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The Model Apartment


Sarah's life was going well in so many ways. A loving devoted husband, two well-mannered teenage boys, and a fulfilling career as an apartment complex manager. Except for one area life was good. The area? Sex. Specifically, better sex and more of it.

Her husband Gene, although loving, was not a particularly good lover. Because of the demands of his job he was often too tired, and even when that wasn't the case, he just didn't appear interested. And on the few occasions when he was, it seemed that his interest was limited only to fulfilling his own urgent needs. This left her feeling hurt, unappreciated, and yes, a little angry. And confused. After all, Sarah had just turned 40 last month and even though she wasn't the same knockout Gene had married 18 years ago she could still turn the heads. She noticed and appreciated how most men looked at her approvingly, even the younger ones. Especially when she would steal a quick peek backwards as she walked away from them, somewhat amused as she watched them quickly avert their eyes from what she had always thought was her best physical feature. She could recall how in the early years of her relationship with Gene, and even with her other lovers from high school and college, they had all had an almost worship-like relationship with her ass. But now, even though it was still a sight to behold, the man she slept with most every night didn't seem at all affected by it, whether naked or clothed.

And so, Sarah found herself fantasizing often these days about sex.....or a certain type of intimacy. Whatever you name it, there was a need deep inside of Sarah that was going unfulfilled, and therefore consuming more and more of her thoughts. She longed to be touched and fucked in a way that was slow and powerful, that could release the passion she felt lingering constantly, just beneath the surface.

On this Monday morning, these thoughts and feelings were especially strong. Maybe it was because this past Saturday night she had been ignored.....again. With both boys away at some basketball camp in a neighboring town, she had planned what she hoped would be an evening to remember with Gene. She had prepared a nice meal, one of his favorites in fact. Having taken a late afternoon bubble bath she smelled wonderful, and with the drinks they had before and after dinner, she was especially relaxed. Since it was a hot summer day she had decided to wear a particularly low-waisted pair of cutoffs and one of her favorite shirts of Gene's tied at the waist, revealing both her still-trim-at-40 figure and the top of her new black thong. Sarah looked incredibly sexy, and she felt even more so. Gene didn't realize it but he could have gotten any deep-seeded fantasy acted out that night, if he had only asked. But he didn't. Instead, he fell asleep after dinner in front of the TV, while Sarah was at her vanity freshening up and thinking of all of the different things she wanted Gene to do to her, and she to him.

Upon entering the room, she was crushed. How could all she had done in preparation have so little affect on this man, her husband? At first, she considered waking him with a soft kiss to his ear, of maybe even unzipping his trousers and performing fellatio on him right there in the living room. After all, she was so aroused and needed physical contact so bad. But the hurt and growing anger were stronger. So, instead she left him there snoring and retired to the bedroom to read and try to drive the thoughts of passion from her mind.

It was almost four hours later before she was successful and felt asleep, while Gene remained on the couch. She had no idea at what time he came to bed that night; only that there he was the next morning lying beside her. She simply got out of bed and spent her day relaxing and chatting with friends on the phone. She only spoke to her husband when he spoke to her, as he was content to lie on the couch and watch golf and an old movie that day. She went to bed early that night wanting to be fresh for work on Monday, not knowing for sure if she even said good night to Gene. And at that point, not particularly caring either.

She managed to keep the thoughts of sex and passion somewhat at bay on Monday by staying busy at work. There was plenty to do, with the major re-modeling of the apartments in its final phases, and the extra traffic of potential residents due to the advertised specials the owner's were running in the local media. But there they were just the same. These increasingly vivid images of sexual acts with anonymous men, popping into her head whenever there was a break in the conversation or her schedule. They were strong, powerful, but faceless men in her fantasies. And the images were so moving; to the point Sarah would have trouble maintaining her composure. More than once that day she considered going to one of the model apartments and trying to relieve herself by masturbating. And although she felt a familiar dampness in her panties most of the day, she resisted.

