tagBDSMThe Most Intense Orgasm

The Most Intense Orgasm


"Well here it is the weekend already. Since we don't have to work tomorrow, how about we spend some "quality time" trying to give one another the most INTENSE single orgasm we possibly can," I said. It didn't take long for me to convince my wife to partake in my little orgasm challenge. We decided that the other would treat the winner of our little contest to dinner the next night.

"Do you have something particular in mind," she asks. Then she realizes what a stupid question that was! Laughing she says, "OK...you go first."

"Be glad to my dear," I said as I began to pursue my idea.

Methodically, I got a solid post that would reach between a floor plate and a ceiling hook in the bedroom. There was a notch in the bottom that fit over the middle loop of the floor plate. When the top was clamped to the ceiling hook, it made a secure post. Eyehooks were positioned in the most advantageous positions all along the post. She wondered what the heck I had in mind!

"You will remove all your clothing and kneel backwards against this post please," I said.

As I suspected, there was willing acquiescence from you, as I positioned you on your knees with your back to the post. I then fastened your left wrist above your head about 6" and then fastened your right wrist just above the left. This uplifted your arms and presented your breasts in a most attractive manner. You realized this immediately and your nipples began to harden as you envisioned the possibilities.

Such a position called for some gentle pinching of your nipples for starters, but this was only the beginning. Cupping your left breast in my hand, you gasped as I began to tightly wind a small cord around the base of your breast. A firm wrapping of your right breast quickly followed. The cords bound the base of each breast quite tightly and caused an engorgement of blood, which swelled your tits out even further. You blushed at the spectacle realizing what a vulnerable target your beautiful, and incredibly taut, tits now posed for me. You were beginning to get aroused.

"Now cross your ankles behind the post my dear." I said.

This quite unexpected order forced you to spread your knees apart, opening your genital region wider than expected in this kneeling position. I then took a short soft cord and bound your ankles tightly together behind the post. You were now firmly pinioned with your back against the upward support and your ankles curving around either side at the base of the post. To prevent any undue discomfort, I had you raise each knee, under which I put a small satin pillow.

I then fastened two large elastic belts around your waist and above your breasts. When I pulled them tight, you moaned under the pressure of their added restraint. You felt as if you were now part of the post, unable to move. But I had further delights for you.

A chain was attached to the ankle cuffs. I lifted your ankles from the floor and pulled them up until you could feel your muscles begin to strain to their limits, especially your inner thigh muscles. When suitably tight enough, the chain was affixed to the back of the post, leaving your unable to move your legs and causing your to strain forward against the waist strap. "How diabolical!" you thought. And what a sight your full, bound breasts and widely splayed inner thighs must now be making! Again your mind began to race and you were getting very wet.

Suddenly your mind zeroed in on one particular thought. With your tits fully exposed, bound and displayed by this compromising position, you knew that nipple clamps would be the perfect erotic enhancers to your very sensitive breasts. Sure enough, after a few minutes of letting you think about it, I pulled out some specially modified brass jewelry clamps that had small screws that could adjust the clamping pressure. We had used a similar set before so I roughly knew the tension that you could tolerate. Cunningly, I adjusted the screws just a bit tighter, in order to better service the distended nipples on your bound breasts. In addition you now noticed that each clamp had a 5 oz. weight attached to it! "Oh my God" was your first reaction as a shudder went through your body. I waved them if front of your eyes for a few seconds just to get you mentally excited and put them aside for just the right moment.

You seemed to enter into a dreamy state of anticipation at this point wondering what was in store for you. You experienced that floating feeling one gets when one is totally bound and helpless. I could see you were excited and anxious but completely comfortable not having to really support yourself at all, as most of your weight, except for your knees, was taken by the post. You had relinquished yourself to your fate completely.

"Shall we begin sweets?" I said in a devilishly manner.

"Do I have a choice?" you said back. "Nope" I retorted.

