tagErotic CouplingsThe Morning After

The Morning After


I looked over at you in the early morning light that peeped through the edges of the closed curtains and cast a soft glow across the bed. Your chest rose and fell with the rhythmically breathing of a deep relaxed sleep. I smiled as I watched you sleeping so soundly. It was almost a shame to wake you up but I knew that ultimately you were going to enjoy the surprise that I had for you. I leaned over and softly kissed your cheek. It was scratchy with five o'clock shadow. I gently lifted your arm from across my body, careful not to wake you. I watched and listened, trying not to make any sudden moves as I silently slid out from under your arm and lowered it back against the bed. I didn't want you to waken just yet.

I tried not to giggle as I slid off the edge of the bed onto the floor and reached underneath. My eyes remained watching you for any sign of alertness and my hands searched for the stuff I stashed under the bed yesterday, before you came home from work. I found what I was looking for and pulled the soft cloth out from underneath the bed. Four silk scarves, perfect.

I had to work quickly even though you were a pretty sound sleeper; this was going to be tricky because I would have to move you several times without waking you. First I made my way around the bed and tied the end of each scarf to one corner of the bed, securing them tightly to the metal frame under the bed. Then I started at your feet. One leg was closer to one side of the bed so I took the free end of the scarf at that corner and tied it carefully around your ankle there. Luckily you were already lying on your back. I tied the knot securely, but not tight enough to wake you; the knot would tighten slightly when you pulled on it. This is why I had to work quickly; if you pulled your leg away and it tightened around your ankle, you would most definitely wake up before I had a chance to finish what I was doing. Your other leg I had to untangle from the blanket and pull it over a bit. That done I moved up to the head of the bed and did the same with your wrists, pulling them gently towards the corners of the bed and being careful not to create too much tension. You must have been really exhausted after yesterday. You didn't flinch. I picked a clean towel off of the floor and folded it several times lengthwise and placed it over your closed eyes. You moved your head slightly back and forth in your sleep. The weight of the folded towel was just enough to hold it in place over your eyes. You would need your hands free to actually remove it. If you woke up and tried to remove it you would realize that you were securely bound to the bed. Now came the fun part.

I stood at the foot of the bed and picked up the edge of the blanket and slowly dragged the blanket off of your body, letting the edges of it tickle you lightly as it slid down your chest, over your stomach, brushing against your manhood; which incidentally, began to swell of its own free will. I smiled to myself and dragged the blanket all the way off of you and deposited it on the floor.

The bed creaked lightly as I let my knees down on it and crawled slowly up between your legs. Even in your sleep you must have sensed something because your member lay already hard and swollen against your abdomen. I lowered my head and tentatively dragged the tip of my tongue up the underside of your cock from the base to the head. I wrapped my fingers around the base and my lips around the head, taking the top of it into my hot mouth. You let out a deep sigh and tugged slightly at your bound ankles. The knots tightened. I felt your body go stiff as you began to drift out of your dreams and to awaken to the sensation that something wasn't quite right.

I let my tongue caress the head of your cock for a few minutes, enjoying the feel of my wet tongue sliding over the smooth skin of your swollen member. I flicked my tongue along the ridge and noticed you beginning to squirm, shifting your hips and pulling on your bound wrists and ankles. I slid you further into my hot mouth, moving my lips slowly down the length of your hard cock and sliding you right to the back of my throat. You were fully encased in my wet mouth, your arms and legs bound tightly in place. The knots tightened as you pulled on them. I looked up while you were still in my mouth and saw you moving your head from side to side like you were trying to shake off your blindfold. I knew then that it had had the desired effect. You awoke to darkness and bondage, to the feel of someone sucking your cock...but because you couldn't see who it was you were caught a little off guard. I continued to massage your cock with my tongue, sliding you slowly in and out of my mouth. You moaned softly as I reached down with my free hand and cupped your balls. I pulled on them slightly, squeezing very gently as I continued to suck and lick along your hard length. A nervous breath of laughter came from your mouth.

"Shanna?" you questioned.

I continued what I was doing without answering. That nervous laugh came again.

