tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Lust Boat Ch. 01

The Lust Boat Ch. 01


"You got the part."

Lacey Arden was so astonished she pulled her Iphone away from her ear and stared at it for several seconds.

"Lacey? Are you there?" Her agent's voice emanated tinnily from the phone.

Lacey fumbled the phone back into place. "Yeah, yeah. I'm here, Angie. Did you just say I got the part in 'Love is Blonde?'"

"I sure did. I told you you wouldn't regret dumping Barry for me. He never got you anything this good."

He certainly hadn't. A major supporting role in a romantic comedy by Pinnacle? This was her chance! With her natural blonde good looks, all she needed was to do a halfway decent job of acting in this part, and her career was made.

Lacey bounced up and down gleefully, as much as her Gucci knockoff shoes would allow. "You're the best, Angie. When do I need to be on set?"

"Next week. Stop by my office to sign the paperwork today. Then, get your affairs in order for being away for a while. You're filming on location on the ship Desiderata and in the Caribbean."

As she hung up, Lacey couldn't believe her luck.


Lacey tried not to gawk as she rolled her luggage up the gangway. The cruise ship was aswarm with activity. Production assistants with headsets and harassed expressions directed the loading of people and crates. The Desiderata was large and luxurious, with gleaming brass fittings. She wondered how many people would be aboard.

A PA approached her, dodging a dolly full of camera equipment. "Ms. Arden?"

Lacey nodded.

"Good evening, and welcome aboard. You're one of the last to arrive. I'll show you your stateroom." The PA was a young woman whose tight black t-shirt clung to perky breasts. Lacey averted her eyes to a spot over the woman's shoulder in a reaction that had become almost reflexive with long practice. She didn't even glance at the PA's rounded ass as she was led to her room. Much.

The stateroom was gorgeous, much nicer than any set trailer she'd ever been in. Burled wood inlay, wool carpet, a huge bed, and a bathroom complete with a jet tub. Through an adorable porthole, Lacey could glimpse the LA harbor.

"Things are so hectic right now, with all the last minute loading," the PA said apologetically. "Would you mind staying in your stateroom tonight? I'll bring you dinner, and you can meet everyone tomorrow."

Though she was eager to meet the people she'd be working with, Lacey was glad of the opportunity to bask in this unexpected luxury. "Sure, no problem. That'll give me time to unpack."

The PA's headset crackled, and she withdrew. But she was back with a tray before Lacey had even finished putting all of her things into drawers.

"Thanks, uh--"


"Thank you, Debbie. It looks delicious." After Debbie left, Lacey sat down to eat at the small table in her sitting room. The food was good, and Angie had evidently informed them Lacey was on a low-carb diet. Lacey hoped the meal came from an onboard galley so that the cast and crew could get this quality of food throughout filming. Though she'd probably be eating a lot of her meals from the craft services table on set.

She set the tray outside her door. She should probably finish unpacking, but she was so tired. Maybe she'd just lie down a bit first....

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