tagBDSMThe Management Training Program

The Management Training Program


"Good morning Maggie. What's happening? Did you get those files I sent from New York yesterday? I want to make sure the responses to the RFP get out and that my trip report is delivered to Mr. Taylor as soon as possible."

"Welcome back Eric. I trust things went well with your meetings."

"Fuckin kick ass. Unbelievable. Everything worked perfectly. We negotiated all evening and by the end they signed the contract. It was beautiful. They're good people and I'm sure we're going to like working with them. Of course, I'm trusting you to perform your usual relationship magic."

"Never a problem. It's part of the job I really like. By the way, I've completed your trip report and Mr. Taylor wants to see you first thing this morning. He said 'as soon as you get in' and he came down to deliver the message personally."

"He's probably just curious about this deal. I'll get down as soon as I check my e-mail backlog. By the way, did you make those adjustments to the web? And did you get a chance to incorporate that file restructure in the system yet? I want to move forward with the implementation plan immediately."

"Ran into a snag with the web. I'm not getting much response from development. I think they're mad at you. Did you do anything to piss them off again?"

"Really? I did have a bit of a row with them before I left. They completely missed the mark on the design translation. But I thought we were all straight before I left. Damn! We can't have this shit. This is their job. This is important to us. See if you can find out what the problem is. You're better at managing people than I am. You know I don't have much patience when dealing with incompetents. Fucking idiots."

I checked my e-mail and responded to a few urgent requests from the Zurich office. On the whole, things were going very well. I was looking forward to going up to Taylor's office with good, better and great news.

"Good morning Eric. Welcome back. Got you preliminary report. Congratulations."

"Thank you sir. It was poetry in action. They went for the entire proposal. I just hope we can deliver on what I've promised. I'm getting worried about the gap between the concepts and our implementation. I know this area is new to these guys, but we're hot as a pistol. Somebody needs to ride those guys. We don't want to mess this one up."

"That's what I want to talk to you about. Don't worry about the project implementation. I'll make sure it's under control. We need to discuss another matter. Sit down."

"Andrea came up to my office complaining about how you treat her people. This is the second time in the past three months that this has come up. I know we've had these conversations before, but this is getting serious Eric. Look, you know I think the world of your talent. You're the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. I see you as a star and believe you have a bright future. But you have a serious people problem and we need to address it."

"But Mr. Taylor, let me explain. The way they approached the implementation was completely off the mark. If only they would listen to the objective before they tried to."

"Eric, hold the justification. I'm sure you're right. It's not about being right. It's about being able to motivate others to excel. You wind up minimizing them. You're too controlling. You don't trust others and it shows in the way you interact with them. The truth is they don't want to work with you and it is affecting our ability to compete. I need to stop it and I need to do it now."

"I've arranged to send you to an exclusive management training program. I want you to cancel your appointments for the rest of the week and put your projects on hold. Here's the address. You need to deliver this file unopened. I want you to take Friday off and think about these relationship issues. I will see you on Monday."

"What is this? Can you give me some clue about the program? Usually you get materials in advance for training activities. What's it called?"

"All I can tell you is that it is an intensive one-day program. It has an impeccable reputation for effectiveness. The only other thing that's important is for you to know that I view completion of this program as an essential pre-requisite for you to move on to the next level within this organization."

I had never seen Mr. Taylor so adamant. He didn't even acknowledge that I just closed this project that we had been working on for the past six months. That's very strange. He's usually such a bottom-line kind of guy. Plus, it's Andrea's team that the problem. I might have been a bit too brutal, but the goal is to deliver. We need to perform. That's the real issue here.

"Maggie, Mr. Taylor is sending me to a management program. I need to leave immediately. Will you clear my calendar for the rest of the week? I'll be back on Monday."

"Of course, Eric. What's the deal?"

"I'm not quite sure. I think it has to do with the fight I had with Andrea. I'll fill you in when I return."