Later that afternoon Laura, her assistant, needed to leave early at 4:30 for a function at her kid's school. That was fine with Sarah because that only left another hour and a half before knocking off at six. Most of her paperwork was done and she could easily handle any latecomers wanting to see an apartment, and in the meantime she could plan the next day. She just needed to try and focus, and keep her mind on the job.

As the time dragged on and six o'clock neared, Sarah began to think that there weren't going to be anymore customers, and she started the routine of shutting down the office. "Maybe 15 minutes early," she thought. "Who's going to know?" Then, just as she was about to turn out the office lights, a buzz at the front gate.

"Yes, this is Sarah Jacobs. May I help you?"

"Uh, yes," said a deep male voice. "I know that it's almost closing time, but I wanted to see an apartment. A one bedroom, with a study perhaps."

Sarah thought quickly to herself, "There is that unit on the first floor that will be empty in just a couple of weeks. It would be great if I could get that rented." So then she said, "Yes sir, come right in," and opened the gate for the stranger.

As Sarah reached for the keys to the model for the type unit she had in mind, her thoughts were bouncing from business, to sex, to Gene, and back to sex when she heard the front door open and she walked to her office door to meet the potential resident. As she passed through the door and made the corner she was a little taken aback when she realized the person was a twenty-something black male. Living in East Tennessee where the racial mix was about 85/15 white to black, Sarah just hadn't dealt with that many black people, or at least single black men. She didn't consider herself racist and hated herself for her initial reaction. However, she quickly moved beyond those thoughts when the man offered his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Nate Reynolds. Thanks for letting me in this late." He smiled, but not too big; just pleasant.

Sarah was immediately at ease, upon seeing him smile and hearing his voice. His handshake was firm but not painful to her soft hands. She also became aware of how strikingly handsome the man was....and tall. "God, this guy is gorgeous," she thought.

"This guy? Oh man, what did he say his name was?"

"Hi, I'm Sarah," she answered. And then mumbled something about it being no problem to show him the apartment. "Just let me get some basic information, please, so I can be sure to show you the kind of apartment you are looking for. Please have a seat." And then she handed him a short personal info sheet to fill out, and offered him something to drink.

"Maybe just a bottled water," he suggested, looking up briefly from the paperwork, just long enough to smile at her again.

She turned and walked toward the kitchen wanting to look back to see if he were watching her, but didn't, wondering to herself, "What if he is? What then?"

When she returned with his water he was still writing, so she took her time crossing the length of the room so she might get a good look at the dark stranger. Her initial assessment of the man didn't even come close. This black man, somewhere in his twenties, was unbelievably handsome, and built too. His clothes, which were top of the line but not flashy, were immaculate. And they fit him perfectly. He was just wearing slacks and a polo shirt but she could tell, even with him sitting, how well they fit.

"God," she thought girlishly, "I can't wait for him to get up again.

"Damn Sarah! What the heck is wrong with you? Get those thoughts out of your head! Focus, focus, focus!" But it was no use, she went right back to noticing everything about him.

"He's got to be about six foot four. And his shoulders; My God, those shoulders," she marveled.

Then as she approached the table were he was seated, she noticed his hands for the first time. They were simply the most powerful looking hands she had ever seen in her life. They looked like they were capable of just about anything. But they didn't look rough; instead they were clean and manicured, but extremely masculine. Then she became aware of his skin and complexion, a deep rich dark brown. Almost black, but not quite. Sarah was absolutely losing control of herself looking at this man. Just as she made the table, she noticed he was looking up at her, just a little bit knowingly.

"How long has he been watching me watch him?" she wondered.

Then he reached and took the bottled water from her. "There, I think that should do," he said, as he handed her the card.

"Ahh, the card," she thought realizing "Now I have his name!"

But just then......

"Think I could see that unit now?" he asked, as she noticed something a little more raw in his eyes and his smile.

"Oh fuck! He knows what I was thinking about him," she told herself. "Somehow, he knows!

"Sure! I have the keys right here," as she tossed the card on the table and headed for the door. "Just follow me, please."

