tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Making of SweaterTV Ch. 01

The Making of SweaterTV Ch. 01


"Yes! Finally!" I thought as I raced through the house and found no one home.

Mom was at work and would not be home until 9:30. My dad left when I was a baby and two years ago, Mom moved us in with Charlie and his two kids. Charlie was never home. He said he worked for the government, but he treated Mom good, which is all that mattered. My step-sister went back to college and wouldn't be home until Halloween.

It was my step-brother that always seemed to be around. But since school started again, he would be at football practice until dark. He was a captain on the local college team, good looking, very popular and always took the opportunity to pick on me. He was a twenty-one year old senior and the 'perfect' one. Just ask anyone. I was a smaller than average, scrawny, eighteen year old high school senior with few friends. That was fine with me since I would always make good use of my 'alone' time.

I couldn't believe I had the house to myself! I was excited just thinking that I could finally do it again without worrying that someone was going to catch me. I threw my books in my bedroom and headed to the bathroom. I managed to calm myself down enough so that I was able to pee. When I finished, I slowly walked out of the bathroom and headed across the hall to my step-sister's room, still being careful, thinking she would walk in and catch me.

I calmly opened her top dresser drawer, hoping that she did not take everything to school with her. A sigh of relief escaped my lips when I saw they were still there. I quickly took them and stuffed them in my pocket. I moved over to her closet and began to search through the mess for my favorite. I was sure she wouldn't have taken it with her since it was still too warm in September for her to want to wear it. I found it on the bottom of the pile, exactly where I put it after I borrowed it the last time. That seemed like so long ago! I began to get excited again as I thought about the last time I was home alone and visited her closet. I forced myself to stop. I wanted this to last. I had at least four hours until someone would be home!

I headed back to my room. I took the first items back out of my pocket and laid them on my bed. I held the other to my face, feeling its softness and inhaling deeply through my nose. It felt so good! I laid it on the bed, making sure it was spread out. I just looked at everything on my bed and smiled. I pulled off my shirt and kicked my sneakers into the corner. I unzipped my jeans, slid them down and put them across my desk chair on top of my shirt. I took off my socks and dropped them in the hamper as I walked over to my dresser. I stared at my reflection in the mirror, seeing my shapeless body. I watched as I slowly began to push my underwear down my legs, freeing my again semi-hard penis. I left the underwear in a ball as I took a new pair of socks out of the drawer. I rolled them up, and flipped over the tops to make two semi-round balls. I slid my hands across my chest, down my belly and reached my hairless penis. I spread my legs and pushed my now hard cock between them, making it appear that I had nothing there. How I wished that it was true! I stood there for a few minutes admiring what I looked like.

I picked up the socks and returned to the bed. I first reached for the black strapless brassiere I had taken from my step-sister's room. I wrapped it around my stomach and fastened it, then turned it so that the cups were in front. I pulled it up and positioned it in the right place and put one of the rolled up socks into each cup. I ran my hands over them, imagining how good it would feel if they were real. I massaged them for a while and realized I still had more to do. I grabbed the matching black panties and put them on. The head of my penis stuck out above the waistband so I pushed it back down between my legs again, completing the look of femininity.

I was finally at the best part. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror again as I picked up the thick wool turtleneck sweater. I loved this sweater. I remember thinking last Christmas that my sister was so lucky to have gotten it. I would have done anything to have it for my own. It was a made from a thick yarn, grey with black highlights throughout. And the neck! It was so high and thick! I loved the way it felt! I watched myself put my arms into the sleeves and pull it down over my head. It was a little big on my sister, so it was definitely big on me. The turtleneck was up over my head and I folded it in half so I could see. It still was up to my nose, but it felt good, so I left it. I looked in the mirror again and grin spread across my mouth, although it was impossible to see. The sweater was baggy and I needed to make it fit better. I had forgotten to take a belt from her room. I headed back to her room and picked up a wide belt from her floor. I gathered the sweater over itself in the back in order to make it appear form fitting in the front. Then I wrapped the belt around my waist and tightened it. I ran back to my mirror and looked. It was perfect! The sweater hung halfway down my thighs. The tightened belt, along with my homemade breasts, gave my small male body enough of a female shape to allow me to believe I really was a girl.

