tagBDSMThe Making of Anna Pt. 01

The Making of Anna Pt. 01


Part 1:

Testing the Waters

He walked in the door to see her lying on her stomach in her bed already naked and sleeping. She woke and raised her head to great him with a kiss but the devilish smile on his face revealed he was thinking of much more than a kiss. He pulled the sheets gently off her naked ass and began to squeeze it as he leaned over to claim his kiss.

He grabbed her hair on the back of her head demanding her submission as the squeezing stopped and was quickly replaced with a hard slap on her ass. His ear was next to her mouth while gently biting her neck to hear her gasp as he spanked her over and over again. Wanting to please him she began to raise her ass into the air after each smack as to beg for another.

Quickly he let her hair go and stepped back looking at her with a huge smile then blurted out "Nasty, your just plain nasty."

She quickly hid her face in her pillows smiling because she knew he loved it. She often felt he held back with her but they had just started dating 2 months ago and she had a feeling there was much more to be discovered.

He sat in the chair facing her bed slumped in it with a smirk on his face shaking his head telling her "You just do not know what you do to me. You just don't know."

She smiled back at him and responded "As long as you're happy and satisfied."

Suddenly the look on his face changed and the posture of his body followed as he stood up walking to the bed reaching out to touch her smooth white skin. The contrast of his dark black skin turned her on and pleasured him every time he turned her big heart shaped ass bright red.

He crawled on top of her laying on her left thigh to force her legs to stay open as he grabbed her by the back of her hair again pulling it in every direction he desired and he kissed her down her neck and throat. He began to play with her huge 38FF tits massaging them before he began to pull on her nipples, squeezing and twisted and pulling over and over as she moaned and whimpered.

He stopped and looked her in the eyes asking "Is this pussy mine?"

"Yes!" She replied eagerly

"Are you really sure?" He asked again.

"Yes." She Smiled

"Are you willing to prove it?" He questioned her.

She thought of what he meant. What would she have to do? What would he want from her? More concerned with disappointing him with waiting for an answer she eagerly answered "Yes!"

His hand cupped over her throat and he began to suck on her nipples biting and pulling on them with his teeth. His other hand pushed her right leg all the way open and he began to squeeze her fat wet pussy with his hand. Then suddenly his hand began smacking her pussy over and over. He would stop occasionally to squeeze and pinch her lips then smack it again.

He moaned when she whimpered and shoved his fingers into her pussy rubbing in and out spreading her wetness all over her pussy as she panted heavily. He could tell she wanted relief and for him to fuck her immediately but he was not going to make it that easy at all. He whispered into her ear "I am just getting started. Tonight you will prove its mine."

He pinched her clit and began and rub it and tap it over and over until she began to moan very loudly. Her moans sounded like she was begging for it to stop and it only made him want to do more. "You're going to cry tonight from both pleasure and pain." he stated and then smiled again as he reached over to her nightstand opening the drawer.

Inside her drawer she had hidden 2 pairs of handcuffs and several toys which she now realized was a pathetic attempt. Her heart began to pound not knowing what he had planned or would do next.

The metal of the cuffs against each other and she quivered with fear and anticipation. She only had them because a friend gave them to her but she never used them before and she wasn't sure she was ready to now either. Before she could say a thing though, the first cuff was placed on her left wrist.

He stopped and looked her in the eye smiling "I am going to restrain you in a way you cannot run from what I am going to do to you tonight..." then he grabbed her left ankle bringing it up to the cuff and tightening it around her ankle "and now the other side." he smiled again as he cuffed her right arm to her right ankle.

Her heart began to race as she realized he had her fully exposed and vulnerable to his will. "What shall I do or use first" he asked as he leaned into her neck kissing it gently to help calm her. He could tell she was terrified at this point and while he would remain firm his goal was to get her to relax and enjoy losing control to him, after all, this surely would not be the last time.

