tagMatureThe Neighbor Lady Ch. 01

The Neighbor Lady Ch. 01


(This is part two of several episodes. I never expected to be published in the first place, but now with all the feedback I will attempt to listen to your comments and continue to write. Thank you!)


Kathy dials her friend, Debbie and they discuss the happenings of late and Debbie is thrilled to be asked to help. They plan to get together in a couple days and she will have her over after lunch so she can mesmerize him with her breasts and body. Kathy wants to make sure that Debbie understands that he is all hers and she can't take him away. She wants her to put on a sex show for him that will have his cock hard for days but she also wants her to come over wearing nothing that gives her body away. When you change for the pool is when we want to see that fantastic body for the first time and Debbie tells her not to worry because she knows how to hide what she has until the proper time. The plan is set and the girls continue to talk into the night, planning a day for Tim never to forget.

When Tim gets to the house in the morning he is very sluggish. She is already out back hammering away.

"Tim what's wrong? Did you have trouble sleeping after what happened yesterday?"

"Kathy, I am so tired. You must have tried to kill me yesterday, but had I died, it would have been worth it."

"I want all this work done today so lets' forget all the sex for one day, just to keep you alive."

The work gets done and by early afternoon he is on his way home for some rest. Kathy is on a mission to go out shopping to buy some excitement wear. She takes a shower and washes herself squeaky clean, even giving herself a little rub. Her body feels alive again and she likes the feeling of the youngsters cock. She was beginning to wonder when she would snap out of her depression and she wants to give this young man a summer to remember. She knows he may get attached to her but she needs it now and it may even work out down the road. He is a smart kid; he knows this won't be a love thing as he is taking advantage of her body just like she is his, for this she is sure. They both have things the other wants and are having a good time taking what they want. As she steps out of the shower she stops the debate. She does her hair up and puts on a light coating of perfume. She then puts on a pair of thong panties and decides on not putting on a bra so that her breasts can feel free. She finds a low cut sundress that will show off her curvaceous body, as she wants to make a statement today and that is that she is back and men should be aware as she is a teasing machine and she loves it!

Her first stop is the exclusive swimsuit store where the rich and beautiful shop. The young curvaceous sales clerks are trained to be every bit as helpful as they can and Sherrie, a girl who has a large chest and slim body, greets Kathy. Kathy tells her what she would like purchase and Sherrie tells her to come in back where the private dressing rooms are. She then asks what exactly she wants to show off and what she wants to hide. Kathy describes how she wants to tease and show no important parts, yet making what is out to see, very interesting.

"In other words," said Sherrie, "nipples and hair covered, yet show off her large breasts, the hard legs and firm bum."


"Well then, please strip down to your panties and bra to show me what we have to work with and then we will get the books out and get started on that new outfit."

Kathy strips to her panties posing to let the sales girl see what a great body she will be helping to show off. Sherrie seems to be genuinely impressed by the firmness of the mounds and has her turn and show off the butt cheeks.

"Such a tight, firm body, you should be very proud. We can dress you like a 20 year old, with thongs and strings!"

She brings out a blue metallic suit first and has Kathy put on the top. Sherrie then helps adjust the cups to bring out the fullest aspect of the breasts, as the sides of the breasts billow out, the clerks' hands cup the flesh tenderly, to put them back inside. Kathy is offering no resistance to the saleslady, as Sherrie tucks the flesh in its place while she also touches the nipples several times to get them erect, saying it will look better that way. She then has Kathy put on the thong bottom and she does all the adjusting here also by pulling up the sides, pulling hard enough to make the customer jump. Kathy reaches down to pull out the cloth where she meets Sherrie's hands shifting to make room for the second set. She sees in Sherrie's eyes that they could have a good time together if she wanted but Kathy decides that now is not the time. At that Sherrie removes her hands as they try on different suits to see which ones look the best. She does purchase a few and wants Sherrie's work and home number to call another time and the saleswoman gladly gives them to her.

Her next stop is an exercise club with an exclusive line of clothing. She looks around the gym to see what looks good on the women. Most are wearing a stretch thong over a spandex short and the tops are varying between cut-off shirts to tube tops. There are some in satin shorts and low cut body suits with colors bright and that's what Kathy is looking for. She makes her choices and departs from the workout area, reminding herself that she has to exercise today.

