tagNonHumanThe Monster in my Closet

The Monster in my Closet


Hello Literotica Community. This isn't my first sex story, but it's the first I've ever decided to post onto the internet. I'm sort of fearful of criticism from strangers so I'm going to be gnawing my lip off on this end, but I want honesty nonetheless.

Wrote this story awhile ago and was scared to post it anywhere, but since it fits into the theme of the month I'm saying "What the hell."


This is a "true story" that my best friend told me about a week ago. She's 26, average brunette with brown eyes and to honest on the chubby side. She's living alone in a relatively new apartment and when she came to our little group about a Monster in her closet it was the hardest thing to suppress our laughs. I mean she's trying to be serious about this monster, but it's Halloween. She's just being her normal crazy ass self.

We were at my place. Nick, Micah, Christina- my roommate, and Sue- my best friend (Fake names of course.) We were sitting around just hanging, enjoying our little single lives and laughing about our little quirks. Each of us are perverts in our own way and when we gather, like last week, we always share stories about our experiences. Nick, our showboat football star, loves doing perverted things in public. He has sex in front of us as much as he can. An invitation to Nick's place is him asking to be watched while he does his thing. He'd fuck in the middle of the football field during a game if he could get a girl out there.

Christina's a straight bondage and female domintress fixated on rape. The guys she brings home are so whipped even I bitch them around and make them clean our apartment.

Micah is "friendly" with both sexes and love orgies and group parties as well as water-sports. There's not doubt in my saying that he's the biggest freak among all of us.

I'm, of course, a sex writer putting my sexual experiences and fantasies on paper or file and loving to share them to my friends, plus I like to play with my flirts. I'm one of those Dani Campbell type people, at least that's what Sue says (I had to look Dani up to see what she meant, if you do you'll understand as well.) For those who don't, she's someone who you glance at but have to stare at a little longer because you're confused on what sex she is. I'm part Asian, so non-asians really get confused on my gender.

I'm also bi like Micah, but I like pretending to be offended when someone guess what I am. But of course it's impossible to keep my sex a secret, so I'm just going to do that in my writing. Oh and Sue... She's a straight dildo whore. Anything in the shape of a dick she shoves up her pussy- or so she says.

Everyone was getting high or drunk, except me, my parents gave me more than enough reason not to drink... and I've been hospitalized for drinking when I was 14. Not fun drinking when you always go into the street when you get drunk. I can still smoke my fill though.

When it hits 2 a.m, everyone started getting ready to leave. When Micah finally left, with the bottle as usual, Sue turned on me.

"Think I can stay another night?" She asks and she wasn't in the least bit drunk I noticed.

"It's been two nights. Don't you have work in a few hours?"

"Alex, remember when I talked about the thing in my closet?" She asks.

"Look, I thought you were out of it half the time. I was hardly listening to any of you." I laugh.

"I wasn't playing. There was something in my closet and it fuckin' raped me." She says with a stern face. I tried not to laugh, but my canvas face was easily read. If I can't hide a forced laugh there's no way I can hide a suppressed one. "I'm not playing!" She growled and my laugh disappeared. I sighed and leaned back into the couch.

"Alright, tell me what happened again." (Note: She didn't really make it as descriptive as I do.)

"Remember about three months ago when I said I kept on waking up at 3 a.m?" I nodded my head. She said she started to keep water by her bed because when she woke up she was sweating and her throat was dry. I stayed at her house for about three nights and she did exactly that at least once. "Well last month when I woke up there was something knocking on my closet door every time I woke up."

"Did you go see what it was?" I ask.

"No." She laughs forcibly, "I wasn't going to be the stupid white bitch and go towards it. I got the fuck out!" She says. I nodded, trying to assure her that I didn't find that stupid and I understood her reasoning. She is a stupid white bitch. She always was in the group, but that's why we love her. "I heard it keep on knocking from the living room till it was like 4:30. I slept on the couch."

"You checked it later though right?" I ask.

"Yeah and the closet was tore up." She says and I smile, "More than normal!" She shouted. She dug in her oversized purse and dug out a blue blouse I faintly remember her wearing sometimes. It was torn to shreds.

"Are you sure it wasn't a raccoon or somethin'?" I ask.

