tagMind ControlThe Matter of the Mind Ch. 02

The Matter of the Mind Ch. 02


Author Notes: After reading "The Matter of the Mind Ch 2." I thought it was going in the wrong directions. So here is a revised Chapter 2 of "The Matter of the Mind." I hope you enjoy and please leave your comments.


Riding in the back seat of the limo on my way home to my wife, I began to think about the little box that we just created. I thought I could really get things in my house in order, create the wife I want immediately, or do it slowly where she will not suspect what is happening to her. I married the cleverer sister, Claire was a knock out, but Carrie was a knock out with intelligence. So, if I started to use the box on her right away, she might just figure it out. I could give her that post hypnotic message -- "This is your idea." Somehow it would back fire on me and all hell would break loose. So, I decided to just use the box to soften her up a little for the evening. I had a plan that would take time to work and I figured my time frame, analysis all the angle I could take into effect.

I guess this is where I am suppose to tell you about my very sexy full figured, blonde as the day she was born wife, Carrie and her twin sister. I met Carrie in college, she was a History Major and I was in Business. Her sister, Claire was a Literature Major and Arny was an Engineer. Arny and I were old friends, best buddies from grade school. We went to elementary, middle and then high school together, going to most of the same classes. In high school Arny was the President of the Math, Science and Physics Club's. I was the President of Young businessman's, Statistics and Drama Club's. He lived behind us on Mulberry Street; his back door was directly across from mine. We tied in votes as -- first in school history -- the most likely to Succeed.

While in the library one night cramming for a mid semester test. I saw this incredible sexy looking blonde, tall thin and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. Nice little body, nice full tits, smooth legs and what can I say the best part of Carrie then and now is her great ass; firm with no jiggle. I walked up to her and asked for a date, she said she would if I could find a date for her sister. I asked what her sister looked like and all she would say is, "She looks like me sort of!" She told me that her sister was her twin, they did almost everything together. I asked her what kind of things were "almost" with a wink. She blushed. I called Arny back at our room and told him he had a date tonight and be ready by 7:00 PM.

He said "What another blind date for me with the ugly step sister?" I told him no and that the "ugly step sister was gorgeous, my dates twin sister. We arranged to meet the girls at the Common Hall on campus. Carrie came running over to me and gave me the biggest hug smashing her firm tits into my chest, needless to say Arny stood there with his mouth open in awe, seeing the identical twins; Carrie and Claire. Carrie had shorter hair and a little thinner I believe, while Claire had streaks in her brunette hair. The four of us from that point on were just about inseparable until we all got married. We had a double wedding because the sisters insisted upon it. Carrie and I did some heavy petting; once I got her to suck me off. She actually swallowed when I came in her mouth. Surprised me a lot when she did, after that she would ask to suck me. She loves the taste of my semen. Still does some times which lately has not been that often. I decided in the limo arriving at home to really get her back into the college frame of mind sexually with us. I had figured that if she was just as horny today as back then well our life would be better somehow.

Our wedding night proved to be very interesting, Carrie didn't like anything other than missionary style, come to find out from Arny her sister was the same way. To make a long story short, neither of our families had any kids yet. So, the lady's spent their time shopping and doing what they wanted when they wanted to do it. Arny and I were really tired of this after 10 years of marriage; hence the little box came in to being thru frustration and the need for control of our lives and our wives.

I arrived home to find Carrie lounging by our pool in her bikini getting a tan on that wonderful smooth skin of hers.

"Hi, sweetie!"

"Well, it is about time you showed up. Where have you been the strip club again?"

"No, been at the office putting together a new proposal for the Radment Company."

"Oh, sure. Claire just left to go home to Arny so that they can get ready for dinner. Seems that they are going out. Why aren't we going with them?"

"Oh, but we are and I would like you to go shower so that we can join them for dinner. It will be my treat tonight."

"Oh...ok...." Claire goes up and walked into the house from the sun deck. Watching her ass jiggle was starting to turn me on. Knowing what will happen with her in the shower. I waited a good 10 minutes before going to the master bathroom. Sure enough she was in the shower, setting down the black box. I turned it on and searched for my wife's signal.

"Claire?" I had to think of a way to test her to make sure the box was working.


"Wash your right foot" I watched as she raised her right foot and started to wash it.

