tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Masked Intruder

The Masked Intruder


He enters the house silently, cautiously moving through to the lounge. His caution and silence unnecessary as he knows the house is empty, he had watched her leave, watched her long dark hair bounce as she walked, her tight sexy arse wiggle slightly as she moved down the street, her delicious large breasts swaying inside her clothes. She possessed a sexy curvaceous body that exuded a natural sexiness, a natural beauty. Not brought about by make up or faked attitude, but something that lay within. Something he wanted to own. Something he needed to own. He had to hurry now though, the house wouldn't be empty for long.

The silence in the house makes the sound of his breath behind the hard White plastic mask deafening, especially when paired with the heavy beating of his heart. He squeezes the knife handle tightly in his grip and draws his other hand over the bundled rope in his pocket, his nervousness bubbles and crackles through it's transformation into pure visceral excitement.

He peers through the eyeholes in the mask but the eyes that gaze out are not his anymore, they belong to the beast, the monster, the creature that takes what it wants without fear or remorse. The monster that knows it's time to hide.

Moving upstairs he takes in the layout of the room before making his way to one of the tall White fitted wardrobes that stand pillar-esque on either side of her bed. It's a tight squeeze, but he is well concealed inside and able to view the room easily through the small crack he has left in the door. With perfect timing he secretes himself just as he hears the door close downstairs. It's almost time.

He hears her ascend the stairs, his heart beating furiously now.

He watches her as she enters her room and starts to undress. The purple vest top being peeled off slowly, revealing a silky looking black bra beneath, barely containing her soft full breasts, the very top of her beautiful pink areoles visible over the materiel. Next come the jeans, each button undone driving him wild with desire and anticipation, he has to hold himself back from revealing his intentions too soon, though the temptation is great.

The jeans get slid slowly down her arse and legs, the bending down revealing a soft bulge caused by her pussy lips filling the fine fabric of her panties. He longs to slip his cock between them and deep inside. Her black panties remain on as she sits on the far side of the bed, her hands uncoupling her bra with ease, slipping it off and stretching her luscious body long and straight, her curves giving her body an amazing shape. She slips beneath the covers without revealing more, relaxing in the safety of her home, unaware that he is waiting so close and what he has planned for her.

He doesn't have to wait long till her breathing changes and he knows she's asleep. The light she left on as she ascended the stairs bathes the room in a low indirect glow. He slowly opens the light wooden door, the hinges make no sound as if collaborating in his stealth. Stepping out fully he stands before her, the large silver hunting knife gripped tight in his hand, light glinting from it's razor sharp blade. He walks slowly and silently around to the side of the bed that her sleeping form rests on, the condensation from his warm breath inside the hard white hockey mask making it damp and hot. He lifts it to wipe his face, then becomes the monster again quickly. He watches her sleep for a moment, absorbing her beauty. Then it's time to begin.

He lightly lifts one floppy wrist and secures the rope around it. Tattoos cover much of the skin on both her arms, some colourful, some black and grey, he draws the tip of the knife lightly over them before securing the rope to the metal bedstead and then on the other wrist.

Now she was secure he started to pull the covers off her. She was beautiful, and he wanted her. As her body gets slowly uncovered he could see all the sexy curves of her body, the knifes edge running lightly across them. Slight twitches come from her body as his blade explores her skin, soon joined by his hand. As his fingers brush over her exposed nipples he sees them harden. Then she starts to stir.

She starts to try to turn over on the bed. He watches, a grin forms on his lips behind the mask as he watches the realisation start to appear on her sleeping face. She tugs her arms, her face confused, still in the mist of sleep, eyes closed. Then they burst open as understanding explodes. She stares at him for a moment that feels like a lifetime, her mind struggling to absorb the scene before her. This hooded man, burning eyes peering out of voids in the mask that covers his face, a large glinting blade in his hand; she finally tries to scream.

Before any sound can leave her mouth he is on top of her, his hand clamped over her mouth, eyes staring hypnotically into hers, his weight on her, holding her down, forcing his way between her legs. He speaks, trying to keep his voice calm as he issues his first of many warnings. Pressing the knife against her lips he says 'Don't scream, don't make a sound, if you do, I'll cut your fucking Tongue out. Understand?'

Her eyes are wide and fixed on the knife, he watches as she nods slowly.

'good girl' he breathes the words into her ear and starts to lift his weight off her. As he rises up, he draws the knife harder over the skin of her breast, not hard enough to cut, but enough to leave a clear red line that leads to her nipple. Her body trembles and he can hear the word 'no' being whimpered. The blade moves down the body till it reaches her panties, the red knife line paving a trail of intent. Her fears are confirmed as her underwear is cut effortlessly from her body and torn away.

'No please, no, don't hurt me, what do you want? Please, no. . . ' she moans in increasing desperation.