"The exterminator said my place was clean. There wasn't nothing but a few ants." She says, "But it wasn't a fuckin' raccoon that raped me. The thing... the thing looked like a werewolf." She says and I burst out laughing. She smacked my thigh. "I'm not playing. It looked like a black fox though, it's whiskers were black tendrils and it had owl eyes. It's snout was cold and... and it's, it's dick..." She half smiled at this part I noticed, but she quickly hid it away. "It was... a python." That caught my attention. Something new I could write about. A demon with a python dick was really interesting to me.

"Tell what happened." I said. She glared at me.

"Don't go writing this or I swear I'll fuck you up." She threatens. I smile.

"Yeah okay." I said. ;p

"Don't tell anyone either." She says. I give my "I-fucking-heard-you" look and she got to the story. "Alright. This was last Thursday mornin'. I woke up at 3 and the knocking came louder than normal and it scared the hell outta me. I didn't get out of the bed because it was the other closet this time. The one closest to the door, but I didn't want to stay in the bed. It just felt... unsafe. The doorknob turned and I just ran. Not to the door but the other closet. I tripped over whatever the hell was inside and hid under the crap. I heard the floorboards creak and it's growl. It was sniffing me out. I stayed as still as possible, but I knew it wasn't going to do anything. When the door opened I screamed thinking my neighbors might hear but the thing grabbed my ankle and yanked me out the closet like it didn't even notice it. I kicked at it and screamed, but something told me it wasn't helping any. This is when I got a good look at it. It had to be like 7' tall. It's eyes were wide open and looked like it had no eyelids. His eyes were dark and they were so focused on the bed they never turned to look at me. The tendrils from it's snout were moving on their own, swaying as if the wind were blowing over them and it's ears were twitching to every inaudible sound I could not hear. It's body was lean, skinny and muscled, very easily seen since it's fur was short and since I was going down it's body I continued to it's waist with it's strong legs and... no dick.

"At first I thought it was girl, but when he pulled me up and tossed me on the bed I saw the thing slithering from his sheath. It wasn't pink like the dogs I saw, but sort of... I don't know yellowish, but I saw the tongue and then the eyes. The things eyes shifted on me but that was the last I saw because the thing lowered and started to tear at my clothes with it's claws. I was screaming. It's claws were scratching the surface of my skin, not enough to puncture, but enough to sting and burn and leave small marks. When my clothes were shredded and enough of my body was exposed, it lowered and it licked my entire chest.

"I shuddered. A painful tingle went throughout my body and I felt hands. Dozens. As if I was being caressed hotly by twenty men. My nipples were pulled. My earlobes were sucked. My neck was choked. My breasts were mauled. My ribs were pinched. My ass was groped. And my pussy... my pussy..." Her immediate response was to shudder, "Oh god, it felt like I was being fingered, rubbed, pinched, squeezed, mauled, all at the same time! I immediately became wet and seriously pissed myself! In the end all I could do was moan and lay still. Fully satisfied in less than an half hour. All I felt was something hairy and spongy poking at my pussy and I savored in it.

"I looked down and saw the thing nuzzling my pussy. It's eyes were like a chameleon looking in every direction but straight, like it didn't want to look at me. "The spongy parts I felt was it's nose and the tendrils tickling and rubbing against my lips. I was still scared, but I didn't want it to stop. It felt so good. Especially when it started using it's tongue. The thing was really long and it slithered inside me further than any dick ever had."

"Even Big Joe?" I ask in mock shock. She glared at me. Big Joe is the dildo we (the gang) found under her pillow once. We snooped around everyone's house at least once. They found my journals, drawings and magazines. I'm not going to lie. I have a little hentai fetish. I'm a writer and reader so videos aren't really my kind of stuff and when I went book shopping I ran across them. (Getting off topic)

"Yeah. The thing licked into my womb and my tears started flowing when I had the largest orgasm in my life in it's mouth. It licked it up hungrily and I felt the tendrils go crazy as if it was fighting to get more out of me. It did. That's when I found out what they were for. To milk more out of me. It got quarts worth.

"Then out of no where, it's head moved from my pussy and it looked towards the window, it's ears pricking up as if it heard something. When my brain finally calmed down from it's exotic rampage and my head hit the pillow again I saw it was 3:37.

"After that the thing that slithered up from it's sheath slid onto the bed and the monster grabbed both of my ankles pulling me to it and making my butt hang off the end of the bed. I felt the things snake phallus lick onto my crotch and as if triggered, I screamed and my pussy became so soaked if I coughed the juices from my pussy would drool out from my mouth. I was grateful for it though because of what it did next.