"Wash your left tit" she moved her hand starting to soap with her breast.

"Pinch your nibble, pull on them. This turns you on! You will feel your pussy getting wet from you nibble pinching. You are getting horny by it, you want something anything to start playing with your nipples. You can't get enough of your nipple play; it makes your clit on fire, your pussy dripping."

I watched as my wife in a little dream land, kept pinching and pulling moaning her pleasure all the while her finger was playing with her clit. Trying desperately to come; moaning and humping her finger now deep in her cunt. The shower forgotten, I had striped and opened the shower.

"You do not see me entering, this is one of your fantasies, I am imaginary, but real enough for you to enjoy. You will remember only the fantasy and not me."

I step into the shower and grab her nipples in between my forefinger and thumb pinching hard on the already tortured nipple. Carrie moaned louder, rubbing her ass against my cock.

"What is it you want slut?"

"Oh, please just fuck me anywhere, but please just fuck me."

"Oh, but slut you seem to think that I will do that just because you ask me to. You see I am in control here, first you need to look down at your pussy. Is there hair?"

"Yes, there is hair."

"You will not be allowed to come unless it is completely shaved clean."

"Oh....gooooddddd....please I so want to come."

"Then you best get dried and remove all the hair, shave it clean then come back into the shower for your orgasm."

I watched as Carrie shut the water off and dried herself, she grabbed my beard trimmer, turned it on and started to remove her brown pubic hair. She started to moan louder as the buzzing shaver came close to her clit. Finally, when the hair was a stub she got my shaving cream and lathered mound all over, with my razor she proceeded to shave her pussy bald. I was getting a hard on just watching her.

"You will wait for 5 minutes before re-entering the shower. You will see me when I saw "What is this?" You will remember my previous instructions."

I left the bathroom, put some pants on and walked back into the bathroom. Seeing my wife without her brown hair all over her pussy had me hard again.

"What is this?"

"Oh, hi honey."

"What are you doing?"

"Weell, I...uh...I...uh... well, I decided to try what my sister said about being more sensitive without my hair around my privates. She said since she did it for Arny that it has been the best orgasms she has ever had, I want to have the best orgasms too. Please, let me have my orgasm."

Uh..Oh...it didn't work, she heard me and saw me. Have to find out if she remembers me being in the shower, so I asked her what she meant by the statement.

"Oh..Honey...I was sorta asking you but not really. Just making a statement that would help out that is all. I was playing with myself in the shower and got all worked up, decided to shave. Your beard trimmer has me really horny right now."

"Well, hurry up. Arny and your sister will be here any moment, I have laid out what I want you to wear for dinner tonight, ok."

"Sure, I will look at them."

I left and waited to hear the water running, then stepped back in for more fun with my now naked -- all the way -- slut wife. She was pulling on her nipples again, pinching and pulling moaning like no tomorrow.

"Carrie can you hear me?"

"Oh...yes, I hear you. My sexy dream man. Take me, fuck me, do what you want with me. Command me. I am yours to use."

"Mike told you to wear the close for you, were you not going to wear them?"

"No, I was going to wear something really sexy. Mike probably put out some old cocktail dress that I don't like. I was thinking of the dress I wore to Susan's wedding, the red little number. You would like that right?"

"Oh, yes. That is very sexy and will have every man looking at you tonight."

"Oh, please just fuck me."

"No, my love, my slut. You must wait until He tells you to. I cannot do it. Now, get out of the shower and follow His instruction to the letter. You are to watch your sister and Arny. Be open to what she is."

"Yes, dream man."

I gave her a post hypnotic suggestion that would put her in this mood again, I also said from this point on she will not have control over her body, but I will. Her husband, her new Master.

"Honey, are you out yet? Arny and Claire will be any minute." I shouted.

Carrie walked into our bedroom naked and looked at the red dress a big smile came across her face. She noticed no bra or panties. She didn't say anything about the lack of under garments; slipped the dress over her head, put on the 4 inch stilettos' I put down and proceeded to tell me she was ready, just as the doorbell rang.

"Great timing dear. Go and let your sister and her Master in please." Trying to see if that word would turn her head or have a question about my wording, but she did not; she just walked out. I followed a few seconds later. When I got down to the living room there was Arny sitting on the couch with Claire kneeling at his feet. Carrie was staring at them.