She finds an adult shop that specializes in leather and cire'. There is only one guy working and she is a little hesitant to talk to him about it. After several minutes she looks over at him and she sees him checking her out. He asks if he can help and she replies that he can as she wants to know what would look good on her.

"Are you kidding? Anything I have here would be honored to be on your body", he replies.

At that response she blushes and he asks for specifics and she lets him know what look she wants to have.

"Which part of your wonderful body do you want to bring out the most? We can enhance your bust line, which looks good enough alone s I see it, or your butt and legs. Lace-up boots with a leather vest do it for me."

"Do you think my breasts would look good in a lace-up vest?"

"Ma'am, your breasts would look good in anything I have here as I have said but a lace vest would add more structure to them." She asks to try it on and he shows her where the changing room is.

"It has mirrors on each wall so you can see just how it looks and I would add the lace-up shorts also to complete the vision."

Kathy squeezes herself into the outfit and likes what she sees as her breasts still look round, yet very full because she was afraid that they would not hold their shape. The shorts give her butt more roundness and separate her cheeks. She then takes a deep breath and steps out to see the assistant. His eyes pop out from his head and he tells her she looks mighty fine. While starring at her chest in the tightly tied vest the clerk asks if she would like him to adjust the ties and make some other adjustments. Kathy asks if they are needed as she takes in a deep breath, her chest pushed out now and her stomach is pulled in. She then turns to the side to emphasize the smallness of her waist when it is suggested to tighten the bottom more and loosen the top so her breasts would look enormous, it would also enhance the tiny waist you are so blessed with having.

"If you think it would show me in a better light, please do," she tells him. "I want my chest and ass to be what your eyes are glued to."

The clerk fixes the vest and then adjusts the ties on the shorts as her ass is shown in all its' glory. She can see his cock getting larger as his fingers slowly work with the ties. She asks him to step in the dressing room with her so she can see in the mirror the difference that he is making when she grabs his cock and squeezes it.

"What would you say if I put this monster in my mouth?"

"Great! If I can blow on your naked tits!" he says.

She removes the top and shows off her massive chest, then pulls down his pants and frees the hardened flesh pole. She gasps when she sees how big it is without being restrained and she looks into his eyes and he is smiling.

"Good size, huh."

She says, "It must be eight inches!"

"No, it is nine and a half. If you take the whole thing it will be a first."

"I love a challenge."

First her tongue lashes out and then she inhales the stiff rod. It only takes her four tries before she has the whole thing down her throat as her head bobs faster and faster to get him off. Shortly after he tenses and she releases him so he will explode on her tits. The first shot hits her chin and the rest of a huge load lands on the wondrous chest meat of the Hoover queen. She massages the gooey liquid all over the flesh, as he cannot believe what just happened.

"I have never cum that fast. Your mouth is incredible."

"Thanks, but I have to go now, these clothes are perfect. And thanks for the lotion, maybe I will return."


The next day she has Tim only in the afternoon and she has him paint some of the cellar walls. She tells him that tomorrow the lawn needs done and to bring his suit because after the work is complete we will get some sun and take some pictures. Tim, with having two days to recuperate, is excited for tomorrow to get here.

At 10 AM sharp Tim knocks on the door eager to begin the day. His cock is semi-rigid already and Kathy, seeing it, tells him he needs to relax that big pole of his.

"We probably will not get all the work done until 1 or 2 PM, at least."

She is wearing those same cut-offs she had on the first time they worked together, her top is more subdued but she still is a vision of loveliness. He loves to watch her move; the way her butt sways when she walks makes his cock hard. Her bouncing chest making his mouth water as he wants to be with her all summer but he knows deep down that this can't last, so he is going to make sure he enjoys himself to the fullest, until it ends. While he is hard at work, he sees her leave for a while and he wonders what is up when he hears another woman in the house with her and wonders who it is. She then calls him in for lunch and the guest is still there. He is introduced to Debbie and she is pretty but her clothes are loose and he cannot see the shape of her body as that is all he can think about lately. She appears quite pleasant and friendly and after lunch Kathy invites them both to go swimming. Debbie appears somewhat reluctant and Tim does not want any part of this because he wants Kathy all to himself. Kathy will not take no for an answer and they head off to change, Tim getting the bathroom as Debbie gets the other bedroom.

