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The Masseur


Yes, I'm a masseur but let me get one thing straight right from the start. I am fully qualified in both sports and relaxation massage. I do not ever give a sexy massage to any of my clients, well almost never. I do have a few ladies who have been coming to me on a regular basis who talked me into masturbating them to orgasm at the end of a massage. But, it has always been their suggestion and I always say no to any lady who asks me to make them cum during their first visit to me. You can't be too careful, they may be from the vice squad. And if anyone rings and asks, the answer is always a firm "no" and I will not let them make an appointment.

Now to my story. I had been massaging Sue every fortnight for about two months. She was lovely, very intelligent and easy to talk with, she had a great sense of humour and was good company. Divorced a couple of years ago she used relaxation massage to help cope with the stress in her life. Sue always wore a modest bikini for her massages and there was never any hint of her being under my hands for anything but massage.

This day Sue seemed very uptight and found it difficult to relax. She was very quiet too, if my clients want to talk I will too, if they want peace with relaxing classical music then that's what they get, I "go with the flow".

Back to Sue. I started the massage as usual with my client lying on her tummy, her face in the head hole of the table. I untied the back of her bikini top, applied the lavender scented oil and started to massage her back and shoulders. There was a lot of tension in her shoulders and I spent more time on them than normal, easing out the knots and relaxing the muscles. My hands carried out the familiar patterns up and down her spine, her sides and around the lower back, easing off as usual in the kidney area. I instructed her to take some deep breaths that helped her to relax. Following my regular pattern I retied her bikini top after wiping off the excess oil and then lowered her bikini bottom so that her buttocks were in view but her "private parts" were still out of sight. Sue likes a very firm massage of her buttocks and as I drove my knuckles into her lovely buns she gave a long moan. I asked her if she was OK and she nodded so I proceeded with my knuckles giving her gluteus maximus muscles a good work over.

After covering her buttocks with the bikini bottom I transferred my attention to her lovely, slim legs. Working my hands from her ankles to the top of her thighs I eased the tight muscles in her calves and thighs. Again I heard low moans as my hands came close to vee at the top of her legs, I noted the sounds but said nothing and pressed on.

It was time for Sue to turn over and I signaled this to her in my usual way, the way I do with all my clients, with a light spank on her bum and the instruction, "Turn over please."

Sue whispered, "Please do that again."

Now I thought she wanted some more massage so I replied, "Sure, where, on your back or legs?"

To my utter surprise Sue replied, "No, not more massage, I want you to spank me again!"

Well, you can imagine my amazement! I have always had an interest in spanking and all it's associated activities, and I had a girlfriend years ago who enjoyed a light spanking as a turn on before sex, and here I was being asked by a beautiful client to spank her! I moved up to the top of the table and Sue raised her head with a wan smile, but with a sparkle in her eyes.

I asked her if she was serious and she said she sure was, her ex husband used her spank her occasionally but never enough and her unusual needs were one of the reasons they split up. She went on to say that because she knew she could trust me after the last few months of massage she had decided to ask me, if I refused she would just leave and find another masseur. She was really badly in need of a good spanking and would I please give it to her!

There was a tension laden minute of silence in the room as I thought about her request. The stirring between my legs gave me my answer, when in doubt go with the flow!

I grinned at Sue and moved back down the side of the table. I placed my hands gently on the bikini bottom, gently rubbing them over the contours of Sue's lovely arse. I continued the rubbing for a minute or so, you could feel the suspense in the room! A muffled "Please" came from the head of the table as I delayed the spanking for as long as I could. "Patience", I replied, "Good things come to those who wait."

I continued my slow exploration of the lovely mounds, mounds that would soon be bouncing and rippling under my hands! Suddenly I raised my right hand and brought it down with a soft "smack". "Harder", came from Sue, "And don't stop until I tell you!"

Doing it harder was no problem for me; I raised my hand again and brought it down with a hard "whack". A sigh of pleasure came from Sue. Without pausing I repeated the spank on the other buttock, alternating my spanks as I warmed to the task.

After about 30 firm spanks I stopped. I got in first before Sue could speak.

"Sue", I said firmly, "This spanking will be much better for you if your bottom is bare!"

