tagLesbian SexThe New Apartment Ch. 06

The New Apartment Ch. 06


I lay there in the dark, moaning.

Hovering, down between my legs, was Jessica, the ghost who had turned me into such a slut, applying her talented tongue to my pussy.

"Mmm," I moaned, "It's almost as if you get better at this every night."

Jessica briefly pulled back, "Your pussy is just so sweet, maybe the best I've ever had. Now just lay back and relax..."

The sexy spirit licked her lips, or at least the supernatural equivalent, then got back to work.

After a pair of explosive orgasms, Jessica reluctantly released me. As I attempted to catch my breath, Jessica materialized above me, her face just inches from mine. We shared a wet, passionate kiss.

"Jessica, I was wondering something," I said, when she eventually pulled back, "It's been a week now since the orgy, aren't you feeling... bored?"

Jessica grinned, "You're really getting to know me. Actually, I would like something from you, I've just been waiting for a good opportunity to bring it up."

I seductively ran a hand down the side of my body, "Ask away."

"I have someone new I want you to meet. Someone I've been watching in my spare time."

"Will I get to fuck her?"

"Most certainly, but I want things to go a little differently this time. You will have to do some role play."

I let out a soft giggle, "How kinky. How do we start?"

Jessica floated down the bed until her face was positioned between my thighs once more, "I'll need to knock you out I'm afraid, I want this to be a surprise."

I looked down at the translucent beauty, "Will this hurt?"

Jessica's seductive laugh filled the air.

"I very much doubt it. Have you ever cum so hard that you passed out?"

I opened my mouth to respond but only managed a cry of pleasure.

I have no idea how long I was out, and Jessica had apparently moved me. The new room I found myself in was dark and dirty, the windowless brick walls revealed nothing about my location.

I was still wearing my black silk negligee, Jessica had returned my panties at least. I gingerly stretched and absorbed the strange situation. There was a large, solid looking door built into one wall, I got up off of the cold cement and approached.

The room was deadly silent. If I was still in the city then it must have been soundproofed. I gave the door a hard push, it didn't move. I was really trapped.

Somewhat unnerved, I turned back to my prison. Now that my eyes had adjusted to the dark, I realized I had missed something. Or someone, I should say.

She was passed out against the wall, not all that far from where I woke up. Her long blonde hair had been carefully arranged, although it was just a little messy now. Her makeup was perfect, her ruby red lips drew attention to her pretty little mouth. Most surprisingly, she was wearing a wedding dress! The white silk billowed out below her, hiding her legs, but her arms were mostly bare. She was showing a lot of cleavage. I silently approached.

I watched her chest rise and fall as she breathed. Her skin was beautiful, I was deeply tempted to try and get a more intimate look.

A soft cough. Her eyes fluttered briefly then half opened. She let out a gasp of fear.

"Where am I?"

I glanced back at the door, "I don't know."

She shifted her position until her back was firmly against the wall, "What is this, did you kidnap me?"

I took a step back, "No. I'm just as confused as you are at the moment."

It was only half a lie.

For a moment she glared at me, but my state of undress seemed to make me look less suspicious.

"What do you remember happening last? How did you end up in here?" I asked, with genuine interest.

The stranger rubbed her forehead, "I was in my mother's car, on the way to my wedding. It was early, I might have dozed off for a moment. That's everything. How could this have happened?"

I silently sat down next to her, keeping my knees together as much as possible to retain some dignity.

"I'm sorry, I don't know any more than you do."

We quietly sat there, every so often stealing a sideways glance at one another.

"I guess this must be some kind of professional kidnapping?" she muttered, "My fiancé is pretty successful, he could probably pay a ransom. How about you...?"

"Maria," I responded.

"I'm April."

"Well, April, I have a feeling this won't be too bad."

"I can't say I'm as optimistic as you."

"Oh, uh... yeah, this is a terrible situation to be in."

