tagBDSMThe Mistress

The Mistress


You enter the room, lit only by a dozen candles. Held in large freestanding gothic candelabras. In the glow you see her. Her back turned to you, she is looking out the window. You walk in farther, closing the door behind you. Walking toward her, you hear her breathing, the effect evident on you, your cock starts to rise. She doesn't turn, but tells you to undress. Her voice soft yet firm, you obey with urgency. Always wanting to please her.

To you she is a goddess...Venus in the flesh...she is your Mistress. And you do what she says...when she says...without hesitation. She tells you she has a special night in store for you. You smile. You tell her any night...any time is special with her.

She responds..."Good answer my dear one." She tells you to lie down on the bed. She binds each of your wrists to each of the posts. Then covers your eyes, with a black silk blindfold. She adds to the atmosphere with a bit of classical music. Soothing, yet sensual. Your cock throbs in anticipation. She leans in giving you a gentle kiss upon the lips. Her fingers dance across your chest. The tips of her fingers gently caressing and teasing your nipples, they grow sensitive, as you moan. Your arms pull against the bindings trying to reach out to her...you ache to feel her soft skin. She knows this, making the tease all that more effective. Eventually her fingers reach your cock. She slowly runs her fingers along the shaft. From the base to the tip, barely touching, you feel the heat emanating from her fingertips. As they stroke your hardened cock. Her tongue moves down your chest, reaching your cock, she passes it by. To take your balls into her mouth. Licking them, suckling them. You moan louder.

Thanking your Mistress for the immense pleasure she is giving you. She asks if you deserve it. You say "Yes", and that you will do anything she wants to bring her even more pleasure. She smiles at you, telling you that you have been good to her. Tonight is your night she says.

"Tonight I will pleasure you, and you will cum hard for your Mistress won't you." She says, slyly.

You respond with a quick "Thank you", followed by more moaning as she finally runs her tongue along your cock. Your body jerks as she takes the head of your cock between her lips. She sucks on just the head deeply, moving her fingers to your balls...caressing. Gradually taking every inch of your cock into her mouth. Your balls hitting her chin. She begins to move up and down on your cock, sliding it in and out of her mouth. Nice and slow. Your hips start to move with her. She places her hands firmly on them, telling you not to thrust. She pulls away, when she feels you so close. She leaves the room...

You are unsure what's going on. Where did she go. She returns about five minutes later, but for you, in the state you are in, that feels like an eternity. Your cock throbbing, aching, so very hard. Wanting it in her mouth, in her pussy, wanting to release your cum deep in her. That would be the ultimate pleasure for you, at this point. Your mind becomes consumed, frenzied. She asks how you are doing. You dare not respond with any other comment than you are well. She asks if you are ready to cum. You say, "Yes Mistress...very much so." She says, "Then my dear one, my lover, you best start begging. Or I shall leave you like this, until I choose to release you." The prospect of that turns you on even more. But you are also aware of the practicality of it. You can not remain there...at her mercy forever. You open your mouth..."Mistress please, allow me to cum. Let me make love to you, pleasing us both Mistress. I will do anything and everything you ask Mistress. You know that. I will obey you, please give me this, please allow me to cum."

She is pleased with your words, she knows that you are hers. Only hers. She wants you to have the pleasure as well...the wondrous orgasmic release. She leans in again...kneeling between your legs. Taking the full length of your cock into her mouth, at once. You moan out loudly. Groaning.

"Yessssss" She begins to quickly suck you...bobbing her head up and down fast. Licking, sucking, feeding on you. Bringing you closer and closer to that sweet orgasm. Your balls tightening, your cock growing thicker, stretching her mouth, filling her mouth. Your hips start to buck again. Her hands hold you down, she is stronger than you realised. You will cum when she allows it. Feeling you so very close, she pulls away again. You moan out..."Oh Mistress, please, I am so very close, I need to cum. Please, please, please let me." She moves up your body, straddling you. Sliding your cock into her wet pussy. You moan out. Loudly, loving how she feels, tight, hot, wet, around your cock. She starts to ride your cock. Up and down, up and down, faster. She's close too, she wants to cum as well. Your orgasm rising, from your balls. Aching to cum. She moves up and down, faster, sliding your cock in and out. It fills her so. She's moaning now, with you. As she nears an earth shattering climax. One more thrust up from your hips, deep into her, your cock explodes deep in her hot wetness. She screams out, as you fill her, and she coats your cock with her own cum. She collapses on your chest. Your cock still buried deep. Breathing hard. Resting her head on your shoulder. Her hands slide the blindfold off. She looks into your eyes, she smiles, and kisses you, tenderly. A deep love in that kiss. She rolls off of you, releases the bindings. You take her into your arms, holding her tight. As you both drift off to sleep...

Written by Brigihd © 2000, All Rights Reserved

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