tagLesbian SexThe Neighbour: The Photo Shoot

The Neighbour: The Photo Shoot


This is not my first attempt at fiction. However, it is my first that I feel confident to submit to literotica. I am slightly nervous about this submission, but I shall see how well it is received. If there is sufficient support, then I may be encouraged to write others, and to complete, those that I have already started.

This started as a discussion of fantasies whilst chatting online, and with some discussion, the story has expanded into what it now is. Thanks to those who have made suggestions, especially Sarah and Jules.



Miranda had lived next door to Jules and her parents for some four years or so. From initial meetings, she had got on well both Jules and her parents, and it was not long before she had earned the trust to be asked to baby-sit for Jules by her parents. This was quite an honour, as her parents are both from a religious background, and consequently slightly conservative in several aspects of their attitudes.

During those intervening years, Miranda had seen Jules start to develop as a woman, her breasts budding, filling out, her hips, swelling, and her mental maturity too. As she grew older, the requirement for her needing a babysitter diminished, as she was old enough to fend for her self, especially with the neighbours always happy to assist, myself being one of them. However, if her parents were out, she would often come round for company, and a chat, and being an only child, I guess I became a surrogate sister, of sorts as I was less then ten years older then her.

She had become aware of my interest, passion for photography, at least my interest as a past time. I had however, kept my erotica interest in photography hidden. One weekend, her parents were going away for the week end, I was asked if I would look after her through out the week end, and enjoying Jules's company, offered her the spare bed which she immediately accepted.

The Friday evening came, and I was sorting some photographs when Jules came round earlier then expected, letting her in. At home, alone, I often wear simple comfortable clothing, that night, a warm summer evening; I was in just a crop top, and a short skirt. We chatted, and, armed with a pot of tea, we were in the living room, chatting, as I put aside the photographs that I had been looking at, thankfully there were no real explicit ones in the piles.

The conversation turned round to photography, and my interest.

Jules is a 'girl next door' type of girl. She is neither outstandingly beautiful, but nor is she ugly. Her hair is dark drown, and past her shoulders in length. Her build is medium; I guess a UK size10 or so with a bony build. Her breasts and curves were clearly visible. Jules is also rather sporty; the two have us having gone to a local park for a gentle run on several occasions.

We spoke for a while on the topic, and I let it be known that I had taken part in some erotic photo shoots, to which she blushed slightly. But from the ensuing conversation, it was evident that she was intrigued. Unsure about her religious back ground, I took the risk and showed them. My pictures, photographs are not porn. Rather erotic, as I showed her those, pictures of nipples, and water droplets, may be a red rose, or a wilted rose. It the model was nude, my photographs suggest her feminine form rather than express it, up in your face.


"What?" she asked, sipping her tea and placing the mug back onto the table.

"Would you like to pose for me?"

"Here? Now?" she replied with some embarrassment…

"Sure why not? It is only the two of us?"

She looked at me reserved, sheepishly. I paid her a few compliments as she thought the request over.

"Okay," she finally offered, her voice betraying a sense of enthusiasm, but also apprehension.

Feeling my stomach turn slightly, wondering how to pose, phrase the question that, some how I really wanted to ask; as I swallowed some air "Would you go and change into your school uniform?"

She blushed, unsure for a while, before she jumped up and said sure, this could be fun. Taking her front door keys, she left, saying she'd be back shortly.

Unsure as to what would unfold, I went to get myself organised, clearing the living room, and my bedroom, before fetching my camera, inserting a full memory card, and fully charged batteries. The camera, A Nikon D70 Digital SLR was still relatively new and I was exploring it, though so far I had been impressed with its performance, especially the ability to shoot two of three photographs in quick succession with the flash.

The door bell rang, and I answered the door, my fingers shaking slightly, the feeling of butterflies in my abdomen. It was Jules, in her school uniform. Their uniform consists of a pale blue blouse, with a Navy blue tartan skirt. The skirt she had chosen was about knee length, and pleated. She had chosen to wear basic fashion tights, and a blue cardigan, her air in a high pony tail.

She was slightly nervous as I invited her in, and sat her down. Knowing that her parents allowed her to drink the odd glass of wine, I offered her a glass, she readily accepted, and soon she was in the sofa, looking at me.

