tagBDSMThe Making Of A Slave Ch. 02

The Making Of A Slave Ch. 02


Part 1 of this story can be read under the same title. "The making of a slave." It deals with an everyday couple where the husband is an Alpha male who recognizes submissive qualities in his wife during their many years of marriage and tries to create a D/s relationship.

Story Background: Their journey first begins with swinging. They experiment with MFM threesomes followed by FMF threesomes and over the years, progress to foursomes and even some small partying.

Somewhere in this process, the wife shares with her husband that she wonders what it would be like to be whipped. Her alpha male husband researches the subject and discovers the D/s lifestyle. He seeks to change their marriage into a D/s relationship and the story chronicles the journey they undergo to bring it to fruition.

Part 1 of the story ends with the couple arriving at her first public D/s scene after experimenting with the D's lifestyle themselves. It can be read under the title, "The making of a slave."

Part 2 picks up the story by describing the process that the husband used in training his wife to accept domination, finally receiving her submission and taking their relationship into the public D/s arena.


Vee was unquestionably a submissive woman, one who loved doing things for people, enjoyed being directed and absolutely wanted someone else to take the lead in bed where you could do anything to her except take here anally.

That was my domain, I was her rear admiral and no one but I could breach her back door.

As long as someone was dominant and led her with confidence, she was amenable to doing most things. She always had a yearning to be the seduced rather than be the seducer, the controlled rather than the controller.

It took me about two years to convince her that the type of relationship in which she would flourish most was one in which she played a submissive role.

Vee resisted for a while, not because she didn't like the idea because she would often agree that she was a submissive woman and did all of the things that I told her to do but the formalization and categorization of the process created problems for her.

She always wanted to know, why she had to be called and accept the title of "submissive" and why she had to call me "Master."

Her argument was that she always obeyed me anyway and couldn't understand why I needed to make something formal of her ceding her will to me.

In most things she didn't mind being controlled but felt that she didn't want to give up every facet of her decision making.

This was the problem that I faced. We had tried it a time or two but she always asked to quit when some of the things I required were in her opinion too much.

Knowing that trying to force her into submission was unwise, I always agreed to stop but kept trying to find ways that would make her offer her submission rather than be coerced into it.

For a while, I abandoned the idea of a D/s relationship and just let her live submissively on her own terms.

Gradually I brought her back to it by giving her reading material to slowly expanding her knowledge, making her more aware that she was not alone in her feelings and that others relished and enjoyed the total submission lifestyle.

One day she asked if we could attempt it again. This time, I led her slowly, giving her time to ingest and digest the idea until she felt that obedience was not a red flag but a sign of her strength in her choosing to do so. Very slowly, the formality of the lifestyle became less of a problem for her.

She was given daily chores like maintaining a journal of her feelings, something that she enjoyed doing, reading material on female submission, which she didn't like but grudgingly did.

She was also required to discuss her thoughts afterwards with me. At first, she would not initiate the discussion but after a while she would approach me to ask questions and discuss her feelings.

She was encouraged to suggest things that she thought would increase her feelings of submission. It took much prompting and reminding to get her to do this but she began to respond and as she did, her submission deepened.

I asked her to choose a pet name by which she wanted to be referred and I used it thereafter. Slowly she grew to accept the submissive lifestyle; slowly she embraced the thought of my being her Master.

As we began this new exploration she was required to kiss me every morning on rising, to bathe my body when I wanted to shower with her, to lather my cock, balls and asshole until I was satisfied.

She enjoyed these ministrations and looked forward to the task. Worshipping my body soon followed.

In the mornings, she would put out my medication and breakfast before I took her to work and I told her to ask for permission to go shopping or to dinner with her friends and relatives.

I never refused her but it got her into the habit of asking for permission first before doing anything.

Gradually she accepted every command and when she forgot, I disciplined her, not brutally but enough so she knew that she was being punished and I always let her know why.

Once a week, I had her to sleep naked next to me and she realized that it wasn't really a bad thing, in fact, she kind of enjoyed it.

I would purposefully fondle and feel her up in bed while she was awake and while she slept and she came to accept it as a matter of course.

She shaved her shave her pussy bare to comply with my directions and I told her not to sleep with pyjama bottoms or underwear.

When she wore a night gown she was not allowed to wear bra or panties because she was to be always available to me and more importantly, it made her feel vulnerable, open and available. She complied.

Without her realizing it, she sank deeper and deeper into submission and obedience.

Later I had her purchase a garter belt and stockings. She wore them everytime she wore a dress. Panty hose were only for use when she wore slacks.

She was told never to wear panties under any dress unless otherwise instructed and again, she obeyed, even when we attended black tie affairs.

I wanted her feel that her body was always available to me in public or in private and because she knew that I would never openly grope and embarrass her in public, she willingly left her panties off.

At home she never wore underwear unless guests or children visited the house and then she was allowed to wear only a bra.