"That IS you, isn't it?" Again I didn't reply. That was the whole point of the blindfold. I wasn't going to answer. I wanted you wondering. Although logically you would have to assume that the person loving you with their mouth while you were spread eagle and tied to the bed would be the same person you fell asleep with last night-that was the thing about waking up blindfolded and not being able to verify that for sure--take away certain senses and others are heightened. Not only would your sense of touch be heightened because you couldn't see or hear me but not being able to verify anything would add to the intensity of the moment.

You began to squirm in an almost uncomfortable way but the feel of your swollen member throbbing inside of the confines of my hot mouth defied that minor sense of unease.

I sat back on my heels. "Shhhh." I said softly. I reached up and ran my nails lightly down your chest and over your stomach; not hard enough to scratch, just enough to make you shiver. I licked at one nipple, as I pressed my hips against yours, letting you feel the heat between my legs as I did so. When you began to squirm again I knelt back on my heels and ran my fingernails gently up the inside of your thighs. Your member jumped. When I got to the top of your thighs, I pressed the pad of two fingers against the soft flesh between your anus and your balls and I massaged there in a circular motion for a few seconds before dragging my fingernails very, very lightly up over your balls. You stiffened and then moaned as I wrapped my hand around the base of your now aching cock. I smiled to myself; delighted with the effect I was having on you and then lowered my head and took you back into my mouth. I wanted to tease you as much as you had teased me last night in the hot tub. Every time I felt you were close to cumming I would draw my mouth away and leave it for a few seconds until I saw your body relax again. You were panting hard, frustrated growls escaping periodically between your lips. But you said nothing.

I thought about what had happened last night as I slid you slowly in and out of my mouth, feeling your cock pulse against the caress of my tongue.

Last night had been your birthday. You had come home from work, tired as usual. I had everything all set up for a nice relaxing evening. I took you by the hand and led you outside into the back yard. From the backdoor we could see the steam rising out from around the gazebo. I had uncovered the hot tub and set up candles all along the railing of the gazebo and their flames flickered golden in the mist of steam and cast a warm and inviting glow around the gazebo even though it was February. When you saw what I had set up, you smiled at me, a weary but grateful smile. I even had a bucket of champagne chilling and two glasses set on the ledge of the tub that served as a tabletop.

We stepped into the steamy room and slipped off our clothes. I helped you with yours and then we slid into the hot soothing water.

I sat behind you on the bench inside of the hot tub and wrapped my legs around the outside of your thighs and began kneading your shoulders, digging my fingers in to loosen your muscles and release any tension you held there. Your skin felt warm and pliable and soon you relaxed back into me, sighing. I kissed the back of your neck and then slid my tongue up your neck as you shivered. I giggled and wriggled out from behind you, slipping around to face you, dragging my wet slippery skin against yours. You looked much more relaxed now, the tension gone from you face as if it had evaporated up into the air with the steam from the tub. You reached up with both hands to caress the roundness of my breasts. I arched forward. My nipples hardened under your touch. I reached up and grabbed you by the wrists to stop you.

"Wait," I said smiling. "Champagne?" I asked nodding towards the bucket of ice-cold champagne I had chilling up on the ledge of the tub.

Sure," you smiled and nodded. I reached over and handed you the bottle so you could pop the cork as I held the two glasses. You poured the champagne into the glasses and put it down on the edge again. I handed you your glass.

"Cheers," I said clinking my glass with yours. "Happy Birthday, baby."

"Cheers," you replied, "and thank you." We took a sip, as the bubbles rose up in the glass, tickling our noses.

"How was your day?" I asked.

"It's better now," you replied with a smile. We talked and joked as we each finished our glass of champagne...and then had another.

