tagLesbian SexThe Marriage Experiment

The Marriage Experiment


"Hon, I know you have other needs, needs we both know I can't satisfy and you also know all I want is for you to be happy. If you want to explore what it's like to be with a woman, I'm going to support you."

Alex held his wife's hand and took a sip of his rum and coke. It was date night and Alex had taken Holly to an upscale martini bar on the south side of town.

"I'm completely fine with us." Holly gestured between her and Alex.

"Having fun together with another girl, I just don't think I can do it alone. I would feel like I 'm cheating on you," Holly explained.

"As long as we're always open and honest with each other and you never go behind my back and sleep around with girls or guys then, in my mind, it's not cheating. I love you Holly. I really think you should try it out. You never know. Once you do it you may decide it's not for you. But, if you do like it...just don't go fucking every woman you see and we'll be fine. I'm still going to need some loving." Alex laughed nervously.

Holly took in a deep breath and smiled. "Alright, why not? I'm going to try it out. Even if I do really like it, I know myself, and I'll never be able to live without your penis." Holly slammed back the rest of her apple martini as she came to this conclusion and flagged down the bartender. She was going to do this tonight. She was going to pick up a woman in this bar and bring her home. First she needed to have a few more of these delicious martinis to gain enough courage to hit on someone.

Realistically, this shouldn't be so scary. It's not like she was inexperienced sexually. She loved sex, all kinds of sex, oral, anal, threesomes, double penetration, and toys. Holly and her husband felt it imperative to keep their sex lives interesting; they felt this brought them closer together. Holly honestly couldn't understand how some people could go their entire marriage's only having vanilla sex. That had to be so boring and was probably one of the main reasons marriages fell apart after a few years. Screw that, Holly knew herself and sex was a big part of her life, if she didn't get it at least four times a week she turned into a grouchy bitch.

Holly excused herself to go to the bathroom and freshen up; thankful she brought some make up with her to touch up. She powdered her nose and darkened her eyes for a sexier look. Hopefully that would do it. When she was finished she stood in front of the full length mirror and took a good look at herself, she'd done pretty good tonight, with her short black leather dress paired with a blood red belt and black red bottom shoe. Her honey brown hair hung in loose curls to the middle of her back.

She had to admit; she looked hot.

Holly made her way back to the table with a swing in her step, this was going to happen. She was horny and could feel her tummy tighten with anticipation, the adrenalin she'd felt at the thought of bringing a women home only heightened the heat and sensitivity she felt between her legs. She needed release, and she needed it tonight.

"Babe, it's on. Get me a shot of tequila," Holly ordered. Alex went out to the bar and brought back two shots of Patron.

"To the unexpected," Alex announced and they both downed the shot, which quickly warmed Holly to the core.

"So what's the plan? How is this going down?" Alex questioned.

"Well, this place is just starting to get busy. I don't think anyone paid attention when we walked in together. So, for tonight, you're my good friend. Once the dance floor opens up, I'll go make my move."

"Okay, I think I can work with that plan. Just one question?" Alex leaned in and whispered in his wife's ear. "Can I make you come first, to start your evening off right?"

Holly's eyes darkened with delight and said nothing as she moved closer to Alex, the slight movement signaling that she was all in. She grabbed her martini glass shakily as she felt Alex's strong hand gently slide up her leg. The simple touch sent shivers down her spine and caused her stomach to clench with anticipation of the release she knew was coming. When Alex hit the hem of her short leather dress, he opened her legs further and continued to travel up towards her pussy. Holly's breath began to quicken and her heart raced. The thought that anyone could catch them was such a turn on. When Alex lightly brushed his fingers back and forth over her barely there panties, he looked at her with eyebrows raised as he noticed how wet and ready she was for him. Clearly, erotic acts in public worked well for her.

Alex slid her wet panties to the side and began slowly circling her soft clit with his thumb while sliding his finger in and out of her slick and wet pussy. Holly could feel her cheeks warm and her sex start to clench; she couldn't believe how quickly she'd begun to reach orgasm. It was at that very moment that the waiter approached their table. Startled, Holly tried to wiggle away from her husband but he had a hold so tight she couldn't move.

"Happy hour is over in ten minutes, can I get you guys another drink?" the waiter asked kindly.

"Yes, that would be great. We'll take two more rum and cokes, two apple martinis and two more shots of Patron," Alex ordered while he continued to finger bang his wife under the table. Alex looked at Holly with a little smirk on his face. "Is that good with you, babe?"

"Um, yeah, that's good. Hmm." Her reply wasn't directed at the order her husband gave to the waiter, but he didn't seem to realize that.

Once he'd walked away, Holly moved even closer to Alex. "Fuck, babe that feels amazing. I am so ready to come for you," Holly whispered in his ear. With that, Alex quickened his fingers and pinched her clit at the same time and both actions pushed her over the edge. Holly leaned into her husband and bit his shoulder to stifle a loud moan as her wet cunt clenched and spasms around his fingers.

