The Mystery Woman


I pulled back when she asked me “so does it taste good? You don’t even remember how it tasted the last time, but you used to suck really hard even then.” I remembered that this was my mother’s breast that I was feasting upon, and without speaking a word I went back to sucking again. I moved to her other breasts and paid the same kind of attention to it as she continued to moan with pleasure and run her finger through my hair, sometimes pushing it slightly into her breasts, when I buried my face into them. I didn’t know when or how to stop.

But I stopped and moved up to kiss her and hugged her tight. When I pulled back I said, “ Mom I love you so much.” “I love you too son, you know that. But I didn’t get my answer yet. Besides would you mind getting my clothes for me now?”

I pondered for a brief moment and decided to push my luck. “Okay I need to see some more before that” I said as I moved towards her legs my eyes stuck to the mystery triangle in between them. “Owe come on now what? Haven’t you seen enough of me by now?” she said. She had her legs stretched straight together. “Just little bit of everything that you had hidden from me all these years” I put my hands on her silky thighs and she immediately tried to pull back, “No Leo we mustn’t do any of these sort of things, its wrong, I am your mother.” I said “I am not doing anything wrong ma, just want to take a look at you, now what’s wrong with that?” I tried to part her thighs but she wouldn’t let me, I said “promise mom, I won’t do any thing wrong” and looked at her pleadingly. She has a resigned look on her face. Then she did it, she slowly parted her legs slightly to give me a brief view, but that wasn’t enough for me. I pulled her knees apart as far as I could force them, she gave up with little resistance at first, and the mystery was all solved in front of me as her cute pie pussy came into view and the lips were parted slightly revealing a bit of pink. Her clit protruded like a cherry. She had hairs just on the top of her slit and a good bunch of them too. Her pussy was naturally bald otherwise. I kept staring at the flowery mystery in front of me. I glanced up to look at her face, she had her eyes closed. I knew this was the best opportunity I had. I started caressing the insides of her thigh slowly moving up towards my destination. She spread them wider as I neared the folds at the end of her thighs, I slowed down and pulled the skin apart making her pussy lips to spread wider revealing more of the inside. I suddenly realized that her inside was much wetter than I had expected. I began to run the area around the pussy without touching it directly and slowly moved towards the center. She was turned on no doubt but her juices were already flowing with anticipation. I was now rubbing the softest part just outside the lips, pulling them apart and pushing them against her clit every now and then. Then I lightly ran a finger along the slit starting from the base and till touch her clit.

She shook a little bit and began to moan. I had to dive in now, I glanced up to make sure that her eyes were still closed. I bent down as I spread those lips and brought my tongue closer. I started at the base of her slit just as I had done with my finger, but this time I put my tongue inside her wet slit and got the first taste of her juice. If there is something greater than heaven, well I was there already. I moved licked my way up all along her inside and finally sucked on her clit. She shook violently and I realized that she was having an orgasm. I was giving my dear mother a well-deserved orgasm. I started licking all over her pussy now, pressed my nose into it. Then I figured out where her love tunnel was. I tongued it for a while as she writhed under my torture. She was trying to say no at times but I wasn’t paying any attention, I pulled my shorts down with one hand and grabbed my monster. She was crying out my name, gasping out loud every now and then as I put a finger inside her and tried to feel her inside all around she came one more time. I decided enough was enough and positioned myself between her legs moved up and started to kiss and suck on her breasts, she tried to push my head down back to her pussy until she realized that my cock was already pushing against her entrance. “No Leo you promised!“ She managed to say. But I had already started rubbing my cock on her pussy and she went crazy as she wrapped her legs around me. My cock did not need any guidance it found its own way as I pushed. The head went in slightly first and then I ploughed full force until I reached the hilt. She screamed out loud for the first time. I kissed her, muffling her scream and sucked on her tongue as I pulled back and drove home again. She gasped again. Then I went on forever. Her pussy was tight and I pulled back completely each time till I felt the rim of her entrance on my head before I drove in again. The sound of my cock slipping in and out her cunt was unbelievable. Sometimes I would keep it inside her and rotate it slowly. She came a couple of times when I did that and finally it was my turn and I had to blow a load inside her. Every drop of my cum went inside her and I stayed inside her for a while even after I came. As it softened it came out of her pussy all sticky and wet.

Okay its time to end my story here. We had continued a relationship on the same line as I had have narrated above. Needless to say that I loved my mom more than ever before and decided to join a college in the neighbourhood.

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