tagRomanceThe New Jessica

The New Jessica


All characters are the age of 18 or older.

This story takes place in the same world as my Fridays at the Guardian Angel story. I recommend anyone who stumbled on this piece read at least chapter one of Fridays at the Guardian Angel first. But if you're just looking for a quick futa on female story then you're probably fine without it.


Whiskey glittered in the small glass, sparkling with the lights of the trendy bar. Couples chatted at high tops drinking local microbrews and popular cocktails. Casual games of pool and darts progressed in the far end of the room, players in tiny cocktail dresses or tight fitting jeans. The crack of their shots ripped through the room as comfortable music echoed off speakers.

Jessica pulled her long brown curls over her ear before taking a swig of the dark glittering poison. She grimaced; it was like drinking fire and was a far cry from her usual wines and fruity cocktails. She had made her escape to the bar after a rather explosive fight with her wife. The climax of the argument which her wife referred to Jessica as a "Sheltered child", causing Jessica to burst out the front door and head to her current neon light-lit haven.

Jessica had always been a good girl throughout her life. She had been on the straight and narrow throughout school, never experimenting with drugs and alcohol. While she didn't consider herself a prude, her wife had been her only sexual partner. Jessica glanced down at her white sundress that flowed down past her knees, her fingers played with thick sleeves that conservatively covered her shoulders. Jessica compared her covered form to the other bar attendees in their tiny black and red dresses, tight pants and low cut shirts that left little to the imagination. She pouted into her glass, maybe she was sheltered she thought.

Scanning the room she spotted a figure leaning over a pool table, making a shot with a loud crack. The silhouette stood up, short red hair falling to just her shoulders. She wore a low cut white blouse with a tight black vest, showing off her cleavage. Tight black pants cupped her rear showing off a tiny firm ass. Tribal tattoos lined her arms and lower back, exposed when she bent over to take another shot. After her shot echoed another crack she stood up and leaned on the table, facing Jessica. She was a Valkyrie holding her pool cue like a spear, sharp features upon her face.

Jessica believed she was beautiful, a twang of guilt struck her heart as the thoughts of attraction crossed her mind. The feeling was quickly washed away by anger, remembering the hurtful names her spouse had called her. She returned to feasting her eyes on the mystery woman. Her glance washed over the beauty, eventually falling to the crotch of her tight pants which contained an obvious bulge.

Feelings of arousal and spite filled Jessica's mind, flowing free due to the hard alcohol she forced herself to drink throughout the night. With a sense of determination and courage she drained the remainder of her whiskey and strode off towards the pool table.

Cami stood at the pool table leaning on her cue chatting with her opponent, unaware of the white dress making a beeline towards her from the bar. She surveyed the pool table in an attempt to visualize her next shot when a finger tapped her on the back. She spun around to face the bright-eyed, sundress-wearing woman who had a strangely serious look in her eyes.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" The princess demanded, the smell of alcohol strong on her breath.

Cami glanced down at the interrogator's body, her cleavage visible from her close stance. "Uh, sure." Cami confirmed in a confused tone.

"Good." Jessica said with a smile. She grabbed Cami by the hand and dragged her away from the game. Cami stumbled along, shocked by the strength of the little woman. She was pulled out the back door of the building into the cool night air of the alley behind the bar. An uneasiness filled Cami's chest, unsure if she was about to be mugged. Stopping her march in the middle of the abandoned alley her captor spun around, grabbed her Cami's face, planting a kiss on her lips.

Cami was shocked at first and attempted to resist the kiss, giving muffled mumbles of concern. But Jessica's onslaught was relentless, her sweet lips forcing Cami's lips open, her tongue exploring the sweet taste of the princess' mouth. Taste of strong alcohol from Jessica's mouth added an intoxicating sensation to the embrace. The sensation of Jessica's tongue against her own filled Cami with arousal; she embraced the kiss and rested her hands on the small girl's lower back.

Jessica had always been the submissive one when it came to sex. But the woman here was the new Jessica, and the new Jessica drank whiskey, took what she wanted and fucked who she wanted to fuck. She clung tighter to her impromptu partner, taking the sensation of her soft lips and tongue. She grinded herself against Cami, and used her hands to embrace her lover.

Cami felt hands cup her butt in embrace, the thumbs hooked under the beltline of her pants and brushed against her skin. The feelings of fear from a moment before replaced by arousal, she panted through her nose as she fanatically kissed Jessica. She could feel an erection grow in her tight pants, struggling against the taught fabric.

The new Jessica felt the growing bulge in her partner's pants press up against her crotch as she embraced Cami. Sliding a hand from Cami's rear she rubbed the trapped length, forcing moans from the woman in her mouth. She continued to rub, the moans and whines from Cami growing higher and more intense.

She broke the kiss and pushed a panting Cami back. She spun around, her white dress flowing with the turn before pulling her white cotton panties down to ground. Breathing heavily she bent over, using the alley wall for support and hiked her dress above her hips exposing a pear-shaped ass and moist slit. She looked over her shoulder at Cami, "Fuck me." She ordered.

