tagMind ControlThe Master of Truth 004

The Master of Truth 004


Modern day, in a world where humans only speak the truth...

* * *

I sighed and rubbed my hand over my face. I had to figure out what to do, but I was having a hard time focusing. Glancing down between my spread knees, I could see why.

The blonde's mouth bobbed rhythmically up and down my straining cock, her hot mouth heavenly as she lovingly devoted all of her energy to pleasuring my throbbing prick. Next to her, the busty Asian girl leaned in and wrapped her pink lips around my shaft from one side, sliding up and down my length in concert with the blonde so that my entire cock was glistening and wet with saliva.

Fuck... I thought, my eyes rolling back in my head as I clenched the arms of the chair so hard my knuckles went white. I had thought that this would help me destress and focus, but it was really just making it incredibly hard for me to think clearly.

Juliana raised her head, pushing back her heavy blonde hair. Her heaving tits were juicy and round, just begging to be played with. Kristi immediately took her place, wrapping her slim fingers around my girth and redirecting the purple head of my cock so it slid between her plush lips and over her waiting tongue.

I gritted my teeth and fought back the urge to grab Kristi by her black ponytail and fuck her gorgeous face until I came down her hot, slutty little throat. Not now, I told myself sternly as Juliana stood and then slid down onto one of the armrests beside me. My eyes locked onto her erect pink nipples.

"What's wrong, Logan?" she asked me, her bright blue eyes gazing into mine and her mouth pouting cutely. "Are we not pleasing you?" My erstwhile teacher had a furrow between her sculpted eyebrows, and I couldn't help but smile affectionately at her.

"You're doing great, lover," I told her. I shivered as Kristi chose that moment to lean in and take my cock all the way into her tight throat. She swallowed, the muscles working in concert feeling like she was jacking me off inside of her body. Jesus Christ that's good... I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "I'm just worried about your sister."

I opened my eyes to see Juliana biting her lip with a matching expression of worry.

"You'll make sure everything works out," she said hopefully.

I groaned softy as Kristi began to gently massage my balls with her fingers. They were full and tight, several weeks of near-constant pleasuring making them efficient little spunk-producing factories that needed to be frequently emptied.

"Of course I will," I told Juliana with a small smile. I still felt preoccupied, but I was surprised when Juliana leaned in and kissed me tenderly.

Her soft lips sucked gently on mine as she probed my mouth with her tongue. I opened my own mouth in response and deepened the kiss, feeling a mountain of worry begin to slide off my shoulders. My hands rose and I slid them up my professor's slim sides, her skin smooth and luxuriously soft beneath my fingers. They itched to curve from their trajectory, to take her globular breasts and massage them, play with her nipples and make her gasp with pleasure.

I didn't let them. This is a different sort of moment, I realized. Then, I immediately thought, Weird. What is up with you? I broke off the kiss, too distracted to pursue that line of thinking. I was having a harder and harder time just using my power to fuck my two companions senselessly. I'd evidently developed emotional attachments to both of them.

"One problem at a time..." I muttered, and Juliana raised her eyebrows questioningly.

I shook my head to dislodge my previous train of thought. Refocus on what's in front of you. "I'll make sure things end up right," I told my teacher, staring into her beautiful face sincerely. But the true problem, I had to admit, wasn't her sister. I was sure that I could use my unique skill, the ability to speak untrue things and convince others that my words were the reality of the world, to convince her sibling that what I was doing with Juliana was completely normal and okay. Hell, I thought, eyeing my busty blonde teacher lustily. If she's as hot as Juliana I may even fuck her, too.

The true problem was the issue that was slowly and inevitably rising on the horizon like the morning sun at dawn. Even though it seemed I could do whatever I wanted, I couldn't do whatever I wanted. Turning Kristi from my sister's roommate into my live-in lover, chef and bimbo fucktoy had been fun, and no one had really noticed that a girl well-known to be a partier, even a smart Asian one, had suddenly stopped showing up for class. But as soon as I'd used my powers on Juliana the ripples of impact had started to become clear.

First, I'd had to deal with her fiancé. Now, her sister had called and was currently driving to my apartment — the address of which Juliana had helpfully provided for her.