I drove across town to an upscale residential area. The address was a beautiful brownstone but there was no sign on the door. It looked like someone's home. Strange. I rang the bell and was buzzed into a very well decorated waiting room. There was no one there as I looked around the waiting room. Mahogany paneling. Comfortable leather chairs. Very professional. There was nothing to do but sit and wait.

After a while, I heard the door to the inside rooms open and in walked one of the most drop-dead gorgeous women I have seen in a long while. Long blond hair. Killer body. And impeccably dressed. I couldn't help but to immediately fantasize about having her. This might not be so bad.

"Good morning Eric. My name is Terri. Could I have your file?" I gazed directly into her big blue eyes as I gave her the thick envelope.

"Pleasure to meet you Terri. I'm curious about the program. Can you give me a clue about what you do here?"

"All in good time. Please, make yourself comfortable. I need to read your file before we start."

She turned to leave. I couldn't help but notice her beautiful rounded ass and long flowing hair as she left the room. Man is she sexy. What a babe. I thought to myself. I'd definitely like to fuck her. I hope she's the trainer. I could stare at her all day. Not bad Eric. Not bad at all.

I sat back in the chair and pulled out my notes from the New York trip. Might as well get some work done as I waited. Thirty minutes later, I began to grow a bit impatient. I was uncomfortable with the waiting and with the unknown. After another 15 minutes, Terri finally returned.

"Follow me." She said as she led the way into the inner chamber. With pleasure, I thought to myself, admiring her delightful feminine form. Terri sat behind a big executive desk and invited me to sit down. She slowly and deliberately opened "my file" and looked me square in the eye with such business-like intensity that I was caught off guard.

"Eric, I run a very exclusive management program. We've trained many of the top corporate executives in this country. My tactics are a guarded secret. Before we continue, you must sign this non-disclosure agreement."

She pushed a standard, and very legally binding, one-page document across the desk that of course I signed. She filed the contract away and made a point of looking at my paperwork.

"Your boss thinks very highly of you Eric. It says you are one of the most productive and effective people within the organization. The good news is that upper management has noticed your talent. However, they are extremely concerned about your treatment of others. This is a thick file for one so young. It makes you look like a real prick."

I was shocked. How dare she talk that way to me? I couldn't think of how to react to such a blunt comment. My whole demeanor changed. My bravado was all but eliminated. The only thing I could do was stare back at her silently.

"The goal of this program is to help you learn to trust others Eric. You must learn to follow the rules of the corporation if you want to be an effective executive. We've found that before you are truly open to learning how the game is really played, you need to make amends for your past actions.

One of the key lessons of our program -- and of course one of the hardest -- to learn is how to motivate people. That ultimately means learning how deal with situations where you are not in control. Control is an interesting area, isn't it Eric? I know your type. You're always in control of your actions and projects. That is a good thing in itself. The problem is when your control becomes controlling and gets projected onto others. Then it becomes dangerous. And it looks like you've been dwelling in the danger zone for some time. One of the hardest, and most fundamental, concepts to truly grasp is that this is not about being right. Once again, being right is a good thing in itself. However, if you are right and you can't get others to follow your lead -- you can't be a leader. All you get is the booby prize for being right. You might wind up as a good performer, but you'll never advance to the next stage. And this program is about helping you get to the next stage.

"Actually Terri, this all sounds pretty good to me. I think there's a lot of truth in what you say. And I'm very interested in getting to the next level. But there are a lot of idiots out there. What I don't understand is if I'm right, why don't others recognize that and automatically follow".

"That's the art of management Eric. And that's why you are here. The underlying truth is that it's not about being right. It's about motivating others and it's about your attitude toward the people that work for and with you. You need to learn how to give up your worship of being right. That's a very difficult thing for people like you Eric. Our program is successful because we've learned to boil these issues down to their bare essentials. It's an unconventional program, but very effective. We've learned that before you can learn a new way of operating, you need to make amends for how you have been operating. We've also learned that before you can really make amends, you need to be punished for what you've done. And that's what we're going to do here today."

This conversation was taking a weird turn. All this talk about making amends and punishment was making me most uncomfortable. What is she getting at? What does she mean about that's what we're here for?

