tagIncest/TabooThe Lustful Wife-Mom Ch. 02

The Lustful Wife-Mom Ch. 02


The following week was slow as hell. I was having a hard time concentrating on work. I had even gone online to find some stories on daddy daughter's taboo relationships or mother's kinky fetishes about her daughter. Friday finally came and I came home early to find my wife already home. We had a quiet dinner, followed by a couple glasses of wine in the living room in front of the television. We were chit chatting on random topics. One of the topics was Jenny's Europe trip, which had started this whole thing where Jenny sat in my lap and my wife got turned on by watching us.

Wife: She should be excited to know that she can go to Europe. Did you see how cute she was being; trying to seduce her old man by sitting in your lap and batting her eye lashes? God I remember doing that with my own dad whenever I wanted something. That poor man didn't stand a chance when I sat in his lap wiggling and squirming my ass. (Laugh)

Me: I guess Jenny takes after her mom, moving her butt in my lap and telling me how much she loves her me. She knew what she was doing, that little minx.

We both laughed. After I stared at my wife for a couple minutes, I said.

Me: So did you ever feel your dad's cock against your butt?

Wife: Oh my God yes, Mark. It used to get really hard. It felt huge. I loved teasing my dad. I used to walk around the house in panties and tee shirt when mom was away.

Me: Well, I am sure Jenny also felt her old man's huge cock against her butt last week. I could not help it honey. (Smile)

Wife: Yeah Yeah big daddy, I know you loved having your little princess sit in your lap, hug you and love you. You love all the attention from your daughter.

Me: Well honey you really enjoyed watching our daughter sit in my lap didn't you. Your pussy and nipples were on fire.

Wife: OMG Mark, I was so fucking turned on watching Jenny wiggle and squirm her ass in your lap and watching you so much in love and lust with our daughter.

Me: What can I say honey she is my princess.

Wife: But you spoil her rotten too. There is nothing that you wouldn't do for her.

Me: I feel the same about my other princess too. (Evil smile)

Wife: I know honey, you treat me like your princess too. I love that about you. You're such a loving daddy and you have such a gynormous cock daddy. (Giggle. My wife tried to sound like our daughter.)

Wife: So did daddy's college girl tell you when she's coming home? (Smile)

Me: She said before midnight because she is going hiking in the morning.

My wife and I both looked at the watch and it was 11: 35 pm. We both quietly looked at each other and smiled.

Me: Well honey I better get changed.

Wife: Well big daddy I better get changed too. (Evil grin)

I put on my boxers and tee shirt. I guess I was feeling ambitious and hopeful. My wife came down wearing her usual, long tee shirt that just covered her butt, panties and no bra.

Jenny came home before midnight. She sat down on the couch next to her mother and spent a few minutes chatting about her evening at Dave & Busters with her college friends and how they almost got kicked out. As we all started laughing, she said:

Jenny: Okay parental-unit, I will be right back. Gotta get changed.

My wife and I exchanged a very happy and naughty glance. Jenny returned wearing her tee shirt that barely covered her butt and showed parts of her panties. Jenny laid down on the carpet in front of me, on her tummy, head propped up, watching TV. Her cute round ass swaying and moving ever so often and her tee shirt was high up enough that I could see the bottom of her ass spilling out of her panties. A couple times my wife and I exchanged smiley glances with each other. We both knew what we really wanted to happen here. My mouth was dry so I kept taking sips of water.

After about 10 minutes of watching my daughter's ass move in front of me, I could not take it any more. I felt like I had to do something as I noticed a hint of disappointment on my wife's face. I looked down at Jenny and her butt and said,

Me: Jenny honey, are you ready to talk about your Europe trip?

As if a lightning bolt had hit her, she jumped up and slid right into my lap in a matter of seconds.

Jenny: Yes dad. What did you decide? Come on old man, are you going to cough up the money or not?

As we talked, I noticed that Jenny was deep in my lap already, wiggling her sexy round ass with her one arm around my neck and the other arm across my chest. My boxers were not going to protect my thick hard cock from poking my daughter right in her butt.

Wife: There she goes again, sitting in her dad's lap. You know young lady you have been doing this since you were a little girl. Isn't it time you stopped, you're a grown college woman now. (Big evil grin)

Jenny: Uh, what mom? I love dad and he is about to pay for my trip to Europe. (Laugh) And don't tell me you never pulled this stunt with your dad. I see how you with grandpa now when he comes over. "Hi daddy, what you getting me for my birthday daddy?" (Laugh)

Me: (Looking at my wife.) That is true honey; you are still your daddy's girl. And you know sweetie, even when Jenny becomes a successful businesswoman or is married and has children of her own, she can still come sit in her daddy's lap. I will always be her daddy and she will always be my princess.