Tim is out first as he takes care of the filter and does some skimming of the water. He then sees Kathy come out in her new blue metallic suit.

"Wow! Do you look great in that!" Tim tells her. "Your breasts and ass are shown off beautifully. We need pictures of you in that suit today. What else did you buy for us to take pictures?"

"You will find out later", she tells him, but please don't make Debbie feel uneasy about being here. She is a good friend that I haven't seen for a few weeks and I don't want her to feel unwelcome, okay."

When those words passed from her lips he did not get a chance to answer because Debbie came out of the house. He drops the skimmer pole and almost falls in the water making both women laugh. Debbie is walking towards the pool in high-heeled slippers that match her neon yellow suit. Her mammoth chest mounds are spilling to the sides of the tiny top and with each step her chest shakes the opposite way. Her ribs are showing and but there is some flab on her stomach while her minuscule bottom has ties that are pulled up past her hipbones. The tiny patch of cloth covering her mound suggests that she shaves her quim and her legs are well muscled as they flex with each step making this woman a walking wet dream.

"Tim," Kathy says, "I would like to introduce you to Debbie. This is the friend we were talking about the other day, the one with the 39 EE bust line."

"I have been hearing a lot about you and I understand you would like busty women. I hope these are big enough for you", as she puts her hand to Tim's cock.

She then grabs her chest and lifts it to her mouth where she licks the top of each globe and upon seeing that, Tim falls into the water. After regaining his balance, he gets to his feet and clearing his eyes, he sees the two outrageously gorgeous women laughing with their heaving tits coming out of their tiny confines before they both jump into the pool. Kathy grabs his cock and forces him to the edge of the pool where he jumps onto the edge and sits while she strips off his suit. Her mouth goes directly to his groin as he looks for Debbie. She is standing a couple of feet away, with her top to the side, playing with her tits. Tim releases a stream of man cream in a matter of seconds in his boss's mouth.

"Tim, you have to learn control," Debbie laughs. She then kisses Kathy to taste the fresh cream dripping from her chin. They exchange the fluid very seductively as Tim stares at the unbelievable sight.

"We need to take the edge off of everyone. Tim, give me your cock and Kathy, suck on my tits, you know the way I like it."

Within a few seconds he cums again, this time it is all over Debbie's fat mounds. Kathy is quick to lap up the juice when Deb asks the hostess to sit on the edge of the deck, as she wants to taste her cream. Kathy pulls her covering to the side as Debbie's tongue hits the clit on the first try. Within minutes a climax comes over her and Deb's face is covered in girl cream. She walks over to Tim and rubs her face against his and sticks her tongue in his mouth, then pushes his head down in-between her massive juggs.

"Suck on my tits!" she yells. "Bite my nipples! Push them all over my chest! Be rough with them, they can take it. Just play with my tits!"

Tim tries to oblige and Kathy comes over to put his cock in her mouth again telling him it will be his last orgasm for awhile, until they get some satisfaction. Soon he blows again, hitting her face and neck, and lies back on the deck.

"Please, I need a rest. Let's go a little slower. I don't have the experience yet to go all day with two such good looking goddesses."

Debbie tells him he will learn to keep up because she needs him hard saying that a young stud like him should be able to go all day. She is here to help Kathy instruct him on how to make women happy and that one of his fantasies is to be with two busty females, they are here, ready, willing and able. Kathy now takes over the situation as she has Debbie get up on the deck and putting her top back on, then telling Tim to get the video camera.

"First, I will play with myself and Debbie will do the same. Next, we will both get the other glistening with tanning oil as Tim will be filming all the time. Then, when we are both good and slippery, we will get naked and get each other off. Tim will not be needed until we have both been satisfied. At that time he will screw both of us at once. Tim, I hope you are ready."

