tagBDSMThe Machine Pt. 01: Clarissa

The Machine Pt. 01: Clarissa



The pitch of her voice still surprises you, given her small stature. All you can see is her back- from her black buzz cut hair to her creamy white firm butt cheeks, which are sitting on your belly- so you can't see her expression.

"You're a monster."

Her voice is as luxurious as her skin, which feels silky smooth against yours. She's referring to your cock, which she has just taken out of your pants. The rest of your clothes are already on the floor. You had met her on Tinder, and after messaging for a few days, agreed to pick her up for a movie. Upon arriving at her apartment, she pulled you inside, led you to her bedroom, pushed you onto the bed, pulled her tiny black dress off over her head (wearing nothing underneath), and stripped of your shirt. Now she is sitting on your belly, slowly sliding off your pants. You smile as she comments on your size, and are about to thank her for the compliment, but she cuts you off.

"What a disappointment."

Everything this girl has done so far has thrown you off. You feel like a fool because you haven't spoken a word since you got inside, but she's just moving too quickly for you. She's about 5 feet tall, and you're a full foot taller, plus about 150 lbs heavier. Your immaculate, sculpted, 23 year body ought to command respect, so her declaration of disapproval confuses you. She is 5 years older, and perfectly petite. Her body is toned, with a healthy layer of muscle over her small frame. Her curves are unimpressive, but her face is angelic, despite her boyish haircut.

Is she joking? To ask would display insecurity, so you wait for her to speak again. Instead, she leans over your crotch and finishes undressing you. She turns to face you, sitting on your thighs. Your balls are massive, and with your legs together, they sit high enough to feel her weight. She is sitting on them intentionally, holding your erection up against her tummy. She slowly strokes it with both hands while squeezing it between her inner thighs. You can feel the heat of her sex on your shaft.

"I was hoping to get laid tonight..." She sighs. She gently grinds her clit against the base of your cock, holding the shaft up against her tummy. The head almost reaches her sternum, and each of her hands only covers half its circumference.

"And what were you hoping for? Certainly not sex." She smiles, almost ready to laugh at you. "You could have warned me that you were a freak, and I wouldn't gotten all excited for nothing." She rubs her palms over your glands in a circular motion.

"With all those muscles, I thought you might be compensating for something. I thought we might be a good... fit." She stares into your eyes. Her gaze is icy blue. "You're not slaving away at the gym to compensate for your junk. You're doing it to make up for your personality."

She's monologuing. She's insulting you and she's monologuing. You should be angry, but you're still too aroused. You're captivated by her erect pink nipples, and her plump pink lips. She has an unusually wide mouth, and her lips are sexy whenever she moves them to speak. What argument could you make in defense of your personality? Probably none, but she doesn't give you a chance anyway.

"Don't look so hurt, I'm still going to use you. I don't really have the time to go and find someone else." She lets your cock fall against your abs with a meaty slap. She slides her pussy along its length, and her body glides with it. You almost want to protest, but the pressure she's applying feels amazing. Your lips part, but no words come out. You can only stare into her merciless eyes as her body slips away and back again.

She's absolutely slick. A single pass was enough to coat your shaft with her juices, and as she continues to slide back and forth, you can feel it dripping down the sides of your cock. She holds her hands behind her neck, with elbows pointed to the ceiling, hypnotizing you with her small, perky tits. You almost break away from her spell to initiate some movement of your own, but she beats you to it. She takes your hands (again, the size difference is striking) and places them on her ass. You can easily hold almost all of it.

She grins and leans forward, laying her arms over your shoulders and grinding her clit against your cock. Her nipples drag against your chest. Suddenly, she bites your neck, and you reactively squeeze her ass. "Mmm, that's better..." Her breath is hot on your neck. You pull her ass cheeks apart, which opens her pussy a little more against your shaft.

She slips her arms around your neck and slides up to your tip. She starts rotating her hips in little circles, teasing your glands with her sex. "Mmm, look at you. So close to what you want. Too bad your dick is useless to me."

She gets up and turns around, with her knees on either side of your chest. Her ass is a foot from your face, her pussy glistening between her cream colored cheeks. She leans over your torso and grabs your slippery dick. She starts stroking it again, working her nectar into your cock skin.

"Look at this useless thing. Could you imagine this big, stupid thing inside my tight, sweet pussy? No, of course not." She slides a finger inside herself, as if to demonstrate how tight and sweet she is, and starts to masturbate over your face. You feel her tongue against your shaft and you involuntarily groan. She chuckles. "Don't get too excited, I'm not going to suck you. I just like the way I taste."

