. Lindsey pumped harder. Kathy pumped harder. Mikey almost blew a blood vessel in his brain as his orgasm rushed upon him, sending load upon load of his cum up and into the womb of his love.

As his breath came back to him and the world filled with color again, he thought, “Will I ever have to explain to my children that they were conceived like this?” The thought made him smile as Lindsey withdrew from his ass. More semen pumped out, adding to what had already flowed out of Kathy and down his ass. Thought the whole thing, Lindsey just kept putting in the work. But she won’t go unrewarded. Remember, it’s only Friday afternoon.

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