tagBDSMThe Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 09

The Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 09


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It was a large room, surrounded by mahogany bookshelves lined with thick volumes, most with dark colored spines and gold lettering. They were the numerous case reporters; the text of previous case opinions that collectively defined justice in America. Judge Reynolds was sitting behind a huge mahogany desk in a high backed, black leather chair. He was still in his black judicial robes with a white shirt and striped red tie just visible over the robe's neckline. He was distinguished looking but not handsome, a sharp nose, weak chin and the beginnings of jowls spoiling otherwise pleasant features. His bushy eyebrows rose as Sheryl entered the room with Katrina in tow.

"Come in Sheryl, come in. It's so good to see you again. You look lovelier every time I see you. Please sit down and bring your pretty young friend with you."

He motioned to the maroon leather couch in front of his desk. Sheryl moved to the couch and sat down, firmly pulling Katrina along with her.

"I see you are wearing the necklace I gave you on your birthday. It looks lovely on you."

Sheryl absently fingered the yellow and white gold woven link chain choker at the base of her neck, red nails contrasting with her pale skin and white blouse.

"Yes, thank you again John. You have exquisite taste."

The Judge unzipped his robe, took it off and hung it on the coat rack behind him next to his gray suit jacket. Katrina could see the rest of his heavily starched white shirt and striped tie and the top of his matching gray trousers. He walked around to the front of his desk and leaned back on it with his hands and butt, crossing his legs in a relaxed pose. He was short and stocky, not fat, not yet, but certainly headed in that direction. Wordlessly, he thrust his arms out towards Sheryl. She responded immediately and went to him, fitting herself between his arms and hugging him tightly. Katrina watched in amazement as Sheryl brought her hand up slowly along the Judge's inner thigh and cupped his bulge.

"Well, I see you're happy to see me John. Or is it my young friend here that has you hard as a rock?"

The Judge whispered a response in her ear and she giggled, throwing her head back and giving his growing bulge another light squeeze. He exhaled loudly and ran his hand lightly over her front, beginning at her neck and moving down along her curves, over her breasts to her hips and then down to her thigh and back up under her mini skirt. She sighed at his touch, closing her eyes and tilting her head up. He kissed her passionately, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as he ran his middle and forefinger up her panty covered slit, already moist with her growing lust. He slowly broke the kiss and whispered again in her ear. She smiled up at him and, as she turned to go back to the couch, he patted her lightly on the rump.

Sheryl sat back down on the couch and slid herself into a corner, lower back wedged between the high padded armrest and thickly padded back. She drew Katrina to her, guiding the frightened girl to slide back on the smooth couch so her back rested on Sheryl's breasts and her butt and legs were between her own. She whispered in Katrina's ear:

"He wants to watch us a little. It turns him on and, frankly, having him watch me with you turns me on too. You are an incredibly beautiful young girl. This could be a lot of fun if you relax and just enjoy it. I guarantee I'll get your juices going." Ever done it with a woman before?"

"Ye . . . yes I have. My best friend growing up, we sort of experimented on each other."

"Did you enjoy it?"

Katrina blushed and looked down at her hands enclosed in Sheryl's as she said: "Yes, . . . I did."

Sheryl leaned over and kissed her gently behind the ear and then licked the bottom of her ear lobe with the tip of her tongue. Katrina sucked in a deep breath at the first touch of her tongue. Sheryl brought her hand up to Katrina's breasts and gently rubbed the tips through the coarse, cotton shift. Katrina gasped as soon as Sheryl touched her nipples. Sheryl's hand drifted down to Katrina's waist, over her young, taut abdomen and down her bare thigh. Katrina sighed at the gentle touch. Sheryl noticed the goose bumps rising on her thigh as she ran her fingernails lightly over it. Katrina closed her eyes and absently parted her thighs a little to make room for Sheryl's deliciously gentle touch.

The Judge intently watched the erotic scene unfolding in front of him. His rod was bulging against his zipper and a small, wet stain began to appear at the top of his fly. He massaged the understand of his stiff member through his pocket, pushing hard at the underside of his dick near the base and running his pressing fingers up to the tip. He watched Sheryl's soft, stroking hand disappear under the young girl's blue cotton jail shift and saw Katrina draw deep breaths, sighing as the older woman's fingers stroked the girl's slit through her black silk panties. The Judge could hardly contain himself.

