tagBDSMThe Most Personal of Assistants Ch. 05

The Most Personal of Assistants Ch. 05


Jessica didn't want to get out of bed the next day. As she stirred she rolled over and hugged into Tessa, slowly tracing her hand up and down the back of the sleeping woman.

"mmmmm, thats nice" Tessa moaned "I never get to lay in bed and be tickled." She said sleepily. "I'm normally the tickler"

"What do you mean normally" Jessica said confused. Tessa's eyes opened a bit more and she rolled further onto her side.

"It's complicated Jessy, but lets just say this week has been as different for me as it has for you. I've loved every bit of it." Tessa said. Jessica grinned and leant in closer planting a kiss on the her lips.

"I can think of a way to make it even better" she said cocking her head and grinning. She slowly started kissing the woman's neck, the her side and as she worked further down Tessa gently roles over chucking.

"You really are insatiable aren't you" she sighed as Jessica reached her pussy.

"Ive got a lot of catching up to do in life, besides its good practice!" she said breaking off from her attentions momentarily.

Tessa groaned as Jessica focused her attentions in all the right places. "You don't need practice hun, your pretty fucking amazing at it already!" she said and before long Tessa was moaning in pleasure once more.

After a wonderful wake up Tessa grabbed her clothes and chuckled as she started getting dressed. "I'm glad I don't pay for my hotel room - I've not slept in it for two days now"

Jessica looked at her as if a light bulb had gone off. "Of course! Why don't you sleep here next week?" she grinned.

Tessa looked at her for a moment pondering the request. "What if I want to play with someone else?" she joked

"Your charm might not work on me every night you know!" she giggled.

Jessica got out of bed, completely naked and stood in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips. "You're telling me you are going to turn this down?" she joked holding her arms out. Tessa looked her up and down and shrugged.

"I could take it or leave it" she joked, Jessica squealed at her and threw a pillow in her direction.

"Leave me a card at the front desk" Tessa said chuckling "I'll see you Sunday evening but it might be late though, maybe even night time depending what flight I get."

Jessica chuckled "I'll be waiting, you know I will!"

The two woman kissed and hugged one last time, and as Tessa went to leave she gave Jessica a sharp slap on the bum, bringing a yelp from the naked woman.

"Ouch, that stung!" Jessica said.

"You know you love it, I know what sort of dirty books you read!" Tessa joked as she left the room.

Jessica was in the office just before 8 again, she knew that with Samantha out until Monday she could have gotten away with being late but there was a lot to get done.

At 08:05 the reception phone went off and Jessica picked up. "Ms Weston office, Jessica speaking how may I help" she said politely. Her face exploded into a grin as Samantha's voice sounded on the end of the line.

"Mistress!" she said in delight. "How can I help you?" she asked.

"It's odd Jessica, I've known you for what, less that a day in total yet after everything I find my mind wondering how you are doing" she chuckled. "trust everything is in order?"

They spent the next 30 minutes talking about various things, from Samantha's flight yesterday through to Jessica's choice of restaurant last night. Again Samantha pushed Jessica on the details of her friend, but Jessica just laughed it off.

"Right well I better be going, my meeting starts in ten minutes and I need to find a coffee shop!" Samantha giggled. "I'll see you Monday?" she said.

Jessica couldn't hide her disappointment. "I guess so Mistress, will you be calling agin?"

"I doubt it little one, but if you are lucky I'll bring you back a gift!" she chuckled. "Its Friday, don't work too late now will you!"

Checking her plan she picked up from where she left off the day before, and by mid afternoon she was finally satisfied that not only had she organised he office, but that the place was now actually clean. She turned her attentions to organising Samantha's PC, she had been given the username and password and Jessica immediately found a total mess of a filing system.

'This is going to take all weekend!' she thought and suddenly she had a thought. Phoning down to the front desk she enquired about weekend working and was relieved to find that the building pretty much had 24/7 open access. With nothing better to do Jessica figured she might as well keep herself busy with work.

For the next two hours she sorted files by type until she had a number of main folders to sort; word files, spreadsheets, presentations and most dauntingly of all were the audio files of note dictations. She had to spend an age remaining the word files as most had just been left with the generic 'doc1' name or similar. She purposefully left the audio dictations until last, they would most certainly be the most work.

