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The Massage


What a hard day it had been. She had been helping her sister move into the new apartment all day and was tired. She was on the way home when she decided to stop for a few minutes at her friend Bob's house. As she sat down and was talking about her day he brought her a nice cup of coffee as he usually does. He noticed how she kept trying to stretch and look somewhat in pain. "What's wrong, you look sore?" he asked. "Oh that stupid computer desk my sister has, weighs a ton. I hurt my back. That and all the other junk she has. I'm just sore, I'll be ok." He went over and sat on the couch and motioned for her to come over to him. "Sit here" he said pointing at the spot in front of him. "I'll give you a nice backrub."

"Oh that's okay really," she said.

"Really, it's no problem come on." So she sat on the edge of the couch and he proceeded to work on her shoulders. After a short while she seemed to be relaxing and began feeling better. He expanded his rubbing to her whole back and neck. He would work firmly on her muscles and then gradually get gentler, using his fingernails to lightly scratch up and down her neck. Then he got bold and began running his fingers through her hair, lightly scratching her scalp. Then her ears and began touching the back of her neck so softly that he barely made contact.

"Oohhh Bob, I'm drifting away here! This is wonderful, but I'd better get going." They had been friends for several years. This was the first time he touched her other than an occasional hug. What he was doing to her now was becoming more intimate then she had planned on, but it felt good. "Are you sure, why don't you stay just a little longer, I like giving you a rub," he said. "Thanks, you are a good friend, if you don't mind, just a little more would be nice."

"Sure thing" he said, "but lets do it right, come lay down on the bed so I can give you a good rub, it'll be ok." She thought about it for a few brief seconds. If any other guy had just asked her to go into his bedroom and lay down for a massage she would have surely said no thanks. But Bob she trusted, and she liked him, he was a good guy. So she followed him into the bedroom and laid down in the middle of the bed on her stomach. He sat next to her and resumed the rubbing. He worked on her back, her arms and her neck. He took each finger individually and massaged the knuckle. Then after he turned both hands into jello, he ever so gently touched her inner wrists.

Lightly rubbing the area where most people have visible veins. He knew she liked what he was doing, her eyes were closed and her eyebrows were going up every time he touched something just right. He moved back to her head, rubbing each ear. Using his thumbs he massaged her forehead and stroked her eyebrows. Then ran a finger down her nose and rubbed her chin. Then thumbs again on her cheeks. Her eyebrows going up and down the whole time. Then he shifted on the bed and started working on her feet. Just like the fingers he spent time on each individual toe. Then the whole foot, especially the area between the toes. Then her ankles. Then he started her legs, it was difficult as she was wearing jeans. He knew the jeans were taking all of the feeling out of it for her, as her eyebrows stopped moving. He moved his head to hers and whispered "do you trust me?." She opened her eyes and just looked at him, not knowing what he meant. "of course" she said. "why do you ask?."

"well" he said, patting her leg, "it's the jeans, they are kind of ruining the rub." Her eyes got wider, her brain was thinking now, what to do, what to say. She thought about how much she really did trust him and this was feeling so good. She thought about the underwear she had worn this day. It was one of her favorite pairs, very soft, purple, it was just a bit on the skimpy side and it fit her a bit loosely. Now she wished she had chosen her most conservative pair. After some thought though she told herself this feels too good to end now.

So she looked up into his eyes and reached down and unbuttoned her jeans. She lifted her hips into the air just enough to let her slide her jeans down. Then took them the rest of the way off. She was still laying on her stomach which made her feel not quite so shy, but there was still a thrill laying there in her panties in front of her friend. He felt the thrill too, I could not help but gaze for a minute, and felt his manhood begin to harden. She kept her legs tightly together, wondering if he could see anything between them. He then started rubbing again. Long gentle strokes up and down the legs, spending time on her kneecaps and behind the knee. Eyebrows on the move again!

We was gently nudging her legs apart just enough to be able to rub her inner thighs, he could see the crotch of her panties and how loose they fit her. He continued the rub. He moved up to her hips and decided to take a chance, he ever so gently began running his fingers over her ass, feeling her shape, her skin. She did nothing to stop him. It was all feeling so good. He was taking in all that was female about her, and getting more aroused. He gently ran his fingertips over her lower back and with each pass would slide them under her panties more and more, caressing her base ass. Then he went back to her upper legs, making extremely light strokes up and down with his finger nails.

