tagBDSMThe Making of Mary Ch. 04

The Making of Mary Ch. 04


What had she gotten herself into? Was she such a slut she'd do anything for a sexual thrill? Thinking on her conduct earlier in the day, she felt guilt nagging at the back of her mind. She was definitely not a prude; but why was it difficult to live what she had fantasized? She chided herself on having a double standard. What made fulfilling her kinky longings worse than simply fantasizing about them? Perhaps the real issue was that her Master was bending her will, to be that of his own, that was so thrilling for her. Yes, the act of pleasing him, submitting to his control gave her an incredible rush. That's what it was all about. However, did submission absolve her of committing the nasty acts he forced upon her? She had to admit that she was just as responsible in that she allowed him to control her. Women who justified their actions by believing nothing is their fault because they are forced and commanded to perform kinky acts were simply deluding themselves.

She chuckled to herself and went to her bedroom to pull on an oversized tee shirt. Really, what made her so bad to want to feel and enjoy the very things she envisioned in her erotic imagination? In fact, when she first began to explore and research sexuality, she had been surprised and relieved to find such a large population who preferred so-called divergent sexual practices. It had been a sort of freedom for her to realize her "dark" desires were just as normal as the conventional desires of a "typical missionary" woman, or man. The quote, "This above all: to thine ownself be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man" popped up in her mind and she smiled. No, she could not deny herself any longer and could no longer be false to any man. She was beginning to reconcile her sexual wants and needs as being acceptable to actually consummate them.

The next three days dragged by as she waited for word from her Master. On the outside she was her quiet self, but on the inside she was intensely restless. By the third day she was concerned that she'd displeased him in some way as she had not received any messages from him. But this time she was not as desperately anxious as she had been before. She was patient and delved into her duties at work. When she was home she busied herself with writing poetry which had been greatly cathartic for her. If he chose never to contact her again, nor reveal himself to her at work, it did not bother her as much as it once would have. She felt confident that she would come upon another Dom, with whom she could enjoy a total, devoted relationship. For that lesson she was truly grateful to whoever her mystery Dom was.

On Thursday night she had come home from work and relaxed for a while in front of the TV while eating a salad. Then she signed on rather late into the instant message program. He was there, and from the time on the dialogue box, had been waiting a good 30 minutes.

"I was beginning to wonder if you would show up."

"i'm sorry to keep You waiting, Master."

"I've been busy. How about you? you didn't make it back into the office after we met on Monday and you've seemed rather reserved at work these last few days."

Mary paused before answering. She realized she hadn't been thinking of him watching her at the office. Although she still glanced at various men and wondered about them as she passed them in the hallways. However, she'd been more absorbed in her own thoughts and self-revelations.

"Thank You for Your concern for me. But i'm all right. i've been doing some serious thinking, and learning things about myself. It's been a good thing."

Now it was his turn to pause. He wondered at this change in her, from her previously needy responses to this calm demeanor. Was she having second thoughts about being submissive to his domination? He had a flashback to his college days and his previous D/s relationship. But he shrugged it off; it wasn't as if this woman was asking to stop what they had started.

"I'm pleased that you are learning things about yourself. I'm sure it will benefit us. I will teach you even more. I have some free time this weekend and I expect you to join Me."

"Join You?" She couldn't help but wonder what he meant by 'free time' and joining him.

"Yes, I reserved a room for us at the Riverton Hotel. We'll have Saturday night to explore your submission to Me."

"i look forward to it, Master. Please, tell me what you want me to do." Her resolute acceptance of his domination stirred his excitement and he smiled wickedly to himself.

"The room is reserved in the name of John Winters. you can get a keycard at the desk. I expect you there at 7:00. Go to the room and you will find what you need, along with instructions. I remind you that if you don't show up, that will be the end and you won't hear from Me again."

Before she could answer he signed off. Now she felt the anxiety of what would be expected of her, and could she live up to it? Yet, she was felt more than willing to try. Friday was difficult to get through. Every man she passed in the hallway at work was well looked over by her eyes, and her mind. Most were immediately dismissed by her. But one did give her more than a passing glance, he looked her up and down and softly smiled...was it him?