"Carrie!! Carrie!!"

"Oh..yes dear?"

"What is wrong. You were staring at Arny and Claire for a while?"

"Well, Claire why are you not sitting on the couch next to Arny?"

"Dear sister as a salve I am only permitted to be at his feet ready to please my Master. He directs me and guides me. He has complete control of my body and my mind. I only am here to serve him, it is my pleasure to serve my Master, it is a privilege to serve him."

Carrie's mouth never shut. I took my finger and closed her mouth before I spoke to Claire and Arny about this turn of events.

"Claire, tell me something."

"Yes, Sir if it is with my Master's command I shall do so."

I looked at Arny, he granted her permission to answer every one of my questions completely.

"Claire, why did you become Arny's slave?"

"Because, he has always in control of my life, but I never let it go."

"How long have you been his slave?"

"Since we were married, but I just committed a week ago to be his slave for life. I am his until death -- his or mine."

"Claire, is there anything that you will not do for your Master?"

"If it pleases him to have me suck you or eat my sister then I shall. I am only to please my Master."

"What happens if you do not please him?

"I receive punishment in accordance to his guideline. If I am to get 10 or 20 or 30 lashes with my whip or crop then it is his wish, I will endure for his pleasure."

I looked at Carrie standing by the fire place totally dumb founded. Listening to her sister make that kind of statement was unreal.

"Strip" is all Arny said to his slave wife. Claire stood up, unzipped the back of her long flowing dress and it fell at the bottom of her feet in a pile. She stood there naked, her pussy was shaved clean of all hair, just like my wife's. I looked at Carrie, she just looked at her sister, admiring the new jewelry she had in her nipples.

"Claire, you had your nipples pierced?"

"Oh no, Master told me that they would be pierced for his pleasure."

"Did it hurt?"

"Initially yes; but after about an hour, I was wetter than I have ever been in my entire life. He also told me that my clit would have a ring on it soon. I cannot wait to have the ring attached."

"Oh, are they more sensitive now with the rings in?"

"Oh Carrie, I have had orgasms from when Master plays with my nipple rings."

"Arny, where did you get the piercing done?" I asked

"Oh, I purchased the rings myself and put them in also. I talked with one of the tattoo places around and one of the ladies let me watch how she would do it. Wow, that was fun, the girl that was getting pierced said it was ok if I watched. She got both nipples and her clit done the same time. Damn fine little slut she was came when the needle went thru her clit. I had a hard on just watching. The pierced girl then dropped to her knees and sucked me off. Oh, god was that ever great, thought I was going to lose my mind right thru my dick. That girl could suck start a Harley thru a fifty foot garden hose." I just laughed and thought about the intense orgasm I have had when Carrie sucked me like that. Claire was still standing in front of us dripping on the floor. Arny noticed it and told her to lick her juices off the floor and apologize to Me for creating a mess on the floor.

"Mike, if you need to punish this slave, it is ok. She needs to be reminded what a horny little slut she is, dripping all of her slutty juices on your floor like that, Slave here needs some discipline in her life and you can give that to her." I looked over at Arny, he seemed serious about the punishment.

"Oh thing I have is either my belt or my hand."

Oh, she loves the belt. Don't you slave?"

"Yes, Master I do love the feel of leather belt on my white ass." I took off my belt and rolled some around my hand. There was maybe 12 to 14 inches left to hold on to for striking her white ass. I looked over at my wife; her breathing was ragged, she was flushed and staring at her sister.

"Carrie, come here and hold your sisters hands while I administer 10 lashes to her ass for messing up our floor." Carrie walked over to the coffee table kneeled down grabbing Claire's wrist and pulled tight. Claire just let it all happened. She was doing it for her Master's pleasure, even though knowing it would hurt, she looked over at Arny. He just said "Don't forget to count and thank Master Mike for your corrective action."

"Yes, Master." I stood back from Claire's ass and let the belt fly. A loud smack reverberated thru the living room.

"One, Master Mike and thank you for teaching me to be a better slave." I let another one fly Smacking her other cheek. She thanked me again. I did this for 10 strokes on her ass, I watched as red welts showed up on her white butt, I also saw her juices flowing freely down her thighs.

