tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Monkey's Penis

The Monkey's Penis


Wayne entered the curio shop in an obscure corner of Manhattan, seeking a novel gift for his little brother, Jack. He spied a fat Buddha with a huge hard-on. Asking, he was told that the Horny Buddha was over a thousand years old, and came from the headwaters of the holy Ganges River in India. The asking price was nine hundred dollars. Wayne had made a fortune riding Amazon.com stock and then AOL, and was smeart enough to avoid the crash of the late nineties. He paid for the statue without argument and left with the small package under his arm, thinking how Jack would appreciate how this peice tied in with his cultural studies on India at NYU.

"What's this," Jack exclaimed when he opened his present on his twenty first birthday.

"The Horny Buddha. I found it in a shop on the in Manhattan."

"It's wonderful. I love it." Jack thought the thing was a fraud, and that his ignorant brother had been taken in. He put it on a shelf when he got home, and forgot about it. A few weeks later, his cat started clawing the sofa. Jack threw a baseball at him but missed, knocking the Horny Buddha off the shelf. It broke on the floor.

"Shit. I hope superglue will work." Jack bent to pick up the pieces and saw a bit of parchment sticking out. He picked up the remains and pulled out the parchment. A small wizened black thing dropped into his hand. It looked like a small turd, and he dropped it on the floor. Looking at the parchment, he found he could read the faded writing on it.

"This is the Monkey's Penis. Three wishes only will it grant, and none shall it take away."

Wishes? What kind of gag was this? But Wayne wasn't smart enough to write that in that language, and the Horny Buddha was clearly old. Wayne picked up the black object. It could be a dick, he supposed. What would he wish for? He put it down and laughed.

Later, fitting the pieces of the statue together, he thought about it. He lived alone, and was shy around girls. His first and only girl friend had laughed cruelly when she'd unzipped his pants. Jack's dick was only three inches long and his testicles were like hazelnuts. He'd been afraid of girls ever since. What did he have to lose? It wasn't going to work anyway.

"Monkey Penis! I Wish that my penis was eighteen inches long, and eight inches around, and that my balls were as big as baseballs."

He held the dried penis to his head, and then threw it on the floor. Suddenly he was in agony, and threw himself on the floor, ripping at his jeans. His balls were being crushed in his pants. Staring down, Jack was stunned. His limp dick was eight inches long, and huge. He grabbed the baseball he'd thrown at the cat and his balls were at least as big. Holy shit, it worked!

He pulled his pants off and stood before the mirror doors on his shower. His limp dick hung halfway to his knees, and his large balls pushed it out so it hung clear without touching. He held it, amazed at it's weight. He needed both hands to hold it all. He squeezed gently, feeling it's fullness. He started jerk off, slowly, and it grew harder and larger, the head turning purple and huge.

Jack fell to his knees, slowly stroking his incredible member. At eighteen inches, it was longer than his forearm, and his fingers only reached part way around. His balls bruised his thighs as they bounced. He stroked harder, using both hands. He felt a tingle in his new balls, but orgasm was far away.

He got an idea, and sat on the floor with his legs spread in front of him. His new cock came up to his nose, and he licked the huge head of his own cock. The head was nearly almost four inches across, and he could not fit his mouth around it. He sucked on the head and stroked the glans under the head. After an hour, he felt an orgasm building in his balls. Jack jacked faster, and suddenly he erupted in a gigantic stream of cum, flooding his nose and making him choke as enormous pulses of ecstacy shot through is body.

Jack got up. There had to be at least a pint of semen on himself and on the floor and walls of his bathroom. His enormous dick was throbbing and bouncing. He wondered what fucking would be like now, and what girls would say. He took a quick shower, got dressed in his sweat pants, the only thing that would fit him now, and went out.

He entered a club he knew of, but had been too embarassed to enter before. The enormous bulge of his new equipment was prominent and unmistakable as he stood with his back to the bar, surveying the girls. A hot redhead caught came up to him and pulled him to her corner. She was a tall girl with large bulging breasts and a slender waist and perfect ass. Her name was Nicole. She had two friends with her, Simone, a tall blue eyed black-haired girl with a well proportioned slender body, and Laurie, a small hefty blond with large tits.