As she is licking, stroking, and jilling, you run your hands over her smooth thighs, exploring their sensitive areas. She must appreciate it, because after a few minutes, she sits down on your mouth. Her pussy tastes better than any you've had before, and you eagerly clean it with your tongue. You reach up to caress her breasts, paying extra attention to her nipples. The way her body shudders, you can tell that they're extra sensitive. Light touches seem to elicit the strongest response, which feels clumsy with your big hands. Your efforts are rewarded with more nectar oozing from her sweet sex. When she's really pleased, she mashes your balls in her delicate hands.

"Mmm... You ought to know just what you're missing out on." She repositions herself so that her back is against your chest, and your cock is sandwiched between her ass and your belly. She grabs your hand and guides it towards her pussy. You hold out two fingers to penetrate her, but she slaps your wrist. "Just one finger, you brute." She holds out your middle finger and guides it to her opening. Her pussy is divine. It's perfectly soft and warm and wet. After a couple of digits, the pressure prevents you from inserting your finger further. You can feel her muscles gripping your finger like a vice. She moans softly. "Ohh... What big fingers you have..."

Slowly, you bring your finger out, and in, out, and in. She squirms on your torso, wiggling her ass against your cock. Fucking her with half a finger feels better than any other sex you've had. You can feel her clench, and your palm is slick with her juices. If your finger had been a dick, you would have probably cummed by now. "You feel how tight it is? You understand now how incompatible your silly penis is with my perfect pussy? Oh, but you love it inside there, don't you? What a shame..."

Your cock throbs against her ass. You would have never imagined that you could be brought to the brink of orgasm in such a way. "That feels good... But I'm a special girl. I can only orgasm while drinking cum. I'm going to make you cum as much as you can, so that I can cum as much as I can." She rolls off of you and stands on the bed. She guides you into a seated position, with your back against the wall. Ignoring your cock, she leans over and shoves her tits into your face. Her nipple enters your mouth, and your eyes close as your begin to suck. She immediately begins to moan. Between the soft flesh pressed against your face and the sounds of her arousal, your cock begins to twitch with need, but there is no source of manual stimulation to bring you to climax.

Suddenly, a rich, sweet fluid streams into your mouth, and your eyes shoot open. She looks down at you and grins. "Small tits can give milk too." She grabs your hair and presses your face harder against her breast. A new wave of arousal floods your body as her milk flows down your throat. Your cock is drooling pre, and the slightest touch would set it off. She looks over her shoulder and sees it bobbing in the air. "Looks like you're ready."

She stands up on the bed again and turns around. She starts rubbing her clit, and you adjust so that she can squat over your face while she masturbates. She grabs your cock with her free hand and pulls the tip into her mouth. It only takes one flick of her tongue to finish you off. Your cock erupts into her mouth, blasting mouthful after mouthful of hot, thick jizz down her throat. She's mashing her clit furiously, and her body trembles as she cums. Your cock is still spewing hot lava, almost more than she can swallow, and she orgasms again, this time squirting all over your face and your chest. You open your mouth to taste it.

When you're done, she sits down on your face while she catches her breath. She's panting, and still rubbing herself. Her ass cheeks smear her juices into your skin. She slides off your face and straddles your chest. You've been through a lot of surprises tonight but none so great as this. She grips your head with both hands and pulls you into a deep, passionate, open mouthed kiss. She is moving erratically on top of you, almost humping your belly. She descends from your mouth and starts licking your neck and your chest while digging her nails into your shoulders. She's licking off her own squirt and it's turning her on like crazy.

"That was... so much cum... the most cum... I've ever had..." She looks desperate, almost fiendish, but she regains her controlled, dominating persona within a few minutes. She kisses you again, pressing your slick bodies together. Her kisses get slower and slower, and her body stops wriggling. She pulls away from you and smiles with satisfaction, looking warmly into your eyes. She leans forward and rests the side of her head against yours. "You're even more of a freak than I thought... You're a little cum machine. You should spend the night, you can feed me like that again tomorrow morning."

The two of you shower off, and you finally start talking to her like a normal person. You're already hard again by the time you curl around her in a spooning position. She pulls your cock between her thighs and holds it up against her tummy. "I want you to want me all night long, so you'll have a nice big breakfast ready for me when I wake up."

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