tagNovels and NovellasThe Marine's Wife Ch. 07

The Marine's Wife Ch. 07

bySean Renaud©

Kevin smiled as he stepped off the 747 and onto MCAS Miramar's airfield dressed in his desert "digis" with his giant green c-bag flung over one shoulder. It didn't matter that he'd been in the air for most of the last eighteen hours or that he was probably the only sober man on the entire plane, that stop over in Bangor Maine had been wild. All he really remembered of the east coast state was a drunken rendition of the Marine's Hymn that had brought every man in the airport to their feet. It was a moving moment but nothing that compared with getting to see the California sun hanging overhead. There just isn't a way to properly describe the first steps on American soil for a man who's been gone for six months. It's enough to say that as his steel toed boots hit solid one hundred and three degree asphalt of the flight line an irresistible smile crossed his face.

Less than a hundred feet from him were a few hundred people on their feet with signs in the air. It was like being a celebrity. Even though none of the signs had his name on them and not a single person was waiting for him to step off the ramp and into their arms it was still an overwhelming sight. His breath caught in his throat as he quickly read over the signs.

"Homecoming Hero."

"Thank You Heroes."

"God Bless the Corps."

He didn't have enough time to read them all as he walked across the flight line. There wasn't any reason for him to read them all, it was the same thing he'd seen in Bangor, Maine and Charlotte, North Carolina. The only thing he was interested in was getting home to see his beautiful wife. "Trina always did enjoy a good surprise." Kevin said to himself wading through the crowd of teary eyed relatives towards the only man he wanted to see, the armorer. In a quick practiced motion he cleared his M16 A2 service rifle and thrust it into the arms of the armorer who declared it clear and let Kevin walk away.

At that exact moment Trina was just starting to wake up, her legs twined around Jeremy's nude body. He'd decided to stay the night before and every moment of it had been incredible. Not that either of them could remember anything about it, there were clothes and bottles of liquor randomly placed around the room. "Mornin' babe." He whispered gripping her rear and kissing her softly on the forehead. "We need to get up, least I do."

"No don't get up." She trapped his leg between hers pulling her closer to him and laying her head against his chest. "Stay, just five more minutes." He struggled half-heartedly against her grasp trying to escape before relaxing.

"I guess five more minutes won't kill me." Jeremy replied easing back against her. "Just five more minutes." He assured himself even as Trina reached down and wrapped her fingers around his soft shaft. All it took was the touch of her flesh to his to get his blood flowing. "I don't have time."

"I think you'll make time." Trina whispered slipping beneath the covers and out sight. Her hand was gently stroking his cock but her lips were moving lower to his sac and teasingly tracing the creases with her tongue. "Won't you?" He responded with a loud moan and twitching his leg. She knew then that she had him, before she wrapped her lips around his cock firmly tonguing his shaft.

Trina didn't hear a key being jiggled into the front door over his moans. The slight squeak of the mattress was easily drowned out the squeak of the door. Kevin knew what was happening almost instantly, a strange car parked in his spot. The drapes were drawn and she wasn't watching Passions. He knew the truth before he heard the sloppy slurping sounds from the bedroom.

There was the briefest pause as he considered the possibility that his wife had just slipped in a porn movie. There wasn't any doubt as he got closer to the bedroom and saw the clothing strewn around the house. All the months that had gone by hadn't dulled his senses; he still knew the sound of his wife. He knew what he was going to find when he opened his door but he still couldn't stop himself. He wished he didn't have to reach out and grab the doorknob and slowly opened the door.

Her back was to the door so he couldn't see her face. She was riding him hard; Kevin could see her juices running down the man's cock as she fucked him. The entire bed was creaking as she bounced up and down. "YES!" Trina tossed her head back in rapture before leaning down against Jeremy's chest smothering him in a collection of kisses. "See wasn't that worth being a little behind schedule?"

"Yes." He swooned laying flat on the bed. "But I need to go now."

"You have no idea." Kevin growled.

Trina nearly fell of the bed as she jumped off Jeremy and snatched the covers up around her body. Her soft eyes instantly locked with her enraged husband and the only thing on her mind was trying to find a place to hide.

"Who's that?" Jeremy asked sitting up and quickly snatching up his pants and pulling them over his crotch.

"I'm her-"

"He's my-"

"Husband." They both said in unison staring at each other.