"Okaayy, one more," I said, waving the bottle in front of your face. "There is only enough left for one more." We had both become very relaxed by this time. I held up my glass for you to pour. You smiled mischievously and then grabbed me by the hips and lifted me slightly out of the water in front of you. You then proceeded to pour the rest of the bottle of champagne down over my chest and into the water. My nipples puckered and I gasped in shock as the cold liquid hit my hot skin but I didn't have time to recover before the cold chill was replaced with the feel of your mouth, hot on my breast as you licked the champagne off and sucked my nipples. I squirmed and tried to wrap my legs around you. You put your arms around me and brought me closer, smiling and saying 'well...it is MY birthday.' I smiled back and leaned in to kiss you deeply on the mouth. Our tongues met and we kissed hungrily even though it had only been morning since we had last seen each other. We kissed for a while, our kisses getting deeper and wilder when I suddenly realized I still had my champagne glass in my hand. I laughed when I accidentally bonked you lightly in the head and I pulled back and motioned that I was going to put my glass over on the edge. I was startled by the look behind your blue eyes. Passion and heat radiated from you gaze with an intensity that made my breath catch in my throat and made it hard to tear away from your gaze; to put my glass down. There was no hint of a smile on your face now; no playfulness, only a burning light that radiated from your eyes and made me wonder what you were thinking. I tore my gaze away and turned my back on you, moving to put my wine glass on the side of the tub. I heard the water move behind me as you came up and grabbed the glass from my hand and put it beside the bucket. Without saying anything you grabbed me from behind and lifted me so that I was bent over the opposite side of the hot tub. I was standing on the bottom and leaning over the submerged bench, my hands on the sides of the tub and my ass out of the water. You were standing behind me and you leaned over and covered my hands with yours.

"Don't move your hands!" you ordered in a harsh whisper beside my ear. You reached under and began to massage my breasts, squeezing and caressing with the palm of your hand. You began to get a little rougher. I squirmed. You pinched one of my nipples hard. I gasped and jumped back removing my hands from the side of the hot tub. You removed your hands and grabbed me by the hair. Not hard, just securely. You knew how much that turned me on. What happened next though was unexpected. As you tugged my head back, your free hand came down hard against the damp skin of my bare backside.

"I told you not to move your hands," you growled. I put them back. You let go of my hair and I felt another slap land on the other cheek. It wasn't a violent smack, but was hard enough I could feel the flush of heat where my skin began to turn pink. You slapped a few more times watching as my skin reddened beneath your slaps.

My ass was now burning hot but I had not let go of the sides of the tub. A familiar ache was beginning to spread through my pussy and you stopped slapping and reached down between my legs to rub a finger along my now slippery slit. You massaged my clit and then drew you finger down away from it and slid it inside me. I moaned. You slid it in once and then out and back up over my clit and then back inside of me. I began to squirm and as I did so, you slapped me again.

"Please," I begged, thrusting my hips higher, my ass back towards you.

"Please, what?" you answered with another stinging slap, hot against my backside. "Please stop slapping you?"

"No," I said. You continued to play with my wet pussy, as you slapped me again, lighter this time.

"Pleaaasee," I begged again.

"Please what? You have to tell me what you want, Shannie," you replied. Your voice had an almost wicked, delighted quality to it. I was beginning to get frustrated, but my head was too foggy to focus.

"Please, I need you inside of me," I whispered hoarsely. "Please....fuck me," I pleaded.

Your fingers had stopped their rhythmic pattern and you leaned down across my back, reached under and squeezed one of my nipples fairly hard.

"Why should I?" you asked. I whimpered in frustration. You licked the back of my neck while you pulled on my nipple. I could feel your cock pressed hard against the side of my reddened backside. "Why should I?" you asked again. "Are you wanting to be my little slut, Shanna?"

"Yes," I replied and then again. "Please, Chris, I need you so badly."

You chuckled, gave my breast a final squeeze, and then stood up behind me. Your hand was replaced by the head of your hard cock. You began to rub it up and down my wet slit, pressing it up against my clit, rubbing it back and forth. Your cock slid down towards my opening and you let it rest there but didn't enter me. You rubbed back and forth teasingly. I was breathing really heavy now, trying hard to control myself, trying hard not to let go of the side of the tub. But you just continued to tease me, never entering me, just rubbing back and forth.