Before I continued, I had to get something else to help me play out my fantasy. I headed to the kitchen and found it in the basket on the table. I took it and headed back to my room. I took a final look at 'Charlene' in the mirror, and, even without makeup, I was satisfied that she was very sexy in her long, high turtleneck sweater,

I headed over to the bed. I lied down and put my arm around my pillow and pulled it close. I reached up to pull the neck of the sweater down below my mouth. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was lying beside Brian, the best looking guy in my school. I opened my mouth and began to kiss the pillow, not ever thinking it was not real. While we made out, my hand wandered to my breasts and began to fondle them through the thick wool of the sweater. The feeling of my hand on my chest made me wish more and more that this was truly happening.

As I continued to play with my breasts, I could hear Brian tell me that he wanted me to suck on his dick. I told him I was scared and had never done that before, but when he told me how sexy I looked in my sweater, I was willing to do anything for him. He got up from the bed and stood next to it. I sat on the edge and undid his pants and pulled them down. I could not believe the size of his cock! It was at least twice the size of mine and very thick. I lifted it gently, wrapping both of my hands around it and began guiding the banana into my waiting mouth. I closed my eyes as I slowly moved my mouth back and forth its length, not being able to even get half of it in my mouth. I imagined that he began to gently hold the back of my head as he tried to get more of himself into my mouth. I gagged as he touched my throat and tried not to let him know. I wanted him to be proud of me for being able to take him like a real girl.

He pulled out of my mouth and told me to lie across the bed on my back with my head off the side so he could play with my breasts while I was sucking on him. The thought of him touching me and my sweater made me turn around and lie down immediately. With my head hanging off the bed upside down, I closed my eyes and guided the banana back into my mouth while my other hand squeezed my breasts. I kept wishing that this was all real. If it felt this good pretending, it must be great for real. I returned my thoughts to sucking on his cock. I kept trying to get more and more of him down my throat, but each time I tried, I gagged. I didn't want him to get upset with me, so I continued to try and fit what I could and pumped his cock in and out of my mouth.

"What the hell are you doing?" he said. My mind raced. That was not Brian's voice! My eyes snapped open. Upside-down, I saw my step-brother standing in my bedroom doorway. No! It couldn't be! He was not supposed to be home! Panic began to set in. I tried to say something, but was still holding the banana in my mouth. I managed to take it out and began to right myself on the bed. I suddenly realized what I was wearing and sat on the edge of the bed and just stared at him with my mouth hanging open, unable to speak.

"I said, what the hell are you doing?" he repeated. "And what are you wearing? Isn't that my sister's sweater?"he repeated.

I couldn't speak. I stammered. I didn't know what to say. What could I say? How was I going to explain this? Tears began to fill my eyes. I managed to blurt out "Football?"

He ignored my question. "I guess I was wrong all these years thinking I had a step-brother", he laughed "I guess having little sister instead ain't so bad. You look very pretty in your outfit", he teased.

I still couldn't speak. I realized I was still holding the banana in my hand and tried to hide it.

He laughed again. "Now I know why we never have any bananas in the kitchen."

Through the tears, I looked at him, at the banana and back at him.

"You know, you'll never get any good at giving head if you never practice on the real thing." he said as he began to walk across the room towards me.

I was terrified. I didn't move.

"What? You go through all this dress up and are content to give head to a banana?"

I still didn't move. The tears and sobs continued.

"Well, if you don't want my sister to find out what you do with her sweater, you'd better start sucking." He said as he unzipped his jeans.

I just looked up at him.

"I guess your mom will have to find out about her little faggot, cross-dressing baby. I bet you won't be her favorite anymore."

My mind raced. What would she say? What would everyone say? My life was over if anyone found out. I could never leave the house. My life would be hell. I couldn"t let anyone know. I had to listen to him.

In a daze, I slowly reached out and started to pull down his pants.

"Get down on your knees", he commanded.

I slid off the edge of the bed, down to the floor. I looked up at him again, hoping this wasn't real.