Speaking of which... I checked the Rolex that clung to my wrist. Time to wrap this up. I'll deal with the consequences after I deal with Juliana's sister.

I let my eyes wander over my teacher's toned physique and then lower to where my gorgeous Asian slut still lavished my cock with her devoted attentions. I let my fingers trace her hairline and get caught in her braid and she looked up at me with burning hazel eyes.

Kristi purred at the attention, her mouth still wrapped around my shaft, and I groaned in response as the vibrations of the sound reverberated pleasurably through my body. She sucked harder, her bronze cheeks hollowing as she used her hot, wet mouth like a second pussy and began to move faster, fucking her face with my erect prick.

"Fuck..." I grunted, feeling my body begin to tense as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over me.

Juliana leaned in, her teeth gently nibbling my earlobe as she whispered in a sultry tone. "That feels so good, doesn't it, Sir?" God... I loved the sound of my teacher's voice, her tone wanton and completely sexed up. "Feeling your obedient little slut going up and down on your cock. Not a thought in her head but your pleasure... Not a feeling in her body but pleasure and bliss and submission..." Juliana gasped softly, and a quick flick of my gaze confirmed that she was playing with herself, her long legs spread wide as she balanced on the arm of the chair and her fingers drove in and out of her dripping wet pussy.

I could feel my cock growing even harder in Kristi's throat, and my little Asian fucktoy moaned as she felt me swelling, ready to blow.

"I know what she wants," Juliana murmured, her breath hot on my skin. "She wants you to cum for her, Sir. She wants you to fill her up with your delicious seed, to taste you on her tongue and to know that she's brought you ultimate pleasure..."

Fuck. I groaned as all my muscles seemed to clench at once and then relax. I climaxed with a force like a tidal wave.

Kristi hummed contentedly as she sucked, strand after strand of sticky spunk exploding from the tip of my cock and hitting the back of her throat before sliding down into her stomach. The moment I came, her own body shivered once and she orgasmed, her knees locking together as a shuddering rush of bliss exploded through every nerve in her body. Looking down, I felt another surge of ecstasy run through me as I saw the bliss and pleasure in her fiery eyes.

Kristi swallowed, making sure not to spill a drop as my cock slowly stopped twitching and her body ceased to shudder. Her mouth slid off my slowly deflating cock with a soft pop and she gasped as she grinned lovingly up at me.

"Thank you, Sir," she murmured. "I cum so hard from having your cock fill up my slutty little mouth."

I groaned as my head dropped back into cushiony back of the couch. At this rate I'll never be ready for —

The doorbell rang once, then came the immediate sound of frantic knocking. Juliana's sister had arrived.

* * *

I heard the door open and heard Juliana's voice softly from down the hall. I heard an unfamiliar voice answer it, louder.

"Thank goodness you're okay!" it exclaimed, and I could tell it was a woman.

Kristi nuzzled my shoulder and I raised my arm to let her curl up against me like a contented kitten. She kissed my neck softly as she settled in against me. I felt a little less worried with her body nestled up cozily.

Not that you have anything to worry about, I reminded myself. My talent would let me keep things under control, run through this discussion how I wanted to. Nonetheless, the thought of upcoming conflict left a knot of nerves in my stomach the size of a bowling ball.

Kristi and I were cuddling on the couch in my living room, the place hardly recognizable as the same dirty, unkempt place it had been only a week before. With a new neat-freak roommate like Kristi, who loved to make everything sparkling clean and proper for me, I was getting used to a higher standard of living. My two playmates and I had gotten dressed in record time, then I'd sent Juliana to stop the hammering on the front door while I waited with my other lover in here. I wanted to use whatever shock factor I could to stop Juliana's sister from doing anything crazy or irrational before I could talk her out of it, and I figured seeing me lounging lazily with a second woman would do the trick. Hopefully that worked as well as I intended and I didn't just set off a nuclear bomb of female wrath.

Footsteps in the hallway, and then Juliana led another woman into the room and I had to force my jaw not to drop open. My professor may still have been the most beautiful woman I could have imagined, but her sister was the closest second I'd ever seen.

