tagFetishThe Love of Panties Ch. 03 Pt. 1

The Love of Panties Ch. 03 Pt. 1


My Cousin Part 1

Well, I guess you've read how some of it started. I believe most guys have the thought at younger ages of the intimate apparel of girls they know. Their sisters and neighbors, girl friends and just girls they know. I bet most guys have walked into bathrooms when they were at houses and if laundry was in their they looked.

I guess I was one that went a little father and actually tried to find things. Either visiting or living close to girls that I got the opportunity to see their things hanging outside on clothes lines or in their bathrooms or bedrooms.

When at a younger age, a lot of girls wore nylon panties and the soft cup bras were delicate and silky usually with lace on them. I have been known to see ones hanging on clothes lines as I drove by or lived close to and found them still there at night and would sneak back later after dark and after a quick look at making sure they were not really old ones, I would quickly slip them from the line and take them with me.

I have at times been over at friends houses and went into the bathroom and found their laundry baskets in there and would go through them and either finding the wife's or older daughter's panties in there and would check out the pairs and size, material and styles and would slip them down pocket or sometimes slipping them on and wearing them as I sat and talked with them the rest of the night.

Swimming parties were the best to either have panties right off the girls and be able to jack off with them, making sure not enough of my cum leaked on the material for them to actually have an idea of what someone might have been doing with them or have the opportunity to have to change in one of the bedrooms making sure it was one of the women in the house that I wanted to check out what they wore under their tight jeans.

My favorite was bikini styles since they would fit a guy better and of course satin, silks and nylons were my favorite material but if they were the better soft cottons they would fit in that category. Colors, designs, even lace would make a big difference but if the woman that wore them was really cute, wore tight jeans and you could always see her nicely shaped butt showing off the lines under her jeans of what she had on then even simple cotton would do.

This story is about my first time I got caught. It was one of my cousins. She had started college and as all the kids from my parents house were out on their own, they had spare bedrooms to share with cousins that needed them.

She was really cute. Well, let me change that a little. A smoking hot blonde. About 5'6", 115 lbs and had figure that was at the least to say, desirable to look at. She had one of the hottest butts in some of her jeans and skirts. She could make her skirts almost show her curve of her ass almost as good as her jeans. You know the type, the skirt follows the curve from her waist and is so tight that it clings to the bottom curve almost to her legs.

The first time I was able to get in the house with no one there I was awe struck. She not only had a large amount of nylon and satin bikini panties but even her cotton ones were cute. She had a few pair of thongs but I really love full back panties since if I wanted to see a girls butt, you just take off her panties. To see the soft material follow the shape of her body was always the best to me.

I had been able to sneak in several times to see almost every pair of panties and bras and clothes she owned. Even at times finding new pairs she bought. I admit, I had wore panties and even bras at times but she was one of the first that I actually tried on her clothes.

It started when I was trying on a pair of dark blue satin string bikinis and one of her 34C soft cup bras. Their on the floor was a top. The pink color caught my eye and when I picked it up I could easily smell her sweet perfume on the scooped neck line. The material was a really soft, silky but stretchable type material. It had a nice wavy delicate lace that went all the way around the neck and I remembered seeing her at one time wearing it and how beautiful her shape looked under it. It fit her tight and clung to her body beautifully and even at one time showed her nipples through the top and her bra and the lace flowed and moved as she walked a moved around.

I slipped it on, wiggling it slowly to make sure I didn't damage it and since I was somewhat slender I finally got it on. I was so afraid that I would never get it off but once on me it actually fit really good. I never had the thought of being a female nor was I bi or gay. It's hard to figure out why I put it on but my cock sure told me why. It started getting so hard it almost hurt and seemed to be the biggest it had ever been.

The black skirt close by told me that it was probably the outfit she had wore within that last day or so and after wiggling it up over my hips, a little exhale and it zipped up. It actually not only shaped parts of my body like my butt, but it gave me a feminine look and soon let my mind wonder of her in my arms and me feeling her body against mine.

I then somewhat understood why I might have wanted to wear her things. It gave me the thought of what it might be like having sex with her. I could easily smell her perfume on her top, feel the material not only against my body but my hands feeling the outside. I quickly laid on her bed and was rubbing my cock against her panties which in turn rubbed against her skirt and then I was able to rub my nipples through her top and bra.

That started the first time I actually wore a complete outfit of a girls. I mostly was completely satisfied with wearing or playing and using panties to jack off with but I soon had the desire to wear other things at times I found them and they was something I would want to see a girl in.

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