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With the down turn in the economy, Susan's husband of four years lost his job. They lived in a small modest house and with Susan's income and Bill's unemployment checks; the couple was able to stay above water. After a month or so, Susan began to notice a changed in Bill's behavior. One day while at work, she called her mom to discuss her concerns.

"Do you think he's cheating on you?" Martha asked of her daughter.

"No mom. I'm not sure what's going on and I can't check on him all day long." Susan replied.

"Why not get a nanny cam to see what he's doing while you are at work. They make wireless ones that store the video on the web and you can see it real time or look at it later."

"That's a good idea. I'll pick one up one the way home. Thanks for your help mom."

"Anytime, and let me know if you need anything else." Margaret said before saying goodbye.

After work, Susan stopped at a local electronics shop and bought a discreet wireless cam and headed home. When she arrived home, Bill was doing yard work out in the back. Susan took advantage of this to put the cam on a book shelf which would show the entire family room. She logged onto a secure website to activate it. Once it was activated and she was good with the view of the room, she logged off and went back to the kitchen to start dinner while Bill finished up working in the yard.

During the following week she notice Bill was acting like he had something to hide and when she asked if there was anything wrong, he would just say that everything was fine. She called her mom at work and asked if she could come over and talk about Bill acting weird. Margaret asked if she had viewed the cam yet and Susan had told her no. Susan made planes to see her mom that Thursday for dinner.

Susan arrived at her mom's house at planned. Margaret fixed Susan's favorite dinner and as they ate, Margaret asked her about Bill.

"I don't know what's going on. They are no unaccounted for funds and he seems to be home most of the day."

"If you don't mind me asking, how's your sex life."

"Ok I guess. Since he lost him job his interest has waned a bit."

"I guess that is natural to some extent. With him being out of work and not being able to provide could affect it." Margaret added.

"I suppose so." Susan replied.

After dinner was finished and the dishes were cleared off, Margaret fetched her laptop and put in on the kitchen table.

"You might as well log in and see what's been going on if anything. Might as well find out now if anything is a miss." Margaret prodded her.

"Yeah, you are right again mom." Susan replied with a sigh.

Susan logged on to the site that stored the video feed and started to watch the footage. She fast forwarded the feed until she saw Bill return to the room with a man who appeared to be around 60.

"Who is that?" Margaret asked.

"I have no idea." Susan replied.

As they continued to watch, Bill sat on the couch as the man stood in front of him. It was not long before Bill undid his pants, pulled them down and was inches away for a semi erect uncut thick cock.

Susan watched in panic as Bill opened his mouth and began to suck the man's thick cock.

"Oh God!" Susan screamed.

"My husband is a fucking cock sucking faggot." She yelled.

"Oh my!" Her mom replied.

Susan watched as Bill sucked his big fat cock till he came in his mouth.

"My God, did you see the size of that cock your hubby sucked? I bet that guy had at least a good eight inches of cock meat." Margaret exclaimed.

"Mom!" Susan cried.

"It's ok baby." Margaret told Susan as she hugged her.

"Is Bill that big?" She asked Susan.

"Not even close." Susan replied.

The watched more of the video only to see older men come over to have Bill suck off their big uncut cocks. Susan was trying to digest this all until a one man came over and had Bill bent over and she watched as Bill took his big cock up his ass.

"Jesus, he's taking cock up his ass." Susan cried.

"Well honey, now you know that your hubby is a cock whore. You can divorce his lousy ass or you can do something else?" Margaret told her.

"What do you mean something else?" Susan asked.

"You could cuck the little faggot." Margaret replied.

"Cuck?" Susan asked with a puzzled look.

"It's short for cuckold. You put his little dick in a chastity tube, you can fuck all the men you want that are hung and make him clean up their messes. Hell you can watch him suck their cocks clean afterwards. Maybe put him in panties to make him a proper sissy boy."

"Huh." Was all Susan could say.

"You have a choice baby. If it were me, I would cuck his faggot ass and started screwing nice hung men and make him stay home and keep the house clean and ready for your Bull to cover over and watch him suffer." Margaret told her.

"So how do you know about his mom?"

"Well shorty after you were born, your late father had an accident and was unable get a hard on. So I cucked him and he was that way till he passed a few years before you graduated college."

"Did he um..."

"Yes baby, your Daddy sucked cock, licked the cum from my pussy and ass and would take it up the ass from time to time. I'm not sure who enjoyed more, me or him." Margaret said with a laugh.

Susan sat for a few minutes trying to digest all of this before asking he mom. "Will you help me cuck him?"

"Honey, I would love to help you cuck him." Margaret replied with a snicker.

Susan and her mom spent the rest of the evening putting a plan together. When the details were worked out, Susan left her mom's house and headed home. On the way home she realized that this whole matter of cucking her husband was starting to arouse her.

