The Moose


"Uh, yeah…a while," I said, "Just so I know, what brought that on?"

"You deserved a reward for saving me," she smiled, "and a great meal…plus dessert."

A wave of lust for this woman washed over me. I knew I had to take her, to have her. "Well," I said, pushing her back down on the sleeping bag, "one great reward deserves another."

I pulled her t-shirt out of her shorts and up her chest, past her plain, practical bra.

"Whoa," she said, looking at me with wide-eyed concern, "what are you doing?"

"Well," I said as I unhooked her bra, exposing as fine a pair of tits as a man could hope to see, "I'm going to lick your tits, eat your pussy and then fuck you within an inch of your life."

She stared at me for a few seconds and it occurred to me that she might be frightened, maybe enough to fight.

Then, with a wicked smile she said "Sounds like a plan."

I knew that I was right about her.

"Good," I said as I slid her shorts and panties off, "cause I'm gonna do it whether you like it or not."

Apparently this idea excited her because I heard her breath catch briefly in her throat.

"Guess I can't do anything to stop you," she said.


I couldn't hold a job. I'd try my best but I just couldn't bring myself to focus on or care about work. I must have gone through a couple dozen girlfriends in 18 months. They stayed at first because the sex was great, but ultimately they couldn't take the drinking or the dreams.

My old boss even showed up and tried to save me but I was buried in self-pity and in no mood to dig my way out. For now, bourbon and slutty women were all I wanted in my life.


I got her shirt and bra off and beheld her glorious body in all it's naked beauty. Her creamy white breasts were topped with quarter-sized areoles, each peaked with a crinkled little nipple just pleading to be sucked. Her chest was flush with anticipation and the smooth skin of her ribs gave way to a muscular stomach that flexed with her growing impatience. Below that her hips flared and a bunny trail of fine brown hair started at her navel and led the way to more fine, curly hair on her mons and below. Her labia peeked out, pink and engorged, with tiny drops of moisture glistening in the afternoon light.

I took off my own shorts and she smiled when she saw my hardening cock, wet with precum and pointing toward her. I lay on top of her and she wrapped her legs around my back, trying to draw my rigid dick into her steaming hole. I rubbed it up and down her slit, making her moan with need and she pulled harder on my ass. Just the head found it's way into her pussy and she stiffened with the penetration.

"C'mon, don't tease me," she panted, "give it to me."

"Sorry, a promise is a promise."

"What promise?"

"Have you forgotten already?" I said, "I'm gonna eat that pussy til I'm full."

She whined with frustration and humped me harder. I kissed her deeply and she went wild with her tongue, frantically trying to stick it down my throat. I pulled away and lightly nibbled on her earlobe before snaking my tongue into her ear. She groaned again as I licked my way down her neck. My hands caressed the porcelain skin around her breasts, careful not to make contact with her erect nipples.

I moved on, alternating kisses and little licks around the areoles. Meanwhile one hand began teasing her mons, flattening out and applying pressure to her clitoral hood. She moaned and humped my hand as I licked ever closer to her rock-hard nipples.

Her hands had been hugging my shoulders, but as she became more excited, they gripped me harder. I grabbed and raised them above her head, holding them firmly in place as I licked my way lower. She got the point and kept them there gripping the sleeping bag when I released her.

My fingers found her slippery gash, gently stroking the lips. She whimpered and humped harder against my hand as I began licking one of her nipples.

Then suddenly I bit her nipple hard while driving two fingers into her blazing pussy and stroking her g-spot.

She jerked like she'd been stung. Her back arched, raising her hips off the bag and she screamed out her orgasm. I waited until she'd begun to recover, then bit the other nipple while adding a third finger to her steaming hole and stroking her clit with my thumb. She stiffened and screamed again, the sound echoing off the walls of the little canyon.

Her body quivered as I kissed my way down her smooth stomach, stopping briefly to swab out her navel with my tongue. Lifting her legs with my arms, careful not to touch her injured ankle, I pushed her knees to her chest as I prepared to feast on her exquisite cunt. I licked and kissed the underside of her knees while gently stroking the insides of those sexy thighs with my fingers. I gradually brought my licks and kisses up closer to her scalding hole.

When my tongue flattened and licked her from her asshole to her clit, she moaned and threw her head back. I stiffened it and started fucking her with my tongue, lapping her juices. Replacing my tongue with two fingers, I started to fuck her sopping gash with them, curling the tips against her g-spot.

Linda was almost crying now, making a whimper that was something between a constant sigh and a groan.

She trembled as I gently licked her clitoral hood, with it's erect treasure peeking out from underneath. I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue as she raised her ass off the bag, begging for more contact.