I picked up the camera and took two, may be three pictures of her, the flash going off.

"Relax Jules" I suggested, wanting to get her comfortable with the camera in my hands, as I took several more.


"Yes a lovely smile" click, click.

Over the next 5-10 minutes she gained in her confidence, being at ease with me and the camera. She sat in various poses, leaning back on the sofa, sitting forward. I tried to keep her moving, to hep her relax; feel less self conscious, nervous in front of the camera, and the bright lights.

"Look at me, smile, and flick your hair…"

"Yes that's it… "

"Now stand up… turn away from me, but look at me…"

Click. Click.

She seemed to know what I was wanting, guess she has seen the photographs in teenie journals or even the monthly aimed at older, mature women.

"Unfasten your pony, Jules, let you hair loose, and shake it out"

Click, click.

By this stage, she had dispensed with her cardigan, and was just in her blouse…

"Sit down on the sofa, on the edge and imagine your unfastening the top button Please"

Slightly reserved at first, she agreed to do it as I took several photographs…

"Would you undo it for real I enquired" toping up her wine glass.

She was very hesitant, reluctant, asking me why. I explained that it would be fun for us both… We took a break as I down loaded the photographs onto the laptop, and showering her how she looked.

Finally she agreed to remove her blouse, as she sat, on the sofa, her hands unfastening the buttons.

"Look at the camera Jules…"

"Yes that's good…"

"Drop your right side, expose your bra strap" Suddenly aware of a dark blue bra strap on her pale skin.

She smiled, as she gained the courage to follow my requests… Soon, her body was facing away from the camera, but she looked towards me over her shoulder, her blouse unfastened, exposing her shoulder, and parts of her bra clearly visible.

Finally her blouse was fully removed; she sat there sheepishly in her blue bra, carrying a certain look of innocence, sexually alluring. I suddenly realised how aroused I had become in the last hour or so.

"You were magnificent, "I offered, aware that she was self conscious on the sofa.

"Would you go further?" I asked, hesitantly hearing my own apprehension in my voice. We discussed it further, promising that I will have a CD as will she, and all other copies will be deleted. Whilst she was being hesitant, reluctant, it was obvious that she had enjoyed herself, really getting into the swing, acting as a model, smiling, laughing, and almost looking the perfect sultry pose.

Finally she stood up, and started to pose again, surprising me slightly unaware, and starts to unfasten her pleated skirt…. Letting it fall as I click, exposing a dark blue plain thong, matching her bra; the set seemed to be plain, cotton set, similar to Victoria's Secrets Signature cotton range. I thought I caught a glimpse of a wet patch, I zoomed in, yes there it was…

"Oh my God" I thought out aloud.

"What's the matter" Jules enquired.

"You're so beautiful Jules" I replied, as I took several more pictures, trying to forget what I saw; experiencing an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, in reaction to how aroused I was becoming, feeling.

"Can we go to the bedroom?" I enquired, "I would like to take some photos of you on the bed"

Shyly she nodded, and we headed to the room, before heading of, I asked Jules to bring the vase, whilst I went to collect some ice cubes. Jules gasped, as she saw the pale blue satin sheet draped over my bed.

"Lie down please, and try and relax, and make use of all of the bed!"

Hesitantly, she did as I asked, still in her matching blue bra and thong, she did, allowing me to take several pictures; seeing her relax as I resumed with the camera. She laid in various poses, stretching out, cuddling up into the foetal position, taking pictures, aware that I ought to change the memory card, which I did, sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at her.

Taking the Ice cubes, I asked her to sit up, gently rubbing the ice on her breast, above the bra line, leaving a trail of water droplet, hearing Jules gasp, shudder to the cold touch. I resumed taking pictures, but this time, I zoomed in onto her breast, the droplets of water standing out against her skin, the blue bra, as I slowly turned the session towards erotica. Reaching for a white rose from the vase, I placed it between her breasts, aware of her breathing changing… becoming shallower, deeper, her eyes were closed.

Again, I took several more photographs from various angles, zooming in close, making the photographs abstract samples of erotica, aware of how aroused I was becoming, and how clearly defined her nipples had become, whether from the ice, or her own arousal or both, I did not know.