When she arrived home, Bill was watching a movie in the family room. He asked her how her mom was. She told him that her mom was fine and that she was going up stairs to take a shower and would be back in a few.

Susan went upstairs to the master bath and started the water for her shower. As the water ran, she undressed and took a good look at herself in the mirror. She admired her petite frame and her 34B boobs. At the age of 25, her boobs still looked like those of a teenager. Looking down she saw the hair that covering her pussy and decided that she was going to shave it bald. She reached into a drawer and took out a pair of small scissors and cut back as much of her brown pubic hair as possible. After removing as much as she could, she entered the shower, removed the rest with a few razors and then finished her shower. After drying off, she looked at her bald pussy in the mirror and liked how it looked. She thought of the men who would love to touch and kiss her all over. She wondered what it would feel like to have a nice big fat cock inside her tight pussy and maybe up her ass. Sliding a finger inside feeling how wet she was. She decided tonight was going to be the last night Bill was going to be able to put his dick in her for some time.

After gathering her composure, she put on a short silky robe that barely covered her ass. Walking back downstairs, the felt the air on her pussy for the first time and enjoyed the feeling. She reached the edge of the family room and stood in the door frame and looked at Bill.

"I have something to show you Bill." she called out to him.

"You do?" replied with a grin.

"Oh yeah baby." She replied as she reached down and opened her robe to show him her bald pussy.

"Damn baby." He called back.

"Do you like my bald pussy baby? It that dick of yours getting hard for me? She asked as she walked over to him.

"Oh yes." He replied as we watched her walking towards him.

Susan knelt in front of Bill and opened his pants and pulled them down to his knees. She slowly ran her fingers on the outside of his underwear tracing the outline of his dick.

"I see someone's dick is all nice and hard. Did I make your dick hard baby? She cooed.

"Oh yeah baby, you made it really nice and hard." He moaned back.

"Good baby. I'm going to suck that dick of yours and then I'm going to ride it until your squirt all of that boy cum in my bald pussy." She said in a teasing way.

Susan pulled down his under wear and grabbed his 5 inch dick. She pretended to be excited about sucking his cock and fucking him, but the fact this was going to be the last time he would be inside her for a long time to come excited her the most.

Susan began to suck and tease his dick. As she took in all it, she could feel it pulsating in her mouth. She looked at him and she sucked his cock for the last time.

"Don't you dare cum yet! I want that boy cum inside my pussy." She warned him.

She grabbed his dick a few times and then got up and straddled him. She pushed her pussy back and forth rubbing his dick with her wet lips.

"Oh baby, you got my pussy so wet. Do you want me to put your dick in my bald pussy baby? Do you want me to ride that hard dick and milk that boy cum from your balls? She said teasing him even more.

"Oh yeah baby, I want that bald pussy so bad right now." He moaned.

"Good baby." She said as she grabbed his dick, pointed it up and slowly slid her bald wet pussy down the shaft of his dick.

As soon as he was inside her, his dick throbbed and Billy blew his load.

"Are you fucking kidding me? You fucking came already. Jesus Christ Billy, what's the fuck is wrong with you. I wanted to give you a nice hard fuck and you've already blown your boy load in me. You selfish bastard!" She yelled at him.

She got off of him said. "Get your fucking ass upstairs in the bed. You still have to make me cum and since your dick is limp, you're going to lick my pussy till I come all over your face."

"But your pussy has my cum in it." He told her.

"I don't fucking care Billy. You're the one who came like a little boy. Now get your ass upstairs now, or you'll never fuck me again." She yelled.

Billy shaken by the event did what he was told.

Susan smiled as she watched his remove the rest of his clothes and headed upstairs. She was somewhat surprised at how easy he did what he was told. She waited a few minutes until she headed upstairs.

She walked into the bedroom and say Billy on the bed.

"Lay down Billy. I'm going to put my cum filled nice bald pussy on your mouth and you are going to lick and suck my pussy baby till I come and I don't care that you're going to taste your boy cum." She told him.

Billy did as he was told, and Susan straddled his face and slowly lowered her cum dripping pussy on his face. As she ground her pussy on his face, she noticed his dick was starting to get hard again.

"That's it Billy, lick my pussy really good. I want you to make to cum really really hard all over your face. You must like it Billy, cause I see your dick is getting hard again." She told him.

Billy's tongue was buried inside her tight cum filled pussy and licked and sucked all the cum from her. As he licked and sucked her pussy, Susan thought of him sucking that big uncut cock and before long, she came hard on his face and flooded his mouth and face with her cum,

"OH fuck baby that was the best pussy licking ever. You really know how to use your tongue and mouth baby." She said in a rapid breath.

Susan then got up off him, told him not to wash his face or brush his teeth and she headed downstairs. She went into the kitchen, called him mom and told her what happened. Susan heard her mom laughing. Tomorrow they would go shopping after Susan was done working and both would spend Friday night cucking Bill.

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