tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Morning After

The Morning After



Before you read this story we think it is important to point out a few things. This story was actually written by two people myself and my friend Helen, and is part of an ongoing role-playing scene. Having logged our scene we decided it would be fun to submit it to Literotica, and so we edited the logs to make them nice and presentable and this is the result. When this role-play was written there was no pre-planned outcome, only a general idea of what we wanted to happen, hence each pose is in response to the one before. Before the main RP starts you will see a description of both characters and of the room they are currently in. This was actually our second RP together and starts with us both in bed the morning after our first RP. You might like to note also that both Conner and Fionuala are a little more than human, Fionuala can morph into a swan at will (the nubs you will read about are the nubs of her wings in her human form and are extremely sensitive) and Conner can morph into many things, some of which you are sure to come across in other RP’s that we post. And now without further ado, the RP.


Age: 23
Height: 5'11"
Gender: Male
Weight: 161 lb
Species: human
Hair: Longish, Wild
Caste: -
Skin: Tanned, somewhat hairy
Eyes: Black


Profile: The first thing you notice about this man are his eyes, almost fully black they seem to stare everywhere at once, taking in every detail of his surroundings. His nose flares often, as if he has a keen sense of smell, and his ears, somewhat pointed seem to twitch as if he hears all. He seems very in touch with his surroundings, perhaps helped by his keen senses.

He stands quite tall, almost 6ft in all when stretched out, however often he is seen, crouching low to the ground, as if ready to dart away. His movements are fluidic, almost animal like, for when he moves it is with a grace not often seen in humans. Upon his back he wears a loose shirt, unbuttoned with many tears upon it. His pants are not in much better repair. Loose and baggy allowing for freedom of movement and silence when doing so.

His hair is a dark grey, longish, sticking out messily at all angles. upon his face a lighter coloured goatee grows from his lip to his chin, widening upon his chin as if it were and upside down T. Upon his arm is something far stranger than all this, it seems to be a band of some sort. It looks like some sort of jelly, but also seems to flow around his arm, quite unlike anything you have seen before.

He turns his head to you and gives you a grin, and you notice that his teeth are all points, like that of a carnivore.



Age: 24
Height: 5'
Gender: Female
Weight: Light
Species: Seemingly Human
Hair: long straight white
Caste: Morphic
Skin: very pale almost white
Eyes: yellow


Profile: Before you stands a slender young woman with small yellow eyes and long straight, slightly feathery, white hair. Her eyes, although unusual in colour, are not piercing by any means, they are compassionate and caring. She has dainty dark circles around her eyes and she wears lipstick in an orange hue. Her neck is very long and slender. She is willowy in stature, despite being short, her arms and legs thin, with very white skin.

Dressed: She is dressed in a white knee length dress, adorned with white feathers and clear beads, especially around the back, giving the impression of large folded wings. She walks a little awkwardly, almost a waddle. Her feet, held in shoes of orange leather, are oddly shaped. If you removed her shoes, you would find slightly webbed toes. She has an affinity for water, and is happiest in natural environments close to water.

Nude: Standing completely naked, she is completely hairless and her skin is very pale, almost white. Her breasts are small but adequate with slightly orange nipples. Her feet are oddly shaped with slightly webbed toes. On her back are two small ridges along her shoulder blades, which seem even whiter than the skin on the rest of her body... these are the location of her wings when she morphs. This part of her body is very sensitive.


Beneath the Roots:

A large room constructed from the roots of a great tree. The ground below you is all soil. It seems to have been dug out to make more headroom, and so drops quite significantly from the soil outside. Roots sprout up from the ground, providing makeshift walls, any gaps between them have been filled with mud, partly to help keep the warmth in, partly to stop prying eyes.

The only entrance into the room is covered with a drape of cloth. The room itself is rather sparsely decorated a few rugs cover the floor, comfortable to sit or lay on, and in one corner a rather simple looking bed has been constructed from springy bracken and thick, furry warm looking rugs. Across the other side of the room a few logs have been laid, covered with more rugs for comfort.