Nothing in the past 15 minutes had made sense to Cami. Nothing, except that she had a raging erection and there was a pussy presented before her, demanding to be fucked. With a very short moment of thought, she decided that not everything in life needed to make sense and began to unbutton her pants.

The new Jessica panted as she faced the wall, deep inside herself the old Jessica felt humiliated, exposing herself to a stranger in a dark alleyway of a bar. But the new Jessica with thoughts clouded by intoxication decided she didn't care about her bare ass in the cold night air and only wished to have a cock inside her. Adrenaline shot from Jessica's chest when she heard the clink of Cami's belt buckle come loose.

Cami slid her pants just far enough to release her raging shaft and balls. She stroked her throbbing member and stepped towards the panting beauty braced upon the wall. She pressed the head of her cock against Jessica's pussy lips, softly sliding her tool along the presented pussy. Jessica's cunt was slick with lust, coating the cockhead in a clear sheen of wetness. Cami stepped forward and pressed against the opening, her cock sliding inside Jessica with little resistance.

The new Jessica gave a gasp as she felt the girth slip inside her. The pleasure of having herself penetrated shook her body, unlike anything she had experienced with her wife or toys. Her breathing quickened as she felt Cami begin to move, waves of lust with each slow thrust.

The new Jessica's slick pussy gripped Cami's cock in a tight vice, massaging her sensitive member as she rocked her hips. Cami grasped the pale hips tightly for balance, her fingers sinking into the soft flesh. With each thrust Cami buried her cock to the base, a slap escaping from the pair's flesh as Jessica's ass slapped against Cami's crotch. Each thrust brought a moan from the woman on the wall, pleasure evident in her gasping mouth and gushing pussy.

"Yeah, fuck me. Your cock feels so fucking good oh my god." Panted the new Jessica. "Fuck me harder!" she ordered.

Cami picked up the pace, slamming her cock with force into her demanding partner. Sweat droplets formed on her forehead, falling onto Jessica's body that began to glisten on with its own body sweat. The sound of flesh coming together, grunts and moans echoed from the alleyway. Jessica's pussy contracted and massaged Cami's cock, feelings of pleasure engulfing the futanari's body.

The new Jessica reached a hand between her legs and viciously rubbed her clit while she bucked under the force of being penetrated. "Fuck me harder, harder!" she yelled "Fuck me into this goddamn wall!" Cami obeyed, slamming herself as hard as she could in her lover, the force pressing Jessica's face upon the dirty brick alleyway wall. Pleasure ripped through her body from the massive cock penetrating her pussy and her rubbing of her clit. Her moans grew higher and higher pitched as she felt orgasm approach.

"I'm gonna...what do I..." Cami grunted the question, warning of her own approaching orgasm.

"Don't stop fucking me, don't you dare stop fucking me." The new Jessica screamed, focused entirely on the feeling of being sent over the edge.

Cami obeyed, thrusting the length of her member inside her cunt several times before slamming her cock into Jessica's deepest parts in a final thrust. Giving a loud grunt, her legs shook against Jessica's thighs, cock releasing its seed into Jessica's womb.

The new Jessica's moans echoed off the walls of the alley, the sensation of orgasm overtaken her. She felt Cami's cock pulsate inside her, depositing its warm load into her fertile womb. Each load that flowed inside her brought waves of pleasure, forcing a guttural moan from her mouth. Her pussy tightened around the sensitive cock with each wave of orgasm, demanding to be filled with more cum.

When Cami's orgasm began to fade the new Jessica rocked her hips back and forth along the twitching cock, demanding to be filled with every drop of cum. Cami whined from the stimulation, and with a final grunt deposited the last of her seed inside Jessica's pussy. Cami rested a hand on the alleyway wall for balance and kept her cock inside Jessica's warm pussy for several moments, catching her breath. With a small step back she slid out of the filled cunt, small trails of cum leaked out of the soaked opening and dripped to the ground.

The new Jessica embraced the alleyway wall as she felt small aftershocks of pleasure still rippling along her body. She felt Cami's cum filling her fertile womb, impregnating her for certain. The feeling that she had just bred made her feel warm and complete. The new Jessica gave a drunken smile while she panted.

The new Jessica stood up and felt small streams of cum escape out her pussy and down her legs. Acting quickly she pulled up her white panties, trapping the potent seed in her body. Giving a fulfilled sigh, she straightened her skirt and turned to her partner. "I needed that." She said with a smile, before turning and walking out the alleyway.

Shaking from her spot on the ground and still recovering from having her balls drained, Cami watched as the woman disappeared. With her lover gone she stared into the darkness of the dirty alleyway and collected her thoughts, realizing that she had just impregnated a woman whose name she didn't even know.

By the time the new Jessica had returned home, the whiskey had worn off and the Old Jessica was back in command. Mortified by what she had done, she sobbed on her wife's shoulder describing in full detail her impromptu fuck in an alleyway. Her wife wiped away her tears and comforted her, explaining how she was excited to start a family. Jessica gave a teary smile as she rubbed her womb, still feeling the warmness of Cami's cum creating new life within her.

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