tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Mermaid and Her Men

The Mermaid and Her Men


The two men were standing on the beach, gazing out to sea. One threw pebbles and the other sketched the ocean and setting sun in charcoal. Mana watched them, hiding behind a large rock near a cave only a few dolphin lengths away. She had watched them arrive at the deserted beach, walking from the large square box her father had called a castle. It had high round columns like kelp rising from the ocean floor. The men had walked down a path from the cliff that lead to the beach an hour ago, and she had felt annoyance that she had to look for shells and pearls in secret.

She was supposed to collect the shells for her younger sister's Eventail: the night she would shed her fins for the first time and walk on sand in the moonlight. Alinta would wear a necklace of pears and shells, a crown of kelp, and dance naked under the moon. Then her sisters would take a shark from the ocean and cut it open on the sand. They would feast on raw shark, and wait for the first human to come to the beach in the morning. He would be their lover for the day, and their sacrifice.

She should be getting back to her sisters, even empty handed, but she liked watching the one throwing rocks. He was dark, with curly brown hair in contrast to her fair reddish yellow hair. His body was bronze, which was an odd thing to see in a land man. Sea men on the big rocks that floated above the water had brown bodies. She and her two older sisters swam with a few of them and used their big dark bodies for other pleasures.

Mana dipped from the rock into the water and drifted closer, staying behind the waves. She knew from her short visits to land that she couldn't let herself be seen. There were females on land, but they covered themselves and none had fins, more was the pity. Mana had lovely rounded breasts with coral points. They bounced when she swam and complemented her flat curvy stomach and glittering foam green tail. Her long blonde hair had hints of coral too.

"Ho there!"

Mana froze at the man's shout and slipped further into the water. She didn't want to be seen just yet. She recognized the language as English with a funny, lilting accent. There had been everything from French to Spaniards on their beach in the last few years. A busy time, war.

"Sam, did you see that?"

Mana peeked above the water. The dark man with the pebbles was pointing right at her.

"There! There's a woman there. Ho! Are you alright miss?!" Mana sighed. There was nothing for it. Though she could shed her tail at a moment's whim, and set it around her body like a piece of long shimmering seaweed, she would be quite naked. She would have to pay the price, though. It was expected each time they shed their tails. She could either swim away with startling speed, or let the man know she was fine. If not, he'd come out and try to rescue her. It had happened before. There were dangers for a mermaid who was dragged on land with her tail. She grew up with the stories of the horrors men would do to women with tails.

The man began to swim out to her. As if she wasn't born swimming. As if a mermaid needed saving in her own home. But land men were funny beings. She waved, practicing her mimicking skills that Merpeople learned when they were children. She knew different dialects of whale, dolphin, seal, French, Spanish, and a little English.

"Ho there!" She called back, in her musical voice, "I am fine!"

"I'm coming out to you! The water's rough. Be careful! There are rocks near you," the man shouted and Mana sighed again. Then she smiled, suddenly mischievous. She would let herself be caught in the ocean and surprise the man. It would serve him right for being so chivalrous. Maybe she would bring him to her sisters to play with, then lure him back for the morning. How clever of her to have found their sacrifice so quickly.

"Help!" she called with a smirk. "Help me, s'il vous plaît"

She saw his strong arms were already pulling him towards her. It was always so funny to her that land people must use their arms in the water. Mana drifted back towards her rock and cave, pumping her strong tail muscles so she would beat the man. She quickly decided the cave would do far better, since his companion wouldn't be able to see anything. Then again, the companion would come for them if she kept the dark one too long. She ducked her head and sent a keening call to her sister in their garbled language.

"I am toying with a land man," she said, "I will call to you if I am in trouble. There is another handsome golden one on the sand."

She looked back and saw her human was almost upon her. She quickly entered the cave and reveled in the dark quiet and echoing water.

"Help!" she called again, "I'm lost!" Then she whispered the ancient singing unbinding mantra and took off her tail. She placed it carefully on a rock just as she heard a splashing sound behind her. She quickly put herself in a panic, treading water too quickly as she saw land people do to tire themselves out. Just as the man approached (he was much larger than he had seemed from afar), she pretended to faint, and plunged under the water. Without her tail with scales, she couldn't stay under for very long. She closed her eyes and no more than a few seconds passed before she felt large strong hands grip her arms. She was pulled up against a hard, half clothed body, then thrust on the rock ledge surrounding the cave. She coughed and sputtered convincingly then lay still, slitting her eyes to watch her rescuer.

