tagMind ControlThe Matter of the Mind Ch. 03

The Matter of the Mind Ch. 03


Author Note: This is purely fiction names are not of real people although they are common names around the world.

If you have not read the first two chapters (the revised one as well) then here is the brief version. Best friend and I are owners of a company and developed it to control our wives to our bidding anytime, anywhere, anyone, whenever we felt like it. They became our sex slaves and didn't even know it. Sorry this chapter has taken so long to produce many life changes have happened. Enjoy.


There was Claire and Carrie one being the perfect submissive and awaiting her Master's orders and the other being a nasty disobedient little slut. Claire was hog tide and stuffed with a ball gag. She was crying and whimpering moving all over the stainless steel table we both designed for just this occasion. Arny tiring of her constant noise he whispered in her ear.

"Slut you have a choice; take your punishment and enjoy yourself, or enjoy the pain. However, keep thrashing and complaining will earn a far more severe punishment. Do you understand slut?"

Claire nodded her head. Arny untied Claire, flipping on her stomach, her tits fitting into the holes in the table as designed. Three quarters of her tits dangle beneath the table. Her arms were tied 90 degrees to her body, her legs were tied wide open with a spreader bar and then he added some new toys we just got back from the factory (ours really). Grabbing the lube he started to finger Claire's sexy ass first one finger then two. Claire started moaning and thrusting back in time with his fingers. Suddenly pulled out his fingers and slammed the medium sizes stainless steel vibrating butt plug until it seated firmly in her tight ass. He then attached some electrodes to the base of the plug, then shoving the stainless steel vibrating egg straight in her soaking wet pussy.

"Oh....my little slut wants this? She is all dripping with slut juice. Hmmm...is this turning you on slut?" Claire could only nod.

"Well, when I get finished with your punishment you may not like it very much at all, but you will definitely obey me for this point on. Right Slut?" Claire just nodded her head. Once Arny attached the electrodes to the egg and re-inserted it, he proceeded to attach the wired nipple and clit clamps.

"There she is all wired up. What about your slut Mike?"

"Oh, I have the perfect punishment tool for her; here let me get it out of storage. I walked over to the book shelf hit the hidden button opening it up to a storage closet full of wonderful big and little devices to make my slut happy for a very very long time. Arny just look at the display of instruments, whips, crops, restraints, belts, straps and other assorted items. He picked up Bertha....a very large -- well 11 inches long and 4 inches in diameter -- I was going to see if it would fit in my slut's whorish pussy. Arny's eyes were wide with wonder.

"Hmm....wonder if slut over there could hold this for 5 minutes in her pussy or ass? How about you Mike think your slut could get this in her snatch?"

"Oh, I am considering it, but first I have to see if she will like this little toy I reinvented." I reached into the back of the closet and started to pull out "Simon Says" It is a modified Sybain fucking machine but I added a few touches of my own. I put it on a sturdy upper body support system, it wraps around the sluts body leaving her head open and available for gags. Cage -- made out of dress manikin -- fit across her chest and locked on the right side, her tits go thru two holes lined with roller all around her lush tits leaving her nipples at my disposal. The seat well the main event of the machine has two electronically control dildo attachments; on is actually a butt plug -- stainless steel vibrating 9 in by 2 in mirror image of my erect cock -- had it specially made for this occasion. I blind folded my sweet slut and total her that she either likes it or it will be very painful for her not to obey. I was going to teach her a lesson soon not forgotten.

"As you wish Master my body is to be used for your pleasure."

The evil lustful smile came over my face and my cock which at that point was only half erect was fully erect. I told her to stand and I would guide her movement. I placed her on "Simon" attaching the ankle cuffs to the base of the stand. I moved the cage onto her chest and locked it in place.

Oh, my sweet little slut. You understand that I must punish you for your disobedience in the bathroom. It is not something I enjoy doing but it is a must for you to fully understand the new relationship that is going to happen around here. Rule One: Master is always Right! Rule Two: Refer to rule number one. Any questions?"

"No Master I am here for your pleasure." Carrie said with her eyes lowered. Lifting her chin and I looked her right in the eyes.

"My sweet slut Carrie, I love you beyond measure. Whose body is this?"

"Yours Master"

"Who's cunt is this" as I slide the dildo in place.