I moved the rose, and placed it on her firm abdomen, the petals crossing between her thong, and her skin, running more ice cubes to add droplets of water; click. Click. The room was in an eerie silence, her breathing becoming more and more audible.

"Jules?" I asked softly, quietly, aware of the change in her temperaments, she seemed more relaxed, but this was caused by something else…

Her eyes opened, as she turned and faced me, a smile upon her lips…

"Your bra, please remove it?" I asked, in a quiet soft manner, not wanting to disturb the silence that had befallen, descended onto the room.

She looked at me, as if she was to say something. Her hands moved, as she sat up, again her lips started to speak, but only silence emerged, the unclasping of the clasp booming around the room, before the eerie silence returned.

Quietly I returned the rose to the valley between her young firm breasts, reaching for the ice cube, I ran it around her exposed nipple, seeing it stiffen further to the cold ice, leaving more droplets of water, the silence broken by her gasping, her sighs, her eyes were closed, her fingers fidgeting.

Picking up the camera, I resumed, zooming in onto the nipple, the water droplets in sharp focus, the rose petals softened, slightly out of focus, the sound of the camera workings clearly audible in that silence.

"Jules" I asked, not waiting for her to answer, "You have the most exquisite nipples I have seen on a young girl."

Blushing, she smiled, thanking me.

I could not take my eyes of her breasts, feeling my clitoris, tingle, aware of my erect nipples against the soft cotton of my crop top, aware of my own moistness, and that of Jules's. She laid there in her own world, my mind fighting my thoughts, my desires.

Slowly I leaned over, putting the camera aside, kissing her nipple lightly, and flicking it, my tongue swirling around.

Jules's reaction was to jump, shiver, before a loud gasp emerged from her sensual lips, her hand moving, touching my head, and caressing my silky hair. Up on feeling her touch, her tender caress, I bought my hands to bear, lightly caressing her thigh.

Letting out a sigh, my mouth opened wider, taking more of her breast, in between my teeth, my lips... Sensing her shudder, my fingers boldly moved to her thong covered fanny, lightly caressing the cotton, feeling her arousal, sensing the shivers in her flesh.

Slowly, I worked on her breast nearest to me, flicking the nipple, tongue swirling, kissing caressing the soft under belly of her pert breast, the nipple aching to reach the sky, feeling her fingers on my hand, as I stroked, caressed gently her fanny through the cotton, moist, musky. I felt her pull the thong to the side, sensing her fingers lightly caress her own fanny, feeling her body tremble as she touched her clit, her body on fire from with in, her breathing rapid, her lips apart, letting out soft gentle moans.

Looking at her, intently, watching her facial expressions, my fingers stroked her labia, feeling the coarseness of her pubic hair, the texture of the folds, of her skin, aware of how moist she had become as a result of the shoot. Inquisitively, I insert a finger softly, aware of her own actions o n her clitoris, hearing her, seeing her shiver, sigh, her tightness enveloping my finger, as I twist explore, easing my finger out, and then slowly pushing it back in soft slow sensual thrusts of my finger.

"Miranda, oh god…. Oh fuck."

I felt, saw her body tighten, pause, before her orgasm took over her young body, seeing her shiver, tremble, hearing her gasp, swear, as her orgasm took control of her body, sending her into shivering. I held my finger inside her, one of her arms on her breast, the other on her clit, as her body recovered, hearing her sigh.

There was silence, just the sound of heavy breathing, before Jules, opened her eyes, looked at me full of embarrassment, and surprise, the mix of emotions clearly visible.

"Its okay Jules." with a soft smile on her face, my hands taking her hands, as I held them, caress them.

"Oh god Miranda, I'm so sorry…. Please hug me, forgive me."

We hugged, on the bed, the satin sheet, my hands lightly holding her young tender body, feeling her smooth silky skin, me kissing her cheeks, lightly as I caress, and reassure her, that everything is alright, it's only natural.

We looked, stared at each other, as Jules regained her composure, thanking me, our fingers interlocked, my mouth smiling.

I leant forward, and kissed her, lightly softly, before withdrawing. Standing up, aware of her watching my every move, I undressed.

She looked at me, again, she went to open her lips, as if to say something, but they closed. She gulped slightly but this time some sound emerged from her soft tender lips.

"Id like to sleep with you, May I?" She asked cautiously, her voice full of both apprehension and trepidation.

