tagBDSMThe Morning After

The Morning After


There is very little bondage and my first attempt at actual Erotic so let me know what you think.


Light touches my face as my eyes flutter open. Only this time I feel an arm around my waist tighten as I stretch. Looking at the guy with the long hair my mind flashes back to last night; my skin becoming hot and flushed. I see the face next to me smirk and eyes open, I can't help but blush after the night that we had. Before I know what's happening his lips are against mine and his hands in my hair pulling me closer. As if my instincts take over my hands are sliding in his hair, my mouth opening slightly so that I can suck and bite his bottom lip lightly. His hands moving to my bare hips and pulling me against him. I pull away some giggling and blushing. His smile and gaze tell me all I need to know as I try to speak.

"Well Good Morning there handsome" I find myself giggling as my butterflies start.

"Good Morning beautiful" I blush deeply as he kisses me again my skin feeling like some fire is spreading.

"How about some breakfast of food instead of oh I don't know kisses." I giggle at the joke I make as his eye flash between need and desire.

"What do you want to make me to make for you?" I laugh at what I think is his joke as he looks confused by this action.

"You're serious? I want to cook for you not the other way around" I flash a playful smile as I get up. I grab my shirt and underwear and slip them on and run from the room as he starts to follow me. Laughing as he grabs me at my waist and pulls me back against him.

"Hmm don't want me cooking for you after everything you did for or to me last night?" I can't help but smile as he groans softly at the memory.

"Let me cook. I can handle something simple as pancakes or eggs, sausage, and bacon." I turn in his arms to face him, a small smile on my face at the desire in his eyes.

"Now tell me, beautiful, where is the fun in that?" his tone drops to just above a growl sending shivers and tingles down my spine.

"Hmm, well there isn't really, but if you let me then maybe after breakfast there will be a little more fun similar to last night?" raises my eyebrows as I look into his eyes and he leans in and kisses me again deeply.

"Mm, is that a yes?" I try not to laugh.

"That is a yes please," He sighs softly, "as long as I get to distract you while you cook, deal?" I start laughing.

"Hm, I'm sure that can be agreeable as long as you," Holds up two fingers putting air quotes around "play nice". Giggles at his reaction.

"Don't I always?" Eyes light up with playfulness him chuckling softly.

"No, no you don't," I giggle softly as he tries to protest me shutting him up by kissing him, "do not even try." I walk over to the cabinet and get out a skillet and bowl. I feel him snake his arms around my waist. He brushes my hair of my neck and starts to kiss and nip at my neck stealing my breath.

"Well, that was unexpected" I sigh softly. I feel the heat rise up my neck as he continues to kiss and nip at my neck. I pull and walk towards the fridge and get out the eggs, sausage, bacon, and milk. I feel him staring at me as I bend over and get the orange juice off the bottom shelf. I squeak as he grabs my hips and pulls me back against him.

"Trying to give me a heart attack?" I giggle as he presses against me. I feel his hands slide up and down my sides. I feel the heat rising up my skin causing a slight ache in my chest area. I breathe shallowly as he slides his fingertips into my waist band excitement raising. I swing my hips slightly giggling and blushing. I hear him groan in my ear softly.

"Now who's not playing fair?" I feel him nip at my neck and ear as he whispers it in a tone that makes me shiver.

"Oh most definitely you aren't with talking in that tone." I shiver more him sliding his hand over to my stomach and sliding it upwards slowly.

"No, don't do it I need to cook before we can have fun" I giggle softly.

"But, what if I want to continue while you cook breakfast?" he whisper in the same tone that sends shivers down my spine.

I don't respond too surprised and shocked as he slides his hands up under my shirt causing me to gasp and groan as he slowly gropes my tits gently. I slowly move his hands and make breakfast as quickly as possible; him still grabbing and trying to pull me on to his lap. I make his plate to give him something else to focus on besides me, not that it does a whole lot of good, he grabs me by my hips pulling me onto his lap as he eats, one of his hands around my waist the other on his fork eating quietly and quickly. I try to get up so I can make my plate but only succeed in squirming, every time I move to stand his arm tightening around my waist.