These girls had seen his package and wasted no time. Laurie rubbed against him and said, "Let's go, girls." They all went to Simone's place a few blocks over. Simone prepared drinks as the other two girls fell on Jack, practically ripping his clothes off. Jack stood there, embarassed, his soft dick bouncing slightly. Nicole and Laurie fell to their knees in worship, and ran their tongues over Jack's huge member.

Simone put the drink materials down and stripped her clothes off, revealing a nice body with small tits and a hard ass. She pushed Laurie and Nicole aside, and the other two girls stripped. The sight of all this flesh made Jack's giant cock spring to attention, standing straight out and huge for it's full eighteen inches. The girl's shrieked, and lunged on it, licking it's whole length. None of the girls could fit her mouth over the massive knob on the end, but they sucked at it and stroked it.

Nicole lay back on the floor, pulling Jack down over her, spreading her legs and pressing Jack's face into her flaming bush. Jack licked her dripping cunt as the other two girls jerked his cock. Nicole came in shuddering gasps. She pulled him up and pressed his cock between her legs. He positioned himself at her entrance, and thrust forward, but he couldn't enter her tight dripping hole.

In frustration, Nicole pulled his up to her ample tits. He fucked her tits, but couldn't swing a full stroke, and he gave Nicole a bloody nose by pushing too hard and too fast. Nicole let go of her tits, and kissed Laurie, who was kneeling and sucking on Nicole's nipple.

Jack got up, and positioned his huge cockhead at Laurie's dripping pussy, but he was simply too large and could not enter her sloppy hole. In frustration, he fucked the crack of Laurie's ass, Simone licking the top of his dick.

Simone pulled him to the floor, and straddled him, pushing down on his pole with her weight. He fit in none of the girls! Simone pushed his dick down and rode the top of it, rubbing her hairy bush and clit on his full length. She came with a sigh.

Sensing his frustration, the three girls lined up and sucked and licked the sides and end of his dick, expressing pity and frustration. He fit in none of their holes. Under their attentions, though, he came with a gush, covering Laurie's face and hair in a semen fountain. The two other girls turned away from him and smothered Laurie in licks. Unsatisfied, Jack got dressed and walked out, leaving the three girls to their lesbian orgy.

Angry, Jack drove to a red light district, and picked a fine looking whore. "Let's fuck," he told her. Rubbing his crotch, the whore's eyes widened and she said "No way you're putting that thing in me." She slipped out of his car, ignoring his cry of rage. He found a fat old woman, who'd fucked thousands of men. She refused him too.

For the next month, Jack tried to use his equipment, but he could only get hand jobs and licking. No woman could or would put that thing in her pussy. Whores, fat women, pornstars, contortionists, nothing doing. Jack was becoming as frustrated with his new monster cock as he had been with his old shrimpy thing.

The Second Wish Jack thought of the Monkey's Penis, and thougt, "I was greedy. I'll just wish for a ten inch cock. I know that'll fit."

Holding the magic Penis before him, he intoned "Monkey Penis! I wish my penis was ten inches long, and four inches around."

He held it to his head again. He didn't feel any different. Opening his pants, he saw that nothing had changed. His flaccid penis was still eight inches long and thick. Hmm...where's that parchment? "Three wishes only will it grant, and none shall it take away."

Shit! He was stuck with a dick only a horse could love. All that pussy out there dying for him, and he could get into none of it. Fuck! Wait. If he couldn't fit the pussy, why shouldn't he make the pussy fit him?

Grabbing the dried Monkey Penis he cried out:

"MONKEY PENIS! I wish all women had pussies and asses big enough and deep enough to fuck my dick, but tight enough to squeeze, with mouths that opened big enough to suck the dick you gave me, and horny as hell, too."

He pressed the dried penis to his head, and held it for minutes. The Penis seemed to get warm for a bit, then it returned to normal. Jack looked at it and wondered. He put the Monkey Penis on the shelf and went out.

He went into the corner bar and noticed an unusual hubbub of noise. The women were all standing around rubbing their asses and feeling their crotches. The guys were looking confused. He ordered a beer and asked the bartender "What's going on?"

"I don't a few minutes ago every woman in the place gave a shriek and started talking about feeling stretched. Damnedest thing I ever saw."

Well. He turned to look, and saw a small oriental girl standing by herself down the bar rubbing her cunt and looking confused. His large equipment was easily visible as he walked up to her. "Hi. I'm Jack. Are you all right?"

"I don't know. I felt weird for a minute there. I'm Miyumi, by the way. I couldn't help but notice your enormous package. Is there anyplace private where you could show it to me?"