"Slave you like this don't you? Getting your ass reddened by my belt?" I shoved two fingers straight into her soaking cunt, Claire surprised by the intrusion sucked in air to her lungs and moaned loudly. I looked at my wife, she was sweating, red faced and a gleam of lust in her eyes.

"Carrie look at this slave. She is in ecstasy for her Master. You want that to don't you?" Looking directly into her lust filled eyes. Claire could not hold off my hammering of her pussy at this point and screamed.

"Oh Mmmmmaaaasssttttteeerrrrrr...mmmaayyy I please come? Oh Goooodddddd.....please let me come Master. Oh Master.....please I cannot hold out much longer. MMMMMMMMMAaaaaaaaassssstttttteeeerrrrrrrrr....Oh master Please. I beg you please let me come. I will be good and do everything you ask. Please tell me I can come."

Arny just looked over at me smiling shaking his head side to side.

"Slave that is a NO! You may not come just yet." Claire was sweating at this point.

"Carrie, let go of your sister and pull on her nipples rings." Claire moaned louder.

"Now, my sweet little Carrie what is your answer to my questions?"

"Oh My...oh....Mas...Michael....god.....look at her!"

"Yes, look at her. She is serving her Master husband. Why are you serving you Master Claire?

"Becauuuussseeee it ...Oh god...Please Master Let me come........obeccccaaauusseee it pleases him to see me like this a wanton slave slut willing to let him control me. Every part of me, I am his and his to do with as he sees fit.....Oh...god....MMMMAAAAAASSSStttttttteeeeerrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please I beg of you to let me come."

My fingers are soaked with her juices; I add another finger to the mix. Claire groans, then I added my fist into her pussy.....sliding my wrist past her lips I started to fist fuck her pussy. The entire time I was fucking Claire; Carrie was sitting next to me watching. Her eyes wide with lust as she watched me fist her sister.

"Carrie strip and show Master Arny your naked body. Attend to his personal needs, Now!!"

"Yes, Michael.....!!" Carrie stripped walked over to Arny pulled down his zipper removed his hard dick and clamped down on it like it was her favorite Ice bar. Arny moaned and I knew he was going to get the best blow job ever. Mean while Claire was shaking from holding off from coming. I just removed my hand from her pussy, she groaned with dissatisfaction.

"Oh....slave you don't like that huh?"

"Oh Master Mike....please let me come. I will do whatever pleases you and my Master Husband."

"Yes, I am sure you would. Now turn over on your back slut spread your legs wide and wait." Claire did as she was instructed. With her legs spread I could see her glistening cunt; the lips all red and pouty the clit showing thru it's little protective hiding place. I grabbed the ring and pulled. Claire screamed with pain and pleasure. I flicked it, rolled it, and generally just played with her clit ring. Claire was crying for her release; begging that I or Arny let her come. She professed to anything just so that she could have her orgasm. I was not done just yet with this little slut and I grabbed my belt wrapped it in my hand and swung down on her pretty naked wet mound a resounding SMACK was heard in the living room. This stopped Carrie and Arny in mid stroke so to speak. Claire moaned louder, I struck again Claire begged for release. I struck her pussy three more times, Claire was a mess her hair disheveled, sweat dripping off her body and she was in pure ecstasy from it all. I looked over a Arny and he nodded his head to signal to me to let Claire come and big. I leaned down into Claire's ear and said

"When I strike this cunt with my belt again you will come the hardest and longest you have ever come in your life slave. Remember not until you feel the sting of my belt are you allowed to come."

I started to rub her clit and finger her pussy again this of course produce her moans and whimpers for her release. I swung back my arm with the belt and let the belt hit her square on lips and the clit. Claire arched her back and convulsed there on the coffee table. Her breathing had stopped for a second and I worried that I might have hurt her. Then she passed out, Arny came in my wife's throat yelling that this was the best fucking blow job in the world. Carrie had a massive puddle under her while she was sucking Arny off.

Leaning down into Carrie's ear I said...."Little one lick your juices off the floor like the good little slut that you are."

"Yes Michael" She bent down with ass in the air and legs spread wide. I reached down and felt her pussy it was soaking. Carrie moaned. I kept on rubbing her slick wet pussy circling her clit and back to her pulsing opening.

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