"Ohh....Yoouuurrrsss Masstteerrr...." She said gasping for air as the dildo seated home in slow motion. OHhhhh...Masssstttteeerrrr....that is oh so wonderful......Please Master ....Please let me cum?"

"Well, not even into my punishment and all ready begging to cum. Oh, this will be fun!" Pulling out "Simon Says" that is what I call it. To describe "Simon" well imaging a pummel horse with out the handle on top, opening in the bottom for 2 devices mainly two identical milled stainless steel replicas of my fully erect cock. They spurt, lubricate and generally torture poor hapless slaves; poor Carrie doesn't know what is in store for her. I tied her wrist above her head to the ceiling chain -- ¼ in links enough to hold my weight for hours -- with the wrist cuffs then attaching the ankle cuffs I lifted her up until her feet were 12 to 18 inches off the floor. Sliding "Simon" over I lowered her naked bald mound on to top of "Simon". "Now, my little slave this is the time I will ask you specific questions, you will answer them with total honesty and with fore thought for pain or pleasure. I will know when you're lying to me and tell me the truth." I turned on the clit stimulator at the same time as my speech. "Ohhh......yes....Master I will answer all your questions and instruction to the letter." "Good, now you feel your clit vibrating right?"

"Ohhhh....GGooooddddd yes Master!! It is wonderful, please don't stop."

"Remember sweet slave you are forbidden to cum less "Simons Says" do you understand? If Simon Says you are not to cum...then you better not cum and remember it has to be "Simon Says...then the command....understood slut?" "Oh....Yes, Master...I will follow all instructions and commands you will be proud of me."

Pressing the first button on the remote control the pussy dildo started its program. Slowly, it moved closer to her soaking wide open pussy. No need to lubricate she was flowing like Niagara Falls. It stopped just before entering the hole, the cock moved like I had it in my hand up and down her slit touching and rubbing her engorged clit. Carrie moaned loudly trying to get the cock deeper into her wanted hole.

"Oh please Master stick your cock in your pussy and fuck it raw!"

"Oh, but Slut...it is not I but my replica stainless steel cock that is sliding into you now." The cock slide a little faster now and pierced her cunt just as I had planned it, as the cock travel further into my sweet Carrie she started to squirm and moan, and move her hips. It was at that point I locked her thighs into place thus holding her clit, pussy and ass to the top of "Simon". Try as she might Carrie could not move her cunt anywhere. The cock still travelled north into her pussy. When it reached full length I stopped it.

"Oh...slut? Can you hear me?" Carrie was breathless, she had been panting holding off coming the entire time the cock slide deep in her.

"You haven't cum yet like a good girl?"

"NuNuNuooo.....MaMaMaster....." she said smiling up at me with her lustful eyes. Just then I heard a scream. Arny was providing some punishment of his own to his slut.

"What did I say Slut!! This is my cunt, my tits, my ass and I will do as I please with all of you. I own you. You told me as such, you signed away all control of your body, mind and soul to be your Master's fuck toy. Play thing, cum bucket. So, stop your complaining and just get your punishment over!! You have 15 on each cheek to answer for, I accept you will comply with not making any noise and I will strike where I want. Understood Slut?" Claire nodded her head and Arny commenced to smack her ass with the crop. They were loud, I turned Carrie around so that she would witness her sister and fellow slave get the punishment from her Master. Carrie's eyes were wide with lust. With my stainless steel cock buried in her cunt and soon the ass cock will be starting just about the time Arny is into 5 more swings I noticed my slut trying to move her hips.

"OH, did I fail to mention that the pressure your feeling in your ass right now is the second of my replica stainless steel cock sliding in at the same speed as the one the went into that wonderful soaking smooth pussy of mine. Now, feel my cock in your ass and pussy...then tell me you are not going to be tortured. Please remember "Simon has not said Yes yet!" Carrie watched as her sister's ass turned crimson then red, Carrie wished it was her down there getting her ass whipped.

"Oh...look at this Master Arny!! My little slut wants some of what your slut is getting. Isn't that right slut?" Looking directly into Carries lustful eyes, she shook her head no, but it was not convincingly. Grabbing her nipples I squeezed, twisted and pulled on them listening to the loud moans and whimpering coming from my sweet slave

"Now I have your attention slut? I asked you would like to be in your sister's place right now and your sister in yours?"

