tagGroup SexThe More The Merrier

The More The Merrier


Ben tied a blindfold round my eyes. "I love you, Ali," he said, and kissed me. A gentle, sweet kiss that made butterflies swirl with happiness inside me. "Back in a minute," he said, and was abruptly gone, his movements silent on the plushly carpeted floor. I wished this bedroom were mine - large, warm, comfortable, a huge king-size double bed (currently covered with large towels for practical reasons).

I stood naked except for the blindfold, wondering which of our fantasies was about to be realised. I wished Fiona were there too, but she'd had to go home to see her family for the weekend. Ben's parents were away too, and he'd taken the opportunity to use their house and bedroom for this surprise. It was the first time I'd seen the house, so it was a little ironic that I couldn't see it now that I was there.

After a minute I sensed movement around me. I wasn't alone. Warm breath tickled the side of my neck, and fingers brushed lightly against my carefully trimmed strip of pubic hair.

Soft lips kissed the upper slopes of my left breast gently, working their way slowly down. Another pair of lips fastened without warning to my right breast, sucking harshly at the nipple. I flinched away from that cruel mouth, but not before I felt teeth catching at the engorged teat.

Stepping backwards, I collided immediately with someone, tall, strong - definitely a man from the way his cock, heavy and erect, pushed against my back. His hands grabbed my waist to hold me tight against him, and he lowered his mouth to kiss my neck.

I smiled in recognition of the fantasy, and wondered just how many men Ben had found for me. I trusted him to keep me safe, to keep the sex safe, to have found men who wouldn't hurt me with their gossip.

The two mouths returned to my breasts, the one kissing around the left, gently licking at the nipple, the other sucking fiercely, painfully at the right. I couldn't pull away this time. I tried to push him away instead, but a hand fastened about my wrist and a new mouth started sucking at my fingers and kissing my palm.

The fingers caressing my pubes delved deeper between my legs, rubbing lightly against my labia. I felt very wet there. I had been aroused even before the blindfold went on, but having four men attacking me with their mouths was making me weak with desire. I thrust against those exploring fingers, trying to find them with my clit.

"On your knees, slut," growled a deep voice in my ear. It was the man holding me from behind. He pushed my waist down to reinforce the order, and I was happy to obey.

The head of a cock, salty and wet, nudged against my lips and I opened my mouth eagerly. I don't understand women who complain about men and blow jobs. I would gladly suck any cock, as long as it's clean and in working order. It's so incredibly intimate and erotic. To have in my mouth that part of a man's body that he prizes above all else, and to be able to deliver either exquisite pain or loving worship.

This wasn't Ben's cock. It wasn't quite as long or as thick, and it wasn't circumcised. But it was no less of a cock for all that, and it was still bigger than any of my past boyfriends' cocks. I moaned with pleasure as I licked around the head and down the sensitive skin under the shaft.

Hands grabbed my breasts from either side, squeezing and mauling, pinching my nipples. I ached to touch myself, but when I moved a hand between my thighs it was grabbed and placed around a second cock. I recognized Ben immediately, and squeezed it in gentle greeting before stroking it the way he liked. The cock I was licking grew impatient and thrust itself into my mouth, nudging into my throat and making me gag. A hand grabbed me by the hair and held my head still as the cock started fucking my mouth. It took me a few thrusts to adjust and get my breathing synchronised, and then I could relax and enjoy this treatment. I much prefer being in control, but there's a naughty thrill in being treated like a gutter whore.

Suddenly it was gone, my mouth empty. Ben's cock was in my hand and I moved to take it in my mouth, but a new cock met my lips, pushing insistently between them. This was a slender cock, but long, and it pushed deeper into me than any other cock had. "Holy fuck, this girl's amazing," an unfamiliar voice said. I always love being praised for my oral skills, and put extra effort into pleasing this appreciative member.

Once again my mouth was suddenly empty. I waited for another cock to take its turn, my hand still caressing the soft, smooth skin of Ben's perfect cock. Instead I was pushed onto all fours. "Are you being a good girl?" Ben asked.

"No, Sir," I said.

"Count to ten, Ali," he said, and I cried out as his hand smacked hard against my bum.

"One," I gasped, trembling, yet already feeling that delicious, tingling warmth that accompanies a good spanking.

Another spank - not Ben this time, not so familiar with me and my pleasure. "Two!" I hissed. Quickly a third, and a fourth.

Hands pinched my nipples and a thick finger pushed into my pussy. "She's wet enough," the deep voice said with a laugh, then he spanked me hard, twice, against my thighs. I felt like my bum and thighs were radiating a fierce heat. I felt like I was melting, turning to liquid that poured out through my pussy and down my thighs.

The finger pushed into me again, searching for my G-spot. I pushed back, more interested in his finding my clit, and for that he spanked me twice. "Seven! Eight!" I hissed. The finger returned, joined by a second, twisting in me, soaking in my juices, then moved to my ass, wetting the tight ring of muscles, one finger pushing slowly inside. I tried my best to accept this unfamiliar penetration.

Two more spanks - "Nine! Ten!" - and suddenly Ben's cock was pushing into my mouth, fucking it gently, even as the finger fucked my ass deeper and deeper, finally pushing as deep as it could. It was a good feeling, but more painful than I was comfortable with. I pushed Ben out of my mouth for a moment. "Lube me if you're going in there," I said, and returned my attention to Ben. My interruption made them laugh in a good-natured way.

The finger withdrew from my ass, and a few seconds later a cold gel was being pushed into me, by one finger at first, then by two. I started pushing back against the fingers, enjoying the finger fucking, even as I tried harder to make Ben come in my mouth.