Kathy begins the sex show. She starts with her back to the camera as she shows off her ass and legs. She pulls the sides of her thong up over her hipbones as she tightens her leg muscles, her butt appear to jump out when she flexes her posterior. Slowly she turns, making the muscle lines show in her thighs and calves, her hands move up her sides, making your eyes follow their caressing. She fondles the bones of her rib cage as she moves upward to her overflowing chest flesh and with her palms; she pushes lightly on the globes to show the large cleft between her mounds. Her hands caress her neck as her fingers flow through her brown tresses and with her arms above her head, the muscles in her arms are clearly visible. Also, her ribs are shown more as her waist seems to disappear. The tiny cloth coverings of her chest are bursting at the seams as her massive breasts push outward with all the pressure. Knowing that she is a sight to behold, she holds the pose for several seconds for all to enjoy and the two watching give her a round of applause. Bringing her arms down, she clasps her hands together as she pulls in her elbows, her chest squeezed together again but this time a nipple is set free. She grabs it and pulls on the nub, then brings it closer to her mouth as she grabs the hard point with her teeth. Pulling her head back until the nipple springs free, her breast bounces and again she grabs the point with her fingers and pulls harder. The nipple is growing in size as she keeps up the nipple play until she is happy with the size and hardness. She then starts on the other side and does the same.

Pulling her top completely off, she hoists both mounds and pretends to juggle, the massive amounts of flesh spill from her hand, as she cannot hold all of her chest meat. She then brings the nipples to her lips as she sucks each point. She also licks as much of the flesh as she can get to, then going to her knees to give a side view to show how far down her mounds hang. She plays with the breast closest to the viewers as she sits on her ankles and messes up her hair, purring like a cat. Her eyes change; as a seductive glow comes over her while her fingernails gently scrape her thighs and make their way up her lovely body. When she arrives at her breasts, she again attacks each nipple and pulls it with only her nails for grip; you can see the scratches left on her skin. On all fours again, she crawls about the deck throwing her hair about and purring loudly with each movement exaggerated as she moves about. She looks like a cat about to pounce on her prey and as she gets close to Tim, she throws her hair all over his glands and he looks ready to pop. Backing away she stretches and then lays flat on her back, removing her thong as she stretches her legs straight up. She moves her legs as if pedaling on a bike as her toes are pointed straight up and her leg muscles flex as she caresses them. Debbie howls as she is really getting into the show as a wet spot is seen on the discarded material. She grabs the insides of her thighs as she spreads her legs as far as she can allowing her fingers walk down her outspread legs as she heads to the wet folds of her quim. Her fingers deftly separate the lower set of lips as she shows off the helmeted little man, points to him, showing how large he is and where Tim should take extra care. She gives the man a rub and you can see him getting larger as one finger slips lower into the tunnel of love. When she removes it, girl slime is dripping from the tip and she places that finger on the little man and rubs some more. She then dips her finger deep inside again to get more moisture and after several thrusts, it is removed covered in slime and she puts the girl cream on one nipple. With her tongue she slowly licks the nip, making sure no part is left untouched.

Kathy does not want to climax yet, so she turns to give the audience a better view. She makes sure her friends see her from side, as she will show how good she can look from this angle. She takes a deep breath and pulls in her abdomen until her ribs stick out as far as she can get them. She lifts her pelvis off the ground and her hands go to support her butt. Her chest mounds are spilling to the sides and she knows Tim is getting harder by the second. Remembering how she appeared on the last video, she knows her body looks thin yet strong. Her legs are fully tightened and the muscle lines are showing and for a 40-something woman, she knows her body is better than most any younger one. She holds the pose for a bit; she then turns on her side facing them. She leaves one leg out and bends the other while positioning the ankle behind the knee. Her arm is bent to support her head while her other hand grabs onto the bent knee. Her breasts are spilling onto the deck and her stomach is sucked in. Her hair is all about her face and her expression is that of a caged animal. She looks HOT! Her hand comes off her knee and slowly caresses the top edge of her body, stopping at her breasts and cups one to put to her lips. She licks it all over first, and then plays with the hard nipple. After biting it she says the show is over and its time for Debbie to start.

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