"When I felt what it was doing all the pleasure it gave was gone. I knew it would've done this. If anything with a dick comes into your room and take you by force you know it'll happen. But it just... wasn't expected.

"The snake's head was the worst I've ever felt. Having something with scales slide into your extremely sensitive pussy is just painful. I screamed at the top of my lungs, more so when it slowly opened it's mouth stretching me more, but it was it's teeth that got me."

"You mean it bit inside your pussy." I ask aghast, wanting above all else to get this on paper.

"I think it did. I was scared it was injecting some type of venom in me."

"Pythons don't have venom" I reminded her.

"Okay! I'm not even sure it was a python. It could've been something else, but it was as big as one and I think the same color.

"Where was I? Oh, the thing fucking slithered inside me. Moving like those snakes that slither through tall grass, moving left and right so strongly I saw it bulge through my sides. Eventually it bottomed out and... and coiled inside my womb. Stretching it so wide that when I looked down it looked like I was 5 months pregnant! But the sweat sliding down my body was like I was delivering the metaphoric baby right then and there.

"I churned my hips, trying to get comfortable with the unwelcome breach. It hurt like Hell! More than Mr. Donkey dildo did when I tried him when I was 13. I was ready to burst. To die if need be, but it was far from over. Far from over.

"I was so focused on the python that I forgot all about the fox monster till it gripped onto my thighs and started... started to..." She stammered, staring off into space as if she was reliving it. I was trying not to laugh and succeeded thankfully since she was out of it. She is so fucking dramatic!

"...Fuck you like a dog?" I ask when she didn't say anything.

"No. I've seen dogs fuck. This was... like a jack hammer was ramming me. It fucked like a pro. Every time it pulled out the snake uncoiled, sliding and scratching against the walls of my womb and hitting my G-spot as he pushed back in. I screamed and screamed and screamed and the thing was making a sound no animal could make as it rammed me. My eyes shot skyward and my back arched when I felt the hidden prize. The snake started to vibrate! Like one of my dildos. It fucking rocked my body and the thing continued to ram me without pause.

"The thing, while fucking me, grabbed my waist and turned me around on his dick somehow. I didn't have time to wonder how because the next thing I knew it had me in doggy style slamming into me relentlessly, making that impossible noise more wildly.

"I must have cum at least fourteen times and became unimaginably numb. For the next half hour I was lost in my head somewhere, but I know I never wanted it to stop.

"The unimaginable noise came to a halt, just as the ramming did, and he came... and came... and came... and came. I'm not sure how, or from where, but he did and I overflowed. After a long ten minutes, it pulled out and when I looked down the snake was covered in juices and was limp as if it was asleep... or satisfied... or dead. The thing didn't even blink or even look at me. It didn't look at me at all during the whole thing. But when I stopped to look at my stomach, that was still stretched to 5 months pregnant and full of his cum, he disappeared. Like, with the wind. I tried to get up but failed. My legs were numb and dead. I just laid my head down on the pillow and saw the clock again. 4:32, it said, but in my head it was a count down. 4...3...2...1. I went to sleep."

"Wow" I said trying to take the sarcasm out. "Sue, that sounds intense. Is there any evi-"

"When I woke up the bed was clean." She says cutting me off, "And my stomach was back to normal. All I had were the cuts and the lingering feeling of being empty." She says.

"Sounds kinda..."

"It happened! I'm not lying. Big Joe slides in so easily now!"

"Well. What can I do about this?" I asked, even though calling the police and reporting a rape sounded good about now, or having her committed. I'm half thinking a giant hairy man came in, snuck into her room, fucked her with one of her dildos and then fucked her himself with the dildo inside vibrating, all this prior to her being drugged or drunk... Or probably the gang was messing with her. We once had Christy raped and she loved it. It was a cruel joke, but hey, this is how we see it. 'If you like it, then you shouldn't hate it' and it sounds like Sue liked what this "monster" did to her. Then again, knowing Sue, this can all be fake. She is a delusional bitch so I wouldn't put it past her. Delusional and drunk can do some things.

"I want you to help me."

"With what?" I ask. She looks toward the clock and it read 2:46. She became instantly impatient and hopped up and down several times on her butt.

"The Monster in My Closet."

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