He said, "Hey, you want to be a girl, here's your chance."

The sobs were heavy as I knelt down and pulled out flaccid member.

I looked up at him again.

"What? I always knew you were a little fag. I just never expected it to come out until later. You might as well get started now.

He stared down at me, "And you better not use any teeth." he said as his pants went to the floor.

I opened my mouth and he grabbed his penis and put it in.

"Suck it, you little slut. Get it nice and hard" he said as he flexed his hips back and forth. He continued to push himself in and out of my mouth. He pulled back too far and his cock slipped out from between my lips. He grabbed my hair with one hand and his semi-hard dick with the other. He began to slap my face with it.

"Come on you little shit. You'd better do better than that." He forced it back into my mouth and continued to pump. I could feel it getting bigger and thicker as it went in and out of my lips. I was having trouble keeping any of it in my mouth.

"I'm so glad Coach cancelled practice today." he said as he moved his hands to the top of my head.

My mind had gone numb, not believing that this was real. Maybe it wasn't. Maybe I was imaging it. I was hoping to wake up from this terrible dream. Then I gagged. I couldn't breathe. He had grabbed the back of my head and was trying to get his cock down my throat.

"You'd better not puke on me." he said.

I gasped for breath. Between the tears, sobbing and gagging, I was lost.

"Come on whore. Suck this. I'm gonna come right down your throat." He pushed his dick between my lips and continued pumping. "Don't puke on my sister's sweater either. How would you explain that one to her, huh?" he warned.

He continued to fuck my face with his hands holding my head. I tried not to believe what was happening. Then, suddenly, something in my brain kicked in. My arms, which were just hanging by my side, shot up and my hands found his hips and I shoved him away. His dick came out of my mouth with a 'pop' and he stumbled backwards, almost falling to the ground with his pants around his ankles.

"Wha....?", he said in complete surprise. I must have had a grin on my face because he started to come at me. "I'm gonna fuck that smirk right off your faggot little face!" He was almost screaming. I thought it might be a good time to get away, but as I tried to run past him, he managed to reach out and grab the back of my sweater. It started to strectch and, in my panic, my brain was more worried about ripping the sweater than getting away. I stopped. He tugged me back by the sweater, spun me around and threw me face down on the bed.

"You should have let it rip, you dumb shit", he said "because nothing that my sister could do to you is gonna be as bad as this." He pushed the long sweater up and uncovered my ass. I heard the slap, but it took a few moments for the pain to reach my brain. When it did, I cried out. I couldn't believe how much it hurt. He smacked my ass about a dozen more times, each time feeling like he was hitting me harder.

"So are you glad you didn't tear her sweater now?" he asked. I tried to speak through the sobs, but couldn't. "What was that?" he asked. "What did you say?".

I tried to say "Nothing", but I was still crying too hard and just made a blubbering sound.

"Oh, you want more?" he said. "OK.". No sooner did he say it, I felt the sting of another slap, and another, and another.

My cries turned to screams of pain. "Stobbit stobbit stobbit" I managed to get out.

"So you'd rather suck my cock some more?" he asked.

"Noooooo", I whimpered.

"Well then. That doesn't leave me a lot of options. I guess there's only one thing left to do" he said. I felt his hands grabbing my stinging ass cheeks. I winced at the pain. "If you think that hurts, just wait...." he taunted. I felt him pulling my cheeks apart and heard the sound of him spit. I felt his saliva sliding down my crack.

"No please no", I begged.

"Too late for that." he said. I felt him rubbing his cock up and down my crack. "Now let's see how tight your fag pussy is", he said. He stopped the head of his cock on my tight hole and I felt him begin to push. I tightened my muscles to try and stop him. "No, no, no, you little slut." he said. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back toward him. "Relax that little hole of yours and I'll let you go", he bargained. Between my stinging ass cheecks and my hair being pulled out by the roots, I relented and relaxed my muscles. I felt the head of his cock begin to penetrate my virgin hole. "Oh yeah," he said. "That's a good little slut". He continued to push his cock inside me and I felt my anus stretching to take it. He let go of my hair and grabbed the turtleneck of my sweater for leverage and began to plow my ass in a steady rhythm.