Come 7:00 on Saturday evening she entered the hotel and approached the lobby desk feeling somewhat self-conscious and tried to appear casual in her visual sweep of the hotel patrons. Was he there, watching her? She had to repeat herself when she asked for the key to the room, she could barely speak the words, she was so nervous. She was scared and excited all at the same time. She almost felt as if she were dreaming as the elevator doors slid open at the third floor and she stepped out into the empty hallway. She slowly walked down the hall and finally found the room, the last one on the left, and let herself in.

Indeed he had been waiting in the large lobby, sitting on a sofa at the far end of the room. As he watched her speak with the desk clerk he noted her deep blush. What was she thinking and feeling? She seemed nervous as her eyes darted around the room. He smiled to himself realizing she was looking for any sign of her Master. How could she not be curious to see if any of the men in the lobby were watching her. But he had gone unnoticed as he appeared to be reading the magazine in his hands.

The room turned out to be a suite and was quite luxurious, but then the Riverton was on a higher scale, very classy. There was a sitting room with a small wet bar and comfortable couch and chairs, a TV, and a nice view of the golf course from the sliding glass doors to the balcony. Flowers were on the table with a note stuck in the middle; she saw her name on the envelope. Setting her bag and purse on the couch she pulled the note from the fragrant arrangement and eased the envelope open, almost afraid of what it might say.

"So, you made it. That's a big step and I'm very pleased. I only ask that you follow directions and not question Me. So far, you've proved to be fairly obedient, and I expect improvement in that regard. There's an envelope for you on the bed. I'll see you soon." M.

Mary hurried into the bedroom to find a business sized envelope on the middle of the king sized bed. She smiled as she sat down, she'd never been in a king sized bed, it made her double bed at home seem so puny. She lay back and just rested for a moment feeling her heart pound in her chest. Then she rolled to her stomach and opened the second envelope. She giggled, feeling giddy with anticipation.

"Take a shower. I want you fresh and smelling sweetly. One thing of importance, My slut, I expect your pussy to be clean shaven. Don't wear your make-up too heavily, I want to see the real deal while I'm fucking My bitch. And no perfume, I want to smell your own exotic scent when I devour your juicy pussy. You will find your eveningwear in the closet. And that's all a nasty girl like you will be allowed to wear. After you are dressed you will go down to the bar and be seated at a reserved table. Order whatever you like. You haven't much time. I expect you there no later than 8:30." Mary glanced at the clock, it was already 7:20. Then she panicked as she had already shaved her legs and underarms that afternoon and had not brought a razor with her. She wondered if the gift shop would have toiletries and if she had time to go down to buy a razor. She jumped off the bed and went to the bathroom. She found a basket, supplied by the hotel, with soap and shampoo, but more importantly there was a disposable razor. While she always kept her pubic hair trimmed close, she couldn't help wonder in what condition that razor would leave her tender skin.

Not being able to stave off her curiosity she went back to the bedroom to look in the closet. She softly gasped as she opened the door. She found a nearly shear, black dress with spaghetti straps with no neckline, but rather, soft folds of material that gently draped down quite low to allow the gratuitous show of her deep cleavage. She brought it out and held it up to her body finding that the hem came to her mid thigh. A pair of fine, black stockings with lace tops, and a lace garter belt were draped over another hanger. She was suddenly chagrined to realize there was not even a bra and all she'd brought was the white, cotton one she was wearing. At least she had been conscientious not to wear panties. That part of the ensemble was obviously not meant for her to wear tonight. How was she supposed to go out with no bra? All she could do was hope the swooping "neckline" would hide her heavy breasts. She was almost tempted to stop everything here and now, not able to picture herself in this sultry get-up. Then she noticed the heeled sandals, not too high, but more than she was used to wearing. She was grateful for that much, no stilettos for her! She'd only end up falling and making a fool of herself if she was required to wear high, spike-heeled shoes.

