tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Lust Boat Ch. 03

The Lust Boat Ch. 03


Lacey was allowed to sit up and forced to eat a quick meal. Then her hands were secured behind her in padded cuffs.

"Let's take a walk, slave," Debbie said. They left the soundstage and headed down a narrow corridor. Debbie marched Lacey along with a bruising grip on her upper arm. Lacey found it hard to walk with her hands behind her; even the gentle motion of the boat threw her off balance.

"Look," Debbie commanded. They were standing in front of a large window into a brightly lit room. Another soundstage, Lacey realized. A woman, bound with her knees by her shoulders, was being relentlessly fucked by a machine. As Lacey watched in horrified fascination, the woman thrashed and came on the huge cock that was pistoning in and out of her cunt, but the machine never paused in its assault.

Debbie dragged her down the hall to another observation window. A man knelt on his hands and knees with his ass in the air. His neck was secured to the floor by a short chain. A man standing behind him had his hand buried to the wrist in his ass. Lacey couldn't tell if the chained man's desperate contortions were due to pleasure or pain.

Debbie propelled her further down the hall. "I wanted to show you that no one on this ship is going to help you. We call it the Lust Boat. Most of the others here for training chose to come here. They or their lovers pay good money for the privilege, which we supplement with our webcasts. But you, you we took on commission for a client."

"Do you mean someone paid you to kidnap me?" Lacey wasn't aware that she had any stalker fans-- she just wasn't that well-known of an actress.

"Oh, yes. Did you recognize the voice on the recording? Your new owner wants you to remember who your orgasms belong to."

*Recognize? Someone I know had this done to me?* "You can't possibly think that I'll play along with this sick game once you let me off this boat," Lacey said.

Debbie smiled. "I know you will by the time we're done with you. We've done this many, many times. We know just how to break you. And there will be all that lovely footage you wouldn't want made public. Ah, here we are."

She pushed Lacey into a small gym. The equipment looked a little strange. For example, Lacey could see an exercise bike with a dildo protruding from the seat.

"Got to keep that lovely body in shape," Debbie said. She pinned Lacey against the wall. Pinching Lacey's nipples, she reduced them to hardened points. Then she attached clamps to them.

Lacey wailed. Because her attention was taken by the pain in her nipples, she was caught by surprise when Debbie shoved something rounded and heavy into her cunt.

"Don't drop that vibrator from that sopping cunt of yours," Debbie said. "Or I'll double the number of times you have to clamp down on the probes tomorrow morning, even if I have to shock you every time."

Intimidated by this prospect, Lacey tightened her sore muscles to hold to weighted egg inside.

Debbie directed her onto a treadmill and attached her clamped nipples by chains to the front of the machine. She started the treadmill and the vibrator in Lacey's cunt at the same time. Lacey stumbled, and the clamps pulled excruciatingly at her nipples.

Debbie steadied her. "Keep up, slave."

It was hard with her hands still tied and the buzzing vibrations inside her, but Lacey managed to walk quickly enough to spare her nipples too much abuse. Debbie stopped her after about twenty minutes. She removed the nipple clamps. Blood flow returned with a rush of pain that had Lacey whimpering.

Ruthlessly, Debbie spread her vulva and clamped her clit. Lacey screamed, and then she was coming for the third time at the hands of her violator. The weighted egg shifted inside her, and she only barely prevented it from falling to the floor.

While her legs were still weak, Debbie pushed her back onto the treadmill and attached the clit clamp to the front of the machine. "I hope you can pick up the pace a bit," she said.

Although Lacey strove as if her life depended on it, she could not prevent a few very painful yanks on her clitoris before Debbie turned off the treadmill.

The clamp was removed, and her world dissolved in pain. For the first time in her life, Lacey fainted.


Lacey woke to the sound of a woman's tearful pleading. She tried to orient herself; she was lying naked on her bed in her stateroom. Some paneling on the wall had retracted to reveal a large flatscreen. The woman in the video was the one she'd seen earlier, being fucked by a machine. Here, she was begging to be allowed to come as a young woman fucked her ass with a strapon. "Please, just touch my clit a little. This slut needs to come, please." The camera caught her blissful expression as her request was finally granted.

Immediately, the video switched to a shameful scene Lacey remembered all too well: herself coming at Debbie's kiss on her thigh. She scrabbled for a switch, a remote control, but there was no way to turn off the screen. All night, Lacey's fitful sleep was interrupted by the sounds of sex and women orgasming.


The next morning, an unfamiliar woman retrieved Lacey from her cabin. A slim brunette in her forties, she hauled Lacey out of bed and took her to the soundstage with no-nonsense briskness. "I'm Eleanor, another one of the trainers," she said.