There was silence for about thirty tension filled seconds. Had I gone too far?

Then, "Oh Yes, Please!" from Sue. My intuition was right again!

Grinning to myself I slipped my hands under her bikini bottom, the warmth of her smooth skin palpable to my touch. Slowly I caressed her beautiful buns, causing more moans from the very turned on lady on my table. Slowly, ever so slowly, I eased the bikini down off her lovely arse, marveling as her pink colored bum came into my view, then slowly down her thighs, knees, calves and finally completely off over her feet. Her legs were almost together so I took an ankle in each hand and slowly eased them apart to the corners of the table. As I moved back beside her my hands never left her legs slowly sliding back up over her calves, knees and back up her lovely thighs, just grazing her pubes to rest once again on her blushing bum.

Without warning I gave her a hard "whack" followed quickly by about 10 more hard spanks, alternating between each glowing cheek.

There was a shriek from Sue, "Shit, that hurt, but I love it, keep going."

I needed no urging, I was enjoying this as much as Sue. I kept up the pressure, spanking firmly and regularly, moving my spanks down to her upper thighs. Sue was now moaning and gasping with nearly each loud whack. She was squirming on the table and I had to place my left hand in the middle of her back to try and keep her still. My hand was really stinging now and her arse was glowing a bright pink. I glanced at the clock to realize that my next client was due in about fifteen minutes, I told Sue this and gave her six really hard final spanks on her lovely, glowing arse.

"Roll over Sue," I said as I untied the bows of her bikini top. As she turned over onto her back I removed her bikini top releasing those beautiful breasts to my gaze and my hands. Sue lay there, her eyes shining brightly, a broad grin on her face. I applied some oil to her breasts and gave them a firm massage, squeezing them tight, making the nipples stand up hard as little cocks; I took the nipples between my thumb and first finger and applied pressure. Tears welled up in Sue's eyes. "Too hard?" I asked and she nodded. I immediately released those lovely teats promising myself to get better acquainted with them sometime in the future.

"Please, before you finish make me cum," Sue pleaded.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked innocently.

"Fuck my cunt with your fingers!" she cried at me, "And do it quickly, I'm on fire!"

"My pleasure, Madam," I replied, "And such language from a lady, I'll have to punish you later for such crudity."

Once again I spread Sue's legs apart. Her pussy was very wet as I slid one finger of my right hand in as far as it would go. Slowly I moved the finger in and out, building her up gradually to what was going to be a great orgasm. I then added another finger, Sue was writhing around on the table, moaning with pleasure, and when I added a third finger she just about took off. With my left hand I at first steadied her and then rubbed her clit as the other hand moved in and out.

"I'm cummmmmminnnnngggggg," shouted Sue, thank God the room was soundproofed, she arched her back as orgasm after orgasm swept through her body until finally she collapsed on the massage table. She lay smiling at me as I wiped the excess oil and perspiration from her body.

"Thank you so much. That was the best ever. I'm so glad I asked you and I'm so glad you did what you did, can I come again?"

"Not right now," I replied with a grin as she sat up and wrapped her arms around me with a giant hug. She gave me a big thank you kiss and then busied herself getting dressed as the buzzer went announcing my next client had arrived.

"It's still stinging," she whispered to me as I let her out of the room, "See you soon!"

That night the phone rang and it was Sue. Thanking me once again for my extra service and telling me that she hadn't felt so free and without stress for years. After she had chatted non stop for about 10 minutes I finally got a word in. With crossed fingers I asked,

"Sue, would you like to come here for dinner tomorrow night? We can talk over all that happened today and, if you like, we can explore further your need to be spanked. I have a few implements that I can use that will stop my hand from hurting and with no time constraints we can take our time, maybe you might like to spend the night?"

There was a pause on the other end of the phone. Had I gone too far?

Her reply soon resolved my doubt, "That would be wonderful, absolutely wonderful. What time do you want me to arrive?"

"7.30, and don't be a minute late, or else!" I said with a laugh.

"I can't wait, thank you so much, see you tomorrow night." And the phone clicked dead.

I couldn't wipe the grin of my face as I worked out what I was going to cook tomorrow night, what an experience Sue and I had today, roll on tomorrow night.