I had a good idea of exactly where this situation was supposed to go.

We let the silence last for a half hour or so. Finally, she pulled back the bottom of her dress and removed her white heels, I took a good, long look at her stockinged legs.

April sighed, "I guess I might as well be comfortable."

I could tell she wasn't quite as brave as she wanted me to think.

I reached out and put a hand on her bare shoulder, "Are you sure you're all right?" I whispered.

April shuddered, then broke out in tears, "Oh God, what will happen to us? I'm supposed to be on my honeymoon right now!"

I slid closer and ran my free hand around to her back. The tears flowed, but she calmed down, just a little. I gently held her and stroked her arm.

By the time she has finished her mascara had started to run. I carefully wiped her tears away. She still looked amazing.

"I'm so sorry," she mumbled.

"It's all right, don't hold anything back."

She looked at me and managed a small smile, "Thank you. I can't imagine how much worse I would feel if I was alone in here."

I continued to hold her, and to massage her arm with my hand. I have no idea how long we stayed like this, but I could tell we were bonding.

At some point, she looked at me again, "I really am sorry."

"Hey, I'm sure we'll be all right. I just hope it doesn't take too long!"

She snorted, "Yeah, I'd hate to miss anything important."

I gently began to rub her back.

"So," I said, "What is your fiancé like?"

"He so wonderful," April answered, "We met in Europe. He's very well travelled."

"That must have been romantic."

"Oh, yes. Almost too romantic, but I... I managed to get him to keep it in his pants."

I giggled, "So you're a virgin bride?"

"I've done some hand stuff with guys, but nothing too serious."

I gripped each of her soft shoulders.

"So... how long has it been?"

"How long since what?"

"Since you've gotten off? You've been saving for the wedding night, correct?"

April blushed deeply, "I don't know if I can tell you that."

"Hey, I might be the last person you ever see!"

"I hope not. Well... he used his fingers on me a few times, but it's been months."

"Do you... own anything that would help pass a lonely night?"

"That would be cheating!"

I let out a short laugh, "You're so naive, April."

She brushed a loose hair out of her eye and looked at me quizzically, "Really?"

"Really. How are you supposed to practice sucking a cock?"

"I could never do that!"

"What if he asked you?"

She didn't respond, she seemed to be thinking about that one.

Her stockinged feet were peeking out from under the white dress. I looked at them, hungrily. As quietly as possible, I ran a hand down her left arm, then further down her body.

"Do you think I'm too inexperienced?" April asked, earnestly.

"Who knows," I said, moving my hand down onto her thigh, "Men expect a lot these days."

April looked down at my body, the flimsy negligee hid very little from sight.

"How can you wear something like that?"

I smiled, and looked directly into her eyes, "I do look sexy, don't I?"

April nodded.

"Look, you're wearing stockings, and a garter belt I'll bet."

My hand ran down her leg and I held the bottom of her dress.

"You probably have a pretty pair of lacy white panties on as well, don't you?"

April's dress was so light in my hand as I lifted it. In no time I had exposed most of her shapely legs.

She looked at me, confused, but with a hint of interest. I seductively bit the bottom of my lip.

"April, have you ever been with a woman?"

"What do you mean?"

"Maybe when you were young, did you ever experiment with a girlfriend?"


I moved across the floor until I was sitting in front of her, my body between her legs. My hands each held a knee, opening her up to me. Our eyes stayed in contact the whole time.

I leaned forward, "You've probably never had an orgasm, not a real one."

I lifted her skirt. A single drop of sweat ran down her pretty face.

She watched as my head moved downward, until finally the dress hid it. My hands climbed up below with me, until I was holding onto the sides of her lacy white panties. My nose reached her, I breathed in deeply.

She let out a soft moan, "Maria, what are you doing..."

I kissed the front of her panties, a deep kiss, pressing them up against her pussy lips. My saliva mixed with her juices, very quickly the panties were almost completely translucent.