"Miss? Miss? Are you alright?" He knelt next to her, then noticed her nakedness and took an uneasy step back. He was young, had a dark growth of beard, piercing blue eyes, and strong muscles.

Merpeople years were different than human years. She had swam the deep for many tides, maybe fifty human years, but Merpeople lived for at least three times that, and then didn't age until their last ten tides. The man's hands were rough where they had gripped her. A laborer maybe.

Mana coughed again.

"Yes," she said weakly, opening her eyes to stare at him. "I think so." A mermaid's eyes were terrible things. Blue and green at once with yellow edges, they had calming powers on both human men and mermen. To look into their eyes was to be lost.

"But..." the man faltered a little, still kneeling. His eyes roamed over her body, stopping to rest on the coppery curls at the apex of her thighs and the large globes of her chest wriggling with Mana's fake shivers. Mana spread her legs a little enticingly, and the man gulped. "But your clothes," he said a little bit dazed. "Where did you come from?" His eyes suddenly sharpened and looked around the cave. Ah, a smart laborer. Maybe a criminal then?

Mana saw his manhood jutting proudly against his wet pants. No matter his sudden suspicion. He was aroused. She put her hand on his arm and stared deep into the blue depths of his eyes so like her own ocean.

She told the truth. One thing they were taught from a young age was to let the human make their choices knowingly. To do otherwise was to blaspheme against father ocean and mother moon.

"I came from the sea." She sat up, her breasts jiggling and his eyes dipped down to them. He moved forward, his hand reaching out almost against his will. She held his hand and guided it to her breast.

Then her words registered and he jerked back.

"You came from the sea?" He said sharply. "What kind of joke is this?" He stood and looked around the cave once more, expecting a trap. From what, she couldn't imagine.

"It is not a joke," Mana said, a little insulted. She had blatantly offered herself. She had wanted this man, and he looked like he wanted her. What then, was the problem? "I came from the sea. I was born in a large shell on the bottom of the ocean." She stood and moved closer to him. She saw him visibly shudder at her approach. She made eye contact. "I'm Mer."

"Mer," he whispered. Then he looked at her legs and laughed. "You little minx. All right, who bought you for this? Was it Sam? Did you come from the tavern? So, little mer-madame," he made a mocking bow. Suddenly he looked older and much more jaded than his years, "Let's play then shall we? Who shall I be? The great Poseiden?" She gasped at his audacity. Using her father's name in vein and in his own domain... She felt a little ripple in the water.

"Hush! You..." she couldn't find the English word, "You imbécile."

He stilled and took a step back. "You're French! A French whore then. Fitting that I should fight your kind and fuck you at the same time. Ha. Well, as a soldier for England, I'll do England proud." He gripped her hard, pushing her against him and kissed her. She understood little of his angry speech except that he fought for England. He was a soldier. Mana felt a frission of fear. She had never been with a soldier, and a rough and angry one at that. Sea men were playful, all for a quick romp off the ship. Land men were serious but gentle, normally.

"Soldier," she tested the word between his angry, bruising kisses. "Shh, soldier." She was angry, angrier than she'd ever felt. She wanted to teach this man a lesson he never forgot. But she also felt sympathy for his odd pain. He was in tremendous pain, shuddering and leaking with it, like a clam out of the water. Too much pain for his young life.

The lesson would have to wait. She gave his kisses back to him harshly, and used her tongue and hands to gentle him. She licked his neck and bit, then kissed his chin and back to his mouth. She ran her hands along his length, under his trousers and he groaned. His strong grip lessened. He brought his hands along her breasts, teasing her strawberry coral tits to aching points. She gasped.

"Si," she said. Spanish. She must not be in as much control as she thought if she was slipping up on her languages.

He noticed.

"Si?" he laughed, a husky sound, against her lips. He drew her down to the cave floor. He kissed her neck, sucking gently. "Which are you then, my mermaiden? French? Spanish? English?"