Plugging in her headphones she opened up the first file and smiled as the voice of her Mistress sounded in her ears. She might not be directly talking to Jessica, but it was reassuring to hear her voice.

"Additional meeting notes from advertisement revenues - March 5th, 3pm. The fuck-wit in charge of tallying..." Jessica laughed as Samantha spent the next 5 minutes berating whoever was in the meeting. Jessica remembered seeing a scribbled page of notes from the same meeting and thanks to her filing system soon had it in front of her. Typing up both sets of notes into one file, she created a folder for meeting minutes and filed the combined file under advertisement review revenues.

She moved onto the next audio file, this too turned out to be more meeting minutes, this time at least the notes were one of the many word documents so it was a bit quicker to write up what was there. The next 8 files were meeting minutes lasting no longer than 5 minutes and Jessica was starting to get bored. Nevertheless, she just couldn't help but want to listen to more, she loved the sound of Samantha's voice.

As she was about to call it a day when she spotted a larger audio file and figured she might as well give one more go.

"Book 17 - Maddie's tale. Chapter...4. Let's see, where are we. Ah yes, Maddie's off to her sex therapist, and discovered her submissive side..."

Jessica perked up immediately, this wasn't a boring set of meeting minutes - its was part of a book Samantha was writing!

Jessica listened intently to the story of Maddie as it was dictated by Samantha. Every now and again Samantha would stop to correct her self but nonetheless Jessica was quickly fixated by the story.

Jessica found herself entranced by the sound of her Mistress reading this story, and soon couldn't help but lean back, her hands gently stroking the tops of her legs as she listened intently. Jessica could feel her body reacting to not only the story but the sound of Samantha's voice, she had a wonderful sexy and sultry tone.

It never occurred to her that there might be a security camera in the room, let alone did she contemplate the risk that Samantha might actually see the tape one day. As the story went on Jessica's hand slipped down the front of her skirt and parted her panties. It wasn't long until she was moaning and she was rubbing her wet pussy frantically as she listened.

Back in the story the main character Maddie was seeing her friend Bobbie who was a professional sex therapist. Bobbie had picked up on her submissive side and was making Maddie kneel on the floor as she quizzed her on her sex life. Jessica remembered back to her interview, the thought of being that close to Samantha's legs had made her aroused then and now with the help of the story she had put herself in the position of Maddie, with Samantha as Bobbie.

Jessica was so worked up it took very little time to push her over the edge and she moaned loudly as the orgasm hit her hard, the sound of Samantha in her ears describing how Bobbie forced Maddie to masturbate in front of her didn't stop as she blissfully slipped into a trance and allowed the euphoria to wash over her. As the chapter finished Jessica pulled her hand away and realised it was glistening wet. Standing up she could see the small wet patch of juices on her chair, and her panties were soaked at the front where she had cum.

Jessica had to restrain herself from searching for more story chapters. It was now getting late and she didn't fancy going back to the hotel in complete darkness, or in totally soaked panties for that matter.

Stopping at the Thai to grab take away Jessica was soon back in her room. She watched some random TV, before trying to get to bed early.

Not only was she was keen to find out more about Maddie's Tale, but she was desperate to hear more of her Mistress's voice. She drifted off to sleep fixated on her, wondering what she was up to. Was she really thinking of her? Lastly her mind wandered to Tessa, she looked forward to Sunday when she would return. Jessica was going to be extremely horny by then if she kept listening to Samantha's voice, and Tessa would be the one to benefit from it no doubt!

Jessica started off the next day with a run, longer than normal given it was the weekend. As she was getting dressed a really naughty though came into her head, and rather than slipping her skimpy panties on she stuffed them into her handbag giggling. 'They'll just get wet anyway when I listen to more dictations!' she thought.

Despite the long run Jessica was still in the office early considering it was the weekend to continue her 'filing,' she passed by the coffee shop to not only get a little early morning caffeine but to grab some sandwiches for later. She wanted to maximise her time in the office.

Even the meeting dictations because slightly erotic to Jessica as she continued to work through the endless list of audio files.

"Yes!" she shouted out loud as she came across another chapter of Maddie's tale, she felt a flush of arousal just at the mention of the title.

