The Morrisons Ch. 01


I jumped in saying, "Yes Terri, everyone who will be working here will be required to be completely nude at all times. We hired a company to take care of the lawn, gardens and landscaping. Jenna doesn't know it yet but the lawn care guy is a young guy who owns his company and his garden and landscaping crew are three females consisting of his wife and his two sisters. All of them have already signed their confidentiality statements for us."

Kim said, "So you see Terri, you won't really be here alone and naked. The girls doing the landscaping will be here re-doing the gardens and fixing the landscaping the way we want it. They are going to submit a plan for our review in a couple of day. Their names are Tony, Patty, Barbie and Beth. We told them they can use the pool as long as they shower first before getting into the pool. You will just have to monitor their work they will know what they have to do. But we can talk more about business tomorrow."

When the conversation died down I decided to call it a day and head up to my bedroom for a shower and go to bed. I stood up and said goodnight to everyone then walked out of the room.

Jenna asked Kim, "What room did you give Terri?"

Looking towards her daughter Kim replied, "Terri has the blue bedroom."

Jenna smiled and said, "Great, that room is right across the hall from my room."

Before heading off to her bedroom Kim said, "Jenna, don't keep Terri up all night. Good night to both of you."

When Kim was out of the room she heard Jenna say, "God Terri I'm so glad that mom and dad hired someone in my age group for a house keeper. I thought they were going to get some crumpled up old lady with a bad attitude and my life as I knew it would go to hell."

Kim stopped briefly to listen for any reply from Terri and she was not disappointed when she heard Terri say, "Your mom and dad have entrusted me to do the job which I'm sure they originally wished to fill with an older person, however they hired me and I fully intend to do the best I can and not let them down. They have a long list of things I will be responsible for and I'll make it happen for them."

Kim smiled to herself and continued to walk towards the stairs on the way to her bedroom with a wonderful feeling they had made the right choice in hiring Terri however the coming days would tell the real story.

To Be Continued:

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by Anonymous

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by Saevont1106/11/17


You've got me hooked and I can't wait to get into thebrest of the series.

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by Firmhands505/28/17

What a beginning

Enjoyable and the characters are filling out! Will be very interesting to see what happens!

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