"Take it off her. Take it off her Sheryl," the Judge exclaimed, panting as he spoke.

Sheryl immediately complied with his order, raising Katrina's arms straight over her head and then taking the girl's prison shift on either side by its hem and lifting it straight up and over her head and arms. In a moment, the gaping judge had an eye full of the slim young girl. He watched her draw her knees up to her chest and spread them, opening her wet, panty covered vulva to the older woman's knowing ministrations. Sheryl brought her right hand down to her wet crotch and began stroking her up and down, lingering at the top to make small circular motions around her stiffening clit and then drawing her middle finger down the moist slit to her rear hole. Her left hand stayed busy massaging the young girl's breasts through the sheer bra as she nuzzled the nape of her neck from behind.

Katrina no longer took any notice of the leering Judge as she kept her eyes closed and just let herself go with the warm, sexy feeling that was building in her loins. She kicked off her tennis shoes and brought her knees further back, digging her heels into her own butt and spreading her knees as widely as they would go. Sheryl slipped her left hand behind Katrina and undid the bra clasp with the one hand, freeing her ample breasts. Her nipples were like pebbles as Sheryl worked them in small circles with the palm of her hand and tweaked them between her middle and forefinger. Katrina's mouth hung open slackly, saliva dribbled out of the lower corner as she moaned in response to Sheryl's multiple assaults on her senses.

Katrina slipped her hand behind her back and started snaking it up Sheryl nylon clad leg to her soft inner thigh and the edge of her own wet silk panties. Sheryl was at first surprised by the touch and then smiled in recognition. Katrina skillfully worked her fingers under the edge of the older woman's panties and ran her fingers through her pubic hair, searching blindly for her wet gash. It wasn't hard to find. She merely followed the trail of slick ooze rolling down the sides of her pubic mound back to its source and found the hot honey pot.

Sheryl was dying to eat her out and have her service her own cunt in return. She hooked both thumbs into the young girl's panty waistband and pulled them down over her hips. Katrina felt the tug and helped her, lifting her butt off the couch by pushing down on her feet and back with her head against Sheryl's chest. They slipped off easily as Sheryl guided them up to her bent knees and then back down over her smooth calves. Katrina stepped out of them with one foot and then the other. Sheryl immediately dove into the young girl's crotch with two fingers, running them up to her engorged clit and massaging around it in small circles and then back down to her oozing cunt hole where she plunged both fingers deeply into her hot tunnel and stroked them in and out, flicking the girl's clit with her thumb.

The last of her inhibitions gone, Katrina was moaning loudly with each thrust of the older woman's stiff fingers. She was thrusting her hips up to meet those fingers and to press her clit harder against the flicking thumb. Sheryl added a third finger and thrust them in up to the second knuckle, playing with the girl's swollen clit with the ball of her thumb, rolling the tip of it around and around as Katrina started to pant loudly. With her fingers still deep in her tunnel, she turned her hand around so the heel and palm were resting on her clit. She pushed down with the heel of her hand against her clit and swollen labia and rotated it in small circles. Katrina gasped in surprise at the powerful tingling pleasure that surged through her at the firm touch.

With the young, red headed girl panting and quaking, on the very edge of orgasm, Sheryl slipped out from behind her, laid her down with her head raised on the padded arm of the couch and slid down her front of her open thighs. Her three fingers went back to their warm, wet, resting place, sliding in slowly, as she dipped her tongue in above them to collect some of Katrina's flowing cunt juices and brought her tongue up to her pulsating clit. With her eyes closed and her mouth gaping open, Katrina screamed in pure, mind-tingling pleasure as her entire womb convulsed in orgasm at the first touch of her tongue. She was mentally gone, off to another place, and barely noticed the smooth, hot touch of hard cock against her lips.

Katrina opened her eyes just in time to see the hulking figure of Judge Reynolds hovering over her face, one knee on the armrest beside her ear, the foot of the other leg planted on the floor. Before she could close her mouth, he shoved the entire length of his hard dick into it, past her surprised tongue and down her throat, stopping only when he struck the narrow opening of her esophagus. She gagged immediately, throat contracting around his swollen dick head. She started to cough but was stopped short by the head of his dick acting like a plug. It redirected the force of the cough through her nose, burning her nasal passage and forcing clear mucus to run from her nostrils. She felt like she was choking; she couldn't breath as her first attempt to draw breath through her mouth was stopped short by his ramming pole.