She made haste and stripped to take her shower. If she was going to go through with it, she couldn't afford to waste time and make her Master angry with her. The hot water of the shower soothed her as she washed her hair. As she washed her body she could only imagine his hands on her, caressing her. Her nipples perked right up as she ran the length of her fingers across them. This sparked the nerve endings in her cunt and the juices began to seep from her depths. Then she took the shaving cream and swathed it on her mons and pussy lips, spreading it between the cheeks of her ass. When she began to shave she couldn't help fantasizing what it would feel like to have him lick her soft, naked skin. With each gentle stroke of the razor she imagined his tongue sweeping along her tender labia. She had never shaved before and was finding it to be such a sensuous act that Mary was exceedingly turned on with each brush of the razor. Shaving between her ass cheeks turned out to be awkward, having to arch her body to make sure she covered every inch. Once she was done and began to rinse a moan escaped her as her fingertips skimmed across her velvety skin, it was almost difficult to stop. Turning the water off she dried her body and proceeded to dry and style her soft hair, rolling the brush through her light brown tresses, creating a gentle, bouncy curve. She brushed her teeth then did her makeup, just a light application of liner and mascara, and blush on her cheeks. The lipstick she brought was only slightly darker than the natural color of her lips.

Mary went into the bedroom to dress and as she pulled the stockings up each leg she began to feel very sexy, eyeing how nicely they hugged the curves of her calves and thighs. Slipping on the garter belt was equally nice and adding the sandals she paused to look in the full length mirror. The black stockings and garter belt looked garish against her pale flesh. With trembling hands she slid the dress over her head and let it snake down her body. It was a perfect fit, not too tight, but enough to hint at her pleasant curves beneath the silky fabric. Her heart was pounding beneath her full, round breasts as she looked into the mirror. She could see her nipples shamelessly erect, poking up against the sleek skin of the dress, unhidden by the soft folds of sheer material draped between her bosoms.

Taking a deep breath to try and quell her nervousness Mary grabbed the keycard and left the room. Approaching the elevators she saw a man and woman waiting and stood off to the side, her eyes anchored on the light indicating the elevator's progress. Once inside she couldn't help noticing the man casting secret glances at her. Mary felt herself blush, knowing that she was completely naked under her dress, feeling the cool air caress her clean-shaven pussy. She wondered what the stranger was thinking as his eyes descended every inch of her body, appraising her. Was she appealing? She was getting aroused at the thought of being taken by her Master in the elevator, ravished, being forced to bend over and fucked hard from behind. Wouldn't that be a splendid site, as the doors slowly pulled back, for anyone waiting at their floor for a ride down? She grinned wickedly thinking of the shock on someone's face, seeing such a lurid show of lust.

Once in the lobby, though, self-doubt threatened to change her mind in going through with this escapade. Some of the male guests glanced at her, staring as she walked toward the lounge. She felt as if she was on display and incredibly self-conscious as the silky dress caressed her skin. Her mind flashed back to the day at work when she'd first gone without panties. She'd felt naughty, but deliciously so. Invoking that feeling again made her short journey somewhat easier. There were several people in the darkened lounge as she looked around trying to discern which table had been reserved for her Master. The bartender came up to her and asked if she was Mary, she could only nod. He led her to a booth towards the back of the room, near the band which was beginning to warm up. She asked for a vodka Collins and sat down to wait.

As the band began their first session she noticed a man at the bar frequently looking over at her. By the third song, and her second drink the alcohol was beginning to affect her, as she'd had nothing to eat since an early lunch. The man at the bar stood and began to approach her. She felt her pulse pound in her temples. She watched him walk toward her, hesitant. He wasn't even remotely recognizable from work. And his manner was not what she'd imagined in a man who would be her Master.

"Mary," he said as a statement. She looked up at him, her intuition telling her something wasn't right. He was tall and young, pleasant to look at. But where was the bold self-assurance she had expected? He slid into the booth next to her and eyed what he could see of her body. "The band is pretty good, isn't it? Dance with me." He took her hand without waiting for an answer and pulled her from the booth to the dance floor. It was a slow, romantic song and placing his large hand on her lower back he pressed her against him. She looked up at his face, still feeling that something was amiss.