As she reached the door, she looked back to ask him if he was new to the area in an attempt to get her thoughts back to a more normal place. And as she did, she noticed his eyes were fixed on her ass. She was wearing one of those clingy skirts that day. The type that compliments a woman's figure so well. He didn't try to hide it from her, either. He just slowly raised his eyes back to hers and once again looked at her, no through her, in that knowing way. Although his gaze was lustful, it was very approving and non-threatening. With that look, Sarah came right then and there! She felt the rush, warmth, and wetness that follows.

"My God," she thought, shuddering just a little, "I've never had a man affect me like this. He hasn't even touched me for Christ's sake. Does he know what he's doing? Could he?"

As they walked to the apartment Sarah attempted to make small talk, but it was becoming increasingly hard for her to even look the man in the eyes. For every time she did she would have to deal with his gaze, or worse, her own thoughts that had turned to things like, what he must feel like, how he must taste, and yes, his cock. What does his cock look like? How big is it? Is it true what they say about black men? Or men with big, powerful hands.

"This guy has two things going for him in the cock department," she giggled to herself.

"This guy, again! Shit, the card. I forgot the fucking card!!!" she cursed herself. "I still don't know his name."

Just then they needed to make a turn so Sarah held back a bit, offering the way with her hand, the way a man might do for a lady. But this guy had no problem with the gesture and strode confidently down the path toward the next group of apartments. This was the first time Sarah had been behind him. He made a couple of comments along the way about the beauty of the apartment landscaping, but she barely heard him. She was practically speechless, but managed some type of mumbled acknowledgement. Although, she couldn't have told you what the hell she said. She was transfixed on his ass. And then his back. She could actually see the muscles through his shirt. Then his shoulders. Those fucking shoulders, again. And then back to his ass. "His wonderful, tight, powerful looking ass," she lusted to herself.

Watching this gorgeous black stranger walk down the path in front of her had peaked her sexual hunger to the point where she thought to herself "If this guy were to swing around and pull out his cock right now, I swear, I would drop to my knees and suck it down my throat."

And then he was at the end of the walkway, and he suddenly turned around to see Sarah practically drooling over his ass. She averted her eyes quickly, but she knew that she was caught. But once again, his look was non-threatening. And while it was obvious he knew that she was lusting after him, his demeanor wasn't cocky at all. But seemed to say instead, thank you.

He gave her a little nod of the head downward, as if to say, "It's OK to look again if you like".

And she did. Her eyes dropped to mid-torso of this beautiful black man, but this time a frontal view. She looked away quickly, but then back again. It was a classic double take. She couldn't believe her eyes. He was standing with one leg open and forward just a bit, and bent slightly at the knee. He was also holding his pant leg from the back, pulling it taught against the front, producing an outline of his enormous cock, along the inside of his thigh. She stared at it for what had to be 5 or 6 seconds, and then caught herself as she came for the second time. She looked quickly back to his eyes, and then away, embarrassed that her arousal was surely showing.

"The unit is right here," she stammered as she fumbled with the keys. She couldn't get the image of his cock out of her mind. She moved quickly for the door. Once inside, she waited for him to enter, searching for words that would take things in an entirely different direction. Once he was inside, she closed and locked the door behind him.

"Oh damn! Did he see me do that?" she thought nervously. "Just start your tour, just like normal," she instructed herself, as she continued to see the outline of his dick in her minds eye.

"Let me show you the,".....she started to say when he grabbed her gently, but firmly, by the wrist with one hand and around her waist with the other. He drew her close, and then without a word moved slowly to kiss her, pausing briefly for approval before kissing her softly at first, and then deep and long. Although she told herself to resist, she did not. She couldn't. She thought briefly about her husband, but those thoughts quickly passed, and by the end of their kiss she had reached her third orgasm.

When it was over he looked into her eyes and said, "Sarah, I want you to suck my cock. Do you want to suck my cock, Sarah?"