She had subconsciously moved her legs further apart and he had a perfect view of her panty-covered pussy. He continued the gentle strokes up and down her inner thighs, venturing farther up to her panties, stopping within an inch of her pussy. Although her eyes were closed and she was in heaven, she did notice how close he was getting to her womanhood and part of her was telling her it's time to go home now. The other part of her was getting aroused, she felt a beautiful warm feeling down there, and realized she was getting wet. He had conflicting thoughts as well. He knew if he moved up any farther he would risk losing her trust and maybe her friendship as well.

The other part of him was longing to feel those panties, to feel the pussy lips underneath. He felt his eyes glazing over with lust, his erection was full now. He cared about this woman, really cared about her, the conflict in his mind was strong. The more he thought the more he could feel his hands shaking, he was nervous, his heart pounding.

After a long time of stroking those inner thighs his arousal got the best of him and on one stroke up he very gently touched her panties with the side of his hand. It was so gentle he thought maybe she would not feel it. But she did, and her eyes flew open and met his. They studied each others eyes for what seemed like hours while his hand had stopped on her thigh very close to that private area. They were trying to read each others thoughts, they both knew they were on the edge of something that would change things between them forever.

She felt his trembling hand on her thigh, she knew he was nervous. Then ever so slowly, he moved his hand again, even closer to her panties, as he slid toward her pussy he never broke eye contact, just waiting for a facial expression to indicate he should stop. Their gaze into each other's eyes was intense. Suddenly, he felt the panty material at the side of his hand again. Still looking into her eyes he applied a slight amount of pressure this time and could feel her slit through the material. Her eyes slowly went closed again as he began to rub his hand up and down along her pussy. She didn't mean to, but she let out a quite moan. As he continued to feel her through the material, he slid one finger under her panties at the leg opening. Now gently rubbing her outer lip he felt her heat. Up and down he slid the finger, moving ever so slowly closer to her slit.

As he reached it and felt the wetness there she let out another moan, this one longer than the first. His erection now harder than he could ever remember it. He slid the finger up and down her opening, stopping to feel her clit with each stroke. Then applying slight pressure he ever so gently slid his finger into her. The moan this time was much louder and longer, her panties were pulled to the side now by his other fingers. He was enjoying the sight of her bare pussy and his finger in her. He continued to finger her as he noticed how irregular her breathing was, and how her mouth was open. Her mind was not there in the room, it was some other place. Suddenly he stopped. And her eyes flew open and looked at him as if to say "please don't stop now."

He then grabbed the side of her panties and pulled them off of her. Then gently rolled her over onto her back. He pulled her shirt over her head and unsnapped the front hook on her bra. She was now completely exposed to him, he took a minute to enjoy her body with his eyes. He felt her breasts with trembling hands and touched her nipples with his thumbs. He then moved up on top of her, positioning his cock up against her slit.

He stopped, looked into her eyes and whispered "I love you." Tears welled up in her eyes as she whispered to him "I know, I love you too." He then slowly pushed himself into her. She reached down and caressed his balls with her gentle hand. In three gentle thrusts he was all the way in, she could feel his balls resting on the outside of her pussy. He stopped there, and reached his hand to the back of her neck and softly held it as he moved down as kissed her. They explored each other's mouths before he lifted his head up, pulled all they way out and thrust into her again.

She rolled her eyes back as she let out the loudest moan yet. Then he began to thrust in and out, slowly at first, then more rapidly. He began pounding into her hard and within no time at all she exploded into an intense orgasm. When she did he felt the heat in her pussy and her muscles gripping his cock. A few more hard thrusts and he exploded into her, he pushed in farther than ever, held it there and emptied himself into her. They both laid there as his cock began to shrink in her. They held each other for a few minutes before he pulled out and laid next to her. There they stayed for along time, looking into each others eyes, wondering what would become of there relationship.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"I am wonderful" she said and they kissed again. They fell asleep in each others arms. In the morning he awoke to the sound of the shower. Fear suddenly set in, what had he done? Had he lost a friend? Had he found the love of his life? When she stepped out of the shower she dried off and walked over to the bed naked. She layed on top of him and kissed him. He said "when I said I loved you I meant it."

"so did I" she said, and they made love again. Over the years he had continued to give her wonderful massages almost every night. And their passion for each other never faded. She was the one, the one he had hoped to find all his life, he had finally found her. And he committed himself to making her the happiest woman in the world for the rest of her life. And the best part, they were always the best of friends.

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