I then brought out my favorite peacock feather to stimulate your skin. As I massaged your breasts, your nipples responded with a life of their own. With your breasts bound, the feelings imparted by the feather were multiplied in intensity. You began to softly moan and your hips began to pulsate with a rising sexual heat. I would occasionally roll your nipples with my fingers, which caused you to moan and wiggle in your bounds. After about 10 minutes of this you heard the unfamiliar sound of something electrical. Unbeknownst to you, I had plugged in an electric hand massager and was starting to caress your body... your entire body... except for that one most important part. This unexpected and more forceful tactile stimulation brought you to a more feverish pitch. You struggled to frantically clench your widely separated thighs together, as my vibrating fingers began to work their way upwards toward your swollen and quite defenseless clitoral sheath.

I eventually lowered my hand to your sex and gently vibrated first your outer labia, then your inner lips, and lastly your clitoris...very briefly. Soon your whole body began to move as if possessed by an outside force, straining against the post, which remained unyielding. As I gently touched your proudly erect clitoris every so often, sympathetic vibrations rolled through your entire body causing spasmodic jerking and uncontrolled groaning. You started to beg and scream... "Please, please, make me CUM!" As I tenderly caressed your sex, your inner lips, your clitoral hood and lastly the tender membrane of the clitoris itself.

"Oh I plan to do that alright my dear," I said. "And I plan to make you cum HARD! Just not yet!"

I then gently placed the clamps on your nipples, bringing shivers of ecstasy to your body. You had forgotten about them! The clamping caused an immediate rush that went through your body. You instinctively tried to move as the sensations hit you, but that only caused the weights to sway and pull on your nipples even more. "Diabolical" was the thought that ran through your mind again. You were beginning your final climb to an orgasmic height you rarely reached.

I again began my slow process of massaging your body with the hand vibrator. After another 10 minutes or so, I gently put a vibrating finger on each side of your clitoris, pulled the organ upward and gently squeezed it, engulfing your entire pelvic area in the irresistible song of sexual stimulation. This drove you crazy and almost pushed you over the top, but not quite. It was now was the time to further tighten the nipple clamps! As I turned the first one bit a little tighter into your swollen left nipple, you began to loose your self-control and started to moan louder and louder. When the second clamp was also tightened, you were about as ready for as orgasm as you'll ever be.

To excite you further, I took my finger and thumb, with vibrators attached to each, and started a circular rub of your clit. I don't think I've ever heard you moan so loud. Every muscle in your body was tense and trembling from the stimulation of your clitoris. There was no way for you to avoid the sensations. My massages caused you to involuntarily move a little in your bounds, which caused the weighted nipple clamps to further tug on your tits. It seemed like an electric current was passing from your nipples to your clitoris.

Your eyes were shut at this point so you didn't notice my hand reaching for the nipple clamps when I thought you couldn't take much more stimulation without cumming. I released the nipple clamps quickly and blood started to rush back into your nipples. At the same time I turned the hand vibrators up to a higher level. This sent your onto an orgasmic plateau you have never experienced... you couldn't imagine a higher level of stimulation. The slight pain of the blood rushing back into your nipples was turned into instant pleasure as you closed your eyes again and came and came and came. After minutes of an unrelenting orgasm, you slumped in your bounds... completely satisfied...and exhausted.

Once I untied you, and you regained your composure, your only thought was to say "Thank you! I have never!"...And you didn't finish your sentence. You fell asleep for about ten minutes.

When you woke up you seemed refreshed and had a devilish sparkle in you eyes. "Now its my turn!" you said. "Oh Oh" was my unexpected response.

I knew I was in for quite an experience myself when you said "Now I get to tie you up the same way!" Within minutes I was in the same predicament you were in earlier. Needless to say my cock was about as hard as it had ever been. To get the same enhanced effect I gave you by binding your breasts with rope, you gave to me by tying the base of my cock and balls with a shoestring. This exposed and tightened my shaved balls as tight as a balloon...subject to your every whim. And my guess was you were full of devious ideas! I knew any touch to my balls would send me into ecstasy. You knew this too having done it to me in several other lovemaking sessions. However my tightened leg muscles in this bound situation made the sensation even more intense... "She learns very quickly!" I thought.