Lacey struggled as Eleanor strapped her to the same table she'd been on yesterday, but the other woman had obviously had a lot of practice in tying down unwilling women. She moved one leg behind Lacey with a circling step, then pushed Lacey back by the throat, over the fulcrum of her thigh and onto the table. While the breath was still knocked out of the younger woman, Eleanor secured her spreadeagled.

Once Lacey was helpless, Eleanor immediately slid the training probe into her vagina. "Squeeze," she ordered.

Remembering the electrical shocks, Lacey obeyed. Although she was sore from the merciless stretching of the previous day, she squeezed down hard with her cunt muscles each time Eleanor demanded it. As she was holding her third ten-second repetition, Eleanor pinched one of her nipples and slipped a glass suction chamber over it. Surprised, Lacey momentarily loosened her grip on the probe and was zapped into clamping down again.

Eleanor fastened another suction tube over Lacey's other nipple. Now both her nipples were drawn up into the tubes, stretched two inches long and quickly turning red-purple. Eleanor forced her to continue clamping down with her cunt even as the suction on her nipples took up a highly distracting rhythm. Lacey was shocked several more times before the tightening phase ended.

Eleanor had a different style than Debbie. Rather than taunting Lacey, she conducted herself with cool professionalism, ignoring the fact that her unwilling victim was crying. Somehow, Eleanor's impersonal style made Lacey feel even more used. The probe in her cunt swelled inexorably as the suction machine milked her tits like a cow's.

Lacey's nipples had always been sensitive, but the clamping the previous day had made them even more so. As the machine slurped at her, tugging her nipples, she was afraid she might come from the nipple stimulation combined with the pressure in her cunt. She bit the inside of her lip, determined to resist. The probe grew and stretched her to the point of pain, as it had yesterday. She couldn't help wondering if it was bigger today than yesterday, if it had already begun to open her wider.

When the probe stopped expanding, Eleanor pushed a powerful vibrator directly onto Lacey's clit. There was nothing Lacey could do but arch her back and orgasm. As she did so, she again heard the recorded voice commanding her to come. She knew that Eleanor, the audience of perverted subscribers, and whoever had ordered her kidnapping were all watching every twitch and spasm, and she still couldn't stop her body from betraying her. After her climax, the probe stretched her a little more, then deflated.

As Eleanor forced her to repeat the same set of exercises with her ass, Lacey truly started to understand her situation. This violation really was going to be done to her every morning, at the orders of the unknown woman in the recording. She had no control over what was done to her body, or over her body's reactions. Tears ran down her temples into her hair as she came hard on the massively distended probe in her ass.


Eleanor turned Lacey over to Debbie after her morning conditioning. "I bet you're hungry," Debbie said sympathetically.

Lacey nodded. She hadn't eaten since a light lunch the previous day.

Debbie helped her stand on wobbly legs. "Let me just get you outfitted, and then you can eat," she said. She belted a flat, round box to the small of Lacey's back. "This is a suggestion from one of our subscribers. I'm interested to see how it works."

Lacey was too overwhelmed to be curious. She didn't fight as Debbie tied her hands together in front of her. She could see a table with food on it against the wall, and her stomach twisted with hunger.

Debbie pulled the end of a silk rope out from the box at the small of Lacey's back, passed it between Lacey's legs and up through a ring on the front of the belt, finally clipping it onto Lacey's bound hands. As soon as she released the rope, a spring-loaded spool in the box snapped it taut. The silk settled snugly between Lacey's buttocks and vulva, riding over her clit.

Lacey sucked in her breath, because the rope was coated with something that burned and tingled against her sensitive membranes. She kept her hands pressed down against her pelvis as Debbie led her across the room, trying to minimize the friction.

The food table was laden with fruit and delicious-smelling canapes. "Eat all you like," Debbie said. "But you have to pick it up with your hands, one piece at a time."

Lacey closed her eyes, swallowing saliva. She was so hungry her stomach felt like it was turning itself inside out. Slowly, she reached for a strawberry on a toothpick, shuddering as the treated rope dragged itself up the underside of her clitoris. Debbie made her lower her hands again before stretching for the next morsel of food. The rope's passage was almost as excruciatingly pleasurable on the way back down. Up, down. Lacey could feel moisture running down her inner thighs, more with each piece of food she conducted to her lips.

Some unseen person had requested that she be subjected to this torment, was watching avidly as each twist of rope slid over her engorged clitoris. All she wanted to do was get enough food into her belly to calm the hunger before she humiliated herself. But it was not to be; as she reached for another piece of food, Lacey tipped over the edge. Debbie kept her from falling as she came, shaking and whimpering.

Lacey came two more times before she had enough to eat.

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