tagNonHumanThe Master Ch. 03

The Master Ch. 03


The new Amy awoke, her conquered and remodeled mind finally slipping into a more direct, orderly way of thinking. She explored her new body, her large breasts had largely stayed the same, they had only become impossibly more upturned, pert and erect nipples crowning her luscious mounds.

She ran her gentle hands down her new, soft hips, they had become more rounded while her bottom was more curvaceous and thick, she squealed in delight as for once she had something to grab.

Then her thoughts turned to her brother, Alex, the one responsible for burning her humanity and self control away, she immediately became moist for him, remembering the previous night of passion. She now looked at him with adoration and gratitude.

Alex had already dressed himself, while two new women were in the room. Alex proceeded to make the introductions.

"Amy, this was your mother." He moved forward to the green skinned woman, sparing a few gropes on her ass before fondling her entrancingly large breasts, she moaned softly in reciprocation before stealing a kiss on his neck. He looked lustily into her eyes. "And for you, this woman was known to be your daughter to the old Rebecca."

Rebecca did not doubt him, but searched through the remnants of her brain to confirm as much. Unsurprisingly she felt no motherly feelings towards her daughter, love had only been replaced with unquenchable lust. She responded laconically. "Interesting."

Rebecca moved to the other woman she had brought with her, Amy's roommate, a shapely brunette who was staring blankly through the dorm window.

"And now for my turn. This...was Katy. I spent the night converting her in the girl's locker room ." The recollection of the event made her pussy spasm, and she suppressed a gasp as she continued on. "She is carrying an egg of the Master, it will be hatched once she flies back home to the UK. She will spread his will even further." She finally moaned loudly, giving in to the thought of more enslavements across the world.

While Amy was carrying the first hybrid, Katy was simply carrying one of his eggs that would eventually birth a new fungus, similar to the impregnation Gloria had once wrought on Denise.

The group was just about to pack up and move on before there was a knock on the door. Amy opened the door, completely topless, her flawless, alabaster breasts spread out majestically. She eyed the prey before her with curiosity. Curiosity soon turned predatory.

The raven haired girl was chubby but buxom with a pretty face. She was listing off her memorized lines, something about a student survey before looking up and catching a glimmer of the fatal beauty before her. Her jaw dropped in awe, and before she could say anything, she was grabbed by the neck, her scream cut short as she was snatched into the dorm. She would not leave it.

Before Amy could go home and prepare for her baby, there was one last thing she needed and this poor random girl had it. Alex and the others all took a step back, looking on with arousal and approval as Amy brought her wide hips to bear, clashing against the girl's sumptuous body, grinding against her feverishly.

She moaned before ravishing the survey girl's mouth, their tongues dueling in delight as Amy pumped neurotoxins straight into her palate, and gassed up her victim's brain with pheromones emitted through her skin.

The survey girl's terror and panic had been allayed, her mind drifting blissfully through a cloud of poisonous love and lust. She wasn't even lesbian or bisexual but this curvy goddess was giving her unearthly pleasure, she couldn't resist.

Her eyes glazed over, only aware of her lover's incredibly soft skin writhing with hers, then she felt her shirt being ripped off, and then their pillowy breasts pressing against each other. She moaned into her violator's neck as both took part in the delectable and cushy sensations from rubbing their breasts together in unison, her nipples becoming highly aroused as a familiar heat built up in her loins. But before either could be acted upon, she felt only a supple, moist breast being urged into her mouth, her tongue and lips automatically finding a nipple...and then her mind went blank from pure ecstasy.

Amy cried out in demented joy as the girl below sucked fiercely on her bosom, draining her of a narcotic sap that would further weaken the bonds of mind and body. She watched with rapt interest as green veins pulsated along her ivory globes, as they pumped fluids into the girl's gorging mouth. In a matter of minutes Amy would be able to take what she needed from her, which excited her further as her pussy juices leaked on to her twitching victim.

She positioned herself over the girl's pussy. It was time! With great pleasure, Amy squeezed a viridian phallus out of her sex, delighting in the delicate sensations it created as it unfolded itself. The thing was extremely shiny, dripping with juices. Amy admired it briefly before slowly and intimately, penetrating the squirming girl. She teased her by rubbing the head against her vaginal lips, eliciting long moans of pleasure from both, and then continued her passage inside the woman's most sacred spot.

The survey girl screamed as her pelvic muscles greedily sucked down Amy's rod, her pussy exploding in wanton pleasure. Her nerves tingled as she felt Amy playfully biting her ear lobe, both groaning as Amy forced herself deeper and deeper. The fact that Amy had all of the sudden started penetrating did not concern her, nor did the fact that the phallus had seemingly gone past her womb and into her vital organs. What should have been painful, was euphoric. She wanted this moment to last forever.

