tagNonHumanThe Love of a Tentacle Ch. 02

The Love of a Tentacle Ch. 02


Mark and Tom struggled through the underbrush just off I-40 near Greensboro, NC.

Tom swore as he wiped a spider's web off his face.

"Let's just stop here!" he exclaimed.

"Oh come on pussy." Mark replied. "The stream is just ahead."

Tom grudgingly pushed on until they reached the spot. It was a large rock jutting out into a steam, hills on either side made it impossible for them to see to the nearby road or the housing development. It was a perfectly secluded spot.

"Alright man, break it out." Tom said.

"Relax bro!" Mark pulled out the joints and handed one to Tom.

As Mark reached into his pocket he froze, starring at the ground. Tom followed his friend's gaze and took a step back when he saw the creature.

"Holy fuck man! You can't get high just by touching this shit can you?" Tom asked.

Mark shook his head, "That shit is real dude; it's a fucking freak of nature!"

Before the two young men a small creature had emerged from the forest. Its skin was purple and slimy looking, the shape of its body similar to a kitten.

Moving slowly, Mark pulled out his lighter and lit his joint. The creature looked between the two of them and then approached like a curious kitten. Smiling, Mark took a drag and blew out onto the creature.

It blinked in surprise as it breathed in the smoke and looked between the two of them in confusion for a moment. Then it coughed.

Tom and Mark both laughed.

"It's a pussy like you Tom!" Mark teased.

"You always cough on your first puff man!"

Then the creature began to make a piercing howl that made both young men flinch. It beat its head against the rock and ran in circles making the dreadful noise.

"Fucking make it stop!" Tom yelled.

"No shit!" Agreed Mark and he swung his leg, punting the creature across the river and into the woods behind.

When Coxathon hit the ground he lay there for some time, tiny teeth grinding together.



Rox sputtered as the force of the water hit him and he blinked his large eye to clear it. His Manager, Edward Sharp, moved the spray up into the swirling mass of tentacles, rinsing the cum and vaginal juices off each one.

"That's cold!" complained Rox.

"Ah, it's time to shrink all those dicks down anyway." laughed Edward.

Behind Edward several women were getting dressed, some gave Rox friendly or naughty waves when they saw his pupil look their way. Rox saw the redhead, Susan, was staring attentively at him as he pulled his tentacles back into his large, furry torso.

Rox was a about 5 feet tall, with his highest point being his back on account of the fact that he had no head. Rather he simply had a mouth and a single large eye on the front of a large brown furry torso, with four stumpy legs. In the dark he could easily be mistaken for a bear, although no bear had black spots on its back from which eight tentacles could emerge. It is assumed that he also has a nose, although none is visible.

"Enough!" Rox exclaimed.

Edward lowered the hose and turned it off. Once Rox was dry he followed Edward to the office and threw himself onto a large beanie bag.

"So Rox I got some great ideas for future videos I wanna run past you."

Rox made a face which may have been meant to express hesitation however Edward either ignored him or failed to understand the expression given the rather abnormal configuration of Rox's facial features.

"I mean all we did up til now was put you in a room with a half dozen boards and tell ya to have at it which was great don't get me wrong, I mean we needed some material for the site quick. But Rox I gotta tell ya there is way more potential here then that I mean we gotta show the world the different sides of tentacle monster sex you know?"

Rox frowned, "Well Ed, I was actually kinda thinking that maybe I had done enough for the site..."

Edward looked confused for a moment then slapped his knee. "Haha Rox! You're a funny guy! You had me going for a second there I mean I thought you didn't want to have sex with hundreds of different women each month!"

Rox nodded, "Well Ed that kinda is it. You see I got a girlfriend..."

"Oh shit Rox." Edward said, nodding. "Why didn't you tell me? I mean it's no problem to bring her in to the shoot!"

Rox shook his head. "That not exactly what I meant..."

"Oh fuck me Rox, I'm sorry. I forgot my manners I tell you what. This girl of yours, she's the jealous type, I get it. But Rox you got girls lining up to be on this site! And you know, after they've had one go they are hooked, it's like you said the other day when that dumb board, which one... shit, oh yeah the ginger with the thermos was trying to save some for the road, your jizz is a special sauce that gets 'um going."

Rox squinted at his manager, "What are you saying boss?"

