tagLoving WivesThe Move

The Move

byLady Lay©

Anne slid her fingers over the freshly painted walls marveling at the different textures as she walked through their new home. Admiring the scene of fresh spring blossoms from the new bay window, she then walked out onto their new terrace and stared across the huge back yard. She turned to John and nestled her body in his arms.

"Thank you Baby." she whispered curling her shoulders back against his chest.

"I can't believe we're actually here." His hands traced down her arms as he laced her fingers with his own then looked down at her with his contagious grin. Placing his head on top of hers, he squeezed her close and wrapped his arms around her small frame.

"I'm thinking Lavender, Crocus, and Blue Bells around the terrace and Roses along the fence." She pointed at each section of the yard as she shared her vision with John.

"I'm thinking a sandbox and a swing set, maybe a tree house in the middle of that old oak." John smiled back at her. "But, for the moment, I also thought we might get some old used brick from a house one of the guys at work was renovating and build a nice brick fire pit."

"Do you know how to lay brick?" Surprised, she turned with a curious look on her face.

"I think so!" He laughed and playfully pinched her butt as he replied with a devilish smile, "I can lay anything, including bricks, pipes, and..." leaning over to kiss her, "you!"

Laughing as they reentered the house, they could both see that they still had a great deal of work ahead of them. Boxes needed unpacked, furniture, end tables, and bookcases sat jam-packed up against each other. Their queen bed leaned at an angle against a wall in their new bedroom; jumbles of unopened, labeled boxes were stacked throughout the house. Escrow had closed that morning. Even though they had moved most of their belongings from their old apartment to their new home, they were worn-out and ready to take a well-deserved break.

"I'm too exhausted to do any more, what say we clean up, get in the shower, and call it a night?" John moved towards the stairs.

"Definitely, nothing sounds better, hang on; we need to cover these." Anne pointed at the bare windows.

"Want some help?"

"No, go ahead; I have to find something to cover them with." Trying to think of what she might use Anne laughed as she looked around.

"I'm starving! What would you like for dinner?" She shouted up the stairs, "I was thinking Pizza...delivered."

"Sounds good by me, I don't want to cook, I'm sure you don't either." John yelled back down as he slipped into the bathroom.

"Ok, pizza it is!" Anne reached for the phone book and ordered.


Anne began to rummage through the boxes, continuing until she found the one box, the one, which she had written the word sheets on the outside with a black magic marker. Unpacking a mixed assortment of different printed pastels and solids, she stood on her stool awkwardly arranging the large wrinkled pieces of fabric over each curtain rod. She managed to keep her balance as she pulled the linen over the rods; pleased that the doubled fabric cloaked the windows enough to block the neighbor's view.

"Well, it doesn't look the best but it'll have to do for tonight," she thought to herself. With her hands on her hips, she stood back and admired her work. The water splattering against the shower walls echoed down the stairs as she returned to the kitchen. She rummaged through a few more boxes and found some paper plates that she placed on the counter. Next, she unpacked the box that held the coffee pot and sat it next to the refrigerator.

"Now where did I pack the coffee and filters?" She muttered to herself as she opened more boxes. A pack of playing cards fell on the floor. Surprised to see them she tossed them on the counter and continued her search. The smell of fresh brewed hazelnut soon percolated through the house.

John finished his shower then stood in front of the new porcelain double sinks wiping at the fogged up glass with his hand so he could see his reflection. "Not bad," he thought as he brushed the back of his hand across the prickly shadow on his chin. Reaching for his razor, which had fallen to the bottom of the gym bag Anne had packed with both his shaving gear and her unlimited supply of cosmetics, he wrestled through the bag until he found a can of shaving cream, a razor, and some cologne. Soon his face was as smooth as a baby's bottom; he splashed some cologne around his neck, down his chest and down between his thighs brushing his proud package with the light citric fragrance. After he brushed his teeth, he headed back down the stairs.

Wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist, he moved up behind Anne. It always surprised him how his hands could wrap around her small waist, his fingers almost touching. He kissed her on the neck biting down on the sensitive skin.

"You smell delicious," she squirmed as his bite on her neck sent a shiver down her spine. "Feel better?"