The room would be in constant darkness, were it not for the few flickering candles placed around the room, poking from holes in the wall, the light soft and occasionally flickering as one moves about, disturbing the air. The rooms itself seems unnaturally warm, as if something were providing heating, if you were to search around you might see a Trapdoor fairly well hidden beneath some leaves, with slight tendrils of steam rising up from it.


Conner wakes slowly, realizing with a pleasant dreaminess that he is lain next to a beautiful woman, he smiles lazily and pulls the covers back slowly, ensuring not to wake her, and as she lays on her front, he slowly slides his fingers down over her spine, tracing the outline of it lightly.

Fionuala stirs softly in her sleep, a soft mewing sound escaping her still sleeping form. Her back arches slightly as his fingers run down the centre of her spine. She shuffles around a little in her sleep as the gentle action starts to wake her.

Conner strokes down her spine to the small over her back, then traces random patterns across it with a single finger, he runs his eyes over her lithe body, particularly her pert little ass, and traces a finger lightly down the crack

Fionuala stirs more, beginning to wake slowly, making soft quiet humming noises at the actions down her body. She slowly opens her eyes, realising she is not in her own home, and closes them again. She smiles as she feels him trace her crack and hums a little louder.

Conner leans over her, and still rubbing her ass gently with one hand, begins to kiss the back of her neck, he kisses down her spine, following the same path as his fingers did, as he passes them, he softly kisses each little nub on her back, then continues down, he reaches her lower back and slides his tongue out, tracing patterns on her skin, then following the wet trails with a soft blow of air, sending shivers throughout her body.

Fionuala is now awake, but lies in the same position, letting him touch her as he wishes. Her ass gently wiggling under your hand. She purrs as he kisses her neck and the kiss and trace her spine with his lips and fingers. As he kisses her wing nubs, she moans as her body starts to pulse with pleasure running through her spine and down into her stomach. She purrs again as he traces her lower back with his tongue and when he blows on the cooling wet trail she shivers with delight, goosebumps appearing on her skin. She moans a soft "Morning" and gently pushes her bottom up into his hand.

Conner smiles down at her, "Morning," he replies and squeezes her ass playfully as she pushes it up against his hands, then he kisses both cheeks all over, down one and up the other till he is at her lower back again, then he slides out his tongue and slides it down towards the crack of her ass, he wriggles it down between the tight cheek, then slides his head downwards, pulling his tongue from her lower back, all the way down to the top of her legs, which he licks playfully too.

Fionuala giggles softly, twisting her upper body just a little to be able to watch him, her swan like neck giving her an advantage with this. She purrs as he squeezes and kisses her cheeks and back and squirms just a little when he run his tongue down towards her crack, moaning softly as he runs it down the crack, her bottom lifting a little more. She lets out a happy sigh as his tongue runs down her body to her legs, licking. "Mmmm, that is good" she murmurs.

Conner grins softly, "Ah, you haven’t felt anything yet." using both hands he parts her cheeks, and makes her part her legs a little, exposing both her tight little asshole and the puffy lips of her sex, his head drops down and his tongue starts on her sex, licking it over and over upwards till finally he brings his tongue up in one long smooth motion till the tip of his tongue is circling around and around the sensitive skin of her asshole, he laps at it playfully, making it nice and wet, then blows softly on it.

Fionuala smiles at his words "Is that a promise or a threat? Either way, it sounds good." she teases as she shivers slightly at his gentle parting of her cheeks and legs. She moans softly as he licks her sex, squirming gently as he starts to circle her asshole, making it wet. She gasps as he blows on it. "Oh" she moans.

Conner rolls his tongue and presses it against her asshole. Slowly it begins to slide in, parting her ass. It doesn’t get very deep, but then he pulls away and brings a finger to her, he slides it around her wet puckered asshole, then slowly pushes it fully into her, up to the second knuckle, using his saliva as lubricant. He twists it around and strokes her inner walls with his finger tip, then pushes it till it is in her as far as he can make it. Slowly he slides it out again, then back in, building up a slow pumping motion, as he does so, his tongue continues to lick and flick over her sex, occasionally up to her ass, licking around the skin there as he slides his finger in and out.

