The Match


Jessica glared at the tiny blonde woman directly across from her on the mat. A week ago, her boyfriend Tom had admitted to a one night stand with Miranda, the little 5'1" inch woman across from her. She wanted to kick the bitch's ass, but as active military, it could have serious repercussions. Tom had mentioned that Miranda wanted to be a porn star and was in this exotic wrestling league.

It had taken two weeks to setup, because the "wrestling" episodes were available for online for a fee, and Jessica didn't want anything to tarnish her military standing with just six weeks before her discharge. Finally, they agreed not to show this episode unless Jessica participated to a rematch. "Like that is gonna happen," Jessica thought.

"I'm gonna crush that slut," Jessica thought as she stretched. The three year army soldier was trained in various kinds of hand to hand combat and at 5'7" with a rock hard body; the outcome certainly wasn't in doubt as far as Jessica was concerned. Miranda was tiny and certainly not physically fit. Why the little wannabe porn slut had agreed to this butt kicking was anybody's guess. "Maybe she is masochist," Jessica decided as she finished stretching. Jessica glanced at her tiny purple bikini, the required outfit, making sure it was still covering the essentials before getting to her position on the mat.

The referee stepped between the two women. "Welcome to the Double D - Dominated and Degraded, erotic wrestling at its finest," the ref said staring directly at one of the three cameramen. "Tonight's contest pits returning champ Miranda versus newcomer Jessica. Winner gets to sexually humiliate loser anyway she wants to for 30 minutes. Ladies are you ready for tonight's match?"

Jessica swallowed hard at the ref's words. There wasn't a lesbian bone in body. She just wanted a small token of revenge against this slut which three twelve minute rounds of wrestling ought to accomplish. She had no idea what she would for those bonus thirty minutes. "Wonder if they'll let me beat her ass for another thirty minutes," Jessica wondered.

The ref blew his whistle and Jessica pounced on the smaller Miranda, bowling the tiny woman over backwards. "This is going to be easier than I thought," Jessica thought as she thrust her bigger frame on top of the tiny Miranda who attempted to fend Jessica off by bringing her knees up tight to her chest.

Jessica smiled as she felt Miranda's legs tremble under weight. Just another minute and victory would be hers. "Champion erotic wrestler?" Jessica smirked. "She doesn't know the first thing about wrestling." Jessica felt Miranda's legs give way and relaxed for a just a split second. Miranda grabbed Jessica's right wrist and spread her legs, letting Jessica flop on to her chest. Her tiny legs wrapped around Jessica's head, locking together just above Jessica's left shoulder.

"Damn it! I got too careless," Jessica chastised herself as she pulled herself into a kneeling position, taking the tiny Miranda with her. Jessica tried to pull her right arm free so she could force Miranda's legs apart, but the tiny Miranda had a vice-like grip on her wrist. Jessica had kept her left hand on the ground as she raised herself up to a kneeling position. She slid her knees about six inches apart to have a good foundation and let the weight of Miranda straighten her upper body. Slowly she pulled herself erect, the tiny Miranda hanging on for dear life. Miranda couldn't weigh more than 90 lbs, like her fully dressed field pack really.

"What the fuck?" Jessica yelled as Miranda unfastened and removed her bikini bottoms. Instinctively, she bent forward so she could try to fend off this attack and Miranda's weight toppled her over. Her left arm absorbed her face as she fell forward. Her right arm was now twisted behind her slightly totally in Miranda's control.

"Panties removed," the ref called out.

Jessica opened her mouth to protest but a gasp escaped her lips as Miranda inserted her bony little finger into Jessica's pussy. "This ain't wrestling!" Jessica thought. "What the fuck did I get myself into?"

Frantically she tried to push herself back up with just her left arm, but the combined weight was too much. That bitch Miranda was finger fucking her pretty good and Jessica winced as she heard a familiar sloshing sound. She was getting wet, very wet despite herself. Her mind raced as she tried to figure out how to get out of current situation. "Erotica wrestling, Tom tried to warn me," Jessica chided. "Erotic wrestling is mostly erotic, very little wrestling."

Jessica's musings were interrupted. Miranda's thumb had found her clit. Unlike Tom who sometimes was too rough in the beginning, Miranda seemed to know just how much pressure to put on her clit. Her finger inside her now lubricated pussy was teasing her g spot.

A moan escaped Jessica's lips as she slumped to the ground in total surrender. Her eyes closed and she Miranda's fingers work their magic. "God she is good at this," Jessica admitted to herself. She was concentrating so hard on own clit and g spot and the magic Miranda was performing on them, that she missed the fact Miranda had let go of her right arm.