Her lustrous brunette hair fell in waves past her shoulders, thick and just begging for me to wrap my hands in it as I pulled back her head and fucked her from behind. Even fully clothed, I could easily imagine her naked. Her formfitting white sweater hugged a pair of beautiful, round tits that rode high on her chest, and I'm not a fashion geek but I'm pretty sure she was wearing black leather pants.

Who are you? I wanted to demand, but for the moment I stayed silent.

Fortunately, I didn't have to ask the question.

"Who are you?!" the gorgeous creature asked, her voice filled with moral indignation as she crossed her arms across her plump tits and stared at me with dark, flaming eyes.

I forced my brain to function with what blood hadn't deserted it and run directly to my cock. "I'm Logan," I muttered. I wondered whether it was customary to shake hands when meeting the sister of one of your two mind controlled lovers. I remained seated with Kristi practically sitting in my lap.

"And what the fuck have you done to my sister?" she demanded, a slim finger pointing accusingly at Juliana.

My blonde professor looked confused and hurt, and I felt a strange feeling of protectiveness fill me. I scowled at Juliana's sister and raised my hands defensively. I almost used my power at that point, but I wanted to see if I could settle this amicably. "Please calm down..." I said soothingly. "Tell me your name and we can talk like normal people." I gave her a hopeful expression and though her expression didn't grow any less hostile her body relaxed. Just slightly.

"I'm Ariel," she said grudgingly. She crossed the living room on her high heels and sat gracefully, her pants stretching and accentuating every movement of her long legs. "And up until last week Juliana was happily engaged to a perfectly normal guy and had no intentions of running off with some college student." She stared at me through narrow eyes. "So I ask again. What are you doing to my sister?"

Fucking her senseless most of the day, my brain provided unhelpfully. Telling her to drop to her knees and take my throbbing cock in her slutty little mouth. Then having her bend over and take my cock from behind like a good girl. Those things were all true, and maybe a few weeks ago I would have answered with the full, unadulterated truth — like anyone else in the world. "I make her happy," I said instead. That much at least, I believed, was honest.

"See?!" Juliana chimed in helpfully. She crossed the carpet and plopped down on my other side, wrapping her arms around my body. I enjoyed the feeling of her warm body and firm breasts as they pressed up against my arm. "Just like I said over the phone. Logan makes me sooo happy." She beamed a genuine smile, and I felt a soft glow in my chest.

For what it was worth, I had never told Juliana that she was happy here. I hadn't forced that emotion upon her. She had decided that of her own free will. Well done, the cynical part of my mind said. You should be Mindcontrol Dominant of the Year. But I ignored that voice. It wasn't my fault, after all, that this power had practically been thrown into my lap.

Ariel bit her lip as she stared at me, her nostrils flaring. She obviously didn't trust what was going on, but she knew as well as I did that people only spoke the truth. And who was she to interfere with her sister's happiness? "What happened?" she asked, teeth practically clenched shut.

Hoping to settle tensions a little, it was at that moment when I spoke my first untruth. "I asked your sister out after a math test," I started. "I'd had a crush on her for a long time, but finally screwed up the courage to say 'Fuck it' and just go for it. No reason a student and a teacher can't have a normal adult relationship..." Not that there's anything normal going on here, I muttered inwardly. But I kept my outward facade calm and collected.

I watched Ariel's dark eyes as I spoke, hoping to catch a glimpse of what she was thinking, but instead I suddenly caught a spark of rising horror. Her eyes widened and her face paled.

Then, somehow, in the instant before she spoke, I realized the dreadful truth. She knows. The realization flashed across my mind like a lightning bolt. She knows I'm not telling the truth.

Then, Ariel's perfect, sculpted lips parted and the last words I would possibly have expected passed through them. "You're one of us..." she breathed, her eyes flashing. Then, her brows came together in a thunderous scowl and she spoke again.

I started to open my mouth to ask, What the hell are you talking about?, when she interrupted. Only this time, her words carried a weight and authority that I could physically feel hitting my body.

"You can't speak," she declared, staring directly into my eyes with a gaze that had what felt like a planetary gravity.