Amy had reached her target and she sighed in satisfaction, looking in the dazed eyes of her conquest. The head of the phallus had bloomed and spread apart into four sections, like flower petals, and as Amy continued her thrusting, her phallus had begun sucking. Everything.

The survey girl felt a completely new sensation. It wasn't submission...it was emptiness. It was terrifying yet completely seductive, her body tingled in excitement at the sensation. She felt more and more of her self fading away, her brain slowly but surely being filled up with greater portions of pleasure than thought.

She immediately saddened inside, completely helpless as she stared up into the eyes of Amy. There was no hint of mercy, only primal lust. Why? Why was she doing this to her? She would have cried if she could, but sadness had been sucked out, she had forgotten what it even felt like, eventually her misery was sucked away too, and she could only surrender to her passions, and as she did, her back curved as she pushed her wobbling breasts forward, moaning with intense rapture, at peace with her imminent absorption.

Amy continued rutting like an enraged animal over the buxom girl's quivering, gasping body, her perfectly rounded ass rising up in the air, her swinging breasts lightly smacking the girl's face, and as she did so, she let out another strangulated moan as she felt another chunk of her victim's consciousness break away into her.

This girl would not be another slave for the Master. Oh no. She was food. Amy needed to give her child a functioning brain, and as she stripped the girl of her mind, her body was imprinting a functional neural network onto her young. Before her progeny could follow the commands of the Master, it needed something to follow the commands with. It mattered not where the mind came from, only that her child have it. It would have some of the memories of Amy's victim, but such things were irrelevant to thralls of the Master. Amy broke out of her erotic thoughts and spared one more final glance at the twitching mass of flesh below.

The survey girl felt the final piece of herself leave her in a blast of ecstasy, it was a memory concerning baking cookies with a mother figure. Maybe it was her mom, whatever a mom was. And with that, her mind had been stripped away, left to be utterly brain dead. She shuddered in joy as the last bit of sentience seeped out into her lover.

Amy finally slowed down her thrusting, sighing gently as she felt the final piece of the puzzle complete itself. She looked down at her wasted prey, eyes had rolled back into her empty little head and she drooled like a dumbfounded cow. The Master would have no use for her, her underlying neurological structure was completely missing, there would be nothing to control. However, waste not, want not, Amy laid down upon the girl and had her phallus resume sucking. She had taken her mind, but not her life. As she snuggled up to her breasts, she felt reinvigorated as her undulating stem filled her with fresh life.

Hours had passed, the survey girl's breathing had slowed and her heart had stammered until she finally expired, her chunky form reduced to little more than a sack of bones. Amy got up, yawning and satisfied with her feast of mind and body. Such an ignoble death for so sweet a girl. Amy felt no remorse, nor did it bother her that she didn't even know the girl's name.

Rebecca dissolved the withered corpse into compost with her advanced biology, before all four left the college for the last time.


Amy lay in Gloria's living room, in the house where it all began. The hybrid child gestated faster than a normal human child and so close to the entire neighborhood was present for the ceremony, including Denise, Rebecca, and Alex. The room was filled to the brim with other converts, some could pass for human, others could not, having been completely transformed into green, fungal creatures.

She noted with slight disinterest that Denise was standing over a thick, middle-aged redhead woman on her knees, looking dazed and fearful, but then she felt the pleasurable contractions.

She felt the creature stir in her womb, it's passage through igniting multiple orgasms, her body rocked and trembled in paralyzing bliss, and heard a guttural moan escape her throat as her eyes turned green, in total submission to the Master. This was heaven.

Slime gushed onto the floor as the creature made it's way into the world, Amy's stomach deflating rapidly. She was left in a hot, orgasmic afterglow and simply stared ahead, letting others handle the creature.

Gloria moved to pick it up, but then paused, the Master spoke to her instantly, telling her to wait. All in the room followed the command as they gazed at the creature with curiosity and anticipation. The creature stood up straight, and started growing taller, developing muscles at a rapid rate. The crowd watched it grow into adulthood. Amazing. What took humanity at least 18 years this thing could do in 18 minutes.

It looked down at it's "mother", and then at itself. The creature had emerald skin but could instantly camouflage itself to look human, and it soon emulated Amy's voluptuous appearance, playing with it's heavy breasts before toying with other aspects of it's body, caught in the curiosity of exploring it's new form and functions.

It could be male or female, whenever it desired and it could bring more slaves to the Master instantly, without benefit of lengthy conversions.

Denise smiled at the creature with pride before looking down at her portly captive, the redhead. Mrs. Brown, the last human in the neighborhood, her son had been turned and her husband had already been fed to a fungus to increase it's growth, she was all that remained.

She leaned down to the housewife, licking her neck before softly whispering in her ear. "You have seen the future...now you will become a part of it."