The ref shouted something, Jessica couldn't make out what. Her own moans grew louder and louder. Miranda urged her to roll over which Jessica's body willingly did. She spread her legs wide at Miranda's guidance and moaned aloud as Miranda's tongue flicked over clit. Miranda had three tiny fingers inside her, two from her left hand finger fucking her as fast and as hard as she could. The lone finger from Miranda's right hand rubbing her g spot.

Jessica felt her body beginning to shake. "Oh my God, I'm going to cum!" she bellowed. A geyser of female ejaculation exploded out of her pussy all over Miranda's face. Jessica's legs convulsed of their own volition as the orgasm gradually subsided. Jessica opened her eyes. Miranda's legs were wrapped around her head now. She waited for the ref to blow his whistle to restart the match.

"The hold will continue until broken," he said.

"Shit!" Jessica grunted. Miranda had a hold of both of her ankles, pulling her legs back into a W shape. Her tongue buried into Jessica's pussy. In this position, she couldn't roll over, couldn't free her legs. Frantically, Jessica tried to force Miranda's legs apart.

Under normal circumstances, Jessica probably would have succeeded, but when Miranda began sucking on her clit like the world's best lollipop, her whole body shuddered in response. Instead of trying to break Miranda's legs apart from around her neck, she held on for dear life.

"Oh, oh yes," Jessica moaned. Her whole body began to convulse. "I'm going to cum!"

The ref blew his whistle. "End of round 1!" he bellowed.

Miranda rolled off of Jessica. Jessica stared glassy eyed at the ref. She then stared at Miranda who was removing her bikini top. Jessica wanted nothing more than to finish what Miranda had started, she wanted that orgasm so bad, to be left hanging this close was torture. Jessica staggered over to the center of the mat on Jell-O legs. Miranda was waiting on all fours for Jessica to assume the top referee's position.

Jessica took a few deep breaths and tried to ignore the fire between her legs. "Well we're back to a wrestling position," Jessica thought, "it's time for me to assert myself." Then for the first time, she noticed she was totally naked, not a stitch left on her body. She looked around and spotted her bikini parts laying several feet apart and tried to stand up to go get them.

The ref came up and grabbed her arm. "Time to resume the match!" he yelled.

Jessica wobbled on her Jell-O legs. "But my bikini," she whimpered.

"Once you lose an item of clothing, it is gone till the end of the match, which includes the humiliation period!" the ref dragged her over to Miranda. "Also any wrestler still clothed removes her top to start round two and her bottom to start round three. Wrestlers are you ready?"

Jessica grabbed Miranda and took a deep breath. It was now or never, she had to change the course of this match and a quick half nelson pin should do the trick.

"Guess Tom enjoyed watching me make you cum," Miranda hissed.

Jessica looked up to see Tom and two other males sitting in front of them on the edge of the mat. Jessica's face got hot as her face turned crimson realizing she was naked and had orgasmed in front of 7 men. The three cameramen had bulges in their pants. The three men sitting at the edge of the mat all had tents in their shorts, the biggest pole belonging to her Tom. Before she could regain her composure, the ref blew his whistle.

Miranda took advantage of Jessica's distraction and spun out of the bottom position and grabbed Jessica's right wrist again. Quick as a flash, Miranda torqued Jessica's wrist and applied pressure to Jessica's elbow.

Jessica flopped down on the mat in agony. The jolt of pain in her wrist was excruciating. Miranda pounced on her back and forced her right arm behind her back.

"Don't fight it," Miranda whispered. "I know you want to cum."

Jessica froze for a second, her face turning beat red as the truth of those words hit her. Miranda seized the moment to grab her other arm and pinned them both behind her back. The tiny wrestler locker her legs around Jessica's pinned arms and flopped over, pulling Jessica over on her right shoulder with her arms pinned helplessly behind her back.

"Fuck!" Jessica screamed.

One cameraman knelt close to her face getting a great close up. A second one knelt by her feet and zoomed in on her pussy, just about the same time Miranda's fingers found her clit again. Miranda was herself quite contorted at this point, her fingers moving much slower and less fluid then before. Jessica's legs spread of their own accord, trying to assist Miranda gain access to her sweet spot. The tiny blonde didn't disappoint, soon her thumb and finger were teasing her clit and g spot once again.

"Yes, yes, you have it," Jessica moaned. A minute, just a minute more and she would cum.