"Much better," he said as he laid a playful swat on her behind. "No pizza yet?" he asked as he reached for a pop in the refrigerator.

"Not yet, they said it would take up to forty-five minutes, you might want to get rid of that towel and slip something on before the delivery boy gets here." She smiled at him as she leaned over, moved her hand up underneath the towel, and gave an unmistakable bulge that appeared beneath the towel a playful squeeze. "So what's this?" She lightheartedly asked as her hand began to move up and down his stomach then further down encircling the hefty bulge. Moving even closer so the swollen lengthening knob would press against her stomach, she looked up into his eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"As much as I want to play I have to get in the shower. I won't be long but if you don't hear from me in an hour or so send out the rescue team, I've probably fallen asleep in the tub!" Anne told him with a grin on her face as she released him from her grip. She went upstairs and turned the water on in the tub. A light fragrance of spring flowers filled the bathroom as the water splashed against itself creating a tub full of bubbles. Getting undressed she flaunted in front of the full-length mirror inspecting her reflection. Kneading her aching sensitive breasts until they began to tighten and thrust forward she then let her hands glide down the curve of her hips. Pleased with what she saw she selected a hair clasp from the basket on the sink, pulled, and twisted her hair creating a frizzy knot on top of her head. Her tired body slid down into the hot steamy bath. Submerged to her chin she laid back stretching out her long legs until her toes touched the other end of the tub. She shut the water off with her big toe, and closed her eyes.

John had found and put on the baggy sweats that Anne had laid out for him on top of one of the boxes in the hall. Looking around to see where he might set up the TV, he restacked a few boxes against one wall. Then he picked up the television and centered it on the boxes; soon he had cable wires connected to the back of the set that criss-crossed in a tangled mess across the carpet and into the cable jacks on the other side of the room.

"I'm glad those cable guys were able to get over here last week when we called or we'd have no reception at all!" he mumbled to himself as he hooked up the VCR. The television was set up and running by the time the pizza arrived. He gave the delivery boy a tip, closed the door with the back of his heel, and took the pizza to the kitchen. Moving the pack of cards across the counter with his elbow, he placed a few pieces of pizza on a paper plate then sat at the kitchen table. "Almost time for the game," John said aloud as he glanced at his watch. He took the plate into the living room and sat on the floor in front of the television with the remote in his hand, switching from one channel to another.

Anne rubbed the fragrant soap into a rich lather on her washcloth, ran it over her body then took her razor and removed the velvety curls between her legs. Running her fingers over the silky smooth skin, she rinsed off and lay in the tub until the water started to cool. She enjoyed the feel of her shaved pussy almost as much as John did. After toweling off, she hiked up one foot on the edge of the tub and applied some sweet flowery lotion to the satiny soft flesh between her thighs. The warm, damp entrance between her legs sucked at her fingers as she made lazy circles with her palm, then she poured more scented lotion in her hands, and rubbed the lotion onto her breasts and down her stomach. With a fresh towel wrapped snug around her hair and another wrapped around her body, she brushed her teeth then went downstairs. Grabbing a couple of pieces of pizza as she walked through the kitchen, she continued into the living room and curled up beside John on the floor as he watched the game.

With his pizza in one hand and his eyes glued to the television his other hand playfully crawled up Anne's thigh.

She spread her legs out of habit, which allowed him to move his hand up higher until she felt him touch her mound. "I love it when you shave your pussy; it's so soft and kissable." His thumb gently rolled over the slick little button, and then he leaned down and slightly pressed his tongue against it.

Anne's body shivered from the touch of his tongue as she took another bite of her pizza.

John's hand moved up to her breast and cupped it, twisting the tight little nub gently as he kissed her, then he turned back to the television and took another bite of his pizza.

Once Anne had finished the two slices on her plate she went back into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee, she pulled the towel up under her arms and reached for the deck of cards. Opening the pack, she shuffled the cards then put them back in the small cardboard box and laid them back on the counter. She took her coffee with her as she went upstairs to the bedroom to find some clean clothes. Her eyes twinkled as she laid out a set of black lingerie. The black under wire bra held her breasts high adding cleavage; the panties covered the front of her but left her sculptured behind bare, the thong disappeared between her cheeks and widened into a triangle as it connected to the elastic around her hips. She put on a short black spaghetti strap tank top then slipped into a pair of jogging pants tying the waist string so they lay on her hips just below her belly button.