He moves above her body again, her hands fighting painfully against her restraints, his hand slips into her dark luscious hair and grips hard, pulling it viciously so the pain shows on her face. He looks through his mask into her pleading eyes and brings the knife to her throat, and in a cold low growl says 'I am going to fuck you. You can be alive, or dead, but either way I'm going to fuck you. Your choice.'

'No, please no, you can't, no please, no.'

'Do you want to keep your tongue? Shhhhhh.' He smacks her leg sharply with the flat of his knife as he slowly moves down her body again, her pleading lowered to a frightened moan.

He leans back, his knife point held against her stomach, his eyes however, are held by the sight of the amazing shaved pussy between her legs. He starts to run his fingers over the soft skin of her sexy hairless lips, one fingertip breaching the opening. Within dwells a greater level of wetness than he expected. He smiles beneath the mask as he positions two fingers at the mouth of her tight wet hole and forces them inside her. She whimpers as her pussy is used and violated by him, as the muscles begin to relax he starts to roughly fingerfuck her cunt. Her moans of defiance increase as she adds new fight to her battle with the bonds that hold her.

He withdraws his fingers, wet and sticky from being slammed inside her. He slips his fingers beneath the mask to taste the sweet juices from her tight hole, then inserts them forcefully, coating them once again. He moves round the bed, puts the knife back to her throat, and rams his fingers into her mouth 'Taste yourself!!' he exclaims, louder than he had planned. He forces his fingers in and out of her mouth till her wetness is replaced by saliva. Her mouth feels soft, warm and wet.

Moving close to her face again he keeps the knife against her throat and calmly says 'I'm going to make a deal with you, I'm going to put my cock in your mouth, you promise not to bite and I'll promise not to stab you in the face. Ok?'

She shakes her head hard but he can see she knows she has little choice. He opens his pants and let's them drop to the floor. Her eyes stare wildly at his rock hard cock as he slips it from within his boxer shorts. He moves towards her and takes a handful of her hair. 'Open' he says softly. She shakes her head and clamps her lips tight. 'Open!' he says more forcefully at the same time he twists and pulls the handful of hair he holds. She moans in pain but keeps her mouth tight. 'Open. Now!' he says again. As he adds extra force to the twisting and pulling of the handful of hair she crys out in pain, as her mouth opens he takes the chance to ram his cock in her gaping mouth. As he fills her face, her mouth remains open but she does not suck, retaining an act of defiance even now. He likes that. He starts to fuck her mouth anyway, thrusting his hips back and forth as he pulls her head against him. He can feel her gag as his cock is forced into the back of her throat. Her eyes water as he fucks her sexy lips hard, not letting his grip on her hair loosen for a moment. He pulls his cock out so she can catch her breath, drool falls from her panting mouth, as her eyes blink wildly. Before her breaths return to normal he shoves his hard, saliva coated member back into her mouth and fucks it hard again, the soft feel of her mouth and tongue driving him wild as he pushes it further and further in. This time she coughs and splutters as he withdraws it. Putting his masked face to her ear he whispers 'good girl'. His praise is given too soon.

While he has been distracted by the overwhelming pleasure of her mouth on his cock, one of her hands had begun to come loose, as he moves round the bed she suddenly pulls her hand free and starts to try to untie the other in panicked desperation.

'No!!!' he exclaims more in fear of his game ending than a command to her. He dives over the bed and rams the knife against her throat.

'No please I'm sorry dont hurt me please!!!'

He grips her tight by the throat, the point of his knife stroking down her trembling face. As he pins her down, he spots the answer to his problem on the floor. A long leather strap on her handbag.

He removes the purple strap from the bag and fastens it around her neck, then the bed and then her wrists. Gathering the rope up he looks at her and says thoughtfully, 'Seems a shame to waste this doesn't it.'

She doesn't reply, she pulls on he new restraints, but everytime she pulls, she chokes. He smiles at his brutal ingenuity.

The rope that first bound her wrists now gets wrapped around her ankle, then around the bedhead and then the other ankle leaving her legs spread wide and held in the air. She continues to struggle, but it is futile, a look of pain in her eyes tells him she is realising this too. She starts to beg again. This time he sharply slaps the inside of her thigh and softly but firmly says 'Quiet'. He stands and slips off his boxer shorts, allowing her to watch, to know what's coming next before he actually tells her.

Moving back onto the bed he kneels before his prize, taking in the beauty of her body, laid out for him to use till he has had his fill. He looks into her glassy eyes and softly says 'You look like such a slut with your legs spread like that. I'm going to make you my little fuck slut. I've already fucked your sexy mouth, now it's time for your pussy.

'No please, not that, please, I won't tell, I promise.'