Jack looked around. All the women were rubbing against men, now. He smiled down at Miyumi and said, "My place is around the corner."

Upstairs, Miyumi pulled his pants down, exposing his eighteen inch cock. She gasped, and opened her mouth to suck on it. Her jaw practically unhinged, Miyumi's small oriental mouth could suddenly open to swallow his enormous member. The Monkey Penis had fulfilled his second wish!

Miyumi expertly sucked his enormous cockhead, and slid her mouth down his length, amazingly able to take his entire baseball bat sized cock into her throat. Rocking on her knees, Miyumi soon had Jack screaming, and his baseball balls tightened. In an orgasm so intense the room turned black and spun around him, he shot an enormous load of semen down Miyumi's throat and into her stomach.

Miyumi turned green, and retched, running into the kitchen and spewing his load up into the sink. Jack was too dazed to care. It worked, it worked, he kept thinking.

Miyumi came back out, and Jack threw her onto the floor, eagerly lapping her tight oriental pussy. Miyumi moaned, and came, her juices flowing copiously. Jack knelt before her and put the head of his dick at her cunt. Her lips flowed and widened, taking him in as he gently feed himself into her. God! She was tight, but he was finally fucking a woman with his new giant cock.

Fully inside her tight asian cunt, he began stroking in and out, a full foot and a half each way. Miyumi screamed, and pulled him tighter, making him stroke faster. Soon he was a piston stroking furiously into the tiny oriental woman below him. Her screams became louder, and her pussy spasmed, squeezing him tight as she came again and again and again.

His giant balls slapping her ass tightened up, and soon he was spewing another enormous load of sperm into this girl. The incredible intensity of his orgasm blacked out the sight of everything but the beautiful girl he was fucking. His cum sprayed out as he stroked in, soaking them both. He collapsed onto her, gasping for breath.

The girl got up from underneath him, and rolled him over. Squatting over him, she positioned his still hard pole and eased it into her ass. Starting slowly, she was soon fucking her ass wildly on him. Jack laid back and watcher her dark nippled tits bounced as she screamed in ecstasy. Soon his balls were shooting another load into this wild riding Japanese girl.

Spent, he rolled out from under her. She got up and stroked and licked his dick, but he was down. He had to forcibly dress her and push her out the door to get some peace. He went to bed, satisfied for the first time in his life.

What the Girls Like In the morning he turned on the news as he prepared breakfast. "It's pandemonium out here," the announcer was saying. "Over night, all over the world, women have become sex crazed machines, but at the same time, they apparently cannot find men large enough to satisfy them. The World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control are looking into this phenomenon, but so far no explanation has been given."

Jack laughed, thinking to himself, "wow, the whole world. And I've got the only dick girls will love. This will be the life for me." Whistling, he left the apartment and stepped into the elevator.

A middle aged woman taking her Pomerainian for a walk was in the elevator, and as soon as the door closed, she was kneeling before him, pulling at his sweats and nuzzling his dick. If he could have any woman he wanted, he wasn't going to waste himself on her. Pushing her away, he strode out of the elevator.

He wondered how he was going to test himself. Getting an idea, he drove his van to an all-girls school and found the soccer field, where a class was in progress. There were about thirty college freshmen girls on the field, plus instructors. Wrapping a sweater around himself to hide his enormous cock and balls, he approached the sidelines. The girls eyed him intently, their frustrations the night before making them wary of the many small dicked men that couldn't satisfy their new huge pussies.

Jack smiled at them, and then dropped his sweats, exposing his eighteen inch erection. All heads snapped in his direction, black and red and blonde hair flying about with the motion. A ghostly moan erupted from the two teams. As if on command all the girls turned and ran towards Jack. They pushed and elbowed each other to be the first to reach him, now yelling at one another, claiming him.

Jack's smile vanished, a look of terror sweeping over his face. The sweatpants around his ankle tripped him, and he was buried under a mountain of nubile athletic female flesh.

Pulled and tugged in all directions Jack was stripped by the mob and clawed severely. Many girls were seriously injured, and the strongest ten picked him up bodily and ran into the gym. Barring the doors, the girls stripped off what was left of their shredded soccer uniforms. All their bodies were trimly athletic, with blond and brown hair, pussies bald or bushy, tits large and small, with hard asses and bouncy asses and tits of all types. They crowded around a bleeding Jack begging to be fucked.

