tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Lost Panties Ch. 01

The Lost Panties Ch. 01


Alice was on her way home from the supermarket when she remembered the report on her students that was due the next day. Damned paperwork. She loved teaching, she got along well with the other teachers, and she had a good relationship with her principal. The only thing she could not stand was the paperwork. (Well, that, and some of the parents). She decided to swing by the school on her way home, pick up the student records, and do the reports at home, after dinner.

She pulled into the parking lot. The school was dark. There were a couple of cars in the parking lot, but she didn't pay much attention. With few exceptions, she didn't recognize anyone's cars, anyway. She didn't pay a lot of attention to those kinds of things.

She unlocked the front door. The alarm was not on. She walked along the dim hallway toward her classroom. As she passed the administrative offices, she heard a thumping sound, coming from the back area of the office. She stopped for a moment, and listened. She felt her heart starting to beat faster. Deciding it was nothing, she took a couple of steps forward, when she heard a moan. She froze. Shit. Shouldn't have left the cell phone in the car.

She decided to see what was going on. She crept quietly through the office, toward the back. She could hear the thumping sound, again. There were also muffled voices. It sounded like giggling now. Were some students going through records, or vandalizing an office?

She saw a light coming from the guidance area. She walked more confidently toward the light. The door to one office was part way open. When she got close enough to see inside, she saw a sight which caused her to stop in her tracks, again. But for a different reason.

She saw the back of a tall man, with shaggy dark hair. She realized that it was Charles, the young new guidance counselor. Many of the women teachers had spoken admiringly of his strong body, but they had not seen it the way Alice saw it now. Well, not all of them, anyway. He was naked from the waist down. His calves were lean, and the muscles tight. His quads were massive, and clearly outlined. His buttocks were round and very firm, and she could see them clench and relax as he moved his hips slowly forward and back. He must be.....

Alice watched, hesitated, then crept closer for a better view. She saw the outline of another leg, a much more slender leg with, nevertheless, very clearly defined musculature, in front of Charles. Obviously a feminine leg. Then she saw the curve of the woman's ass, directly in front of Charles' hips, and the woman's arm and side in a green sweater, where she was leaning forward across the desk. Charles was fucking this woman from behind! Alice could not tell who his partner was.

Alice had never seen anyone else fucking live, in front of her. She slipped a hand under her skirt, and rubbed her pink cotton panties, watching and admiring those strong white buttocks, slowly moving back in forth as Charles thrust into his unknown partner.

Alice quietly crept to the doorway, to get a better view. She still could not identify Charles' partner, but she could see his powerful, beautiful ass more clearly, the way the muscles contracted as he thrust forward. He was accelerating his pace. Alice slid her panties down to her knees and hiked her skirt so that she could get better access to her pussy, now covered with her own lubricant. She pushed two fingers of her left into her channel, while the fingers of her right had desperately, rapidly twirled around her jewel. Damn, panties still were in the way. She let them fall to the floor, and stepped out of them.

Charles thrust more and more rapidly. Alice probed deeply into herself, rubbing that spot in the top of her tunnel, moving her fingers faster on her clit, her fingers in time to his accelerating movements. Feeling the tension building. Charles let out a groan, and pushed forward hard, staying there. Knees wrapped around him, hands pulling his ass forward, holding him deep inside his anonymous partners. Butt cheeks clenched. Alice felt her vagina contract around her fingers, the spasm of pleasure engulfing her entire body. She let out a soft, yet audible moan.

Charles: What was that?

A woman's voice: What was what? That was a wonderful fuck.

Charles: No. There's someone out there.

Alice panicked. She dashed through the darkened office and out into the hall. Her sneakers sounded like they were echoing all around her as they slapped against the linoleum. She raced out the door and ran to her car. No one was in sight. Her hand shook as she tried to start her car. IT seems to turn over and over before it raced. She peeled out of the parking lot and into the street.

She took deep breaths and forced herself to calm down. Then, she realized two things. First, as her mind began to function, she realized that she had no reason to fear the two lovers in the guidance office. However embarrassing it was for her to have seen them, it was much more embarrassing for them. They would not be talking about her. If they had seen her. Which she doubted, since the hall was dark, and they had been in the lighted room. No lights had come on. She doubted that they had chased her to the door. She had heard no one following her, and they would have had to get dressed.

Feeling the roughness of her wool dress against her ass, the second thing she realized, was that she had left her panties lying on the floor.

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