"All," Mana replied shaking with lust and hunger. "I am all nations and I am none. I am of the sea."

"Ahh," he said, teasing his kisses down her stomach. "Of the sea. Do you taste salty all over then?" He kissed a path in between her coral curls to the split of pink beneath and licked. He was very much the skilled lover, and lapped at her as she creamed. "Delicious," he said. She was panting, holding his dark curls against her pussy.

"Yess," she said, humming her pleasure as he lapped, sucked and squeezed her bottom. She felt crisis upon her and moaned loudly. "Ohhh." Her keening noise was more mermaid than human. He looked up, stunned at the beauty of her sound.

She reached for him, locking her eyes with his. He was entranced, his pained, bitter face changed to something like awe. He quickly took off his pants, gripped her hips and lay between them. He plunged into her tight passage, pushing passed her comfort.

She winced. He was very large.

"You alright my sea goddess?" He said quietly. He was shuddering with the effort of staying gentle and holding back. "You need me to go slowly?"

"No," she said, gripping his bottom in her hands and pushing him in further. "It's just been some time."

"Ah," he groaned, She was so hot and wet. He started to move quicker and quicker. "How long" he grunted.

She couldn't answer. She could barely breath. She felt his rough pumping and reveled in it, moaning and making mewling noises. She was going to orgasm again.


"Oh god," he said, "Yes. Yes!"

They came together as he plunged into her and she pulled his long dick into her tight wet vagina. Her legs wrapped around him and pushed him deeper. He was still filling her up with his shooting cum and groaning, when they heard a splash at the entrance to the cave. Mana languidly turned towards the sound, still wrapped up in the dark man's embrace, his length was still hard in her softest, wettest place.

It was the other man. The golden one. Mana smiled at him and winked. She then turned back to her dark one, who was still collapsed over her. She gave him a kiss on the ear.

"Danny?" the golden one called said. "What is this?"

Danny grunted and turned towards the man treading water. He looked winded and satiated. "Sam," he said, then shook himself. "Sam. You probably already met...Uh.. I'm sorry I didn't even ask your name."

"Mana," she said, with a wicked gleam in her eye. She began to slide out from under the strong, heavy Danny. He gripped her to keep her where she was, and turned back towards Sam. Mana stiffened at his oddly possessive gesture.

"Mana," Sam said, obviously confused, "No, Danny. We've never met," he said this slowly as if talking to a simpleton. He looked protective of Danny, eying Mana with mistrust, and for good reason.

"Really? Didn't you buy her for me? I thought maybe to try to bring me out of ... you know, out of my war shock."

"No," said Sam. He was still treading water. "No, Danny. Should I go back to shore? I just wanted to check on you..." he trailed off.

"Check whether I'm still alive, you mean," Danny said grimly. "My friend, I'll stay on this earth so long as there are wet pussies like this one for me." He grinned and buried his face in Mana's neck. Then he pulled back. "So Mana, if Sam didn't know you, where did you come from?"

"I told you." She said, smiling up at him with glee, the twinkle back in her eye. "I'm Mer." And as if to punctuate her statement, there was a splash, and her older sister Quinara flew up out of the water, and over Sam, her green tail flicking him gently in the face as she dove back into the water.

Danny gasped and pulled out of Mana. He scrambled back to the wall of the cave. Quinara swam back up and floated, her torso in line with Sam who was wide eyed with fear, awe, and something akin to excitement.

Mana was enjoying her victory and Danny's confusion. He looked from Mana's legs back to Quinara's black hair and large breasts breaking the surface as she swam around and around Sam like a small shark. She was grinning, her fin flicking up and down out of the water.

"But" Sam stuttered, "Mermaids! By golly." He was eying Quinara with longing and fear.

"Mer" Danny whispered for the second time.

"Yes, Danny," she purred his name and stood. His juices leaked out of her. She walked over to him, and he scrambled up. At her sensuous approach, his thick cock sprang back up to attention. She came close to him and reached around him to the rock where her tail lay, her silky light hair brushing him. Then she kissed him, and he hesitated briefly before responding. She stood back then wriggled, her breasts jiggling as she wrapped the seaweed blanket around her legs. She backed up to the edge of the ledge, and singing the binding song, plunged into the water to join her sister.

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