"God you know just how to get what you want from me," Holly admitted under a labored breath as she pulled away and grabbed her purse. "After that, I need to freshen up again."

When Holly returned from the bathroom the dance floor was hopping. When had it gotten so busy in here? As she glanced around, she noticed a group of attractive girls dancing nearby. Instead of going to back to her husband she headed to the dance floor with a sexy prowl-like strut. Just before she reached the girls Holly gave one more glance over her shoulder and made eye contact with Alex, an unspoken understanding passed between them.

"Hey ladies, do you mind if I dance with you? I'm here with a friend of mine and he hates to dance but I love it. "

"Oh, totally! Come on girl!" the woman who replied had blonde hair styled into a sleek bob. She wore Barbie pink pumps, tight black skinny jeans and a long silver shirt. The music immediately had her swaying to the beat, her hips circling back and forth. When she looked up, Holly locked eyes with her, and the blonde gave Holly a devilish grin as she inched closer.

"My name's Marisa, by the way. To your right is Breanne and beside her is Andrea. I've never seen you here before, is this your first time?" Marisa asked while inching even closer to Holly. She could smell her cotton candy perfume and the slight scent of bubble gum.

"Yes, I usually stick to the north-side of town, but my friend wanted to try something different tonight," Holly explained.

"I see," Marisa replied as she assessed Holly from head to toe. "This maybe a bit forward, but you are a very beautiful woman." Holly grinned back at the compliment and the two began dancing with only each other, forgetting the strangers and curious eyes surrounded them. Marisa's hand slid over Holly's bare arms, a sexual desire surged in her eyes. Suddenly, Marisa leaned in to Holly's ear and whispered, leaving a hot breath tingling down her neck.

"I feel like you and I want the same thing tonight, I know you can feel this pull, this attraction between us." Marisa took a step closer, placed her hand on the small of Holly's back, melding their bodies together as the danced to the beat. Holly's sex immediately surged with heat and clenched with desire.

"Why don't we get out of here, I'm sure you and I can find better ways to occupy our time," Marisa whispered again.

"I need to grab my roommate first; he can take us back to my place." Holly grabbed Marisa's hand and brought her to where Alex was sitting patiently, a curious look on his face.

At the table Holly and Alex locked eyes. "It's time to go. I made a new friend and I've invited her back to our place for a few drinks. I hope you don't mind," Holly announced.

"Marisa, this is my good friend, and roommate, Alex. Alex, meet Marisa."

"Nice to meet you." He shook the girl's hand. "Are we leaving right away?" Alex questioned as he polished off his drink.

"Yes," both women announced in unison.

Once the driver pulled up Marisa leaned into Holly. "Why don't you sit in the back with me, we can get to know each other a little bit more."

"Sure." Holly slid into the back seat with a grin. She made the right choice; Marisa was already proving to be more fun than she had even hoped.

Alex hopped in the front with the driver and turned the radio on; cranking the volume to a level that could mask what was unfolding in the backseat. The driver looked to Alex and opened his mouth to speak but Alex discreetly shook his head and gave him a smile.

Marisa wasted no time and leaned over to slide her hand into Holly's hair as she leaned in to kiss her. When their lips touched, all Holly could think about was how soft they were and how good she tasted; like bubble gum and champagne. The kiss alone had Holly's nipples hard and pushing against her leather dress, aching to be rubbed. Her whole body felt over stimulated with a new surge of senses as she reacted to Marisa's every touch and juicy kiss. Marisa's finger gently found their way to Holly's wet panties and slid them aside, much like Alex did earlier that same night. Only, Marisa moved her fingers with an expertise that Alex simply could never match because she was a woman and knew just where and what to touch.

Marisa stopped for a moment and turned to Alex. "It's about to get loud in here, so you might want to turn the music up a bit more. If you want to watch in your rear-view I don't mind, it will just turn me on more." The message was received loud and clear and Alex was instantly rock hard at the thought of watching his wife being pleasured by a sexy female just inches from him.

Marisa returned to massaging Holly's moist pussy. In a fit of impatient passion, she ripped Holly's black lace panties right off and stuffed them in her jacket pocket.

"You won't need these any time soon," she said. "You smell amazing and I would put money on it that you taste just as good. Do you want me to taste you, Holly? Do you want me to lick you from the inside out?" Marisa's hot breath scoured over Holly's face and neck.

"Yes...fuck, lick my cunt, I want it so bad." Holly grabbed hold of Marisa's head and eased it down to her pussy. Marisa didn't waste any time as she began lapping away, sliding her tongue in an out, while rubbing and pinching Holly's sensitive clit with her thumb and index finger. Holly's breath started to quicken as she began to feel that overwhelming tingling sensation start at her toes and move its way up to her belly. Her lower stomach started to tighten and she knew any moment she was going to come.

"Yes, yes... just like that. Keep fucking me with your mouth. God, I'm going to come soon." Holly squirmed under Maria's touch.