Once you had me where you wanted me, you said, "I've been waiting to do something to you for a long time. I just needed the right moment to try it out. I guess this is as good a time as any. But before I get into that, I can't resist engaging in a little "foreplay" before the main event I have planned for you."

I wasn't exactly sure what she meant by this but I was willing to play along. Beside the intent of this little game was to try to give each other the most intense orgasm possible. And she did have a very vivid imagination!

My cock and balls were devastatingly accessible for her to play with I had to admit. As I mentioned she accentuated this fact by attaching the shoestring around the base of my cock and behind my balls, pushing them forward even further and making the veins stand out on the throbbing shaft. My circumcised cockhead was bulbous and purple, and my scrotum was as tight as a drum. Being this tight it was easy for her to shave off any excess hair that was growing on my genitals. She knew doing this would increase my sensitivity to stimulation and she was taking every angle available to her. After the quick shave she put on a pair of silk gloves and, carefully selecting two long feathers, leant forward. With intense concentration, she touched the first feather to a precisely targeted spot just behind the flange of my cockhead and stroked it gently round and round. She then applied the second to the back of my balls, tickling there at the same time.

I went ballistic. Even though I was tied to the pole, the whole thing shuddered and rocked as I thrashed and struggled in my restraints. I couldn't help it. On and on it went, with her teasing and tickling those two spots mercilessly and continuously. Occasionally she would lean forward, grip the base of my cock with one silk-gloved hand and my balls with the other and massage intently. Whenever she did this, I would moan.

I found myself desperately trying to close my legs, to get away from the unbearable tickling and teasing of my cock and balls, but I couldn't do a thing. Every time she touched that sensitive spot my cock heaved and bucked and throbbed in unspeakable ecstasy - but the woman was an expert teaser, and always removed her hands before I could cum, going back to tickling my swelling cock and bound balls with the soft, pointed feather.

After about 15 minutes of this she stopped and said, "OK hon, now for the real treat. That was just a warm up. Ever heard of an Adonis Pouch? Well I've made a few modifications to it, which I think you might like. Excuse me while I set up a few things.

She disappeared for a few minutes and reappeared carrying a few objects I didn't recognize. She then proceeded to untie my balls and fit me with a black sheath piece of rubber designed to completely cover my cock and balls. When it was on (though lightly for now) I felt like the material was tickling my cock and his balls like tiny fingers were stroking me lightly all over. They caressed and stroked my cock on all sides, and got into every crevice of my anatomy underneath the black rubber. It felt delicious.

While I wasn't paying attention she also wheeled a table towards me on which was a computer and monitor. She carefully applied some lubrication to my hard cock and then, slowly and precisely, slid the thick black rubber sheath over my entire organ and wires and tubes ran from the end of the sheath to some machinery under the computer. She also began sticking small electrodes on various places on my body: my nipples, the sides of my head, and my perineum; larger ones went on the soles of my feet, my armpits, the insides of my thighs, and to three places on my scrotum.

I realized at this time she was a double major in college: biology and computer science. It hit me that she may have more of an imagination than I thought! What was this stuff suppose to do? I had a feeling I was about to find out!

My thought were interrupted when I felt a lubed device being gently but insistently pushed into my backside. I knew what that was, and I moaned as I felt it press lightly against my prostate. Once she finished preparing me for whatever it was she was going to do to me, she smiled silently at me and switched on the computer and waited for it to boot up. The screen came to life and showed several different sections, with displays similar to an E.C.G. machine. I could make out my heartbeat and breathing in a couple of the windows, but the rest meant nothing to me.

"I bet you wonder what all this is about" she said. All I could retort was a weak "sorta".

"Well" she said, 'I've been working on an idea since college. I call it the "ultimate orgasm" machine" for guys. I've been working on it secretly for years and your little orgasm challenge gives me the opportunity to try it out. I'm glad you're game for this, but then again, you don't have much choice at this point do you?" She smiled and then went back to working at the keyboard. I was getting a little anxious at this point!