It was a later chapter and sure enough Jessica soon found her hand drifting down to her pussy once again. Pulling up her dress she hooked a leg over the arm of her chair to give herself best access.

Jessica tried to pace herself this time, and by the end of the chapter she was extremely worked up but hadn't quite done enough to bring herself to orgasm. The chapter had involved a lot bondage, Maddie had been tied up and teased to the edge of orgasm again and again by her Mistress. Finally she had been denied release whilst her Mistress used her for her own pleasure.

Jessica became slowly despondent as the list of remaining audio field grew shorter, and yet she hadn't stumbled upon any more chapters. Saturday night and Sunday morning followed the same routine as the day before, and once again Jessica found herself in the office early to finish everything up. Finishing all the audio files she grumpily sat back in her chair. After the third search of Samantha's PC she couldn't find anything more on Maddie's tale, so despondently she gave up and focused on the rest of the finishing touches to the office.

By late afternoon Jessica found herself really struggling, the long days were starting to catch up with her, all the typing and made her hands stiff and she had a headache coming from staring at the PC screen too much. With one final sweep of the office and reception she smiled to herself and locked up for the day.

On the way back tot he hotel Jessica got a message that made her feel a million times better. 'Back at hotel early wildcat - I'm waiting for you!' it read. Jessica squealed in excitement as she sped up.

She rushed through the hotel and up to her room, and as she entered she firstly noticed the extremely dim lighting, only two or three candles lit the whole room and the black out blinds shut out the bright daylight efficiently. She could just make out a figure on the bed, a figure that appeared to be bound to each corner of the four posts.

"Tessa?" Jessica said smiling. "Did you tie yourself..." Jessica hesitated as her eyes grew accustomed to the light. Something was seriously not right, Tessa was thrashing against her bonds and they were done up so tight she could barely move.

There was a muffled scream and the last two things Jessica remembered was firstly the overpowering smell of chemicals that surged into her lungs as something was clamped over her mouth, the second was the shear look of absolute terror in Tessa's eyes as she watched what ever was going on. Jessica passed out in seconds as the chloroform overpowered her.

Jessica stirred, but to her horror found that she couldn't move her arms at all. They had been painfully tied up behind her back in what she knew to be a reverse prayer position. Her shoulders, as she came to her senses, screamed in pain not being warmed up to the position but as she tried to cry out in pain she became away of the large ball stuffed and secured in her mouth.

At first she thought all the candles had been blown out as all she could see was blackness, but then she became aware of the thick hood that must have encased her head. Her legs had been strapped wide apart against what she slowly figured must have been the back of the small sofa in the room.

Struggling against her bonds she started making out noises from within the room that made her freeze in terror. There were two clear nosies, on from a man, the other a woman. The woman, which Jessica knew to be Tessa was emitting a sound that could only be described as a mix of sobbing, screaming and begging. The man for his part was continuously grunting.

Jessica sobbed loudly as fear overwhelmed her, and she just made out the man give one huge grunt before silence filled the room for a few minutes, even Tessa had stopped. Jessica tried to listen intently, but the silence only added to her fear.

She jumped in terror as someone roughly fondled her arse, the large course hands cared little for her pain as it kneaded her arse cheeks.

"Hey Wildcat, bet you wish it was just a drink now don't you" the man's voice said. Jessica screamed into her gag at the realisation that her captor was the drunken pig from the bar the other night. She started trashing and sobbing but the bondage was just to tight.

"Guess your lesbo girlfriend was planning quite an evening tonight, she's gotta lot of sex toys here" he said as Jessica felt the man rip her knickers off roughly. She sobbed as he stroked a finger up her pussy, she had been so sure she was returning to Tessa combined with her day of listening to her Mistress that her pussy was still wet.

"I've been having some fun with your girlfriend but she gave out already. I guess we'll have to see how long you last won't we. I've taken plenty of blue pills bitch, I'm game for this all night" he snarled as Jessica felt him stand directly behind her. She knew what was about to happen, and closed her eyes bracing herself for the approaching rape that she was helpless to stop.

Only it didn't happen. Jessica heard a loud thud followed by something very heavy landing on the floor.