I sigh finally giving up on standing and wait for him to finish. When he's finally done I stand up taking his plate to the sink making my plate quickly as he starts kissing my neck again. I sip on my orange juice as he starts to bites softly. I eat as quickly as I can. Then turn towards him unable to do anything but laugh softly.

"Couldn't wait for me to eat?" I try not to laugh again as he stops thinking.

"Nope, I'd prefer you be doing something else" he smirks and I see the desire flare up in his eyes.

I start thinking of what all could be going through his head as he slowly takes my hands leading me back to his bed. I snake my arms around his neck slowly, unsure how to react to him leading me back. I toy with his hair as he pulls my body against his and kisses me deeply his hands slowly and teasingly raising up my shirt. I break the kiss as I feel it reaching my chest area and raise my arms slowly so he can pull it off, over my head.

I giggle as he smirks.

"Now who couldn't wait, hm?" He teases in a soft, seductive tone as I roll my eyes and he spanks me. I start to laugh. Slowly sliding my fingertips into his waist band and slide my fingertips around as he groans almost sounding like a low growl.

"Does someone like that?" I tease back my tone slightly higher than normal.

I gasp as he grabs my hips and pulls me in close sliding off my panties in a matter of seconds. My breath catches as he kisses and sucks lightly on my neck. I groan as he pushes me gently back on the bed. Bending down as biting my neck, I gasp and groan my eyes fluttering from the sensation. He works his way to my breast and biting and sucking lightly.

"God... Do you have... to do this to me?" I feel him kiss his way down and over to my thighs as he bites.

"You know you like this" he laughs as I gasp. He starts teasing me as he licks up my pussy. I sit up so he can't, but it doesn't stop him. He grabs my hips pulling me back to his mouth.

"Please stop so I can at least" I groan as he licks over my clit.

"At least what?" He licks again causing my back to arch and me to moan loudly.

"At least..." I take a deep breath focusing on my thoughts instead of the sensation he is causing, "at least pleasure you".

I hear him laugh softly blowing gently on my clit causing me to gasp loudly.

"Are you sure that's what you really want?" I look at him, his eyes flaring with desire intensifying the sensation as I struggle to simply answer his question.

"Yes, it is..." I finally get the words out.

He starts to laugh, his eyes saying too bad, as he starts to circle his tongue around my clit causing me to gasp and groan. I push his head back so he can't.

"At least kiss me before you continue" I breath heavily as he kisses his way up my body before finally making it back up to my lips and kissing me deeply. I wrap my legs around him and rolls so I have him pinned down to the bed and grab so ribbon and tie his hands to the headboard giggling.

"Too bad, hm?" I smile playfully before kissing him deeply again and slowly working my way to his neck. I bite lightly and wantingly, him groaning as I start sucking lightly.

"Like that do we?" I ask just a whisper as he turns his head groaning softly. Starts working my way down his body slowly kissing and nipping lightly. I smile as he groans and I play with his waist band sliding it down a couple centimeters.

"Lower or off that is the question." I pause pretending to think as he groans. I kiss right below his belly button. I can't help but giggle. I slowly pull of his boxers and kiss over his thighs feather lightly. I see him try to squirm downward and I slowly and lightly kiss the head.

"No, no, no, no squirming downward", I smirk as he groans, "only fair and you know it".

"Just wait till I'm freed of my bonds not going to be merciful with you" his eyes flare with mischief and desire. I ignore his comments and lightly starts sucking on the head of his cock. I hear him gasp trying to push it farther in my mouth. I hold his hips down slowly taking more and sucking harder.

"God... you learn quickly" I suck harder in response him groaning more. I start to bob my head a little faster and suck a little harder. I continue to go faster encouraged by his groans. Until he is to the point of cumming, then I started alternating between fast and slow, and hard and gentle. When he came I swallowed and untied him.

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