Jenny quietly, looked at her mom who smiled at her, and then she turned around to look at me, slid her hands around my neck kissed my cheek then kissed my lips gently and said:

Jenny: I love you dad, and it's a deal. I love being your princess daddy, but seriously, when I have my own kids, I can still be your baby girl?

Me: Yes honey, Of course. (Smile and kiss on her forehead)

My hands roamed around her sexy thighs, her tummy, her neck, her hair, and her knees. I kissed her cheeks and her neck. She hugged me real tight a couple times. It was an amazing feeling to have my precious baby girl be this close to me.

My wife wasted no time in moving her hands between her legs. She had removed her panties off which I saw tucked under the couch pillow. That made my cock even harder as if that was even possible. I could tell that my wife was lost in her fetish and was rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy fast.

I continued to caress Jenny's thighs, which made her tee shirt rise up almost to her crotch area. Her ass felt incredibly tight and her thighs were so silky and sexy. Her skin was so soft and she smelt great. My cock got harder. I noticed that my wife's eyes were now fixed onto Jenny's thighs and her ass. I told Jenny that I was going to lift her up so I can fix my boxers and she giggled and let me slide my hands under her butt and lift her up. My boxers were fine but my cock needed to straighten out. As soon as Jenny got up my cock started to pulsate hard and jerk a few times and create a huge tent pole in my boxers. My wife looked at my huge bulge and groaned, moaned, licked her lips and gave me that "I am going to fuck you silly tonight" look. I quickly put Jenny down into my lap. This time daddy's big fat cock was resting nicely against her ass and I know overtime she would squirm, turn around, and wiggle and my cock would get pushed in her ass crack.

I swear I heard tiny moans and whimpers from Jenny's mouth. I knew Jenny was feeling something hard, thick, fat and huge poking her butt. I was nervous, as I did not want these encounters to stop. I was so hard and my cock was already oozing pre cum so much that I needed to fuck something soon. I started slowly gyrating my hips while pretending to either move or pick up a glass of water or something. My wife was finger fucking herself hard and deep as her eyes were closed. Jenny thought her mom had fallen asleep so she started whispering. I whispered to Jenny that to avoid waking her mother up perhaps she should face me so we can hear each other easier. Jenny got up and around and straddled my lap. I kissed her cheeks and her forehead and I hugged her real tight. She remained straddling me for a few minutes and I even found courage to peck her soft lips a few times. By then my cock was hard and thick and grinding against Jenny's pussy. I was sure that the extra gyrations that Jenny was doing were so she could feel her daddy's cock against her pussy.

Me: Sweetie its time to go to bed.

I did see a sad look on my baby girls' face and to that I said,

Me: Do you want daddy to hug and kiss you good night again just like last week? (smile)

As soon as Jenny heard that she smiled broadly and got up. We both went up to her room. I made her stand on the floor again facing me and I gave her a very tight hug, which lasted nearly 5 minutes. My hands were roaming her back, her round butt and her hair. I felt her hands on my upper and lower back. Then I looked into my baby girl's eyes and kissed her mouth with full on lips. We kissed for nearly three minutes intensely. My lips moved gently and our tongues touched. We kissed as lovers for another three minutes. I broke off the kiss, told her that daddy loved her more than life and that she was my princess forever. Then I whacked her butt and called her a naughty girl. She giggled said "I love you daddy, good night" as I left her room.

I enter my bedroom to find my wife fully naked, on the bed, doggie style with her round ass up turned and facing me. My raging hard on poked out of my boxers. I remove my boxers and my tee shirt immediately and threw them on the floor. I got behind my wife and entered her juicy dripping wet pussy in one big thrust all the way up to the hilt without any warning. My wife's pussy was on fire. I had never felt it quiver and contract around my cock so hard. I grabbed onto my wife's ass cheeks spread them wide and shoved a finger up her tight pink ass hole. To that she screamed and moaned "oh daddy please fuck me daddy." I pulled her hair and started pounding her pussy with my huge fat cock over and over again as my balls started to slap against her. I kept fingering her anus hard. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was fucking my precious Jenny as I pounded my wife's pussy.

After about 10 minutes of fucking her hard I could not take it anymore and shot streams of cum into her sweet pussy. Some of my cum seeped out of her pussy and onto her clit and my cock and balls which she sucked and licked off right away. We both went to bed soon after as she said "God I love you daddy." I smiled like the happiest daddy alive.

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