"You fucking arse hole, you dare touch MY girl?" Jessica could hear a woman scream from behind her. Jessica let out a huge sob of relief as she felt the restraints being undone and the hood and gag removed. She broke down in uncontrollable sobbing at the site of Samantha, not even questioning why she was there.

"Y-y-y-you saved me!" Jessica sobbed hysterically. "You saved me Mistress" Jessica fell apart right there, and safe in the arms of her Mistress she sobbed uncontrollably. It took a while before Jessica even registered that they were not along in the room, there were a large number of people now and the curtains had been opened. Jessica suddenly remembered Tessa, but Samantha held her tight, she hadn't let go since coming in.

"It's ok, it's OK" she said in a soothing but firm tone. "The paramedics are seeing to her. Right now you need to stay here, in my arms" Samantha said.

Jessica didn't question the order, she simply complied. She spent an again the arms of Samantha, until finally Samantha felt sure she had calmed down enough to pick her up onto a medical bed. Jessica never let go of Samantha's hand but when she stood up she saw the bed in the centre of the room.

What had been a place for love and pleasure just two days before had been turned into a scenic from a horror film. Jessica could make out the chains and cuffs that had been used to restrain Tessa, they had been cut clean through by the emergency services in an effort to free Tessa but thats not what bothered Jessica.

The mattress itself was simply covered in blood, there was just so much of it. Jessica froze at the sight, and promptly passed out in Samantha's arms.

When she woke she figured pretty quickly she was in a hospital, and slumbering beside her in the chair was Samantha.

"Mistress?" She murmured, to which the sleeping woman stirred.

"Oh thank goodness" Samantha said waking up. " You had me so worried" she said grabbing her hand and kissing it. "I thought I was going to have to look for a PA again!" She joked.

Jessica part sobbed part laughed at Samantha's joke. There was a long pause before she finally spoke up "how is she?" She simply asked,

"Tessa? She's in surgery now, pretty banged up but the doctors think she will make a full recovery. We can get an update if you like." Samantha said. Jessica sobbed a little and nodded her head.

"The police will want to ask you questions you realise? When your up for it that is. They have the pig, and enough evidence to put him away for a long long time, but they will need your statement."

Jessica sat in silence clearly wondering herself what happened for a while. Finally she turned to Samantha.

"Why were you there Mistress?" She said wondering.

"Well, I ummmm." She hesitated and started chuckling. "Truth is I missed you Jessica, and couldn't wait until tomorrow. I knew you'd be with Tessa you see, so I wanted to come talk to you, maybe have a drink..." She trailed off.

"Hang on, how did you know I'd be with Tessa?" Jessica said questioningly. Suddenly Jessica was realising that she maybe hadn't met Tessa just by chance.

"Ummm, well I guess I needed to come clean eventually." She said taking a deep breath. "Jessica, Tessa and I know each other, in fact we know each other quite well. I asked her to befriend you, make you feel..."

"Make me feel what?" Jessica interrupted in a flash of anger. "Mislead, betrayed, used?"

"Nnnoo" Samantha pleaded quickly "please understand, I wanted you to feel happy, you know settle in. I didn't want to loose you."

"So you made someone act like they liked me, befriend me, sleep with me?" She said, the her voice filled with self contempt in the last part. She had always assumed Tessa wanted her, now she felt like Tessa had merely been told to do it.

Samantha shook her head. "The first part yes, I asked her to make friends with you. She was here anyway on business this week, and I figured you two would have something things in common." Jessica turned away as Samantha continued.

"She decided on the rest, she didn't pretend to have feelings for you, she didn't fake wanting to sleep with you Jessica. Please don't take what she did the wrong way."

Jessica sat there staring at the opposite wall. A tear trickled down her check as she thought about all the times she and Tessa had played about over the past few days giggling, kissing...love making.

"Tessa really does like you Jessica, we ... all do. None of it was fake apart from that first meeting. I promise." Samantha said taking Jessica's hand. Jessica tried to pull it away but Samantha held firm and sat on the end of the bed.

"Look at me" she said. When Jessica didn't turn she raised her voice slightly, this was a key moment and Samantha knew it. "Look at me young lady!" she said sternly. Jessica looked, tears streamed down her checks.

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