I would intentionally feel and grope her, sometimes just out of the range of other people's vision, just so she would get used to not resisting and accept that I would do so whenever I wanted to.

At first, she would try to cover her breasts, ass or pussy but finally she just stood there and let me do whatever it was that I wanted.

That is when I knew that she was ready.

Without her knowledge, I told my friend Master J that I was going to bring her to a play party that he was having. The Saturday afternoon of the party, I told her that we were going out at 9:00 pm.

She was instructed to wear a dress and she knew that meant that no panties were to be worn and garter belt, stockings and heels were expected. I also told her to leave her bra home for this occasion.

At 9:00 pm she was dressed as ordered, fully made up and looking lovely. I came down the stairs, complimented her on her loveliness and reached under her dress and played with her bare pussy while she stood still.

To engage her submissive mood and place her in the right frame of mind for the evening's activities, I raised her dress and exposed her in the foyer.

After some fondling, she leaned against me gasping deeply and placed her forehead on my shoulder. I stopped before she could cum and told her to follow me to the car.

She carried a small towel with her because she had been instructed to never sit on her dress.The towel covered the car seat and her bare ass sat on it.

As instructed, she sat with knees apart and thighs spread so I could play with her pussy if I so desired.

An hour later, we arrived at Master J's home. The house was at the end of a long driveway not visible from the street and I parked inside the court yard.

We walked up to and I opened it. Master J was wearing tight black leather pants nd black silk shirt, opened to his navel, exposing a hairy chest. She stood quietly behind as he and I exchanged plesantries.

I introduced her to him and I could sense her tension as he greeted her. I caressed her shoulder to remind her that I was with her and felt her relax.

He commented on her beauty and asked me if she had been to a public scene before. I informed him that she hadn't and he smiled and welcomed her.

He asked me if he could see her and I gave permission. He raised her dress all the way up exposing her breasts and pussy.

She caught her breath as he fondled her and I looked into her eyes letting her know that it was ok. He inserted his finger into her wet pussy, withdrew it and sucked it and said to her,

"You taste lovely."

He then lead us downstairs to the dungeon.

The dungeon was a picture to behold, several people milled around chatting and laughing while others played.

A fat white skinned, middle aged woman was strapped to a St. Andrew's cross and was being flogged. Her flesh jiggled and shook as the lashes marked her white skin.

Her back and ass were striped with red welts and periodically her whipper stop whipping and pinch her nipples, feel her pussy and she would grunt in obvious enjoyment. Her cries could be heard throughout the room.

Next to her was a naked, big man whose little cock had been massaged to a state of erection and then bound with thick cord. His tormentor was periodically whipping the little, turgid cock and squeezing his balls.

He grunted and gasped as she slowly brought him close to orgasm only to retreat and start all over again. His face was beet red and so was the head of his tiny cock.

Similar scenes were in evidence all around the room which was inundated with grunts of orgasmic release and sounds of flogger tails and canes hitting flesh. Master J lead us to the far end of the room which was less crowded.

There was a padded table next to the wall and at the foot of it were several containers in a warming apparatus. Master J was proficient in hot wax play and I had chosen that to be her introduction to sceneing.

I told her to remove her dress and shoes and Master J told her to place them in a closet next to the waxing bed. She was very nervous but obeyed.

Master J, meanwhile, covered the table with a sheet of plastic and invited here to lay on it. He gazed at her nakedness and she was a little uncomfortable with his boldness but he told her told her to relax, that her body even though mature was very lovely.

She smiled, thanked him and climbed onto the table and as she did so she gasped as the cold plastic chilled her skin.

I stood where she could see me. She kept her eyes fixed on me as he began caressing her body, slowly beginning with her shoulders followed by her rib cage, her thighs her legs, her feet all the time avoiding her breasts and genitalia.

He repeated this process several times. Finally he took her breasts in his hands and began gently fondling them, using his palms and finger tips in circular motions.

He gently squeezed, pulled and rotated her nipples as he massaged her breasts.

I could see her struggling against arousal but Master J, as I knew, was very good.

Her eyes squinted and her eyelids flickered, her breath quickened and finally the tell signs of her arousal were evident as her nipples hardened and poked out like mini thumbs.

He inserted his right hand between her thighs and slowly pulled them apart. Her eyes flickered open and sought mine.

I nodded and she didn't resist. He massaged her shaved pussy lips gently until she sighed with pleasure; his hand was wet with her stimulated secretions when he withdrew it...

...only then did he dip the ladle into the hot wax, and begin dripping it on to her stomach.

She shivered at first contact but when she realized that the heat was not unbearable and quite pleasant, she smiled.

For the next thirty minutes, he covered her belly, thighs, breasts and pussy with drips, splotches and pourings of hot wax, letting it pool in her navel, in between her breasts and run down her sides and between her thighs, to congeal on the plastic sheet.