Though she was in a haze, the aged woman moaned in fear and arousal at the thought. She wished the thought of losing herself hadn't excited her so much, but the more she fought it, the more turned on she became.

The creature morphed back into a green being, assuming the form of a highly muscular male, like one of Nature's fertility gods, as multiple vines slid out of his back, before beckoning to his first convert.

"Bring her to me. Now." His voice was chilling, sounding like a whirlwind of many voices, man, woman and child.

Denise pushed her forward, and as the woman was about to fall, the man grabbed her. With his vines. They slid around her ankles and wrists, holding her up with incredible strength, as they shoved her arms and legs wide apart, spread eagle and completely open for penetration.

The gesture had completely ripped her matronly skirt apart, and was beginning to tear at her sweater, stretching it to it's limit as her abundant breasts threatened to burst out. The being finished the job by walking up and slashing her top away with a quick motion of his hand. Her round breasts were now spilling out, and he beheld her with a feral lust, his mating and enslavement instincts in full swing. She was his.

Mrs. Brown's body was tense with expectation, her body eager for what was coming and she nearly fainted when she saw the creature's manhood. It was virile and dripping liquid like a poisonous snake, ready to strike, elongating itself as it wavered before her warm pussy like a cobra, hungry and longing to sink itself within and begin the conversion.

She gasped as he plunged his member into her sopping pussy, humping against her with animalistic urgency. His forest colored hands gripped her wide hips, sinking into her yielding flesh like talons on a predatory beast, as his mouth mauled and sucked her ripe breasts, teasing and inflaming her arousal with his lascivious tongue

The being lowered his vines, bringing her closer as he grabbed her by the head, his hot breath tickling her face as he leaned in, pressing his lips against hers. She kissed back in turn, her lips mashing against his in lustful need, as she rolled and ground her hips against his phallus, aching to feel more of it. Her breasts jiggled from their passionate movements, nipples gorged with blood and elongating from her intense arousal.

His breath was wet in her ear as he grabbed her thick bottom, clenching her ass cheeks as he slid her back and forth on his manhood. She moaned uncontrollably as he brought her down on his rod, over and over, quickening the unrelenting pace. As she came repeatedly on his cock, she was too lost in her euphoria to feel her thoughts fading away as they became crowded with feelings of divine submission, she felt so close to giving herself over to him.

"Help..." she moaned, her voice trailing off as she failed to resist the pleasure, "Can't...think...so lost.."

"Not for much longer," he panted, his eerie voice giving her goosebumps, as his arousal reached it's breaking point. "Soon....you will have...purpose!" he finally gave in, gripping and squeezing her ample tits as he spurt his virulent seed into the depths of her willing womb, invading her cells and obliterating her humanity in one fell stroke.

"Ahhh...no....can feel you...in my brain...!" she gasped, the final cogent thought she would ever have, as her body convulsed in his grip, drool dribbling down her neck as she experienced the wildest orgasm in her life, her hips bucking wildly in a mad effort to take more of him.

"Yes...yes, take it all in..." rumbled the being, as he watched her body slacken while his vines rippled and swelled, liquid bulges traveling down their length as they pumped her willing body full of invading fluids. "It will be over soon...just fade away...surrender..."

Mrs. Brown felt crushed and blinded by orgiastic ecstasy as she heard the Master's voice from outside and within, his control was so close, so near to finishing her off, that the last tiny bit of her humanity finally gave up, giving herself over to the Master with a sensual moan. Her eyes whited out as searing pleasure blew through her mind, her self control burned away as her back arched, howling and sobbing in pure joy as she felt the Master's tendrils embed themselves in her brain forever.

The being held her convulsing body there for a few moments as the woman formerly known as Mrs. Brown underwent her final adjustments. Her graying red hair was revitalized into a youthful, ruddy luster, as her excess folds were sucked in, no longer overweight and very toned. Her breasts pulled up, pointing high from her chest as their slight droop was eased away. By the time she was let down by his vines, she looked 30 years younger, with not a blemish to be found, her face doll-like in it's newfound youth.

She could still pass for human, if not for her deadened and soulless eyes, any traces of humanity no longer apparent. Then she heard the being speak, and she shuddered in pleasure. He was the Master in the living flesh.

"Slave! Who do you serve?"

"The Master." she replied blankly.

The Master smiled to himself, pleased with how quickly he bent her to his will. He looked over his assembled group with pride, the newly converted Mrs. Brown, Amy and Alex, Rebecca, Denise, and his dearest pet and most valued weapon, Gloria.

Morning light shined through the room, it was a new dawn. A new dawn for the Master, and for humanity. He dreamed about enslaving the world, bringing more into his colony, the idea aroused him greatly. All those minds, ready to be taken. His converts all moaned in unison at his thought.

Now was the time to spread.

The age of the Master had come.


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