Fionuala moans softly as his tongue slides in, her smile getting bigger. She whimpers as he removes it and watches as he starts to put his finger where his tongue had just been. She moans as the finger slowly slides around then pushes into her, feeling him push deeper and feeling the strokes, she lets out a gasp and a moan. Whimpering as he pulls out and then moaning as he pushes back in. She feels him start to pump and lick and grins and moans louder.

Conner laughs softly, "I guess you like that, eh? How about this then?" he brings another finger to her ass and slowly pushes that in, along with the other one, slowly pushing them both in as deep as he can, spreading her tight little ass wide, then as he begins to fuck her ass with both fingers, he wriggles them inside of her, stroking her insides in a fast motion as he does so. His tongue returns to her pussy and he thrusts it in deep, tasting her juices as she becomes more and more turned on. He laps at her eagerly and begins to move his fingers faster in and out of her ass, his free hand grabs her hips and pulling her up till she is on her knees, her ass pointing up in the air, her face still on the pillow, and as she looks back she can see his large cock, stiff and erect, practically dripping with precum.

Fionuala chuckles softly as he speaks, nodding "Mmmm, I do" she mumbles softly and moans louder as he pushes another finger into her. She moans as he wiggles and strokes, feeling it through the thin walls, making her pussy throb. As his tongue thrusts, her pussy gets wetter and wetter, giving him more and more to lap. Her body trembling softly at the double penetration. She moans more, in anticipation, as he lifts her, a soft chuckle escaping her lips. She licks her lips subconsciously as she gazes on his erect cock. "Oh, that looks good." she moans with a wink.

Conner pulls his fingers from her ass and kneels up straight behind her, "Well, I guess if you want it, I better give it you then, eh?" He moves closer, one hand still on her ass, holding it open, the other at the base of his cock guiding it. He moves close and she can feel the tip of his cock brush over her moist pussy lips, feeling the wet stickiness of his precum mixing with hers, creating little strands between her sex and his. He slides it up over her sex, then up to her asshole, which remains slightly open now with no fingers in it, he brings the tip to her asshole and slowly glides it around and around, teasing her. "Do you want it? Do you want to feel my hot shaft sliding up your ass?" he asks, his voice a low growl.

Fionuala whimpers as he pulls out his fingers and she smiles brightly as he speaks. She sticks her cute ass up higher in the air as an answer. She purrs and smiles as he brushes his cock up the lips of her pussy, and the lips squeeze gently, forcing more wetness from inside her moist hole. She whimpers as he teases her asshole with his tip and nods, growling softly back to your growl "Yes, I want it. I want it bad. Fill me with your cock. Fill my ass up." she begs.

Conner gives a little grin, then slowly plunges his cock into her ass, stretching it even more, sliding his cock in till it can go no further. His balls rest against her pussy lips now, and she can feel them pulse slightly with the beat of his heart against her wet lower lips. He holds himself there for a few moments, letting her get used to the size, then slides back, pulling out completely till just the very tip of his cock remains within her. Then, without warning, he slams in hard, filling her up once more, almost instantly, his balls slapping once hard against her sex. Again he pauses, then slowly pulls out and pushes in, beginning to build up a rhythm as he slides his hot cock in and out of her ass, making it twitch each time he buries it, the thick veins on the shaft itself pulsing as his blood flows with the beat of his heart.

Fionuala groans a little with the size as he stretches her, a slight pain soon replaced by pleasure and she moans "Oh, that's good" as he slowly slides in as deep as he can. Her pussy jumps slightly at the feeling of his balls against her lips and at the beat of his heart. She breathes deeply in the calm moment. A whimper issues as you pull out and then she squeals softly at the sudden slamming and slapping, her pussy contracting as you plunge. As you start to build a rhythm, her hips and bottom move to meet him and she starts to pant and moan continuously as her pussy and ass muscles contract and release around him, her body shaking slightly.

Conner continues slamming deep into her ass, building up the rhythm till he is plunging in and out hard and fast, filling her fully each time. His balls slapping against her wet pussy with a wet slap each time he plunges, little stands of her pussy juice linking them together, as he fucks her. He slides his hands up her back till he reaches her little nubs, and, then, with the lightest of touches he can manage while moving his body so wildly, he circles around them with his thumbs, then begins to stroke them one at a time, in time with each thrust into her ass. Moaning as her ass contracts hard around his rigid shaft.