He's not listening. He starts to rub the head of his engorged cock in-between her soft pussy lips. He feels his cock met with almost gushing wetness within. He smiles beneath the hard plastic, but does not let it show in his eyes. Soon he can take no more and he plunges into her. The feel of the slight resistance of her tight hole taking him inside almost makes him empty inside her instantly, but he regains his composure and starts to slam his solid cock into her tight wet velvety hole.

'no, please, no I. . . . Mmmmm. . . . No'

Her words are lost into intelligible moans as he pounds hard and deep into her. His hands tightly gripping her soft smooth legs, tight enough to leave marks on her skin. Occasionally he withdraws, allowing her to breathe then slams it back inside again. The wetness from her now gaping pussy drips from his cock each time he withdraws. His hands find her luscious breasts, gripping them tight and using them to pull himself into her unwilling hole over and over. He releases one to slap her face hard as he fucks her. He notices her eyes are glazed and crossing slightly. Then he realises, she's about to cum. He sees her head lifting from the bed, her breathing changing, the strap around her neck choking her as she tenses up and falls shaking back to the bed. He withdraws his cock from her used cunt and as he does, her whole body explodes in trembles of post orgasmic pleasure.

'Well,' he says, 'it would seem you are a slutty little bitch after all wouldnt it? Hmmmmmm?'

She shakes her head, and disagrees, but with little of her earlier conviction.

'Let's see just how slutty you are shall we?' he says with some amusement as he shoves his index finger into the wet fucked hole before him. He coats it in her own juices then moves it down. As his finger touches the entrance to her arse she cries out 'No, not there, I don't. . . I've never. . . please no not that, not there!!!'

His lubricated finger forces it's self past her tight arsehole till it's buried up to the knuckle. He fingerfucks her tight back passage slowly, enjoying the feel of it around his digit. Then he raises up, slipping his cock inside her again, coating it thoroughly in her dripping wetness. He moves the head of his cock down to the tight entrance of her arse.

'No, please you can't, no!' her pleading seems softer and further away somehow as she is used more and more by this intruder.

She tries to fight against the rope holding her legs wide and her wrists twist in continued defiance. Even with the wetness that has poured from her violated pussy, he finds it hard to squeeze his hard swollen cock into her tight hole while she is fighting. He pulls back and strikes her inner thighs hard leaving large red handprints. Her cries of pain spur him on, more loud smacks ring out as he punishes her soft skin turning it a bright pink. Eventually she stops fighting. He places one hand on her throat, and with the other he grips his cock as he gradually feeds it further and further into her reluctant arsehole. She moans out in pain, but with a hint of relief that his entrance wasn't rougher. The gentleness does not last however. Once he has eased his cock fully inside her, his hips start to thrust powerfully, pounding into her arse hard and fast. A squeak emanates from her lips each time he pushes into her and he can feel fresh wetness running from her well fucked cunt each time his body meets hers. Realising he needn't hold her legs, he begins to slip two fingers into her pussy as his cock fucks and stretches her arse. Looking into her face as he fucks both her holes at the same time he can see her eyes crossing, the pain and pleasure overwhelming her.

'What a good slut you are turning out to be.' he says brokenly through his exertion, 'Look what a filthy little bitch you are, both your holes filled by me.'

She does not respond with any more than the increasing noise of her continued squeak.

He pushes further, easing three, then four fingers into her. She starts to moan louder as he fully stretches her dripping wet pussy, her head rising, the strap round her neck choking her again as another powerful orgasm rips through her body. Her head falls back heavily, trembles shaking her, eyes closed and panting. He realises he can hold out no longer, as his cock slams a few more times into her well lubricated and fucked arse he feels his balls start to throb and his body start to twitch as his huge load prepares to explode.

The first burst of cum shoots powerfully inside her used arse, then before more can fill her he pulls it out as a second rush of his hot fluid leaves his aching cock, covering her from pussy to face. More follows, most of which splashes onto her stomach, thighs and on, and into, her well fucked holes.

He breathlessly moves up her body, her eyes looking into his. 'I will be back.' he whispers, 'your my dirty little fuckslut now, and I will see you again.' As he speaks he takes his finger and pushes a large blob of his cum that had fallen on her flushed cheek, across her face and into her mouth and watches as she swallows.

He climbs off her and dresses. Pulling his phone from his pocket he snaps a few shots of his savage work. Her cum covered body still trembling, the scratches and cuts from his blade shining red against her beautiful pale skin. He is proud of himself and of her. He turns and leaves the room.

Seconds later her returns, maskless and smiling. She smiles back at him as he lays down beside her, untying her bonds with one hand, and stroking her head with the other. Their arms encase each other once she is freed, their lips meet in a soft slow but passionate kiss. 'I love you' he says with the truest of conviction, she replies with the same heartfelt truth. They giggle together at their game, then tired, content and in love, fall asleep in each others arms.

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