His scratches were superficial, and ten was a manageable number. Jack licked his lips and smiled. Closing his eyes he grabbed one at random. Kneeling her on the floor, he gave her black ass a few licks, his hard cock throbbing, and then thrust into her pussy doggy style, feeling the large globes of her big black ass pressing against his belly.

A strange feeling from below made him look down. He saw a blonde girl with blue eyes licking his balls and the black girl's clit, and then he noticed a brunette sucking the blonde's hairy pussy. All the girls in the room were settling down and pleasing each other as they waited their turn at his cock.

Giving his full attention to the black girl before him, he fucked her well, grabbing her ample tits and pulling her back onto his eighteen inch shaft. He pulled her back and forth with her tits. She came hard and he came with her, flooding the blonde girl's face.

He slapped the quivering black girl on the ass and pulled the blonde before him, laying on top of her and thrusting roughly into her hairy bush. He and three of the girls licked his sperm off her face. The brunette girl was now licking his balls and asshole. The blonde came in tight clenching spasms and Jack turned to stuff his cock in the brunette's mouth. She sucked like a pro, and soon he was filling her with sperm. A chinese girl pushed him on the floor and rode him, with the black girl from before rode his face, dripping his cum into his eager mouth.

Jack lost track of who fucked what and how. His exhausted attention soon noted a pounding at the doors and a roar he'd only heard at football stadiums. OH MY GOD! It was women! Thousands of them, pressing on the doors and moaning.

He called his ten together, and begged them to rescue him. Thinking quickly, they went into the coach's office and strapped his giant cock against his belly with an ace bandage, and raided lockers until they all found clothes. Jack was decorated in make up, a dress and a wig they'd found in one coaches desk. Forming a huddle behind one of the doors to the gym, they unbarred it. The flood of screaming women didn't look behind the door as they surged through the gym looking for the Man.

When the flood slowed and the mob started milling, Jack's Ten towed him out the door, screaming like the other women. The ruse worked. Once free of the building, Jack and his body guard ran to his van. Halfway there, the roar behind them rose to ear shattering levels. Looking back, they saw the mob streaming out the open doors of the gym and chasing after them.

They got to the van and Jack screamed "Oh Shit! My keys are in the field somewhere!" Spying abandoned college shuttle bus, he and the girls piled in. The keys were still in the ignition and the black girl drove away from the pursuing mob of maenads.

"Take me home Brenda," Jack cried. He gave her directions. The bus left the campus and finally pulled up in front of his apartment building. The news on the radio reported a disturbance at the university, the cause of which was being investigated. Jack had to get out of sight, but he still had no key. Pulling himself away from three brunettes whose only goal was to smother him in kisses and pull his disguise off, Jack called the blonde who's face he'd drowned in semen to come over.

"Donna, go out and be really nice to the door man. Tell him I need him to let me and you girls into my apartment. Tell him I need his key and he can come with play with us. Okay?"

"But I don't want him. I want you!"

"I know darling. You will, all you want. But first we have to hide in my apartment, right?"

"Oh. Okay.".

Jack was thinking furiously. He couldn't survive with an entire planet of sex crazy women looking to him as their only pleasure. He'd be dead in a week, if not over night. The doorman climbed on the bus, looked around and whistled. "Hey, Jack. Come on, I got the keys."

The twelve of them crammed into the elevator, the girls seeking to pull Jack's clothes off. They crowded around Jack's door as the doorman fumbled for the keys. When the door opened, Jack burst in and ran to the shelf, grabbing the Monkey's Penis.

"GIRLS!," he cried out. "Close the door and listen. We are going to have wild sex now, I promise you. I'm going to the bathroom. Get naked. Strip the doorman and rape him. I'll be right back."

Jack turned and ran to the bathroom, pushing a redhead away. They came and pounded on the door. "His dick it too small! It's only eight inches." Muttering feverishly, Jack whispered to the Monkey's Penis:

"Monkey Penis. I wish all other men had dicks twelve to fourteen inches long, and five inches around."

He held the Penis to his forehead and prayed. A sudden "A-ha" sounded from his front room, and the Penis felt warm on his face. "Thank you!" he breathed. He threw the thing into the medicine cabinet, and strode into the living room. Three of his girls were fighting over the now naked and bleeding doorman, whose dick was clearly more than the eight inches they'd said.

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