"Yes, Master Yes...I want what she is getting."

"You do realize that if you get into her place you will be at the hand of Master Arny! I will have the other slut to deal with as I see fit. Understood my sweet slut?"

"Oh...Master...yyyyeessss....I understand."

"There is one problem with that slut!" I said to her. Just as the ass cock reached its full penetration. I had several dials and a couple of switches that I could torture my poor slut. I turned up the vibrations in her pussy and started it fucking her slow, then with the wired nipple and clit clamps I put on a small trickle current.

OH....MMMAAAASSSSTTTEEERRR...Please may I cum.....OH....GGGGOOOOODDDDD!!! Please Master. I cannot hold much longer. Master Please!! I will do your biding. Anything! I will do anything no matter what you tell me. Please Master may this lowly slut have permission to come!!"

I looked into her eyes, half closed, tears running down her cheeks, her head hung down in front of her; I almost felt some pity on her, but then I remembered the one year celibacy that she put us on, which lasted a full 365 days.

"Well, you see slut I do not have control over that portion of you coming. It is Simon and if Simon Says you can come then you can, but Simon has not said "Yes" so, I guess you know your answer." Turning up the vibrations in her ass and the fucking of her pussy; Simon speed up to give her a true and full fucking, then for added benefit, the ass cock started to fuck her ass at the same depth and speed as the pussy cock.

"Oh...Simon Please may this Slut Come!! OH.....GGOOODDD MAAASSTTTERRR...SSSIIMMON...Please may I come.....? I was intentionally turning up the torture to her openings to see how long she could hold out against "Simon" I heard from sources that once a woman gets on Sybain she will only last 2 minutes before she orgasms. My Carrie had been on Simon for almost 15 minutes without coming. She had about another 15 minutes to hold off.

"Slut...You must hold off until Simon tells you to come. I am not in control of Simon, he is and you need to beg him for your release. If you come before he tells you, you will be punished; just look at your sister over there being punished for her disobedience. Carrie looked at her sister's very red welted ass and thighs. She then saw her sister's juices flowing from her pussy in buckets. Claire was a mass of sweat, slut juices and tears. Her ass had some rather red and raised welts on both her upper thighs and all over her ass. Arny was working the electronic part of the punishment on his slut wife. I could see Claire's ass squirming and moving in a little circle like she was trying to get something deeper into her backdoor passage. All of a sudden Claire went ridged and Arny smiled.

"Oh....slut....that is just 3 on the scale....now let us see what 6 will do then 10..Huh!!" Claire was shaking and convulsing on the table along with a big puddle of slut juices. Finally, I looked down at my watch to see that my slut wife only had 3 minutes until the 30 minute program was up, and all hell broke loose for Carrie. I heard her scream and start to convulse in the biggest orgasm of her young life. I smiled she was going to get the riding crop on her pussy, ass and just about anywhere else I could think of to hit her with my crop. I watched as she just kept on trying to slam the cocks into her body deeper. Finally, she stopped moving and just kept on saying "I am sorry Simon, Sorry Simon." Then just as she was about to regain her composure -- I flipped the yellow button and Carrie went stiff. I just sent a jolt of electrical current to her nipples and clit. It was enough to wake her up (not causing any damage to her body) and let her know that Simon was not happy. I kept the current flowing to my slut's body for a good 2 minutes before I shut it off.

"Simon, please may I come. Simon, please I beg you to allow me to come. Pppplllleeeaaassseee Simon may I come.. OHHHH...GGGGOOODDDDD...MMAAASSTTER......please let me come." At this point I shut off Simon and all the attachments and other items retracted. Carrie moaned her displeasure at the retreating cocks.

"Oh...no no Simon Please I will do as you say. I will be a good girl, please let me try again."

"Slut, I shut off Simon because you were beyond thinking and I will determine if Simon should allow you to come.

I looked over at Claire and Arny, he was releasing her from her bonds taking her off the table and laying her down on the cot we put in the dungeon. I removed Carrie from Simon taking her over to the other cot I laid her down covered her up.

"Slut sleep, I will be back down in a couple of hours. No playing with the other slut. Good night."

"Good night Master. Thank you for teaching me to obey." Carrie smiled and was asleep in matter of minutes.

Arny and I walked up to the Monitor room to view the latest video of our little session with our sluts.