As he kissed her neck he caressed her legs and thighs then began outlining her body up and down with his fingertips as she softly moaned he pressed his forehead to hers as he began to play with her breasts and nipples. He began pulling and twisting them again and started biting on her neck as he did. His fingers moved down to her cunt and then he stopped "is it wet for me yet baby?" he asked very sternly and she hesitantly replied "Yes.". Then he grabbed her by her hair roughly replying "That is Yes Daddy to you" to which she quickly responded "Yes ...Daddy!".

He starred her in the eyes "I must say my baby that I have been wanting to do this to you for a minute, but I wasn't sure you were ready. Don't worry I will only hurt you in good ways." He crawled on top of her again laying on her left leg to pin it down and pushing her right leg down he quickly returned to her pussy and began rubbing and squeezing it. He then pushing 2 fingers into her wet pussy and began thrusting them in and out very quickly while still rubbing her clit with his thumb until he felt her pussy gush all over his fingers. Then he smacked her pussy and jumped up and began taking off his clothes.

She was gasping on the bed from the fear and pleasure she was already experiencing when he announced he was going to "Eat that pussy until you cry." and quickly began eating her dripping wet pussy out. Every now and then he would take a break from the licking and rubbing and bite or nibble on her clit until she cried out and then return to what he was doing before.

She thought she must be getting reprieve soon fighting the urge to give in and cry until he reached into her drawer and pulled out her small pink vibrator and turned it on full speed. He began rubbing it over her nipples then asked "Is it my pussy?" she quickly replied "Yes, Daddy!"

"Good, but you're not done proving it yet baby."

The vibrator was then thrust into her wet pussy and then pulled out over and over again before he placed it on her clit taking turns with his tongue and the vibrator.

Finally, she began to break down yelling at the top of her lungs the sobs began to flood her eyes and she submitted herself to crying. He then turned the vibrator off and kissed her pussy lips.

He crawled on top of her grabbing her thighs and pushing them as far back as they would go with her knees touching her shoulders. He stopped and reached down rubbing his dick against her pussy and slapping it on her clit he smiled and teased her pussy several times putting the head of his dick just barely into her pussy and pulling out.

He placed his hand on her throat and shoved his dick hard and fast into her pussy and as she started to jump up from the shock he pressed down on her throat to hold her in place. He slowly began stroking her pussy with his dick harder and harder while slowly increasing his speed until he was beating her pussy up and she began screaming at the top of her lungs. It felt great yet hurt at the same time which was a new sensation to her.

Her clit ached every time she slammed into her and her nipples were becoming so sore she was afraid every time he began to touch them or lick them. She began to wonder how much more she could take as the tears slowly crept out the sides of her eyes between her pleasure filled moans.

He reached over to the key and unlocked her ankles commanding "Doggy now!". Her body still in shock from the pleasure and pain she already had experienced, she crawled to the side of the bed putting her ass in the air, legs spread and head down. He grabbed a pillow and placed it under her chest and then grabbed her wrists and cuffed the cuffs together with her hands behind her knees.

He grabbed her by her hair pulling her up then shoved his rock hard dick into her pussy and began fucking harder than he ever had before. Suddenly there was a hard smack on her right ass cheek then her left and back and forth until she started jerking away. He grabbed her by her throat while still hold her hair and pulled her up "You can cry or beg but you cannot run" he explained throwing her back down on the bed then harshly smacking her with both hands on her ass repeatedly until she began to sob.

He leaned forward and whispered "Is it mine?"

"Yes. Daddy." she could barely speak now.

"Don't forget it then." he replied and then began to thrust faster and harder in her pussy until he came inside her filling her up with all his cum which was dripping from her pussy as he pulled out and unlocked her cuffs.

He pulled her into his lap and caressed her while she cried into his shoulder. "You can rest for now my love and I will continue later, but you are doing a great job baby." He began to play with her hair caressing her naked shoulders and back and kissing her on her forehead he laid her down to rest until he would be ready for more.

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