I opened my mouth to ask my question. Then, suddenly, I realized I hadn't opened my mouth. I couldn't. Of course you can't speak, my brain told me reasonably. She told you that you can't. And that's the truth. I almost nodded my head along with her words. That makes sense. It felt like there was a heavy weight on my mind, as if I'd just gotten up from a long nap and wasn't quite awake yet. So instead of speaking I just raised my eyebrows at Ariel and nodded for her to continue.

"How?!" she demanded rhetorically, standing suddenly as if she had been bounced from her chair. "That's impossible! The agency would have noticed! They always notice..." the busty brunette trailed off as she spun to face me once again. She pointed accusingly at Kristi and Juliana. "And this?!" She was practically shouting now. "How could you be so piggish? Classic man, I suppose, immediately using the corruption for sex and power." She snorted in disgust, now in full-on rant mode.

As she continued to rail on at me I suddenly felt the weight on my mind begin to fade. A question slipped through the fog. Wait... my mind asked. Why can't I speak again? I gave the obvious answer. Because she said so, idiot. But I wasn't convinced. But why...? And slowly, the fog began to fade.

Ariel paced back and forth in my living room, her lithe body sexy and distracting. Her tight pants hugged the curve of her round ass and the sweater she wore bounced up and down with each stride, straining to contain her impressive bust.

Luckily, after living with Juliana and Kristi, my brain was used to processing that kind of beauty. And, in an instant of clarity, I realized what had happened. She used the power against me! I thought, and as Ariel spun back to point an accusing finger directly at my chest, my mouth opened and I spoke without really thinking, calling on my power to save me from whatever deep shit I'd just found myself in.

* * *

"I'm part of a black budget division of government named the Lessened Integrity Anomaly Research Initiative. We call it LIAR." Ariel's voice was soft and smooth, her expression totally calm as she reclined back on the bed. Her words were completely honest. I'd made sure of that. "Our job is to find people who somehow mutate the ability to speak things that aren't the truth. Find them and stop them, if they're dangerous. Recruit them, if they're willing to cooperate."

I nodded slowly, tracing my finger slowly along the bare skin of her midriff. Within thirty seconds of breaking free of her words, I'd had Ariel wound so tight around my little finger that she would have needed my permission to even flinch. This woman was dangerous. She knew my secret, and she had a power to match it.

"Do all of you have the power to tell... non-truths?" I asked, scrunching my eyebrows together as I realized I didn't even know a word for describing such a thing.

"No," Ariel answered. She panted softly, her ruby red lips parted and wet. "Most of us in the field are just taught one or two phrases. We use them to detain Anomalies until they've been processed. It's incredibly difficult for non-Anomalies to even say the phrases. Everything in our mind and body resists it." She did seem drained, I noticed, now that rage and indignation was no longer flowing through her.

I'm an Anomaly, I thought. For some reason, I felt the tiniest bit proud. For once in my life, it seemed, there was something about me that other people wanted. And there are others. I wanted to know more, to find out everything there was to know about the fact that somewhere out in the world there were other people who had the same powers I had.

I stared around my bedroom, lost in thought. Before me on the bed, Ariel lay back with her eyes fixed on my face complacently. Kristi and Juliana had waited outside for this interrogation. And now, I realized, I've captured one of the agents of a secret government organization that exists to hunt down people like me. Well... Fuck...

I let out a long sigh. Nothing I can do about it now... Ariel lay still on the bed, but in the course of our conversation I'd been unable to stop myself from playing with her body. As I sat beside her, I let my hand explore over her smooth skin and gently massage her breast, feeling her erect nipple poking into my palm. Spending several weeks with two women utterly devoted to my pleasure had blunted any stigma I felt about blatantly feeling up a member of the opposite sex.

Well... my brain told me with impeccable logic. If you just pissed off a powerful and secret government agency, the only thing you can do is enjoy every remaining moment of your probably short lifespan. Take advantage of the opportunity before you.

Ariel lay, completely naked, in my bed. I was so used to dealing with naked women at this point that having one clothed in my bedroom had seemed alien. Her body was stunning, athletic and muscular but still incredibly feminine. I feasted my eyes on the mounds of her breasts, the tautness of her smooth stomach and the glistening wetness between her thighs. That was a surprise.

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