Terri closed my file and looked me square in the eye. "Eric, this management training program relies on corporeal punishment. You are here to be spanked."

I was completely shocked. Floored would have been a better word. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I stared back with wide unbelieving eyes. She couldn't be serious. I must have misunderstood. "You can't be serious" was all I could muster in response.

"Perfectly serious Eric. We've found that physical punishment cuts through all the bullshit and is the most effective way of teaching these lessons. I know this sounds odd to you. And you don't have to continue with the program if you don't want to. However, your management knows all about our methods and they have sent you here. At the end of the program I will write a report on whether or not you have successfully completed the program. And believe me, they consider my report to be very important. "Please don't think you can undermine this process Eric. You can't! I will give you some time to think about the options and to decide whether you wish to continue or not."

With that, Terri got up and walked out of the room, leaving me with a hundred conflicting and confusing thoughts racing through my mind. Spanked! What type of bullshit is this? I'm not going to stay here and be spanked. Taylor must have made a mistake. Jeez, he was really adamant about me completing this program however. He did say that completion was a prerequisite to advancement. I can't believe this shit. Unfucking believable! What the hell to do? Andrea is the one that needs to be spanked. It's her fucking fault. You know I'm not sure that I have much choice. Anyway, how bad can it be? If I have to be spanked, at least Terri is a sexy babe.

After five minutes of my back and forth banter, Terri returned. "Well Eric, what's your decision?"

"Terri, you and I both know that I don't have any choice. I think this is exceedingly weird, but I agree."

"Good. The program begins immediately. Please follow me into the back chambers."

Chambers. That's an interesting choice of words. I followed Terri, admiring her delectable body in the process and thinking that this might not be so bad. Maybe I could win her over. Being spanked by Terri might be a real turn-on. In fact, the thought was getting me excited.

The "chambers" were a rather large room filled with equipment and mirrors on the wall. There was some form of cage with pads. A padded bench and some high backed chairs. There was a table and a padded sawhorse. All sorts of strange furniture. There was a large cabinet in the corner as well as a clothes rack, towels and a water cooler. If I didn't know better, I would say it looked like a gym without the weights.

"I need to get ready. Take off all your clothes. You can use the rack in the corner." And she left.

Take off my clothes? I have to get naked? The thought made me nervous and uncomfortable. Uncertainty raced through my mind. As I started to undress, I began to feel very turned on. Slowly and methodically I disrobed, hanging up my suit and shirt. I watched myself in the mirror. I removed my underwear and was standing there naked. It all seemed so surreal. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I noticed that my cock was beginning to swell. Not fully erect, but clearly noticeable.

Of course, being a man, I began to admire myself in the mirror. Not bad. Not my former athletic self, but still in good shape. No paunch yet. My arms looked good in the florescent lights. I've always had good arms and was proud of the definition that was still visible. In my self-admiration, I couldn't help but notice my nakedness and my bare butt. Here I am with no clothes on about to be spanked by a beautiful woman. My cock responded to the thought.

I couldn't help but to be fascinated at the surroundings as my thoughts turned to what the day would hold. I was exceedingly nervous and began to pace around the room without purpose trying to find some way to free myself of the anxiety. I was lost in my own thoughts and was startled to hear the door open. I swung around just as Terri emerged through the door.

She was dressed in what could only be described as workout clothes -- shorts, a tee shirt, athletic shoes and socks. He long blond hair was tied up into a ponytail. The same type of outfit that I'd seen and admired on countless young women in my gym days. I have to admit Terri looked very sexy. Muscular and lean. Definitely a hard body. I felt an involuntary and automatic stirring in my loins as I gazed in appreciation at her delightful figure.

Terri's assessment could only be described as professional, almost indifferent. No embarrassment at all. She was obviously very comfortable with naked men in this situation. The same wasn't true for me. I felt embarrassed and exposed. I could do nothing more than stand there and stare like a bump on a log.