When I pulled back, her panties clung to her skin, leaving nothing to the imagination.

"April, do you think we should remove these?"

"Someone could come in at any moment..."

She lifted her ass off the ground and I peeled the soaked garments away.

"You're so beautiful," I growled, "Why would someone so innocent keep herself trimmed down there?"

Before she could answer me I cupped her ass in my hands and wrapped my mouth around her sex. She let out a sharp cry as my long tongue penetrated her.

I sucked on her lips and probed her depths, my face became wet with her sweet juices. She smelled so clean, so pure.

April reached down and attempted to push my head away, I brushed her aside with ease.

"Maria," she moaned, "You shouldn't..."

I pulled my tongue out of her and started to massage her delicate lips. She tried to pull away from my mouth, but my frim grip on her ass held her in place.

Her moaning became more frantic, I purred in response. My tongue approached her sensitive little bud.

"I've never... you have to stop..."

I softly blew on her clit.

"Oh!" she yelped.

Before she could understand what I was doing, I kisses her clitoris. A shudder ran down April's body.

"Oh God, Maria, keep doing that!"

I allowed myself a quick grin, then began my assault. A finger made its way inside her as I abused her clit.

April let out a wild cry as she came, but I didn't stop. Her hips gyrated as I continued to devour my prey. She came again.

After her third orgasm I reluctantly emerged from beneath her dress, my face glistening.

Her eyes were closed. I leaped upon her and pushed my tongue into her mouth, sharing her flavor.

We separated. I put a hand under the top of her dress and idly played with a nipple.

She looked at me, smiling with content, "Wow, what the hell was that!?"

"Impressive, huh?"

"I... I don't know what to say."

I reached down with my free hand and lifted the front of my negligee, "How about you use that mouth to thank me properly. Words are cheap, you know."

April pulled her legs under her and slowly leaned down. Her hands grabbed onto my panties.

"No," I ordered, "Use your mouth."

April pulled her hands back, and I moved her arms behind her back. Her teeth bit down on my panties, I lifted my ass and, with some difficulty, April managed to drag them down until I was exposed to her.

Her face moved back between my thighs but she made no further move. I grabbed a handful of her hair and gently pulled her toward me.

"Don't worry, April. Just try to do what I did."

Her tongue slowly emerged from between her painted lips, I pulled her closer and her tongue made contact.

April waited, for just a moment, then began to lick my opening.

I allowed myself an encouraging moan, "That's right."

She lapped at my pussy lips, growing more bold by the second. As she began to get into a rhythm I released her. I lifted the negligee off, leaving myself completely naked.

As April continued she began to experiment, her tongue made its way all around my lips. I caressed my breasts as I watched.

"Mmm," I breathed, "You're a fast learner."

Her tongue began to run across my clitoris as she explored me. Each stroke sent a bolt of pleasure down my spine.

Before I could get too excited, I pushed her head away.

"What's wrong-" she began. I interrupted her with a kiss.

I gently pushed April down onto her back, her dress bunched up around her waist. I ended the kiss. She reached out, but I brushed her away.

I changed my position. With a few movements I managed to have our pussies pressed together.

April opened her mouth, but a push from me silenced her. I began to grind against her, after a little of this she responded in kind.

There were a wave of wet slaps as we began to grind against one another, juices pooled between us.

I was trying not to rush, but April seemed to be enjoying herself too much. Her movements became frantic, desperate. My own body started to respond as well. Our moans filled the air.

The look of lust on her face was amazing. As I watched, she stared back at me. I let out the most erotic moan I could manage, this pushed April over the edge. As she cried out, I felt my own body betray me. I arched my back as waves of pleasure washed over me.

We continued to rub our sensitive skin against one another for a little longer. April, apparently sensitive from her fourth orgasm, was the first to stop.

As I lay there on the cool floor, dripping with sweat, April climbed over me and pressed her lips against mine.

I'm pretty sure the plan was successful.

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