Part Two

Sue was five minutes late for our date for which I admonished her.

"I told you not to be late didn't I? I'll have to punish you later for your tardiness."

"Oh I hope so!" Sue said with a smile and a laugh.

We gave each other a hug and I showed her around my home. Dinner was ready to be served so I sat Sue at the table while I served the food and opened a lovely bottle of Australian wine. Wine is always a good relaxer and any inhibitions either of us had soon faded away.

I got Sue to tell me of her spanking interest and her need to be punished. She told me an amazing story about a song she had on an old record called "Tell me a Story". The song had finished with the words "And now the tale's read" after the sound of three whacks. At only three years of age this had stirred an attraction about spanking that had lasted all her life, even though she was not punished as a child. As Sue had told me the previous day she had been spanked as an adult but never to the degree that she needed and she hoped that I would be the man she had been searching for that would make her fantasies come true. Sue told me of some of her fantasies and we discussed a suitable code word to be used if things got too hot!

The time passed quickly and soon the main course was finished, along with most of the wine. On the CD player Madonna was singing "Spank me!" as I took the empty plates out into the kitchen and returned with dessert – a hair brush on a plate.

"Would madam like to have something different for dessert?" I inquired with a smile on my face, showing the plate to my delightful and delighted guest.

"Oh my God" she cried, "What a different dessert you offer kind sir, I would love to partake of such a feast!"

"You will now obey all my instructions," I ordered with a stern voice, helping Sue from her chair.

I placed the chair in the center of the lounge and sat down. "Take off your shoes and come over my knees, its time for your dessert my sweet."

Sue stood beside me her eyes shining with excitement, and laid herself across my legs. I put my left hand in the middle of her back to steady her and my right hand moved down her legs and took hold of the hem of her skirt. Slowly I lifted the skirt upwards, exposing her shapely, stocking covered legs. The stockings were supported by a sexy suspender belt and her lovely arse was partly covered by a flimsy pair of knickers. A moan of anticipation came from Sue as I slowly rubbed my hand over the exposed skin and her knickers.

"I don't think modesty is needed this time," I said as I slid the knickers down off her arse, down her legs and off over her feet.

Another moan from Sue as she pleaded, " Please hurry up, this waiting is driving mad."

Silence wench I commanded, "I'll start when I'm good and ready, don't forget who is in charge around here!"

I rubbed her beautiful arse some more, spreading the cheeks apart and making a mental promise to myself to get better acquainted with the rosebud later in the evening.

Finally, I could wait no more. I raised my hand and brought it down sharply on her white skin, followed quickly by more spanks, changing from cheek to cheek with each whack. Sue was moaning and groaning with delight, this was what she needed and craved so badly. As my hand continued to rise and fall Sue's skin slowly turned from white to pink, she was wriggling with delight on my lap, her legs thrashing the air. Many moans and yelps of delight were heard as I paused and reached for the hairbrush.

"Ready for your dessert?" I inquired, raising the hairbrush and bringing it swiftly down with a resounding 'smack'.

"Yeeeow, that really stings!" Sue yelled, followed by a "Yaaaow" as the hairbrush descended again.

I could see the pink skin quickly turning to red as I continued to take the hairbrush to Sue's lovely back side. "Remember the code word" I said as I continued to spank. Sue nodded her head vigorously that she knew the code word but the only sounds coming from her were the Oooohs, Aaahs and the little screams of pain and delight as the hairbrush rose and fell. Both her cheeks were now bright red and Sue was wriggling so much I was having trouble keeping her on my knees.

"MERCY please Mercy!" Sue cried. She was now sobbing as I helped her to her feet.

I stood too and took her in my arms, supporting her as the sobbing and the tears subsided. We hugged each other as she calmed a little, I put Sue at arms length and she was grinning at me through the tears, her body still trembling. I handed her a box of tissues and she cleaned her face up.

"You know Matt, those tears were not from the pain, I was suddenly overwhelmed as I realized that I had finally found someone who can give me what I have so desperately needed all these years. God Matt I am so turned on right now, please make me come."