Miranda stopped and released Jessica.

"Why did you stop?" Jessica groaned as she rolled over on her back.

Miranda jumped hard on top of Jessica's unprotected stomach. Totally unprepared, the air whooshed out of Jessica's lungs. In a flash, Miranda locked her legs around Jessica's head again and pulled Jessica's legs back into the W shaped restraint from the previous round. Jessica gasped for air.

Miranda again began sucking hard on Jessica's clit. Jessica's clit felt like a hot little coal. It was so swollen. Her legs began to shake uncontrollably as Miranda worked her magic.

"I'm gonna cum!" Jessica shrieked.

Miranda stopped sucking instantly. Jessica's body twitched on the brink of orgasm.

"No!" Jessica wailed as the fire slowly subsided.

Miranda ran her tongue up and down the insides of Jessica's thighs. Jessica bit her lip each time Miranda got close to her vagina, but the little vixen just tormented her with an occasional flick of the tongue across her slit as she went from one thigh to the other.

Jessica's legs began to cramp from the W position and the unfulfilled orgasm made her angry. Jessica grabbed Miranda's legs and yanked as hard as she could to break the crisscross of legs behind her neck. Miranda responded by burying her face into Jessica's slit. For a split second, Miranda's legs split apart, but Jessica was too weak to follow through. Her whole body burned from the lack of oxygen caused by getting the wind knocked out of her just a couple of minutes earlier. Her clit betrayed her as Miranda sucking on her clit again brought her to the brink of orgasm.

"Oh my God!" Jessica sobbed as she erupted in orgasm. More ejaculation coated Miranda's face and the mat between Jessica's legs. Her whole body shook as the violent orgasm ripped through her body. Miranda released one foot and began finger fucking Jessica. Jessica began to thrash uncontrollably as the orgasm continued, Miranda roughly rubbing her g spot causing a constant flow of female ejaculation.

Miranda's thumb began to work on Jessica's clit again and Jessica's pleasure turned to pain. It was too much stimulation; her body couldn't handle it anymore.

"Stop! Please stop!" Jessica cried as she thrashed about. Miranda continued on, ignoring Jessica's pleas. Jessica's body shuttered as Miranda continued to assault her clit and g spot. The pain slowly subsided and the pleasure returned.

"Fuck! I'm cumming again!" she wailed. Her body convulsing like an epilepsy patient as a third orgasm ripped through her body. It was the most intense orgasm yet, as a river of cum squirted out of her vagina.

While Jessica thrashed about in the throes of her orgasm, Miranda jumped up and removed her bikini bottoms. Then she jumped on to Jessica's chest. Jessica's orgasmic bliss was abruptly interrupted by Miranda's pussy covering her nose and mouth.

"Lick it," Miranda ordered.

Jessica glared at her rival, but she lacked the strength to put up a fight. Slowly for the first time in her life, Jessica's tongue licked another woman's clit. Jessica slowly picked up the pace, getting more used to the motion with each passing second.

"Oh yes, my own clit sucker!" Miranda crooned as she leaned forward slightly.

Jessica realized that Miranda was giving her an opening if she leaned forward anymore and began to suck on Miranda's engorged clit. Jessica was rewarded with the sounds of Miranda moaning.

The ref blew his whistle. "End of round two!" he yelled out.

Miranda stood up and walked to the center of the mat. Jessica tried to stand, but her left leg had been in the V position so long, it was numb. She limped over to the center of the mat and looked at Miranda who looked right back at her.

"Your turn to start on the bottom," the ref said to Jessica.

Jessica sighed to herself and dropped down into the bottom referee's position. Miranda assumed the top position and the ref blew his whistle to start round three. Jessica flung Miranda down and straddled her shoulders with her butt in Miranda's face. Miranda threw her legs up trying to dislodge Jessica who grabbed both legs and tucked one under each arm. The move forced Miranda's butt up off the mat a good fifteen inches.

Jessica hesitated for a brief moment, and then stuck her finger in Miranda's pussy. Quickly realizing controlling both legs meant little ability to attack Miranda's pussy; Jessica released Miranda's right leg, keeping her pussy close by control of just the left leg. She lacked Miranda's finesse; she roughly ground Miranda's clit and g spot with her thumb and finger.