When Anne returned to the living room, she pulled out the full bed size air mattress they used for guests, attached the electric pump, and sat back as the mattress filled with air.

John continued to watch the game.

After the mattress was inflated, she stood it on end and pushed it in-between him and the screen, a failed attempt on her part to block his line of vision. His eyes never left the set as he helped her lay the mattress on the floor, then she watched as he set himself on top of it and propped a few pillows behind his back. Anne rolled her eyes at him then went back to the kitchen and poured herself another cup of coffee. Again, she pulled the deck of cards out of their pack and shuffled them. With the cards in one hand and her cup in the other, she went back to the living room and set the steaming cup on a box. She lay down on her back beside John and propped her feet up beside his head. Wiggling her toes slowly up inside his shirt, she rubbed her foot against his chest pinching his hardened nubs with her toes.

He grabbed her foot and squeezed it, kissing the appendage as he rolled it in his hand. When the game went to commercial break, he lunged down on top of her, raised her shirt above her breasts then untied her sweats pulling them down below her hips, and started tickling her.

Anne squealed with laughter as she hugged her knees to her chest trying to protect herself, she grabbed his hair and pulled his mouth down on hers. John's face split into a wide grin as his tongue wrestled with hers. Once the commercial ended he put his finger up against his mouth giving her the Shhh' sign, turned back onto his stomach and rested his weight on his elbows as the television once again captured his attention. Anne rolled over onto her stomach, pouting while resting her chin in the palm of her hand. He stared at her and burst out laughing.

"It's almost over, a few minutes more and I'm all yours." Saying this, he reached inside her sweats, squeezed and kneaded her bare butt, with his eyes glued the screen. The round firm curve fit his palm as though he had sculpted it with his own hand.

She dealt the cards out in front of herself on the floor, laid the queens on top of the kings, and the tens on top of the jacks. Then reshuffled and started all over again. She rolled over onto her back and fanned the cards out.

"Strip poker, you game?"

"What does the winner get?" John's eyebrows arched mischievously.

"Whatever the winner wants, you game?" She grinned back at him, meeting his eyes, rewarding him with a sly smile of her own.

"You know what I want!" His irresistible grin spread across his face as he looked down at her and pinched her breast.

"You haven't won yet!" She teased as she brushed his hand away then sat up Indian style with her legs crossed in front of her.

John sat up, crossed his legs in the same fashion, and turned off the television. Nothing could make John turn off the last few minutes of a game that included his favorite team except a good challenge, and this was definitely just that. Taking the cards, he shuffled and dealt out one at a time until both of them held five cards in their hands.

"I'll take three," Anne said, and added "Damn," as she tossed three of the cards from her hand to the center of the mattress.

John held the cards close to his chest as he passed the top three cards from the deck to Anne.

"So, how many for you?" Anne asked.

"I think I'll keep what I've got." John said, and added "Anything I want huh?" as his hand squeezed her ankle kneading his thumb against the arch of her foot.

Anne rearranged the cards in her hand and put down three queens.

John laid out a ten high straight on the mattress, and then grinned at Anne, "Take it off, Baby!" Then he added with a grin, "Oops, I mean, I am so sorry." He exaggerated the word sorry as he watched her put her cards down.

"I'll bet," she said as she stood up and removed her tank top. Her breasts pushed at the confines of her bra, the nipples were enlarged and hard as she resumed her position opposite him on the mattress. Anne dealt and looked at John; she rearranged her cards then peeked up at him through her long eyelashes.

John's eyes lingered on her breasts, his concentration gone. He loved her breasts, the way they looked, full, and soft, over the top of her bra. Her breasts had always mesmerized him, the silky soft swell as they thrust forward against her bra.

"John...hello...earth to John... Are you going to look at your cards?" she asked.

He blinked, bringing himself back to reality. "Yes...sure...the cards." As he fanned them out in his hand, he tossed two queens and a king on the mattress. "I'll take three." When he opened his hand again, he saw that he now held a full house...aces and eights.