"Oh. Oh." Jeremy's eyes widened as he stared at Kevin. He hadn't noticed before how much bigger than him Kevin was but was it was really obvious with him glaring down at him. "I had no idea man. I didn't know she was married or I would never."

"Get out." Kevin growled his eyes now completely focused on his wife. There was no need for him to repeat the request; Jeremy didn't even grab his shoes as he ran out of the door, pants in one hand a shirt in the other. Kevin could hear tires squealing outside the house as he walked toward his wife.

"I I didn't mean to?" Trina screamed scampering to the far end of the bed and holding up pillow to protect herself.

"You didn't mean to?" Kevin repeated stepping to the foot of the bed. "What, you tripped fell, landed on his dick?" He asked before gripping the bed sheets and snatching them off the bed. "You always fuck men in my bed? Is that the kind of nasty bitch you've become?" He roared throwing the sheets on the floor and walking over to him. Kevin walked over to the bed right beside her raising his hand to strike her.

Trina couldn't move she just stared blankly at him through tear filled eyes. She made no effort to escape him. "Get the fuck out of my house you whore." Kevin whispered lowering his hand and slumping down on the bed the beginnings of tears forming in his eyes.

"Kevin." Trina whispered reaching out to rest her hand on his shoulder.

"Don't touch me." He whispered pulling his shoulder away from her. "Get out of my house."

"Where will I go?" She asked getting off the bed and getting dressed.

"I don't know. I don't care either." Kevin said covering his face and leaning over. He didn't want her to see the tears flowing from his eyes. "Just go."

Trina looked at him one last time as she finished pulling her clothing on and walked to the door. Her fingers had just made it to the doorway when she looked back at her husband. "What have I done?" She thought as she looked back at him. She'd never wanted to hurt him, not Kevin who'd done so much for her. Kevin who loved her with all his heart. She'd been lonely but it was no excuse for the things she'd done, the things she had to make up for.

She pulled her shirt off and tossed it aside followed quickly by the rest of her clothing. Trina got down on her hands and knees crawling over to where Kevin was crying and pressed her lips to his boots before and looked up at him. "Kevin, I fucked up." She didn't flinch when he pulled back ready to slap her again. "Let me make it up to you. I can't leave you. I don't have a job, my mother lives across the country, my family lives across the country. I have no where to go. Don't kick me out."

Kevin stared at her for a moment before backhanding her nearly knocking her onto her back. "Why should I?" Kevin whispered fighting to keep his voice steady.

"I'll do anything. What do you want; whatever you tell me to do I'll do it." Trina responded getting back on her knees. "Anything you say."

She's serious. Kevin realized as he stared down at his wife. He had no intention of forgiving her for what she'd done but a nude woman swearing she'll do anything is a hard thing for any man to ignore. It's an even harder thing to ignore when the last naked woman you saw was in a magazine with half the pages torn out. "Suck my dick."

Trina nodded reaching up and undoing his rigger belt and ripping it off, she gripped his fly tearing the buttons open and his pants down around his ankles. His hard cock had already slipped out of the opening his boxers. She could smell the sweat on his body, he hadn't showered in two days but she still leaned forward sucking his cock into her mouth. After Trey's party it was hardly a challenge to take her husband's cock all the way to the back of her throat.

Kevin gasped as he felt Trina's nose nestled against his stomach. He unbuttoned his blouse as Trina bobbed her head up and down over his shaft. He pulled his blouse off; a second later he tossed his olive green undershirt away and gripped the back of her head. "Get on the bed Trina."

One last slurp and Trina scrambled up onto the bed face down in the pillows with her ass in the air. "Is that what you want honey?"

"You can call me Sir from now on and yes that is exactly how a bitch like you should be." He replied getting up off the bed and walking to the closet pulling a belt out of the closet.

"Yes sir." She responded looking back at him.

Kevin gripped his belt in both hands doubling it over as he looked at his wife. As angry as he was it was hard to ignore her. "I'm going to spank you until I think you've learned your lesson."

"Yes sir." Trina whispered looking back at the belt. He'd only spanked her once and that was playfully. The idea of him trying to hurt her was frightened her. I love him, I deserve this. She whispered closing her eyes and biting down on her lower lip.

Kevin held the belt in one hand as he walked back over to the bed staring at Trina's upturned ass. She's desperate. He realized as he moved alongside her letting the tip of the belt trace over her curves. "I'm going to give you ten lashes and you are going to keep count."