As much as I didn't want him fucking me, the feeling of the tightening turtleneck around my neck and the incredibly steady pace of his cock pounding in and out of my ass was very stimulating. I gave up resisting and began to let the feeling take me over. My own penis began to grow. I moved my arm and allowed my face to bury itself into my bed while I reached down and grabbed a handful of my sweater. I wrapped the sweater around my stiffening clit and began to stoke it, matching each thrust of his cock in my ass. I began to moan with pleasure.

"Ahhhh, the little slut likes it now, huh?" he said, beginning to breathe heavier. He began to pound my ass faster. I matched him stroking my cock with the sweater. The faster he pumped, the harder he pulled on the sweater and the tighter the turtleneck became around my neck. With all the stimulus, I totally forgot to take the sweater off my dick and began to cum inside it. I let it go, but it was too late. My mind began to panic, but the thought was quickly dismissed as the pounding of my ass reached a furied pace. He began to groan and suddenly pulled his cock from my ass. He yanked hard on the sweater and pulled me off the bed. He turned me around and I saw his cock inched from my face. He was stroking it furiously and, with a great moan, unloaded an intense burst of cum onto my face. I tried closing my eyes, but the second blast hit me before I could. He continued to unload for what seemed like an eternity, each spurt covering my face more.

When he finally finished with a satisfied sigh, he began to rub his cock all around my cum covered face. "Open up that mouth, my little slut", he ordered. "You had better clean my cock off." I dutifully opened my mouth and felt him stick his softening member in. I could taste the sticky saltiness of his cum covered cock as I swirled my tongue around it. I was the same taste as my own, but yet different. I felt his cock go completely soft amd he pulled it out.

He started to laugh. "What a cum covered mess you are! Let me help you get cleaned up." Before I knew it, he grabbed my sweater, pulled it up and began to rub it all over my cum stained face. "Good fucking luck cleaning my sister's sweater." He chuckled again, pulled up his pants and left.

I suddenly began to panic again about the sweater. Between my ass cheecks still stinging, my streched and throughly pounded ass throbbing, the cum drying on my face and gluing my eyes closed, I probably ruined her sweater. The turtleneck had unfolded thru all of this and I allowed my head to drop into my hands, taking some sort of solace in the soft feeling of the sweater on my face. I began to cry again, not sure which of the problems was the biggest. I sat there for almost an hour before gathering the strength to get up and begin the process of cleaning up.

I fumbled my way into the bathroom. I scrubbed the dried come from my eyes and finally saw myself. The sweater's neck was bunched down around my neck. It was glued there with all the come that had run from my face. I had dried globs of it in my hair, forehead, cheeks and chin. I thought to myself that I got my wish to be agirl. It was actually funny to see. Before I could laugh at myself, my head snapped to the doorway where my brother was standing.

"Hey", he said. "Just so you know, I am not kidding about telling your mom or my sister what a little faggot you are. I'm gonna hold this over your head. When I tell you to do something, you'll do it. No questions asked. Got it?"

I nodded dumbly at him.

"As of now, your secret is safe. So, from this point forward, consider yourself my little slave. I'll let you play your dress up game, but you will be my slave. If you decide that you don't want to play dress up anymore, then your mom and my sister will find out everything. Got it?"

What else could I do? "Uh huh",I mumbled.

"I will even help you out now. I'll take care of getting her sweater cleaned. OK?"

He started toward me and I began to retreat, but he said "I just want to help you get the sweater off." I stopped. He continued and said "Lift your arms." As I did, he pulled the sweater off. "Give me those also", he said referring to the bra and panties. "If you want to continue to dress in this stuff, you'll need some of your own so you don't have to worry about ruining my sister's. He took the sweater and underwear, turned and walked out.

I stood there naked, covered in dried come. What was I going to do? He had me. I couldn't let him tell my mom or his sister so I was at his mercy for as long as he wanted. I climbed into the shower and cleaned up. I returned to my room, put on some sweats and lay down. I began reliving the activities that had taken place in this exact spot a little while ago.

As I fell asleep, I realized my penis was incredibly hard.

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