After watching the video of the session I commented to Arny that we needed to bring Angie into this little mix. "You know Mike, I think your right. Let me call her and hope that her little black box is nearby." Arny called Angie on her cell and true to his word the little black box was still on her.

"Angie, come to Mike's house with just a top coat on, no underwear, no clothes just your top coat and be here in 20 minutes." He hung up and looked at his watch.

I went down to check on the two sluts they were sleeping. I knew in just 30 minutes they would be awakened by the moans and pleadings of another slut. Grabbing a couple of beers for us, we sat down in the living room waiting for Angie to show.

It was 20 minutes since Arny called Angie, she had not showed yet. Just as I got up to go check on our slave wife's the door bell rang. I looked over at Arny and smiled.

"Should I be the bad Master or are we both going to be?"

"Oh, I think we shall both be bad Master's and treat her like the slut she is."

I opened the door and there stood Angie in her top coat.

"Hello, Master Mike." She said with her

"Your late slut by 10 minutes that is, 10 whipping for each minute late. Drop the coat and kneel." I commanded.

Angie's eyes grew large naked she dropped the coat and fell to her knees dropping her eyes. Her nipple large and erect with a shaved pussy that was noticeably red and puffy.

"So, our office slut thinks it is ok to disobey my orders and not play with herself or cum because from that point on I was her Master." Looking over at Arny.

Arny smiling said "Yea I know I told her she was to come for 30 minutes nonstop then follow your orders."

"Hmm...and has my office slut agreed with me and now you are playing the Masters between each other. Ok, just like a little child you must learn. For that little office slut 20 more lashes of my crop and it doesn't matter where I land." Whispering in her ear what I had plan on doing to that well formed female slut of a body.

Grapping her hair and twisting it in my right hand I said "Stand up slut!" I walked her to Simon. Tied her hands in her cuffs to the chain where my Carrie was just minutes before, lifting her over Simon and lowering her down onto the two cocks still raised from Carrie. Angie started to moan when the first cock went in, then she squirmed when the ass cock entered.

"Now, my darling slave over there sleeping just came off of "Simon Says", can you last as long as she can without coming? What are the chances you will last 2 minutes on Simon?"

"Oh.....MMMAaaaasssttterrr.....I will not disobey Simon. Master tell Simon I am at his pleasure. As well as yours Master. Command me...!!" Angie said through breathless gasps. Sweat dripping from her forehead to her fluffy breasts trailing to her rock hard nipple. I bend down and flick my tongue catching the sweat drop causing poor Angie to scream she was so sensitive. I smiled at what wonderful torture I would have with this slut.

"Tell you what my office slut. If you can last 30 minutes on Simon without cumin, you will be able to come all you want for the next 24 hours. If you do not last then you will not be able to come for three months. What do you say to that my office slut?"

"Ohhh....MMMAAaaaassstterr....I will do my best to honor you. I will obey you."

At this point I started the same routine with Simon's program with a twist. I applied a small trickle current to the nipple, clit and the two cocks that are buried in her cunt and ass. Angie was so close to coming. I watch the pain on her face as she fought from coming without permission from Simon. As the program progressed into 10 minutes Angie was moaning loudly, and at times screaming for the intensity and her sensitive clit. I walked up and pulled her nipples away from her chest and she would moan, twisting got me what I was looking for...her begging for release from Simon.

"Oh no, my little office slut you are not allowed to come. Simon is not finished with that cunt and ass of yours." Simon kicked into high gear thanks to me, and Angie was off at the races twitching, squirming, and just generally trying not to come on Simon. Simon was jamming the ass and cunt cock in and out of this vixen and still he had not come, Simon was nearing his program end. Watching Angie I was impressed, but then failure at 29 minutes and 55 seconds Angie's world tumbled she lost all control of her body and orgasm like I have never seen before in a woman passing out on top of Simon slumping over. I caught her just before she hit the floor. I slide her off of Simon and put her down on the cot next to the other two slaves.

"O Holy Shit Mike that was the hottest and most erotic thing I have seen, she did good even though she didn't make the time. Poor girl 3 months of your tease and torture to make her come."

I just smiled at him knowing it was going to be fun for the next three months torturing my sluts all over the place. I tied Carrie, Claire, and Angie to their cots; face down, asses up locking their ankles as well.

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