Fionuala moans louder as he slams deep into her, filling her. The feeling of his balls slapping against her, making her lips bounce and pussy judder. Her body moving to meet him each time he plunges and her pussy and ass muscles tighten and release around him. She trembles and moans as pulses of pleasure runs from her ass into her pussy through the stroking of the thin walls. And the touch of his hands on her back makes her twist and squirm in delight. But the final action of his hands stroking her wing nubs sends pulses of pleasure running down her spine, rippling through her stomach and into her pussy, joining those coming from the action of his cock. She screams as her body starts to shake uncontrollably.

Conner slows his movements as she starts to squirm and wriggle beneath him, not wanting to cum just yet and her actions almost sending him over the edge. Instead he slides his hands down and grabs her hips hard, holding them still as best he can while she cums. He slowly pulls his cock from her ass then slides it back in, waiting for her to calm down slightly before he sends her over the edge again.

Fionuala wasn't quite there yet, so the fact that he stops playing with her wing nubs quickly stops the uncontrollable shaking and leaves her body softly trembling, the echoes of the pulses of pleasure still rippling through her body. Her scream stifled by moans much more soft. His hands on her hips interpreted as a sign to stop pushing to meet him. She whimpers softly as she feels him slowly pull out and then squeals softly with glee again as he slides in. Her body full of small ripples of pleasure just ripe to be intensified.

Conner slowly starts speeding up again, enjoying taking her to the brink then denying her the opportunity to collapse over it. Once more he slides a hand up her back, just one this time, and begins to circles and strokes those little nubs. His other hand disappears for a moment, not touching her at all, and all the time he continues to slam his cock deep into her ass, occasionally twisting his hips to screw it in deeper. Suddenly she feels something smooth and cold against her lower back, tracing patterns. Once more his thrusts slow down till he is slowly driving in and out of her, and the strange coldness upon her back slides down, over one asscheek and towards her sex. It is in fact a smooth wooden dildo, carved meticulously, nice and thick and long too. Without any hesitation he finds the opening to her sex and drives it in deep, then leaves it there, pulling his hand away and starting to slam hard into her ass again, and as he does, each time his balls slap forward, they push against the base of the dildo, stuffing it up into her dripping pussy.

Fionuala moans again as he steps up the speed, not quite frustrated with his earlier actions, but now relieved. The hand on her nubs forcing the echoes of pleasure to build up quickly till they are pulsing and coursing through her body. She starts pushing back as her muscle contract around him, then shivers slightly at the strange coldness against her back. She whimpers again as he slows down the pace, and squirms slightly at the strange feeling object sliding along her body, but squeals with surprise as he drives the dildo deep. And as he starts slamming into her ass again, with his balls slamming against the dildo as well, filling both holes, her muscles clenching as her body starts to shake again and she starts to moan louder as her pleasure starts to rise again.

Conner continues slamming into her, this time, as her body starts to shake, both hands move to her nubs and pinch them softly, then stroke and caress them, his cock slides smoothly in and out of her stretched ass now, filling her back tunnel fully as the dildo fills her pussy. He screws in and out of her hard and fast, and she can feel his cock twitch and grow within her, swelling as the blood rushes to his organ, his breath catches in his mouth and in between gasps of breath and pleasure he growls out, "That’s it baby, I’ve filled both holes now, cum for me, cum violently till you pass out!" he punctuates each words with a hard thrust of his hips, stabbing his cock deep into her.

Fionuala moans louder as his hands move to her nubs, stroking and caressing. She trembles and shakes as her pleasure increases, the ripples in muscles becoming a storm as she heads rushing up towards a peak. Her moans turn to quiet screams as the feelings take over, her pussy and ass becoming like vices clenching onto the dildo and his cock inside her, filling her up. And then her spine twists and her body goes rigid and she screams out loud as the waves course right through her, building up to the top of a chasm that has to be plunged. She screams even louder as she hears his words and her body starts to shake uncontrollably as she pushes right to the edge, she pants out "Cum.... with.... me." as her body becomes a quivering mass of muscles, centred in her pussy and ass.

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