I gave a muffled complaint as the fingers left me, but sighed happily as a cock nudged against my pussy and pushed slowly inside. It was long and thin - Mr Appreciative, I guessed - and I was so wet it glided in easily. He fucked me slowly, getting deeper with each thrust, until he was bumping against my cervix.

This was fantastic! I finally had two men fucking me at the same time!

Ben pulled out of my mouth, frustrating me. I had felt he was close to coming. Mr Appreciative pulled out of my pussy too, and I was carried to the bed, where someone was lying ready. I was guided onto his waiting cock - I guessed it was the first cock that had presented itself earlier.

A new cock demanded my mouth, and this one was huge. A monster. Porn-star cock. As long as Mr Appreciative's, as thick as Ben's. It really tested my oral skills. I rode the cock beneath me with enthusiasm while Mr Porn-Star fucked my mouth. Hands grabbed my breasts and lips fastened about my right nipple, which was still sore from the earlier abuse. A tongue teased the tender tip, making me shiver with delight.

Hands grabbed my hips and brought me to a halt, and a cock pushed against my ass, pressing determinedly, slowly gaining entrance. I could hardly believe it. I had cock in my mouth, cock in my pussy, cock in my ass, and my boyfriend was sucking hungrily at my breasts. I was in slut heaven.

I wanted them to come in me. I wanted their cum filling all my holes. The reality of safe sex made that impossible. Maybe they would take turns coming in my mouth. I'm such a cum slut.

I tried to be part of that wonderful movement, to be the animal at the heart of the triple penetration, but it was hard to move at all, sandwiched between two men, and it was increasingly difficult to concentrate even on the beautiful cock in my mouth. I was being ass-fucked for the first time in my life, I had a cock in my pussy and another in my ass, two hungry cocks, fucking me next to each other, I had the biggest cock ever fucking my mouth, hands and mouth squeezing the last drop of pleasure from my breasts, all at the same fucking time!

And I couldn't see a thing. My boyfriend and three men I had probably never seen before - or maybe I did? Maybe I did know them? Maybe I pass them every day and don't know it's they who fucked me so wonderfully that summer day.

I almost cried when Mr Appreciative, who had been plunging his long cock deeper and deeper into my tight ass, suddenly pulled out. "I'm sorry," he said. "I'm too close. Let's get her on her back."

They picked me up, turned me over and dropped me on my back on the bed. One of them straddled my chest, almost breaking my ribs - I was saved by the soft bed - and rubbed cold lube into my breasts, massaging them and pinching my nipples. Then he moulded my breasts around his cock - I guessed it was Ben - and slowly fucked them. My first boob job, and one of Ben's fantasies. "Come on me, baby," I said. "I want your cum on my tits."

His thrusting grew urgent, and the pressure of his hands crushed my breasts, and with a groan he shuddered to a halt and his warm, creamy cum splashed across my chest, some hitting my chin and cheeks. It oozed slowly down to my shoulders and neck, as the last drops were wiped from his softening flesh onto my breasts.

He climbed off, and I waited for the next man, but they were content to sit round me, jerking off. I could hear by their panting that they were close, and I soon felt more of that delicious cum splashing across my breasts. "Is there anything more beautiful than a woman covered in cum?" Mr Appreciative asked.

If there was an answer to that, it was interrupted by the sound of the front door closing. "Oh, shit!" Ben screeched in a whisper. "What the fuck are they doing home?"

In a panic I reached to take off the blindfold, but Ben grabbed my wrists and held them. "Get out!" he hissed. "Everybody out! Through the window."

I listened to them scrambling to get dressed and open the window, and then they were gone. Ben tore my blindfold off. "I'm so sorry, Ali, but you too."

I agreed. I had no more wish to be found there than he had for me to be found there. He pulled me to my feet and rushed me to the window, grabbing my dress and shoes from the chair on the way.

I kissed him quickly. "Thanks for today, Ben." Then I shrugged into my dress, threw my shoes onto the grass, and jumped down after them. I looked back at Ben to wave goodbye, but he was already gone, tidying his parents' room no doubt before they walked in and asked about the towels and the stink of sex. I picked up my shoes and darted across the lawn to the road at the front of the house before pausing to put them on.

Even before reaching the road I had realised I had a problem. Two problems, in fact. Firstly, in the rush to leave I'd forgotten that my breasts were coated with wet sticky cum - which was now soaking into the fabric of my red dress and showing as dark red patches. Secondly, my jacket was hanging on a hook just inside the front door of my boyfriend's parents' house, and my house keys, phone and cash were in the pockets. I couldn't really go and ask for it, but without it I couldn't really go anywhere.

On top of all that, despite having been well and truly fucked, I still hadn't actually come myself. My thighs were wet with my juices, and my breasts were sticky with theirs. I stank of sex. My nipples and ass were sore. My jaw and throat ached. It really wasn't fair.

It was an only hour's walk from there into the city centre and my flat, but my stilettos weren't intended for long walks and my feet were soon killing me. The weather was good and warm, sunny, and the dark patches dried slowly, but I received lots of curious looks along the way. I held my head high and pretended innocence, but some people must have wondered. I couldn't stop thinking about what I had just been through, couldn't stop wondering just who had fucked me, couldn't stop wondering what would have happened next if we hadn't been interrupted. I was prowling through town thinking of sex, looking like sex, smelling like sex. I wanted sex.

I got home and knocked on the door, hoping against hope that Fiona had returned early - but it was Ben who opened the door, looking very guilty. "I can't stay," he said. "I brought your jacket."

I pushed him into the bedroom and onto the bed. "You are going nowhere until you've made me come," I said, stripping my dress off and throwing my heels across the room in disgust. "And you can start by licking my breasts clean."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.

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