She looked like a large, hot cross bun.

Her body served as the canvas for his irridescent hues of wax. She had blue, orange, green, white and red pools and stripes all over her body. Her nipples were now very hard and wax coated.

When he was done, he let her lie for a while until all of the wax had hardened. Finally he produced a shining, sharp blade and began to remove the wax.

Fifteen minutes later, all the wax was gone and she was allowed to sit up.

Master J hugged and kissed her. She thanked him for his ministrations and he walked off to tend to another scene somewhere else in the dungeon.

She looked adoringly at me as she realized that I had shared her with someone else but hadn't abandoned her and that Master J had treated her with respect and care.

In addition, the experience was pleasant for her. Her trust in me soared!

I took her over to a vacant piece of apparatus which had loops hanging from a horizontal bar and fixed her hands in the loops so that she stood with her hands elevated above her head.

Her large, soft breasts hung like ripe fruits on a tree and I stood in front of her and gently massaged them.

The hot wax treatment had them sensitized and she groaned with pleasure. Slowly I aroused her by stroking her back, her buttocks, the back of her thighs, brushing her nipples and running my hands between her legs, teasing her clitoris.

Finally, I inserted my finger into her hot, slippery, dripping pussy and curled my finger forward, stimulating her G spot.

Periodically, I softly pinched her nipples and bit her neck and breasts and then just sucked them hard until she moaned and cried out softly.

I took my juice coated fingers and placed them in her mouth and let her taste herself. It was a new experience for her but she did not withdraw. I then kissed her, sharing her taste. Her eyes glowed with passion.

When she had become fully aroused, I picked a large, elk hide flogger from the wall and slowly rubbed it over her belly, breasts, thighs, back and ass. She closed her eyes in nervous anticipation.

Gently, I pulled the tails across her back and lightly swung it against her. I alternated caressing her skin, wiping the flogger over her and flogging her gently, wanting to create a sensation of a pleasurable pain mix that would engulf her.

Slowly I increased the force of the whipping and intensified the fondling and caressing until she couldn't tell whether her arousal was simply from caressing and fondling or the whipping.

I stood behind her, massaging her breasts, ass, thighs and belly, kissing her neck and murmuring encouragement to her. I rubbed her fat, naked vulva and spread her pussy lips apart to tickle her clit.

Wetness oozed from her pussy and coated her inner thighs. By now, she was far beyond caring about who saw her exposed. She was enjoying her first public scene!

Suddenly, her body bucked as the initial waves of orgasm exploded into her belly. As they rose like a tsunami I took the flogger and began flogging her back and ass.

She whimpered as the stings merged with her orgasms that seemed to peak and wane and peak again but never ending. She shuddered and gasped as her body responded to both sensations.

She twisted to evade the lashes and cried out as sensations peaked in her body as "oohs" flowed from her lips. Finally, her knees buckled and I held her in my arms to support her. Her legs were soaking wet as her pussy had flooded and flowed down her thighs.

I held her in my arms gently massaging her burning skin, kissing her neck and throat and lips and sucking her nipples as she writhed in post orgasmic bliss.

I unfastened her hands, supported her and led her to a small sofa nearby where she curled up in a ball, still shuddering and gasping. I stayed with her, talking softly, gently, massaging her skin and bringing her back to herself.

Fifteen minutes later, she opened her eyes and sat up in the sofa. I told her that it was time to go home and she smiled, stretched and said,

"Yes, Master."

I sent her to get her clothes from the closet and walked across the room towards the door that led upstairs. She followed naked, clothes in hand, without a thought.

Upstairs, we encountered Master J, to whom I expressed our appreciation for his invitation and the use of his dungeon. He hugged her naked body, caressed her ass, kissed her on the cheek and gazed at her naked body once more.

This time she stood proudly not the least bit embarrassed and noticing the wetness that glistened on her thighs, he told her,

"Maybe sometime soon, I will get to enjoy you!"

She smiled and we bid our good byes.

It was now 3:00 am when we walked out into the night. She followed, with her clothes still in her hands, no longer even caring that she was naked.

She got into the car, tossed her dress onto the back seat and curled up. I drove her home sitting naked in the front seat with her eyes closed, content and serene.

Occasionally her body would be illuminated by the lights of passing vehicles or when we stopped at traffic lights but she didn't care because she was safe with her Master.

When we arrived home, I pulled into the garage, got out of the car and entered the house and went to our bedroom without even turning on the lights.

She placed her clothes on the chaise lounge next to the bed and after asking for and receiving my permission, she climbed into the bed and awaited my entrance. I undressed and got into bed naked as I usually do and in the dark I heard her whisper,

"Master, fuck me, please!"

I did!

Several hours later a tired but happy voice murmured,

"Thank you, Master."

Sleep claimed us together, each one well aware that as the sun was rising, a new day was dawning.

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