Watching his eyes and then his lips, she slowly dropped to her knees without a word and began to unbuckle his pants. And then she began to pull his trousers and boxers down together, slowly, uncovering his dick, inch by inch, until all nine inches were showing. And it was still partially flaccid. And black as the Ace of Spades, much blacker than his face and hands. It had a drop of pre-cum at the slit, and she moved her tongue to lick it away.

Sarah was absolutely mesmerized, and hornier than she ever thought possible. "How big will his cock get," she wondered.

All she wanted to do at this point in time was to make love to this man and his beautiful black cock. She opened her mouth wide and took in the enormous head and maybe another inch, and then she felt it hit the back of her throat. She couldn't believe it. She was still looking at another 6 or 7 inches of his manhood outside of her mouth. And he wasn't even completely hard yet, although she could now feel him growing. She tried to concentrate on relaxing her throat but this wasn't going to be like deep-throating Gene's average-sized dick. But she was up to the task. She was on fire!!

Suddenly, she could see herself and the situation. There she was, in one of the model apartments, on her knees sucking a stranger's cock. A tall, handsome stranger; with an enormous black cock. She now had about half of it down her throat and she had him fully erect at this point. He had to be over 13 or 14 inches long and 5 to 6 inches around. It was literally like sucking on an incredibly smooth, muscular arm. He was now moaning each time Sarah got a little bit more of it down her throat, and he was gently holding the back of her head, with a fistful of her blonde hair, helping her go deeper still. Saliva was everywhere, but she didn't care.

He now began to talk to her, a whisper really. "Sarah, you are sucking me so good. You are incredibly beautiful, did you know that?" he said just loud enough to be heard. "Do you like the taste of my black cock, Sarah?"

She nodded approval as she continued to suck. Each time he said her name she wanted to find her clit and rub it. She now wanted this man to do whatever he wanted to her. She had a burning between her thighs she never thought possible. She wondered if his cock would hurt when he put it inside her. She didn't care.

He was now reaching inside her blouse and bra, both wet from her saliva and drool. She reached down and unbuttoned her blouse, tearing one button loose because of her urgency to free her tits for him. She was natural, and big. He was right, she was beautiful. He used her saliva as lubricant to tweak her nipples, soft at first and then a little harder. This excited her even more and she kept pushing her mouth and throat around his horse cock, pulling off only occasionally to breathe and to rest her jaws. This last time she pulled back, she realized that his cock hung over half way to his knees. Is it possible he had grown even larger?

While she was admiring his huge cock, he knelt beside her and motioned for her to lie back on the carpet, and she did. He then took her shoes off and picked her left foot up to his mouth and kissed her inner ankle, and slowly began kissing his way down the inside of her leg, alternating to the right leg once he reached her knees. His kisses were warm and wet, but not sloppy. She reached down and pulled her skirt up completely around her waist, exposing the light blue silk French-cut panties she had chose that morning. He inched ever closer, alternating between soft quick kisses, licks, and longer nibbles to her inner thighs. Finally he was there, still outside her panties, nibbling, kissing and licking the fabric. Up and down her slit, saving the firmer nibbles and bites for the area that concealed her clitoris. She reached down and moved the fabric to one side and placed her hand at the back of his shaven head and pulled his face to her thoroughly drenched pussy. She could never recall being this wet. Her little pinkeye in back actually had a pool of her juices gathered at it's opening. She could feel it there and that made her hotter still.

As his pace quickened, his soft kisses became deep, probing, searches with his tongue. Her hips were thrashing wildly now, as she pulled at the back of his head with all she had. Just then, he slid a finger and thumb from each hand to the right side of her panties at the most narrow part of the fabric. He paused for a moment, and she felt him tighten his grip, he tongued her clit forcefully, and then with a snap, he tore the fabric in two. She came violently at that very moment. With pressure still applied to her clit and she still in the midst of orgasm, he moved his hands to the other side and tore the panty fabric there, as well. With his right hand he reached and grabbed the fabric at her pussy and slowly pulled it from beneath her ass, as he slowly removed his tongue from her clitoris. She was now near fainting. She wondered how many more times he would make her cum.

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