"Are you..." her question was silenced as he pressed a finger to her lips. His hand slid to the back of her neck to make her head rest against his chest.

"Shhh...just relax," he whispered. As the song played on she felt his hand slide from her neck to her ass and knead her cheeks. Mary felt her face redden, knowing he could feel she had no panties on. But it all seemed rather abrupt and she felt confused. This could not be the commanding man she'd submitted to in the restroom, in her car. She suddenly felt angry that perhaps her Master had sent a meager replacement in his stead. When the song ended he led her back to the booth where fresh drinks were waiting for them. As he slid in next to her he kissed her, softly at first. Then he plunged his tongue into her mouth and rested his large, warm hand on her breast. He teased her erect nipple with his thumb, then pinched it hard. Mary moaned and tried to pull away but he held her tight.

"You'd best behave or you'll be punished," he said against her lips. His hand glided down her belly to her thigh. He continued to kiss her as he lightly stroked his fingertips along the inside of her thighs. His fingers slid up further and found her naked pussy. He pulled his face back and smiled in surprise. Everything was happening so fast but she couldn't help the anxiety rising within her. He soon discovered the moistness between her soft pussy lips as Mary felt the intrusion of his fingers, fondling her moist folds and grazing She suddenly felt him pull and twist her pussy lips causing her to squirm with discomfort. When he tightly pinched her engorged clit she gasped and her eyes began to water. She was flustered that she could not control her wanton reactions. The idea of her being a lusty slut had never been more real than at that very moment.

Her Master had been watching from a discreet distance. He enjoyed watching Mary's discomfort and could tell she was conflicted with what was happening to her. While the stranger was certainly arousing her she wasn't stupid and could probably sense the man with her was not her Master. He'd met Tim at the bar earlier and chatted him up, finding out his business there and then the conversation turned to the few women in the bar. Tim was quite the bravado thinking himself such a lady's man. The stranger was amused and knew Tim would work well into his plan. He made Tim an offer that would be rewarded as long as Tim was willing to play along and follow his every lead. When the time came he would send Tim away as he wanted to have his sweet slut all to himself. In a way, he was pushing her to see how much she would submit to. Tim had been eager to engage in the plot of his mysterious, new acquaintance. It might turn out to be an interesting night as Tim had never had a woman with another man!

Tim pulled his fingers from between her legs and licked them, tasting her nectar on his skin. He moaned with approval and kissed her, then played his lips down her throat to her chest. Mary squirmed and looked around the room. She noticed a couple of men at the bar watching the action in her booth. Then she saw a couple on the dance floor, close to her table, smiling and eyeing the sensuous activity taking place. She wished she could just disappear as she felt the blood rush to her face. His fingers had wandered back to her pussy and he slowly slid them in and out of her hot, slick hole. She trembled and groaned in shameless desperation as his thumb began to manipulate her engorged clit. Again, he pinched her hard nub and she winced as his fingernails dug into her flesh. She did not notice as one man hurriedly left the bar. Her Master had seen enough and it was time to get ready for his slut.

"Oh no, Mary. You're not allowed to come unless your master says so. I think it's time to go up to your room and see what he has in store for you." The man looked into her eyes and softly laughed. "He's allowed me to warm you up, so to speak. Now I get to watch, maybe even participate in your submission to him."

"Oh, God!" she whispered and looked away in shame. This man, a stranger, had been playing her. The thought that he would be invited to share in the evening stunned her. She felt angry and used and suddenly wanted to bolt from the table to her car and get away. But she was helpless as her purse and keys were up in the room, there was no escape. Picking up her keycard from the table he slid out of the booth and stood up, gallantly offering his hand to her. His crotch was at eye level for her to view the huge bulge in his pants. Her heart pounded as fear crept into her at the thought of being taken by two men. Yet she willingly, delicately placed her hand in his, and with her head bowed to hide from the curious glances of the lounge guests, he led her out to the elevator.

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