Terri ignored me standing there and purposefully walked through the room beginning her preparations. She went to the closet and pulled out two towels that she placed on the table next to the cage. She then walked over to the cabinet on the wall and opened both doors. I stared with utter fascination. Inside were paddles of every shape and size. Straps and whips -- all made of leather and wood. Hanging on the side were leather canes, thick and menacing. I was transfixed. So completely amazed that I forgot I was naked and that those instruments were intended to be used on me. All of a sudden the reality hit me. I wanted out of the situation, and didn't know what to do. So I just stood there like a complete idiot.

Terri turned and walked toward me -- her gaze fixed. I was captured and captivated by those drop-dead gorgeous blue eyes of hers. As she approached I caught the wonderful and mysterious scent of a woman. It was not perfume of any sort, just the clean smell of a beautiful woman. I always found something exceptionally sexy about a beautiful woman in control of a situation and Terri was very sexy. Her commanding voice startled me out of my momentary intoxication.

"Eric, the rules of my training program are really quite simple. You're not to talk unless spoken to. When I ask you a question, you must reply immediately -- and you must do so with courtesy and deference. You are to do as I instruct without failure or hesitation. You are not to refuse any command and you must obey all instructions at once. Your ability to follow these simple rules is a significant part of the report I will write. Do you understand?"

All I could do was to nod my head in assent. "I didn't hear you Eric. I said, do you understand." "Yes ma'am. I'm sorry. I understand."

With a steely gaze Terri told me to follow her to the metal cage in the corner. It was an odd sort of contraption. There was a pad for my chest and handgrips. "Bend over the rack" she commanded, "and take hold of the hand rails." And there I was. The feelings of exposure and anticipation were so surreal. I felt so vulnerable. It was as if someone else was bent over the cage. My butt was the obvious center of focus and my cock was rock hard.

I felt Terri's hand on my exposed bottom. That first sensation of human touch. Soft hands, firm touch. Terri rubbed my butt, clearly sizing me up. I sensed she knew what she was doing. Certainly this was not the first time she had done this.

It was ironic in that I always found my butt to be an erogenous zone. The feel of a woman's hand on my bottom was a big turn on for me. Her strokes were making me hot and sent surges of sexual energy flowing through my being. Maybe this won't be so bad.

And then it came. Unexpectedly. A firm, but not hard spank. I heard it as much as felt it. It wasn't painful. In fact, it was all rather exciting. I knew, deep in my mind that Terri was just feeling me out. Getting her bearings. Finding her zone. SLAP! Another spank. Harder than the first but still exciting. SPANK -- on the right cheek. SPANK -- on the left. These were full hard spanks, one after the other.

My focus shifted away from Terri's sexiness and on to the spanks. Hard but not hurting. I couldn't believe I was standing here, naked, bent over a cage -- being spanked by this beautiful woman. It seemed so strange. SPANK and pause. Then SPANK on the other side. SPANK. Pause. SPANK. Pause. I began to sense the rhythm and became aware of my butt. It didn't really hurt. Instead it was sexually exciting. I felt stimulated, alive, and really turned on. I began to breathe a little harder, like the first few minutes on a treadmill.

SPANK on the right, SPANK on the left. My hips started to sway slightly. The sound of the spanks seemed incredibly loud. SPANK. SPANK. SPANK. SPANK. SPANK. SPANK. And then it stopped. I was breathing harder and the spanking began to hurt a little. My cock is still rigid. With the spanking I had forgotten about my erection. With the pause, it became the center of my attention. I am so turned on. I feel like taking Terri in my arms and fucking her right on the floor. I can hardly believe I'm not doing it. However, I remember her words and stand there unmoving.

I can sense Terri's presence as she moves around behind me. I hear a door close gently. And then that wonderful soft touch of a female hand. My bottom is alive with sensation at her touch. I turned my head slightly and caught sight of Terri in the side mirror. A truly beautiful woman. Sexy and captivating. She has a focused look on her face as she strokes my bottom. In her hand is a leather paddle. A no-nonsense implement which for a moment takes my breadth away. Something tells me that warm up time is over.

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