Taking her love button in my mouth, I began sucking on it while licking it with quick, light flicks of my tongue, varying the amount of suction and speed and length of the licks. After a few minutes of this treatment, she stopped breathing or making any noise and her body stiffened, clamping her thighs around my ears.

Then her orgasmic dam burst and she wailed as she thrashed wildly on my sleeping bag. Her fingers dug into my hair, her hands crushing my face into her pussy. I rammed a third finger in her blistering pussy and slipped another finger in her ass, which drove her to another plane of shrieking bliss.

Wave after wave of orgasm wracked her beautiful body as I licked her pussy. She pushed my head away, panting "Enough…please."

She continued to shudder and convulse as I released and rolled up next to her, taking her in my arms,

Then one morning I woke up in jail with no idea how I'd gotten there. Apparently there had been some pool game mishap at a bar and something about a plate glass window being smashed. The police were called there was a fight of some kind that sent some people to the hospital. Fortunately for me, no one was seriously injured and charges against me were dropped.


After a minute, she opened her beautiful green eyes and stared at me.

"How did you do that?"

"I just did what your body told me to."

She thought about that a moment as she took my hardening cock in her hand and stroked it.

"How about doing what my mouth tells you," she said as she climbed on top of me, looking lustily in my eyes, "fuck…me."

Reaching back, she rubbed the head up and down her saturated slit, teasing herself. She slipped the head in her pussy, rotating her hips slightly. Her eyes closed and she concentrated on the sensations shooting through her body as she gradually took my dick in her, inch after delicious inch.

During all this, I didn't move. I couldn't. I was so excited and fascinated watching her fuck herself on my joystick that I didn't want to interrupt her. I slid my hands from her waist up to her perfect tits, gently stroking them and pinching her nipples. This brought a slight gasp from her lips, which parted as her excitement and breathing increased.

This is my favorite part of making love. Women are slower to arousal than men, but, for many of them, their arousal lasts longer and is more intense. They reach what I call the zone, in which they will do anything to get more stimulation and ultimately satisfaction.

Linda was definitely in the zone. Although I was buried to the hilt in her, I as a person, no longer mattered. I, as a support system for my cock was my only relevance.

I just love that kind of single-minded focus. It is so erotic.

She varied her angle and speed. I reached up to stroke and pinch her breasts as I felt her pussy clamp down on me. She was climbing the ladder.

Linda put her arms on either side of my shoulders, bringing her succulent tits to my lips and started fucking me harder and faster. Her strokes became more violent as she pounded her hips down on mine, a determined look on her face. Suddenly, her back arched and her head rose up in a soundless scream.


After that incident, I knew I had to do something if I wanted to keep living in civilized society. Problem was, I didn't know what to do. But after thinking about it for weeks, I realized that I didn't really want to live in this society that places such a small value on human life.

So I moved to the woods. In the Sierras, I could get nearly everything I need without depending on anyone. With meditation, peyote and a crude sweat lodge, I have sought the depths of my soul to find the wound that was killing me. I've made peace with the little girl's spirit. She has forgiven me. I have not, but I'm working on that. Every two weeks, I make a trek to a nearby supply store for things I can't get for myself. While not complete, I've found a peace that eluded me in so-called civilization.


I knew it was time.

Pulling her down on top of me I quickly rolled us over and started pounding her for all I was worth. Her eyes flew open, a wild look in them as I grabbed her legs and pushed her knees toward her chest. A long, tortured groan came out of her mouth, followed by grunts in time with my thrusts.

After a minute her arms left my shoulders and went straight out to the sides, gripping the sleeping bag so hard I thought she would tear it.

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH" she shrieked. I fucked her harder.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH….Oh god oh god oh god oh god."

I rubbed her clit with my finger as I pounded her even harder.

"Oh…Oh…Oh…Oh…fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkk." She shrieked.

I felt my own release building.

"Linda… I'm gonna cum…" I panted, "where?"

"My pussy," she screamed, "give it to me!"

I felt the rush of cum exploding up from my balls. With one final, brutal thrust I blasted into her, coating the inside of her blistering pussy with my seed. She dug her fingernails into my back, clinging to me as she rode out her own orgasm. I held still, feeling the closeness, feeling her heart pound against my chest.

After a few minutes, my softening member slid out of her tight hole and I rolled off her. We laid there holding each other while our breathing returned to normal.


"Shhhh," she said, "just enjoy a perfect moment."

She was right. I relaxed as she put her head on my shoulder.

Together we watched the last light of day climb the canyon walls.

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