Katrina went from utter ecstacy one moment to frightened panic the next. The Judge withdrew his engorged shaft, pulling it back over her tongue. Before it broke free of her lips, Katrina tried to form the word no but couldn't get her tongue up to the roof of her mouth. All that came out was "owh! Owh!" Saliva dribbled out of the corners of her mouth as the Judge grabbed her thick red hair in his left hand and drove his prong home, deep into her mouth cavern, again banging the back of her throat.

"Suck on it bitch! Suck On It!"

Katrina continued to struggle, yanking her head back and forth, trying to get the invading pink rod out of her mouth. She was panicked as she took a couple of ragged breaths through her nose but continued to try to push his dick out of her mouth.

"Okay bitch, want to play? Huh! Want to play?!" Judge Reynolds hissed as he took a tighter grip on her hair.

The Judge viciously twisted and yanked her head by her hair and then brought his right hand up to her nose and tightly pinched off her nostrils with his thumb and forefinger.

"Okay babe, you can have air when you start sucking me right. Until then, all you get is hard cock!"

The Judge started to rapidly piston his red hot dick in and out of her mouth in deep strokes, pounding away, bloated balls tapping on her upturned chin as she struggled under him for air. Katrina's lungs were burning as he squeezed off her air without warning, before she could even get a deep breath to hold and sustain her. She was starting to black out. She felt as though she was starting to die and reflexively acted in desperation to save herself. On his next out stroke, with his swollen head just inside of her lips and poised to plunge in, she bit him, hard. Her teeth clamped together just behind the swollen glans of his dick head. Her sharp canines broke skin on the top and the serrated edges of her two lower front teeth made a deep gash in the underside.

"Yaaaaaaaa! AAAAh! AAAAAAAAAh! What the fuck?! You bit me! The bitch bit me! I'm, . . . I'm bleeding! The fucking bitch Bit Me!"

The Judge was hopping around the room in pain, holding his cock, blood dripping out and running down the palm of his hand.

"Get the slut outta here! Get Her Out, Sheryl!" Jesus, the little slut bit me!"

Sheryl was stunned at the sudden turn of events and was frozen in place at first, mouth still over Katrina's dripping cunt lips, fingers holding her inner thighs apart.

. . .

Returning to the present, Katrina's reverie was broken by the sound of the Judge's loud moan as her mental picture from the past of the Judge hopping around in pain dissolved and the scene in front of her came back into focus. Marisa was standing behind his upthrust ass, left hand holding the warmed squeeze bottle of mineral oil, right hand cupped under his ass crack as a stream of the warm, viscous oil streamed out of the bottle's nozzle down his crack and pooled in the upturned palm of her hand. The Judge was panting, fat belly hanging down and jiggling as he felt the warm lubricant run down his crack, past his yearning anus. Although his legs were splayed, his arms pinned to the side posts and his head trapped in the stocks, he still managed to wiggle his bottom a little and reach back with it, rubbing himself against her small, slick hand. Marisa looked over at Katrina and smiled as she saw the Judge's reaction. Katrina smiled back in response.

"You're a real slut, aren't you John," Marisa said as she playfully slapped him on the raw, red cheek of his birch whipped ass. The Judge jumped in response to the stinging blow and then stopped immediately when Marisa started to circle his sensitive little anal button with her tiny middle finger. The Judge moaned again through his widely opened mouth, jaws still held as wide as they would go by the dental appliance. Saliva dripped down his chin as he couldn't close his lips to stop it. She slid her middle finger in up to the first knuckle. A low murmur of satisfaction came from deep in the Judge's throat. Marisa slipped her left hand down to his pendulous balls and circled his scrotum just above his nuts with her thumb and forefinger. She slowly drew them down, stretching his scrotal sack as she penetrated his ass further with her middle finger. The Judge's moans got louder and more urgent. Marisa continued her downward pressure on his balls as she slid her middle finger in up to the hilt. Her third knuckle pressed against his sensitive anus and her oiled palm pressed against the inner walls of his ass cheeks, spreading them further.