"Rox I'm saying there's plenty of fish in the sea my man. There is clearly enough of you to go around and if she can't share I'm sure another will. Besides what about that nice new house you got? You said you, ah, you needed the money right? And what else are you gonna do really? No offense, but you know you got a good gig here. If you quit before the contract is up you gotta give that money back you know?"

"Yeah." Rox nodded.

"You know what Rox? What you need is a day or two off! I been so worried about getting content up that I forgot I'm wearing out my one star, I mean you musta banged sixty girls in the last week I think you need a day off to clear your head."

Rox was staring at the floor as he walked out the building; as such he bumped into Susan outside the door and fell back on his butt.

"Oh, sorry about that Susan."

"Umm, no problem hot stuff, you can bump into me anytime." She replied.

"That's swell of you to say Susan, I'll just be going on this way now."

Rox did a side step and slipped around Susan. He felt her fall in step beside him. "You need a ride Rox?"

"No Susan, I'm okay."

"Are you sure?" Susan put a hand on Rox's back and stoked him. "Cause you can ride me anytime sweet thing."

"Yeah, well, you are sign on to be a regular on the site ha... ha..."

"Maybe we should put in some overtime, just the two of us?" Susan licked her middle finger and lowered it to his back, finding the center of one of his dark spots she pushed it into the tentacle hole. This was something that Rox had never experienced, and was similar to what humans experience when a finger is inserted into their anus.

Rox stopped dead in his tracks and shuddered.

"Hit a nerve did I?" Susan said, fingering his hole.

Rox pulled himself away and looked up at her.

"Ah... listen Susan I have a girlfriend."

Susan laughed.

Rox suddenly felt as though he had misspoke and wondered again how much he didn't know about human relations... but although he didn't understand the fiery redhead, he was fairly sure he was not being ridiculous. Rox turned and continued walking.

Susan kept up.

"Come on big boy, you've had sex with a dozen girls today, what's one more go gonna hurt?"

"That was WORK." Rox said.

Susan shook her head. "Does that line fly with her sweetie? I tell you what, if she breaks your little monster heart, I'll kiss it better."

With that Susan turned and walked away.


As Susan came to a stop on the off ramp her mind was going in several directions. Not thinking about the road, she just sat there at the stop sign.

"I shouldn't have drunk so much of his cum..." She muttered.

Susan was one of the "core" girls that Edward had hired for the site. His plan was to have some girls appear regular for guys that liked that and change out other girls to keep a steady stream of new faces.

The first time Susan had drunk Rox's cum she had been electrified. She had never experienced anything like it with human men, and she found that once she had any cum or precum from Rox she NEEDED him to fuck her, but tonight her role had been to provide some lesbian action including licking Rox's fluids off the other girls... and she hadn't gotten fucked by a single tentacle.

Now the thoughts of Rox's dicks were like an annoying song that she couldn't get out of her head. Hoping that masturbating when she got home would help Susan pushed the gas to continue home. Susan was perplexed when the car didn't move.

"What the fuck?" She cursed.

Stepping out of the car she walked around the vehicle. She noticed something green, like a pipe, going under the car. Leaning closer she saw it was no pipe, in fact it look a lot like one of Rox's tentacles, only green.

Susan screamed as she was jerked off her feet. She caught a glimpse of an animal under her; it looked like a lion, except green and with a number of tentacles sprouting from its back. It carried her quickly away from the road, into the dark of the forest. Where it dropped her roughly on the ground and began to circle her, growling.

Terrified, Susan stood up and tried to slowly back away, but the creature didn't let her get any further away, or any closer to the road. After a moment Susan spoke, "Are... are you a friend of Rox? He is a friend of mine..."

The creature gave a throaty growl and spoke in a deep voice. "A friend? You could say that. Aren't all brothers friends really? Even if they try to kill one another on occasion?"

"What do you want to do with me?" Susan asked, and a part of her mind cheered when he replied:

"I'm going to rape you with each of my eight tentacles. Then I'll decide if you're good enough to be my slave, or if I should just eat you for dinner."

Susan got the sense that this creature wanted to get off on her pain. She had been with plenty of men who had been as cruel as this creature, though they were small and weak. They had been pathetic really, not like this real monster she was looking at now. A part of her got even more excited, but she feigned terror.

"I-I...I'll do whatever you want she said, falling to her knees, just don't kill me please."

"Of course you'll do what I say you stupid human bitch!"