"Yes sir." Trina whispered glancing back at him again. She watched as he drew his arm back as far as it would go. It was the hardest thing she'd ever done to hold still for the blow to land on her ass. "ONE!" She screamed out clawing at the mattress. She'd barely finished speaking when the next blow landed on her thighs. "TWO!" She shrieked barely managing to hold her position.

The third blow was aimed at her ass and Kevin listened as she screamed out the next number. As the fourth blow landed on her ass and she didn't move Kevin realized how badly she wanted his forgiveness. It wasn't a matter of if she was sorry for what she'd done. A fifth strike that raised a welt over her thighs convinced him she was sorry. He could see her legs trembling as she struggled to keep from moving away from him.

"SIX!" Trina screamed tears flowing freely from her eyes. "Please no more!" She screamed bringing her hands up to cover her ass.

"I'll fucking tell you when it's been enough!" Kevin shouted as he brought the belt down again.

Trina screamed and curled away from the belt looking back at him. She couldn't take another blow. "No more!" She screamed curled into a ball at the head of the bed. "

"Get back on your goddamn knees and take the rest of what's coming to you!" She screamed slowly getting back onto her hands and knees. Her face was buried in the pillows so she wouldn't see it coming. Just the fear of another strike had her gasping for air, her breasts heaving and wobbling beneath her. A seventh blow snapped down on her thighs tearing a scream from her lips and she tucked her knees beneath her.

Mercy wasn't something Kevin was interested in as he landed the next blow across her ass. Trina's ass was criss-crossed with welts from the blows, red and slightly swollen. It was the most pain he'd ever seen her in and she deserved all of it. There were tears in his eyes as he landed two more blows on her and stepped back to look at her.

"That was ten." Trina thought slowly pulling her head from the tear-soaked pillow.

Kevin was about to bring the belt down again as she turned but the sight of his wife's red eyes glossed over with tears held his hand. "You know how I feel right now Trina?"

"Betrayed, angry." She sobbed not daring to move any farther.

"I feel like I got stabbed, like there is a fucking knife twisting in my gut. How many?"

"How many what?"

"How many guys have you fucked?"

"I don't know. There's Jeremy, Trey-"

"TREY?! That fucking piece of shit motherfucker!" Kevin roared throwing the belt down.

"All of his friends. I was, I am his whore." Trina whispered then pulled away fro the slap she knew was coming.

"You fucking nasty ass piece of trash. You want to know how I feel right now? I'll show you." He got on the bed behind her pulling her cheeks open and aimed his cock at her ass. In one sudden stroke he impaled her on his cock stretching the sensitive ring of muscle. A moan escaped each of them, his in pleasure and hers in pain. "This is how I feel right now."

It was the very first time that Kevin had hate-fucked but he instantly understood the pleasure of it. The pain on her face and the pleasure of slamming into her as hard as he could manage was incredible. "Oh fuck!" She hissed clenching her teeth in pain and trying to squirm away from him. Kevin wrapped an arm around her stomach hugging her back against him and driving him a little farther in. "It hurts!" She shrieked.

"It should." Kevin growled gripping the back of her head pushing her down into the pillows. He could hear her mewling in pain as he pulled back till only the tip of his cock remained inside her and pushed into her. Trina slowly started relaxing around his thick cock finally wriggling back against him. The moans filtering through the pillow were suddenly of pleasure as she twitched. "Go on, cum you nasty bitch. I should have figured you'd enjoy getting ass fucked."

Trina pushed her head up as far as she could, tears streaming from her eyes as an ecstatic moan parted her lips. "More don't stop." She hissed pushing back against him as her sphincter clenched down around him her orgasm ripping through her body. Kevin gripped her hips plundering her backside until he just collapsed on top of her.

"Oh my." He whispered rolling off of her and lying on his back.

Trina felt his cock slip free of her ass with a pop. For a moment she remained still enjoying the empty feeling in her body then she turned around and wrapped her lips around his cock. The taste of cum and ass mingled on her palate as she swallowed his cock. Her tongue wriggled around it carefully scrubbing the scum from the veins of his cock finally easing her tongue out to tickle his balls.

When she was sure he was clean Trina crawled up along side him. "Don't kiss me bitch." He hissed pulling away from her. "Get out of my house." He whispered and turned over.