Marisa paused for a few moments to take in the scene. Although the Judge's freedom of movement was severely restricted, he managed to start humping himself on her stiffened middle finger with short thrusts of his ass. Marisa pulled down harder on his balls to see what effect it would have. He groaned loudly in response and squeezed down hard on her invading finger with his sphincter muscle. She put the tip of her ring finger on the puckered opening, stiffened it and slid it in beside her middle finger.

"Oh! Oh! OH!" The Judge grunted in surprise as his anal opening was being stretched by her second invading finger. Marisa adjusted her grip on his nuts, closing the other fingers of her left hand around his ball sack and squeezing it as she tugged them down. The Judge reacted to the squeezing sensation immediately with a loud grunt and mildly frantic wiggling of his behind. Marisa tightened her grip and thrust her ring finger all the way into his rectum. She slowly worked both fingers in and out, spreading them apart to stretch his hole. The tight grip on his balls and penetrating fingers in his ass brought the Judge to a fever pitch. Despite the grip on his nuts, he humped back in rhythm to meet her plunging fingers. The head of his dick sticking out of the restraining tube was grossly swollen and dark purple in color. With no restraining tube, he would have come immediately, just from the pressure on his nuts and prostrate.

Marisa added her forefinger to the invading digits, sliding it in with some difficulty through his tight, resisting opening.

"Aaaaa! AAAaaaaa! Ahhhhhhhhh! The Judge grunted as he felt her third finger slide in. Despite the tiny width of her fingers, three of them together stretched him beyond anything he had used on himself and he felt a sharp pain as his incredibly tight sphincter stretched to accommodate her digits. He stopped humping back and was very still as she pressed her fingers in with steady pressure, using his balls like a handle for leverage. She was nearly in to the third knuckle when she suddenly turned and twisted her fingers, plunging them in as far as they would go, withdrawing them to the tips and then twisting and plunging them in again. Like a router, she was opening his hole, stretching the walls of his rectum and coating them with oil at the same time.

The Judge was panting heavily as she opened him up. She spread her fingers slightly, opening him further and then began a rapid, piston like motion, twisting her hand to get the full effect. The Judge grunted in time to the thrusts. His legs shook uncontrollably as the pressure on his prostrate was almost unbearably painful and pleasurable at the same time. He reflexively thrust out with his groin with each thrust of her fingers into his ass but with the restraining tube tightly gripping his dick he could not orgasm or derive any feeling of pleasure from his squeezed manhood.

Marisa was bursting with lust at the sight and feel of her fingers reaming out the Judge. The smell of sex and sweat and oil was intoxicating. The urge to fuck him was overwhelming. She inched up a little closer to his ass, released his balls and with her now free hand guided the tip of her dildo to the crack of his ass and pushed it so it rested lightly on the penetrating fingers of her other hand. As she withdrew those fingers she thrust her hips forward, sliding the ersatz dick into his gaping hole, replacing her fingers. The Judge felt the change in girth but before he could react, she had half the dildo shoved into him.

With the fingers of her right hand slick with oil, she gripped his pendulous, hanging balls tightly and pulled down on them hard with a sudden jerking motion. Just as the Judge was reacting to the sudden pain in his nuts, she thrust her hips forward, plunging the remaining length of the six inch dildo into his ass, opening virginal rectal territory that had not been reached by her tiny fingers.

OH! OH! OHHhhhhhhhhhh! Gach! AAAAAaaaaaaaaaHHhhhhhhhh! The Judge screamed from deep in his throat as Marisa rammed her dick home in one vicious thrust. Marisa felt his entire ass and anal sphincter contract in an involuntary spasm to halt the sudden invasion. Too late. She was already in him up to the hilt. He had never felt anything like it. It had taken his breath away. He was stunned, frozen in place. Marisa paused for a few moments and then began a slow circular motion with her hips, grinding her groin into him, pressing the leather crotch plate of her harness against his squeezing sphincter, feeling the inner dildo press and rub against her g-spot. She changed her grip on his nuts, releasing them momentarily, bringing her arm around his thigh and then gripping them tightly in her palm as she pressed her cock into him as deeply as it would go. She added a short pumping motion to the circular grind, withdrawing the latex dick a couple of inches before ramming it home, finishing each deep thrust with a series of circular grinds into his crack. With each deep thrust, the Judge let out an involuntary grunt, "Unghh," as the air was forced out of him by the force of her thrust.

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