I suddenly jumped as I felt movement around my cock. A gentle, pulsating sucking had started, and small rubber fingers were rubbing - seemingly at random - along the length and over the end of my cock. Gradually, over a period of a few minutes, I became aware that the movements were becoming less random, and were homing into the kind of stimulation, which turned me on most. The computer was learning! It must be sensing my responses, my level of horniness, and adjusting its technique accordingly, I realized then what she was up to! She has always been interested in computer programs that took in and analyzed data to improve its own performance based on the data that were being collected. With her knowledge of biology, I can only guess at what she's cooked up for me to try out.

"I sense you've figured out what this is all about by now," she said. "Yes the computer is indeed learning about your responses to stimulation. It is also being kept advised of how close to orgasm you are at any second. I've written the software for two modes; it can be either the ultimate jack-off machine, or the most exasperatingly effective teasing device imaginable.

"As we both know," she said "the intensity of a man's orgasm is usually a function of how long his is stimulated and how long it's been since his last orgasm. I know the last time we made love was about 5 days ago so your balls must be filled with cum just aching to get out. Funny you should challenge me to an orgasm intensity contest now. I'll get to see if my little project works after all!"

"Of course I also know men are not aroused by physical stimulation alone," she said. "So if you'll excuse me for a few minutes I have to put on some appropriate attire". She disappeared for a few minutes but came back wearing the sexiest costume that I've had ever seen: black shiny thigh-length boots, a leather corset, and a long black cape, open at the front. On her arms she had elbow-length, shiny, thick black gloves and she wore 5-inch heels.

"I plan to give you a little visual strip tease show while the computer does its thing to you," she said. "I'll know what state of excitement you're in by the level of music coming out of the computer. As you can see I have multiple pieces of clothing on of which each piece will come off as you get close to the brink of orgasm. My dancing will coincide with your excitement level until I am naked. Then, if you're lucky, I'll let you experience the 'ultimate jack-off machine' software I've written. But, as you may have noticed, it may take me a while to get completely naked. Hope you can hold out that long without losing your mind!"

"Shall we begin," she said.

She hit a keystroke and the music started and the rubber fingers working on my cock seemed almost to be in synchronization with her dancing. I prepared myself for the orgasm of a lifetime but the computer had other ideas; at least for now. By now it had learned exactly how to stimulate my cock, balls and prostate to produce the absolute strongest responses. Electricity poured into my prostate at a level which varied from second to second, to make my need to cum as urgent as possible; the small rubber fingers inside the sheath rubbed gently and irresistibly over my hypersensitive glans, rotating unpredictably and gently jacking me off with inhuman skill; the whole rubber sheath sucked and slurped my cock shaft like a talented whore, and the large electrodes on my armpits, the insides of my thighs, my balls, and the soles of my feet tingled and tickled wonderfully. However, at the same time sensors monitored my level of arousal, and the machine was set to tease mode. It would not allow me to cum!

And to top it off my wife was dancing like I had never seen her before. The visual stimulation was as intense as the machine. My breathing had speeded up and I was getting close. God, it felt amazing! I was indescribably horny! And she looked so beautiful! She was removing her gloves and another couple of seconds and I'd already shoot the biggest load of spunk ever. Closer - closer - Then everything began to slow down - the rubber fingers, the sucking, and the pulses of electricity through my prostate slower and slower...

"NO! - NO!!!!!!!" I was holding my breath - I was a heartbeat away from the orgasm of my life but the computer continued to slow everything down. The fingers were sliding slower and slower over my cockhead; the sucking strokes were becoming longer and longer; the electricity on my prostate had almost gone... "Oh God - I WANNA CUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!" Then, suddenly, everything stopped completely. The sucking, rubbing, pulsating - it all stopped! The music turned softer.

I was suspended on a plateau of ecstasy. My eyes were screwed up tight, my mouth open in a silent scream, every single muscle in my body rigid but I couldn't cum. My eyes still shut tight; I drew a deep breath and screamed with frustration. I struggled and tried to thrust my hips, but movement was impossible. Gradually I came down, and started to breathe again.

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