A tentacle slapped her across the face, stinging her cheek.

"Yes..." She said.

"You can call me Coxathon, if you must speak. You understand you filthy cunt?"

"Yes Coxathon..." She meekly replied.

Tentacles came at her fast, wrapping themselves tight around clothing and tearing off her clothes, except her panties and bra. She crossed her hands over her breast; they were large and spotted with freckles like much of her pale body.

Coxathon approached her, his large mouth opening and closing, its razor sharp teeth inches from her flesh. The part of Susan that wanted to be ravaged by Coxathon's tentacles started to lose out to her fear of death. Susan knew that she better use everything she had learned from doing porn to please this thing so it would think she was worth keeping.

One tentacle came out and wrapped around Susan's neck squeezing. "I could smell my brother's stench on you from miles away... If you are a friend of his, raping you will be even more delicious..."

Tentacles shot out and wrapped themselves around Susan, removing he panties and bra. She was pressed face down on the ground, with her ass lifted into the air. Slowly the tentacles explored her body. They did not penetrate her, just rubbed around the surface, across her buttcheeks, over her breats, and touched her armpits, touching every part of her skin before one of them suddenly slapped her ass.

"AH!" Susan cried, out in surprise and pain. She felt her pussy began to moisten as precum dripped on her back.... A tentacle pulled away, drew itself up....


"GOD!" Susan jerked but was held down by the tentacles as the blow stuck her right ass cheek. Tentacles rubbed over the sensitive spot where a welt was forming. She didn't notice the tentacle pull away for the next strike; it just fell across both her asscheeks and made her arch her back in pain. She sobbed as her asscheeks were kneaded, the burning sensation causing a tingling in her pussy.

"Oh shut up!" Coxathon growled, and a green cock pushed itself into her mouth. On it was the taste that she had been craving! She probed the hole of the large cock with her tongue, drawing out drops of hot precum. She shuddered when her ass was whipped again and again, and her pussy juice started running down her thighs.

Coxathon noticed. "Already your body is begging to be taken. I swear I can't even properly rape you human girls! You act innocent and fearful at first but after 5 minutes with one of my cocks in your mouth you're crying for me to fuck you."

Susan was picked up and turned over, her front exposed to the tentacle giving her lashes. The tentacle in her mouth pumped in and out, making the blows that began to fall on her tits turn to a painful pleasure, her pussy ached to be given the same treatment.

But Coxathon grew tired of whipping her, he pushed her onto her hands and knees, and there in the moonlit forest the tentacles moved to her ass and pussy. Both pressed in at once, causing Susan to choke as the cock in her mouth pushed its way into her throat, aided by the cocks pushing from the other side.

Susan moaned as all three of her holes were ravaged. Coxathon was rough, trying to hurt her by choking her and slapping her on the ass as her fucked her, but he had been right about the problem with raping human girls. The tentacle monster's fluids did their work on Susan and she began to thrust her ass back to meet his cocks and moaned and she swallowed her first load.

When her mouth was free she screamed, "YES! Beat me more, fuck me harder!"

"You like this you slut?" Coxathon asked.

"OH GOD YES!!! She shuddered with every blow saw her ass was whipped red and her face pushed in the dirt.

"Fuck me more... oh god yeah hurt me... I'm your bitch do me..."

Tentacle monsters can often stay detached from what they are doing, but Coxathon was now very aroused and found himself growling and snarling, walking up to Susan and licking her face as he fucked her with abandon. She kissed him on the nose, and pressed her face against his.

"Make me your slave." She whispered, as cum filled her insides.


"Hello there little kitty!" Rox said to the cat. The cat, for its part, got up on its hind legs and put its paws on his face, then started picking at him like he was a scratching post.

"AHH!" Rox yelled and backhanded the cat, sending it flying a few feet and sulking off.

"What was that?" asked Charlene from upstairs.

"Nothing my love, just playing with the cat!" Rox bounded up the steps quickly, after grabbing some cheesy crackers off the refrigerator. Charlene was lying on the bed facing the TV, remote in hand. Charlene wore a blue nightgown, it was long enough to cover her well, but it was tossed up so that the bottom of her ass was showing. Rox hopped on the bed next to her and offered her crackers.

"No thanks, you could warm my feet though, they're cold."