"My pleasure Madam," I said with a smile on my face as I picked Sue up and carried her into my bedroom. "I think you need a soft surface to lie on for a while, don't you?"

I removed her skirt and softly laid this lovely lady on the bed, raised her legs up to her chest. "Your arse is so red Sue, I think it should stay off the sheets for a while!" I knelt on the floor as Sue held herself wide open for me. I grinned at her and poked my tongue out, she knew where I was about to put my tongue and she couldn't wait.

"Come on, damn you Matt, don't keep me waiting any longer, I'm as hot as hell, inside and out!"

I could see droplets of moisture on her cunt lips as my tongue gently traced it's way around the outside of her labia, then moved it's way to tickling her clitoris. I felt Sue's thighs on each side of my head, virtually locking and holding me in position, as if I wanted to go anywhere else right now.

I could hear her cries of pleasure as my tongue continued to lick her out. I plunged it as far as I could into her wet hole of pleasure, Sue was now bucking on the bed, I felt one of her hands on the back of my head pushing my face further into her groin. I managed to slip two fingers up her as my tongue continued to play with her clit. The bucking and twisting grew into a frenzy until I heard Sue's scream.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh, I'm coming, I'm coming, don't stop Matt, this is the best ever, keep going, keep going, oooohhhhhh, I'm coming again."

Finally the twisting and heaving subsided, the lovely thighs released their hold on my head as Sue collapsed back on the bed, perspiration gleaming all over her body. I climbed on the bed beside her and kissed her deeply, making sure she could taste her pussy juices on my lips and face.

After we both regained our breath Sue spoke, "Wow Matt, I have NEVER had orgasms like that ever before in my life, I didn't know it could be as good as that. Most of the men I've known regarded going down on me as dirty, although of course they all expected me to give them a blow job, but you were just sensational. Now I know what I taste like too and I can't wait to know what you taste like!"

"Patience Sue, patience. The night is young and I have many pleasures in mind for both of us, that is if you want to stay the night?"

"Want to stay? Of course I do. The hairbrush was fantastic, I want more, do you have any other things you can use on my poor little arse."

"Of course I do, I replied, but let's have a shower and clean up a bit, there is plenty of time for me to introduce you to other pursuits."

After a shower during which I had a difficult time keeping Sue's hands off my cock we returned to the dining room for some Toblerone chocolate cheese cake and coffee. We both remained nude, at ease with each other and enjoying each others company.

"Come with me my darling," I said as I took Sue's hand and led her to the massage room where this had all started yesterday.

"Wait outside the door for one minute," I told Sue. I went into the room and lit four candles that I had placed in position before Sue arrived. The lighting was excellent and added to the atmosphere of the evening.

"Come in Sue."

Sue walked into the massage room and let out a gasp as she saw the assortment of items on my desk. Ropes, a blindfold, two cats of nine tails – one with silk thongs and the other with leather thongs, a variety of leather straps in various widths and thicknesses, a tawse, a couple of vibrators, a crop and two canes.

Sue was riveted to the spot, she couldn't take her eyes off the articles on the desk. "You're not going to use all those on me are you? I don't think I could stand the pain of a cane."

I quickly reassured her, "My Darling Sue, nothing is going to happen to you tonight that you don't want to happen. You know you only have to use the code word and I will stop. You do trust me don't you?"

Sue nodded her agreement, she was breathing quickly and shallowly. I gently moved her over to the massage table and laid her down on her back.

"Don't you want me on my tummy?" she asked.

"Not yet," I replied, "I want to surprise you and pleasure you, I want you to cum and cum some more."

I took four lengths of soft rope from the desk and gently but firmly tied her ankles and wrists to the corners of the table. Sue made no effort to resist. I made her do some deep breathing to help relax her and this had the desired effect. She calmed down and even gave a weak smile as I slipped the blindfold over her eyes.

"What are you going to do now?" Sue asked.

"Silence wench, only speak when spoken to," I commanded with just the right amount of humor in my voice.

As I said that I left the room, closing the door behind me. Nothing like a little suspense to heighten ones' senses. I collected a couple of more items for Sue's pleasure and after about ten minutes returned to the massage room. I was delighted to see Sue taking deep breaths to help her stay relaxed.

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