"I'm keeping mine." Anne called and announced that she held two pair as she laid down four jacks.

John grinned at her naïve statement, stood up, and unzipped his pants. Fumbling for a foothold, his foot slipped toward the edge of the mattress, he lost his balance and fell hitting the floor with a thud.

"John, are you alright?" A concerned look crossed Anne's face as she leaned over him.

Lying underneath her on the floor his hands crept up her slender waist and surrounded both breasts, slowly he rubbed her nipples with the pads of his thumbs.

"You poor thing," she giggled as she leaned over to kiss him.

Using Anne's body to his advantage, he struggled to stand and regain his balance on the wobbly mattress. He could smell every part of her as he groped to hang onto her legs, then her hips as he climbed her like a rock climber climbing the face of a cliff. Once on his feet he pulled her close and kissed her, but as their tongues met, both lost their balance and fell back down on the mattress.

Bursting into fits of laughter, they continued to grip each other and rolled onto the carpet. John felt her nipples as they pushed and strained against his skin. His hand moved between her thighs and he slipped a finger into the wet warmth. With a quick, shallow breath, she closed her eyes and parted her legs. He maneuvered over her as he attempted to remove his boxers. Her fingers tangled in his hair as she pulled him closer. He moved down and dove in-between her legs as he kissed the inside of her thighs.

"Oh yes," he grinned as he maneuvered his hands between her legs. "I love these legs." John let his tongue guide his fingers along the firm softness of her thighs. "Their so silky, so smooth, I love it when my hands are here...and here...and here." He teased.

She could feel his hot breath move closer to her thong as he gently spoke to her, his voice low, earthy, and sure.

"You feel warm, so warm." He said as she groaned and held her breath. "Let's move this to one side." He said as his thumb pulled the small damp piece of panty out of the way.

Anne loved the way John talked to her when they had sex, as though he were charting his way over, under, around, and through her body, like a navigator plotting each course. A feeling of cool crisp air hit her soft flesh as his fingers held the material back. "Much better, you smell like fragrant flowers, my tongue wants to lick and taste every inch of you." He moved his head between her legs. "This is so good, my dick is throbbing, and I want you so much." His tongue continued to move in between her lips, searching, probing. "A nibble here...and here..." His breathing ragged as he heard her moan. "I love this button." His tongue slide up and swirled around the tiny organ while his thumb slipped up and down the sensitive small arousal. Again, she moaned, but this time louder as her hips pushed up against his mouth.

"So hard, my lips want to suck on it, to tease it." His mouth and tongue continued to suck and massage her sweet warmth; a smile grew on his face as her hips began to move in rhythm, up and down against him, her moans becoming more and more intense. "Ah, Yes!" He stuck his tongue out, hardened it into a spear, and entered her, while using his hands to hold back the pink lips. His hips moved back and forth on the carpet, he could feel the hard pulse of his arousal continuing to grow as it rubbed against the floor.

"I can taste you, you are so hot." His heavy hot breath blew against her opening. "I love to make you squirm." He kissed back down the inside of her thighs. "You love it, you know you do, this beautiful little body of yours is quivering, twitching each time I move my tongue."

He breathed in the flowery fragrance of the lotion, felt her hands grip his head each time her hips rose. He could hear her slow deep breaths; her moans and desires that escaped her lips, he wanted to get deeper and deeper inside her. Her encouragement inflamed his senses as he pulled her drenched thong down and exposed a pussy that glistened and begged for his tongue. He dove back in again, flicking his tongue across her slick wet heat. His wet lips began to glide up and down as he playfully tickled her with his tongue. Loving sounds reverberated through her soft gasps. Her unique body language told him to go deeper and faster. He leaned forward on his knees and bit the tight, hard nubs of her breasts passionately, then settled his entire weight over her writhing body.

They kissed. His tongue circled, danced, and curled inside her mouth sending the pit of her stomach into a wild swirl. The caress of his lips on her mouth and the sweeping motion of his hand as it moved recklessly along her body set her aflame. She thrust her hips upward aligning his male member in the warm, moist folds. Her nails raked across his back, she could feel his erection grow as she dug into his skin.

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