"Um," Alex cleared his throat, "We're home."

Both women were shocked out of what they were doing, but only for a moment before Holly grabbed Marisa's hand and led her into the house and straight to her room, shutting the door behind them. In the bedroom, Marisa stood behind Holly and unzipped her dress while kissing her neck. As soon as she had the dress off, she pushed Holly down on the bed, facing her.

"I wasn't finished yet." She growled as she crawled on the bed and spread Holly's long and tanned legs. Sliding her fingers back in her wet and swollen sex, it didn't take long before her mouth continued its torturous suckling. Holly quickly found her hips moving to the same rhythm and her hands grabbed a hold of the sheets. Her orgasm began to return so quickly and it came back with a vengeance, seeming to erupt from the depths of her body.

"Oh! Oh God, I'm going to come. Fuck you eat pussy so good," Holly whimpered loudly as the overwhelming tingling vibrated throughout her whole body. Marisa could feel Holly's sex clench around her fingers and at that moment she pinched her clit and sucked hard, both actions pushing Holly over the edge and her body began to spasm with the explosion of her orgasm.

Holly lay there on the bed, panting for a few moments before she could manage to say anything.

"That. Was. Amazing. I can honestly say that might have been one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had and I want to return the favor. Are you open to toys?" she asked as she lay on her side with her head resting in her hand, admiring the sexy blonde laying next to her.

"Sure, what the hell? Show me what you got." Marisa stood and undressed as Holly went to her closet.

"Have you ever experienced what it feels like to be completely filled?" Holly asked as she stalked back, lighting a few candles on the way and turning the lights off.

"I'm not sure what you mean, so I'm going to say no. Will you show me?" Marisa was on her knees at this point, licking her lips and needing her own breasts.

Aroused, Holly climbed back on the bed, the toys at her side and leaned forward to place her mouth to Marisa's breast. Both pleasure and pain sent electric sensations surging right to Marisa's core. Holly wrapped both of her legs around Marisa's hips and started to rock while massaging her eager pussy. In this position, Holly had perfect access to Marisa ass so she grabbed one of the toys at her side and put it in her mouth for lubrication. Marisa was too concentrated on reaching her orgasm to pay attention, so when Holly took the toy and started slowly circling it around the opening of her anus Maria's eyes shot open in shock.

"Trust me," Holly assured her as she slowly and gently inserted the anal plug. This was an unfamiliar sensation to Marisa but she soon found that she rather enjoyed it, especially once it was all the way in.

"Now lay back," Holly ordered and, as Marisa obeyed, she dipped her head to finally get her own fill of this beautiful woman who so willingly gave her everything she hoped for that night. Holly's tongue was immediately overwhelmed by this exotic flavor, but she couldn't continue for long. This wasn't how she wanted to make Marisa come. Once Holly decided Marisa was wet enough she took the other toy, a large blue curved dildo and began to slowly insert the object into her tight, wet pussy. Marisa moaned loudly in appreciation once the toy was completely in. This feeling of being completely full was almost too much to bear and the moment Holly turned on the anal vibrator Marisa's back bowed off the bed, her nipples erecting beyond comprehension.

"Fuck me Holly, fuck me now and fuck me hard," she ordered and as Holly obeyed she began by gently pulling the dildo in a out, teasing her lover, until it was slick with her juices and then started to pound away at Marisa's swollen and eager cunt.

"Oh, yes, just like that. I'm getting so close," Marisa moaned and gyrated on the bed like she could barely contain herself. She could feel her cheeks warm, her fingers start to tingle and her lower belly tighten in anticipation. Holly was so turned on that she needed to make this woman come and come now. She continued with the dildo, but dipped her head to place her mouth around Marisa's enlarged clit and suck. It only took a moment before Marisa exploded, all of her senses heightened, colorful lights flashing behind her eyelids as she screamed into a pillow and let the orgasm ride its way out.

Once it was over Holly removed both toys with a smirk on her face. Her expectations of tonight were beyond fulfilled. She had set out to experience what it would be like to be with a woman. Little did she know that greater pleasure would come from watching the other woman moan and curl beneath her hands. It was a satisfaction like no other.

"Well, that was fun." She looked at Marisa as she slid off the bed to get dressed.

Marisa fumbled for her bra with labored breaths as she tried to compose herself. "Yes, slightly. It's something I would be interested in trying again, if you are."

Holly felt the sudden need to come clean with this woman whom she shared such an intimate moment with only minutes ago. If hey were to do this again, Marisa would probably find out the truth about Alex. "Listen, I have something to tell you."

"Okay..." Marisa replied uneasily as she continued to get dressed.

"Alex, isn't my friend or roommate. He's my husband." Holly nervously stared at her hands as she made her confession.

Marisa, half dressed, stood at the door with her hand on the handle. "That's interesting. Perhaps, next time we can let him join?" she suggested with as a raised eyebrow and a devilish smirk.

Holly returned the grin. "I like the sounds of that."

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