"I shall warm your feet like a great electric blanket of love, buzzing with the electricity generated by my fur scrapping across the carpet as I run unbelievable distances just to catch a glimpse of your rear end, shining brilliantly in the night like a lighthouse for lost ships, or an interstate billboard advertising food to a hungry man." Rox pledged.

Rox crawled down the bed and lay on Charlene's feet. Her toes wiggled on his soft belly and Charlene sighed. Rox popped some crackers in his mouth and eyed her partly covered bottom before he began rubbing her lower legs. Charlene made a purring sound and lay her head down, closing her eyes as Rox messaged his way slowly up her thighs, enjoying the smooth feel of her skin under his paws.

Charlene moaned as Rox reached her ass and she arched just a bit to encourage him. He fondled her gorgeous asscheeks, squeezed them, spread them to look at her tight little asshole, and gave them a few playful slaps.

"Hmmm." Charlene purred and Rox climbed up her body, messaging her lower back and bending over to kiss her neck. She turned her head to the right giving his large mouth room to suck on her neck, making her tremble under him. She turned her head as his tongue trailed up her chin and pushed between her parting lips. They kissed as Rox took hold of the back of her head and enjoyed the feel of her tongue playing with his, though his was larger and stretched her jaw like a huge cock.

Charlene smiled back at him and whispered, "Your tongue taste like cheese."

"Nothing is as cheesy as my love for you Charlene." Rox replied.

Charlene rolled her eyes, "That doesn't make any sense!"

Rox paused for a moment seeming thoughtful, and said: "My love for you is the only thing that makes sense Charlene."

Charlene smiled and rolled onto her back. "You so sweet my big tentacle teddy bear."

Charlene pulled his face into her tits and ran her hands through his fur while Rox began to lick at her breast. She gasped when his mouth closed around her left tit and sucked the nipple hard into his mouth. Her fist clinched handfuls of his hair as she began to pant, Rox's lips and tongue traveling over her hard nipples, biting them, sucking the whole boob into his mouth at times and others just pulling the tip of her nipple with his teeth, gently.

A tentacle came out of Rox and trailed down between her legs, rubbing itself on her moist pussy lips.

"No." whispered Charlene and Rox pulled back from her. He sat astride her much the way a human man would in the missionary position as she leaned back, with her left hand she fondled her tits, with her right she beckoned and the tentacle followed up to her face. She took hold of it and directed it to her breast.

The member was leaking precum profusely and she placed its tip on her nipple rubbing it around. Rox moaned as he felt her hard nipple stroking the sensitive tip of one of his dicks. Charlene licked her lips as she looked at the pulsing member in her hand. She felt the thirst for the fluids it was dripping onto her breast but made herself wait for it while she used it to paint the valley between her jugs, her heavy breathing making them rise and fall, precum running down the sides.

"Give me more of your dicks baby." She whispered.

Two more cocks slid onto her breast and let her manipulate them into coiling around her tits. Charlene gave the first one a sloppy kiss, letting the precum into her mouth for the first time that night, knowing it would start driving her crazy to be fucked in a few minutes, then she placed it between her tits and gripped the ends of the two wrapped around her boobs. She began to jerk them off, which made her boobs bounce up and down on the leaking cock between them.

Precum started running over her fingers, onto her breast and adding lube for the cock surrounded by the soft flesh of her beast. Rox's eye rolled back in his head and he pressed himself against her, her hot skin on his soft fur.

"You like it baby?" Charlene gasped.

"Oh yea Charlene..."

Charlene grinned. "You love fucking my tits don't you Rox?"

"YES!" Rox agreed enthusiastically. Her soft hands looked sexy as hell gripping two of his cocks, furiously pumping them.

"Let me taste your cum baby..." Charlene groaned and rubbed her legs together, her pussy hot and weeping on the bed. "Cum all over my tits! Cum in my mouth so I can drink your hot spunk!"

Charlene lowered her head and engulfed the head of his tentacle dick that was now wildly thrusting itself between her tits, getting close to an orgasm. The tentacles in her hands got there first though, and cum erupted from her tugging fingers, running down onto her heaving breast. Those tentacles slowly drew back and Charlene squeezed her cum covered tits, pulling on her nipples as the cock in her mouth throbbed and began spurting down her throat. She milked it as she swallowed, using her tits to message the shaft and pump the last drops to the tip, which she then let plop audibly out of her mouth.

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