Then slowly, I could feel the tip your cock enter me. I moaned and tried to thrust back harder to make you fill me faster. But you grabbed me by the hips and held me still as you entered me with excruciating slowness. My face was hot with steam and exhaustion. The hot water lapped at my upper thighs, tickling and taunting. I was ready to burst into tears. But you continued to enter me slowly. I could feel myself fill with you inch by slow inch. My muscles contracted around your cock, trying to pull you further inside of me.

I moaned loudly as your hips came up hard against my reddened rear end. Then to my aggravation you pulled out just as slowly....and then slid back inside of me just as slowly again. I wanted release so badly that I tried to wiggle out of the steel grip you had on my hips that held me still while you slid the length of your cock slowly in and out my slippery heat. My attempt was answered by a sudden emptiness as you pulled all the way out and stopped, but still held tight to my hips. I began to whimper. You were breathing heavy by this time too, and I could tell you were fighting for control as well. This time when you entered me, I squeezed my pussy muscles as hard as I could. Your fingers on my hips suddenly gripped hard and your body stiffed and you pulled all the way out of me again. Your hands move down over my backside as you gripped one cheek in each hand and squeezed, spreading me further apart as you groaned and plunged deeper inside of me than you had gone so far. You started slamming all the way into me over and over again, the length of your hard cock plunging hard into my hot wet pussy. My legs were shaking and my moans were verging on screams now, as I tried not to think about the fact that the neighbors could probably hear me. I pushed my hands hard against the side of the hot tub for leverage so that I could thrust back towards you as you thrust into me. You stiffened and I could feel your cock swell even bigger inside of me.

A final thrust inside of me and I could feel your engorged cock begin to pulse hot liquid up inside of my pussy. It was all I could stand. My muscles began to involuntarily squeeze around you. I felt the orgasm spread up through my body making it tingle with release.

You pulled out of me and we both sat side by side in the hot tub trying to catch our breath. You looked over, smiled and then kissed me. Then we both got up out of the water wrapped ourselves in big fluffy towels and headed back towards the house. Even though we were both spent, I offered you a massage before bed, seeing as how it was your birthday. You accepted and afterwards we both fell into a sound sleep. Too much heat, exertion, and champagne had not allowed us the energy to do anything after the massage. But that was okay, cause I knew you would wake up horny--making my plan for morning all the more delicious. I smiled wickedly to myself as I drifted off to sleep.

And now here we were. Now I was repaying you for last night in kind. Teasing you with my hot mouth and tongue as you lay blindfolded, spread eagle, and tied to the bed. Waking up like that with the feel of your cock warm and wet inside my mouth. Sliding in and out of my mouth to the point of release and then being denied. I could see the tension in your arms and legs. I could feel you press harder into my mouth as you strained your hips upwards. I could hear your breathing loud and ragged in the room, hear the moans that escaped from between your lips. But still you said nothing. I continued to suck on your cock, sliding you in and out of my mouth enjoying the power I had as your cock throbbed and swelled to the point of a release that I wouldn't let happen. I drew my mouth away and down between your thighs, licking the soft skin there. I took one of your balls into my hot mouth and sucked gently on it. Licked the other and then sucked on them both while my thumbs massages your inner thighs. Your cock jumped again, demanding attention. Finally you spoke the words I had been waiting for.

"Please," you said, your voice coming out in a ragged groan. I slid up and licked some precum off the tip of your cock but didn't put it back in my mouth.

"Please what?" I asked. With some effort you smiled crookedly from under the blindfold.

"Please," you groaned again, begging.

"Please what, Chris, you have to tell me what you want."

"Please let me cum...I want to cum inside your mouth," you gasped.

I smiled and slid the length of your cock deep inside of my mouth. I moved my mouth faster this time; up and down your length, making circles with my tongue. I felt you swell in my mouth as your hips strained forward and you groaned. I let you cum this time, feeling the hot juices pump from your pulsating cock into the back of my throat. I swallowed them all, licking at the head of your cock as your as I drew you out of my mouth and your body relaxed. Drunk with power I untied your ankles and reached up and untied your wrists and removed the blindfold. I kissed you softly on the lips and cuddled against your side, my head on your chest. "Happy morning after your birthday," I sighed pressing up against you.

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