Miranda thrashed about trying to escape, but the bigger Jessica had total control. Her muffled wails into Jessica butt actually felt stimulating. Jessica didn't even want to look up at the scoreboard, it couldn't be pretty. She had been Miranda's play toy for almost two whole rounds. All she could do now was repay Miranda for the pain/pleasure treatment last round. Jessica sawed on Miranda's clit and g spot, her clit growing very red and puffy under her furious assault. A minute later, Jessica noted with satisfaction that Miranda orgasmed as her vagina clamped on to Jessica's finger. Jessica kept finger fucking Miranda as fast and hard as her hand would allow. Minutes later a second orgasm ripped through Miranda's body.

Miranda finally caught Jessica leaning too far forward and got her free leg wrapped around the back of Jessica's neck. Jessica instinctively tried to brace her fall with her left arm since her right hand was still buried in Miranda's pussy. Miranda completed the reversal by locking her finally free left leg over her right leg.

"We have a reversal," the ref announced.

Miranda got her arms free and stuck her finger in Jessica's pussy. Jessica was desperate. She couldn't let Miranda get control of her again. She planted her feet and straightened her legs like she was trying to stand. Then Jessica flopped over on her left side.

The two girls struggled to regain control of the match. Jessica's conditioning and reprieve from orgasm allowed her to regain control of the match. Miranda fended Jessica off as best as she could, but the size and weight differential was too much. Jessica began to finger fuck Miranda as fast as she could.

The ref blew his whistle. "That's the end of round 3!" he yelled. "Final score is Miranda 823, Jessica 687! Congrats to our reigning champion Miranda! You dominated the newcomer for most of this match! Now it's time to degrade the loser as well! You have thirty minutes – beginning now!"

Jessica stood there uncertain what to do. She had never contemplated losing. Sex toys were being brought out on a cart. Miranda went over and grabbed a pair of dragon silk wrist restraints. She grabbed Jessica's wrists and pulled them together behind her back and quickly cuffed her hands together.

"Kneel," Miranda ordered.

Jessica knelt down and waited for further instructions.

"Lick me out bitch," Miranda said as she grabbed Jessica by the hair and guided her mouth into her pussy.

"Tom, grab that vibrator off the cart for me," Miranda directed as she kept pressure on the back of Jessica's head. Jessica was almost thankful the action kept her face obscured from the cameras. The embarrassment of the situation was almost too much to handle. Her boyfriend was going to aid this bitch in humiliating her.

Miranda yanked Jessica away from her pussy and walked around behind Jessica. Maintaining her hold on Jessica's hair, she guided Jessica over to Tom. "Pull down his shorts!"

"How? You have my hands.."

"With your teeth, slut!" Miranda interrupted as she reached down and grabbed Jessica's nipple and gave it a good twist.

Jessica yelped and sunk her teeth into Tom's shorts, pulling them out and down exposing his cock.

"Now suck him hard!" Miranda demanded.

Tears welled up in Jessica's eyes as she began sucking her boyfriend's cock. Miranda rammed her head forward over and over, causing Jessica to gag on Tom's cock as it repeatedly hit the back of her throat. Tom's cock twitched violently too, apparently watching his girlfriend get humiliated like this was turning him on big time.

Miranda threw Jessica on her back and then straddled her. Her pussy was there about eight inches above Jessica's face.

"Fuck me Tom," Miranda directed. Tom knelt behind Miranda and inserted his cock doggy style. Jessica closed her eyes, unable to watch.

Miranda twisted both of Jessica's nipples hard, causing Jessica to scream. "You will watch this bitch! Do you get me?"

Jessica opened her eyes and watched her boyfriend's dick thrust in and out of Miranda's pussy. She hoped Miranda would get distracted enough that she could close her eyes again soon. Instead a low humming sound began. She felt Miranda spreading her pussy lips apart and then the most powerful vibration she had ever felt landed on her clit. Her unprepared clit immediately felt intense pain, but it also rapidly swelled. Jessica bit her lip as the pain gave way to pleasure. Once again, her pussy got wet, very wet. That bitch was going to make her orgasm while she watched her boyfriend fuck another woman!

The vibrator was amazing; Jessica had never felt pleasure so strong. Her legs began to shake as the impending orgasm built faster than any orgasm had ever before. She stared wide eyed as Tom continued to fuck Miranda faster and faster.

Miranda removed the vibrator from Jessica's pussy and rammed into her own pussy instead. Jessica gritted her teeth as another orgasm had been deprived her by this cunt. Tom removed his dick and began stroking as fast as possible with his hand. With impeccable timing, Tom jizzed and Miranda squirted all over Jessica's face. Tom's jizz spider webbed her face and Miranda's juice dripped into her eyes.

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