I just nodded, and smiled.

"I'd like that Jules."

Switching the lights off, I pulled the satin sheet from the bed, folding it, exposing the duvet, as we climbed into the bed, hugging up close to her, my hands caressing, kissing the back of her neck.

We hugged, cuddled, our hands lightly caressing exploring but nothing too intimate; and talked, before long, Jules was asleep, as we hugged, cuddled; her breathing light, regular, leaving me awake, my mind in turmoil, my tingling aching desires keeping me awake. I laid there confused, thinking of what had happened, how innocent it had started, and how it had ended, with Jules climaxing on my fingers.

"Oh God it's so wrong, it's so, so, so wrong." I thought before finally sleeping.

I woke, the sky was dark, but the sounds of the birds and the first echoes of daylight were clearly visible. Jules laid next me, but we had moved apart, there was minimal contact between us. I slowly remembered the night before, the events as they unfolded, and I caught sight of the camera.

Ensuring Jules was covered with the duvet, I wrapped my self in my silk kimono, purchased in Japan not as a gift, it was too expensive for that, but my friend who was there for work, had told me about them. It was, is a lovely robe, cool in summer, warm in winter.

Soon the PC in the study was switched on, camera connected as I downloaded the photographs onto the hard drive, and sipping water, looked at each one, selecting those for printing. With the printer tasked, I headed to make a pot of tea.

Feeling refreshed, and armed with a mug of Twinning's English breakfast, I revisited the photographs of Jules, looking at them, the clothed ones, the partially naked, and the erotica browsing with mixed emotions. Feeling my desires within, wanting to hold her, hug her, to kiss her; to fuck her....NO N O NO to make love to her. Jules was young, pretty, and my neighbour, I had the trust, the confidence of her parents.

But, she was pretty, and displayed, we had displayed an intimacy the night before. I had not felt so aroused with another female since the few times at university, when we had experimented, played those young adult games, such as Dare, or the Truth game. But I had kissed her breast, made love to her nipple, and my fingers had invaded her inner sanctuary, had felt her muscles grip my invasive fingers, as she came, partly from her own caressing of her clit, but also my invading fingers.

"Oh God" I thought out aloud to no one. Aware of how aroused I had become my breasts almost to tender to touch, even with the soft silk.

Suddenly aware that the room was quiet, and my mug was empty. Looking at the printer, the photographs had completed printing. Reaching for an empty photo album, and with a refill of tea, I arranged the photographs into the album, ready for presentation.

Time went by with a dread, every second seeming like a day, trying to occupy my mind, trying to forget Jules, asleep in my bed, her photographs, and her album waiting to be shown to her. I wondered to the living room, watched a 24 hour news channel, but unable to really remember a specific event that was mentioned.

Time seemed to have literally stood still.

I suddenly woke, to the sound of the headlines, the seven o'clock news headline, not sure how long I had been asleep, an hour, may be less. The sky was bright, barely a cloud in the morning summer sky, a lovely day.

"Morning Jules," deliberately being noisy, putting the tray onto a side chest, and pouring two mugs of tea, and passing one over to Jules, who was struggling to comprehend the fuss, her mind still else where.

Slowly she moved, mumbling as she leant up against the headboard. I just smiled at her, as the duvet fell forward exposing part of her chest, her breasts, some of the soft sensual curves visible, enough to entice, allowing my imagination to picture the remainder.

"There's your tea my sweet, and here are some of the better photographs from last night" handing her the album.

"Oh my, well thank you. "she whispered, as she started to look through the photographs, in silence.

I joined her on the bed, under the duvet, watching her look at her self, studying her body language, sipping my Tea, as we remain silent.

Finally she spoke, turning and looking at me, a slight smile, yet a tear.

"Thank you for making me look well so beautiful. And for making me feel so beautiful"

"I didn't make you beautiful Jules, I just know how to record it", reaching across, taking her hand and interlocking my fingers with hers, as I gave her a peck.

"When you touched me."


"You know, down there." There was a slight pause, "My fanny."

"What about it Jules?"

"I've never felt anything like that before. I've touched myself there, of course. But to have your hand on me, to have your finger inside me when I came; that was simply amazing." She sighed, feeling her fingers tighten on my hand, aware of her state of arousal.

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