"But." The sight his hand balling into a fist ended any argument she had.

"You're nothing to me, just a bitch." He whispered wiping the tears from his eyes and standing up. He couldn't even force himself to look at her as he walked to the shower and turned on the water.

Normally a hot shower would have washed away all of his doubts and anger. That was usually enough to calm him down. This time it only gave him time to think about what had been done to him. His wife, the woman he wrote to every chance he got. The smiling face in his mind, the driving force in his life was a fucking whore. The worst part was that he'd been warned about it. He'd ignored his Gunny's warning him about Suzy Rottencrotch, the age old Marine Corps myth of the cheating wife. It was something that happened to the other guy, not to him.

By the time he got out of the shower he had gone from simply pissed to absolutely livid. It was probably a good thing for Trina that she'd escaped before he had a chance to really think about what she'd done to him. Kevin threw on a pair of jeans and a one of his older shirts. The kind you wear when you know things are about to get dirty. He laced up the boots he'd been wearing for the last few months of his life and snatched the keys to his car off the stand.

"Fucking piece of shit." He growled throwing the door open. He just barely missed his teary eyed wife curled up on the porch staring up at him. Trina looked so pathetic, her eyes red from tears, her bare feet dirty and her clothing a hodgepodge of things she'd snatched without looking at them.

"Don't hit me!" She shrieked twisting away from him.

Kevin smiled slightly, not a kind loving smile. This was the smile of someone about to do something truly horrific and enjoy every second of it. Trina squealed as he took her by the hair, yanking her upright and dragging her around to the back of his Civic and opened the trunk. Twisting her head by the hair he forced Trina into the trunk and slammed it shut. "I have a place you can stay." He called through the metal quickly glancing around to make sure nobody was watching as he got into the driver's seat. He sat there for a long moment staring at his hands gripping the steering wheel. His knuckles had turned from peach to pink and from there to a deathly white as he strangled the inanimate object. "Later." He whispered starting up the car. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a man moving in Trey's house.

Another deep breath and he turned off the car walking around to the trunk. "Let me out! I can't breathe! It's too hot in here!" Trina screamed kicking against the trunk trying to escape the dark prison.

"Try a C-130 honey. You don't even know what hot is." He teased rocking the car briefly and then walking across the lawn to his neighbor's house knocking on the door.

"You're ba-" Trey didn't finish that sentence before Kevin punched him squarely in the jaw. The first blow split his former friend's lip open, the second broke his nose and Kevin was still moving. Forcing his way in through the doorway he gripped Jeremy's wrist and twisted violently. If Trey hadn't gotten down on his knees his wrist would have snapped right then.

"You fuckin piece of shit!" Kevin roared twisting the wrist even farther forcing Trey's face down onto his plush carpeting. "You fucking blackmailed my wife? You fucked my wife?!" He slammed his boot down on Trey's face grinding the heel against his flesh.

"Hey man I thought." Trey shouted.

"Shut up!" Kevin shouted pushing down a little harder. He wanted to crush the man's skull like a grape. "You know I fucking kill you right now. I bet if I did that I could claim temporary insanity. Maybe toss on some fucking Post Traumatic Syndrome bullshit and they'll buy it. I'll do maybe three years for beating you to death."

Trey's eyes had to have doubled in size as Kevin spoke. "Holy shit man calm down." Trey whimpered as a wet spot formed around his crotch and started flowing down his thigh to the ground. The wicked smile already on Kevin's face stretched as he realized what had happened.

"You fuckin pissed your pants? What a fucking little bitch!" Kevin laughed guiding Trey's face into the wet patch of carpet. "You know it's a good thing you aren't even worth my fucking time." Kevin smirked pushing down with his heel for a moment before releasing Trey's wrist. "I swear to God if you get up I will beat the fuck out of you." Kevin hissed as he walked out the door.

When he got back to the car there Trina had fallen silent. He could still hear her whimpering in the trunk but her screaming and thrashing was over. "See isn't that better?" He teased slapping the trunk playfully and getting into the car.

Like the shower, the drive should have calmed him down. It didn't help much either as he sped toward the base. He pulled into the Jet Mart and bought two thirty packs of Bud Light, the biggest bottle of Jack and a bottle of 151 rum tossing them all in the backseat before heading to the barracks.

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